Wikimedia Commons: Main Page |tagline=a collection of freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute Commons-en Wikimedia Commons: Callipepla gambelii ==Wild birds== Wild birds Wikimedia Commons: Jean Broc Jean Broc (1771-1850) was a French painter. Works by Jean Broc External links Wikimedia Commons: Railway station __TOC__ Station Buildings in Australia Station buildings Austria Station buildings Belgium Station buildings Bolivia Station buildings Brazil Station buildings Bulgaria Station Buildings in Canada Railway stations in Chile Railway stations in China 北京 Beijing 甘肃 Gansu 河北 Hebei 湖北 Hubei 内蒙古 Inner Mongolia 宁夏 Ningxia 山西 Shanxi 陕西 Shaanxi 新疆 Xinjiang 廣東 Guangdong Rapid transit Station buildings Colombia Station buildings Croatia Station buildings Czech Republic Station buildings in Denmark Station buildings in Estonia Station buildings France Station buildings Germany Station buildings Hungary Station buildings Indonesia Station buildings Iran Station buildings Italy Station buildings Japan Station buildings Lesotho Station buildings Luxemburg Station buildings Madagascar [stations in the Netherlands|Station buildings in the Netherlands] Outside Inside Seen at the train station Station buildings Peru Station buildings Poland Station buildings Portugal Station buildings Romania Station buildings Russia Station buildings in Slovenia Station buildings South Africa Station buildings South Korea Station buildings Spain Station buildings Sweden Station buildings Switzerland Station buildings Ukraine Station buildings United Kingdom === Station buildings United States Station buildings Taiwan Wikimedia Commons: Bus {{LangSwitch AEC Routemaster Ankai Autosan BYD CRRC Daimler-Benz / Mercedes-Benz Dennis GMC/MCI Hino Ikarus Irizar Isuzu King Long Leyland MAN / Büssing MCW Neoplan New Flyer Orion Paz Renault Scania SOR VanHool VDL Groep Volvo Assorted Intercity liner buses Minibuses Special-purpose buses See also Wikimedia Commons: Public transport ==== == === Wikimedia Commons: Groningen ==Province of Groningen== Province of Groningen City of Groningen Wikimedia Commons: Museum ==== Other Wikimedia Commons: Bookshop File:El Ateneo Bookstore.jpg|AR, Buenos AiresEl Ateneo Grand Splendid See also Wikimedia Commons: Dolmen Dolmens, also known as hunebedden in the Netherlands, Hünengräber or Hünenbetten in Germany, antas or mamoas in Portugal, cromlechs in Wales and quoits in Cornwall and Goindol in Korea, are megalithic grave monuments. Belgium Denmark France Germany India Ireland Poulnabrone, County Clare, Ireland Italy Sardinia Jersey Korea, South Netherlands Portugal Russia Slovakia Spain Andalusia Asturies Extremadura Galicia Navarre Sweden Tunisia Dougga Djebel Gorra. Thibar United Kingdom England Cornwall Northern Ireland Wales Wikimedia Commons: Paddenstoel A paddenstoel (the word originally means 'mushroom' or 'toadstool') is used in the Netherlands to point directions and distances, mainly for cyclists and wanderers. Paddenstoel Wikimedia Commons: Rubbish and refuse For the alternative rock band, see Garbage (band). See also Wikimedia Commons: Chinese opera ==Pictures and other files regarding the Chinese opera== Pictures and other files regarding the Chinese opera Masks Wikimedia Commons: Ovis aries A sheep is a farm animal which produces wool, milk and meat. Photographs Sheep Lambs Shearing, Schur Mutton, Fleischteile Paintings Engravings Linocuts Heraldry Wikimedia Commons: Toilet paper Image:Toiletpapier (Gobran111).jpg|Toilet paper Toilet paper Wikimedia Commons: Magnolia The classification below follows that of the Magnolia Society Subgenus Magnolia Sect. Magnolia Sect. Gwillimia Subsect. Gwillimia Subsect. Blumiana Sect. Manglietia Sect. Kmeria Sect. Rytidospermum Subsect. Rytidospermum Subsect. Oyama Sect. Auriculata Sect. Macrophylla Subgenus Yulania Sect. Yulania Subsect. Yulania Subsect. Tulipastrum Sect. Michelia Subsect. Michelia Subsect. Maingola Subsect. Aromadendron Subgenus Gynopodium Sect. Gynopodium Sect. Manglietiastrum Wikimedia Commons: Niagara Falls ==Views of the falls== Views of the falls Aerial and satellite images of the falls At night pictures Historical and old pictures Niagara River Ice around the falls Miscellaneous pictures about the falls Wikimedia Commons: Lewis Carroll ==Portraits of Lewis Carroll== Portraits of Lewis Carroll Photographs by Lewis Carroll Nude Studies by Lewis Carroll Wikimedia Commons: Alice Liddell == Photographs == Photographs Beggar girl Other Grave Wikimedia Commons: Maps of the Netherlands ==Images showing locations of provincies in the Netherlands== Images showing locations of provincies in the Netherlands Images showing locations of gemeentes in the Netherlands Gelderland Zuid-Holland Wikimedia Commons: Antoine Claudet Antoine Claudet (1797-1867) The artist Wikimedia Commons: Asmus Carstens Asmus Jacob Carstens (1754–1798) Portraits Works Wikimedia Commons: Hendrick Avercamp | image = Hendrick Avercamp.jpg 1600-1620 === 1620-1625 1625-1630 1630-1634 == Wikimedia Commons: Ice skating ==Historical artistic depictions== Historical artistic depictions Photos Wikimedia Commons: Rotterdam ==Symbols== Symbols Maps Sights Past Present Statues Bridges Europoort Hoek van Holland Transit Wikimedia Commons: Україна {|width="100%" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="10" style="background:#faf6ed; border-style:solid; border-width:1px; border-color:gold;" == === Ukrainian folk costumes Ukrainian headdress Ukrainian footwear Social strata Харківська область (Харьковская область/Kharkiv oblast) Херсонська область (Херсонская область/Khersonska oblast) Хмельницька область (Хмельницкая область/Khmelnytska oblast) Кіровоградська область (Кировоградская область/Kirovohradska oblast) Київська область (Киевская область/Kyivska oblast) Київ (Киев/Kyiv) Луганська область (Луганская область/Luhanska oblast) Львівська область (Львовская область/Lvivska oblast) Львів (Львов / Lviv / L'viv / Lwiw (Lemberg) / Lwów ) (UNESCO) Миколаївська область (Николаевская область / Mykolayivska oblast) Одеська область (Одесская область / Odessa Oblast) Полтавська область (Полтавская область / Poltavska oblast) Рівненська область (Ровненская область/Rivnenska oblast) Севастополь (Севастополь/Sevastopol City) Сумська область (Сумская область / Sumy Oblast) Тернопільська область (Тернопольская область / Ternopilska oblast) Вінницька область (Винницкая область / Vinnytska oblast) Волинська область (Волынская область / Obwód wołyński / Volyn Oblast) Закарпатська область (Закарпатская область / Zakarpattia Oblast) Запорізька область (Запорожская область/Zaporiz'ka oblast) Житомирська область (Житомирская область/Zhytomyrska oblast) Wikimedia Commons: Crimean War ==Paintings== Paintings Camps People Museums Monuments Wikimedia Commons: Haarlem Haarlem is a city in the west of the Netherlands. Maps Historical images Churches Recent Railway Station Wikimedia Commons: Jheronimus Bosch | image = Jheronimus Bosch (cropped).jpg (1) (2) (3) Wikimedia Commons: Soldier ==By == By == By continent Soldiers of North America Soldiers of South America Soldiers of Africa Soldiers of Oceania Soldiers of Eurasia == Wikimedia Commons: American Civil War (1861–1865) was an insurrection fought between the United States of America and several rebellious slave-owning states in the southern U.S. Maps Flags United States of America The Confederacy Seals Leaders Soldiers Eastern Theater Land battles Naval battles Photographs Western Theater Lower Seaboard Theater Trans-Mississippi Theater and elsewhere Ships and vessels Technology of the war Graves Wikimedia Commons: Chimney sweep Image:Chimneysweep.png|chimney sweep in the 1850s Chimney Sweep in art Wikimedia Commons: Indigenous peoples of the Americas == North America == North America South America Wikimedia Commons: Vesuvio ==Maps and satellite images== Maps and satellite images Low-altitude photographic views Photographs of crater Paintings and drawings Video Wikimedia Commons: Vulpes vulpes * Subspecies (for MSW): V. vulpes vulpes, V. Vulpes vulpes Illustration Wikimedia Commons: Columbidae == Alectroenas (cat.) == Alectroenas (cat.) Caloenas (cat.) Chalcophaps (cat.) Claravis (cat.) Columba (cat.) Columbina (cat.) Cryptophaps (cat.) Didunculus (cat.) Drepanoptila (cat.) Ducula (cat.) Ectopistes (cat.) Gallicolumba (cat.) Geopelia (cat.) Geophaps (cat.) Geotrygon (cat.) Goura (cat.) Gymnophaps (cat.) Hemiphaga (cat.) Henicophaps (cat.) Leptotila (cat.) Leucosarcia (cat.) Lopholaimus (cat.) Macropygia (cat.) Metriopelia (cat.) Microgoura (cat.) Nesoenas (cat.) Ocyphaps (cat.) Oena (cat.) Otidiphaps (cat.) Patagioenas (cat.) Petrophassa (cat.) Pezophaps (cat.) Phapitreron (cat.) Phaps (cat.) Ptilinopus (cat.) Raphus (cat.) Reinwardtoena (cat.) Spilopelia (cat.) Starnoenas (cat.) Streptopelia (cat.) Treron (cat.) Trugon (cat.) Turacoena (cat.) Turtur (cat.) Uropelia (cat.) Zenaida (cat.) Wikimedia Commons: Horses * Horse breeds Horse coat colors Working horses Agriculture and Forestry, Land- und Forstwirtschaft Carriages and Trains Anatomy Farrier, Hufschmied History and Film Others Horses in art Toy horses Recordings Wikimedia Commons: Den Haag 350px|right Karten / Maps / Plans / Plattegronden Symbolen / Symbols / Symboles / Symbolen Bürgermeister / Mayor / Maire / Burgemeester Menschen / People / Personnes / Mensen Strassen / Streets / Rues / Straten Plätze / Places / Squares / Pleinen Gebäuden / Buildings / Bâtiments / Gebouwen Rathaus / City Hall / Mairie / Stadhuis Friedenspalast / Peace Palace / Palais de la Paix / Vredespaleis Binnenhof Palast Noordeinde / Noordeinde Palace / Palais Noordeinde / Paleis Noordeinde Huis ten Bosch Museen / Museums / Musées / Musea Ministeriums / Ministries / Ministères / Ministeries Bahnhöfe / Train stations / Gares / Treinstations Kirchen / Churches / Eglises / Kerken Gymnasium Haganum Scheveningen City centre / Centre-ville / Innenstadt Parks / Parcs et jardins / Grünanlagen Palaces / Schlösser Statues / Statuen Regentessekwartier Miscellaneous / Divers / Sonstiges Wikimedia Commons: Alopex lagopus )}} Alopex lagopus in summer coat Cubs / Families Distribution Wikimedia Commons: Vulpes macrotis * Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis) San Joaquin Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis mutica) Wikimedia Commons: Urocyon cinereoargenteus * Subspecies (for MSW): U. cinereoargenteus cinereoargenteus, U. Grey fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) Wikimedia Commons: Urocyon littoralis * Subspecies (for MSW): U. littoralis littoralis, U. Island Fox (Urocyon littoralis) Wikimedia Commons: 京都市 [[File:Symbol of Kyoto (abbreviated == ()=== === Katsura Detached Palace / 桂離宮 Saihouji / 西芳寺 Ginkaku-ji (Jisho-ji) / 銀閣寺 (慈照寺) Heian-jingu / 平安神宮 Kamomioya-jinja (Shimogamo-jinja) / 賀茂御祖神社 (下鴨神社) Nanzen-ji / 南禅寺 Higashi Hongan-ji / 東本願寺 Kyoto Station / 京都駅 Nishi Hongan-ji / 西本願寺 Myōshin-ji / 妙心寺 Ninna-ji / 仁和寺 Ryōan-ji / 龍安寺 Tenryu-ji / 天龍寺 Kōzan-ji / 高山寺 Jingo-ji / 神護寺 Sakura / 桜 Wikimedia Commons: Sock Types of socks: Socks Wikimedia Commons: Methane |Formula=CH4 Structure Reaction Other Wikimedia Commons: Pentane Pentane.svg|structure of pentane Pentane Wikimedia Commons: Moon == Moon/ Mond/ Luna == Moon/ Mond/ Luna Surface/ Oberfläche Mare Crater/ Krater Moon mission/ Mondmissionen Moon phases/ Mondphasen Geophysics and remote sensing/ Geophysikalische- und Fernerkundung des Mondes Moon and Earth/ Mond und Erde Moon through atmosphere/ Der Mond durch die Athmosphäre gesehen Moon in art and early maps/ Der Mond in der Kunst und in früheren Karten Icons/ Grafiken See also/ Folgende Galerien könnten Sie interessieren: Wikimedia Commons: Psidium guajava == Inflorescence == Inflorescence Fruits Leafbud Foliage Wikimedia Commons: Nelumbo nucifera Division : Magnoliophyta - Class : Magnoliopsida - Order : Nymphaeales - Family : Nelumboaceae Hybrids with Nelumbo lutea Illustration See also Wikimedia Commons: Borger ==Pictures== Pictures Hunebed Wikimedia Commons: Magic: The Gathering Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game. Players Individual Players Miscellaneous Wikimedia Commons: Risk Risk is a strategy and luck based board game simulating world conquest. Playing Dice Board Pieces Dice Odds Wikimedia Commons: Utrecht (city) ---- City of Utrecht Utrecht Cathedral/Dom Tower Churches Railway station Neude square Oudegracht (Old canal) Lucasbolwerk Oudwijk Rijnsweerd De Uithof Griftpark Wilhelminapark Jaarbeursplein Windmill Rijn en Zon Wikimedia Commons: David Brewster == Portraits == Portraits Inventions Stereoscope Wikimedia Commons: Jacques-Louis David (30 August 1748 – 29 December 1825) was a French Neoclassical painter known for his portraits and dramatic scenes.}} Portraits of Jacques-Louis David Works Wikimedia Commons: Napoléon Bonaparte {{no|Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821 Portraits Contemporary paintings David Napoleon crosses the St. Bernard by Jacques-Louis David (5 versions) Ingres Gros Gérard Others Posthumous paintings Missing information about the date Scenes from the Napoleonic Wars Caricatures Napoleon: the myth The Napoleonic Empire Sculptures, memorial plaques, etc. Material artifacts Crown Monnaie Stamps See also Wikimedia Commons: Crystal Palace ==Interior== Interior Exterior Wikimedia Commons: Pieter Jansz. Saenredam | image = == 1628-1636 1641-1655 === 1661-1663 Wikimedia Commons: Philip Henry Delamotte ==Photographs by Delamotte== Photographs by Delamotte Wikimedia Commons: Francis Bedford Francis Bedford (1816-1894) was a British photographer. Photographs by Bedford Wikimedia Commons: Wales - Cymru ---- Insignia Maps People Places/Llefydd Aerial photographs / Awyrluniau Wikimedia Commons: River File:Along the River 7-119-3.jpg|Along the River During Qingming Festival Africa Madagascar Asia Turkey Southern Asia Australia Europe France Ardèche Guadeloupe river Rouvre river Saône river Somme river Great Britain Elwy river Wensum river Italy Iceland Germany Leine river Inn River Poland Spain Ebro river Fluvià river Guadalquivir river Miño river Switzerland Ticino Ukraine Dnipro river Dniester river North America United States Canada Central America Honduras South America Argentina Colombia Wikimedia Commons: Sushi == Nigiri-zushi == Nigiri-zushi Maki-zushi Temaki-zushi Chirashi-zushi Inari-zushi Oshi-zushi Other Local speciality Packaged sushi garnish Sushi in Art Sushi preparation utensils Sushi restaurants Conveyor belt sushi Wikimedia Commons: John the Baptist == Places and ancient images == Places and ancient images Image Life Birth and youth John in desert Preaching Baptism of Christ Execution Salome with head Burial and relics Selected works Russian icons Rogier van der Weyden's «Johannes-Altar», b.1445 Wikimedia Commons: Jan van Eyck Image:Van Eyck Crucifixion.jpg|Crucifixion, 1420-1425, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jan van Eyck Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Carel Fabritius | image = Carel Fabritius - Self-Portrait - Alte Pinakothek.jpg }} 1640-1643 ==== 1643-1654 Wikimedia Commons: Carduelis carduelis ==carduelis group== carduelis group Carduelis carduelis carduelis Carduelis carduelis britannica Carduelis carduelis tschusii Carduelis carduelis parva Nests and eggs caniceps group Carduelis carduelis caniceps Maps Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Francis Frith Francis Frith (1822-1898) was an English photographer. Portraits Photographs Wikimedia Commons: Caspar David Friedrich == Portraits == Portraits Paintings Wikimedia Commons: Arctic == Landscape == Landscape Paintings Maps Animals Wikimedia Commons: Pyramid were large monuments originating in ancient times. They were built by many cultures besides the Ancient Egyptian culture such as in Mesoamerica and India. == Wikimedia Commons: Geertgen tot Sint Jans | image = Geertgen tot Sint Jans.jpg }} Wikimedia Commons: Mus * Species Subgenus Mus Subgenus Pyromys Subgenus Coelomys Subgenus Nannomys Images Drawings and paintings / Illustrations Laboratory mice Laboratory mice cubs Laboratory mice food Laboratory mice care Wikimedia Commons: Glasgow ---- Symbols Places Historical Buildings Statues Transport Wikimedia Commons: Thomas Annan Thomas Annan (1829-1887) was a Scottish photographer. Photographs Wikimedia Commons: Slum Slums are poor-quality housing, mostly found in large cities in developing countries. Historical Modern Wikimedia Commons: Giambologna Jean de Boulogne also known as Giambologna (1529-1608) was a Flemish-Italian sculptor. Portraits Statues Wikimedia Commons: Hendrick Goltzius | image = Hendrick Goltzius selfportrait 1593-94.jpg == 1579-1582 1586-1588 === 1588-1589 1591-1594 1597-1609 ‘’ === 1612-1616 Minerva, Venus Juno Wikimedia Commons: Napoleonic Wars The Napoleonic Wars lasted from 1804 until 1815. They were a continuation of the conflicts sparked by the French Revolution and covered the duration of the First French Empire. Napoleon portraits / Retratos de Napoleón War in Spain / Guerra de la Independencia Española Battles Wikimedia Commons: Francisco de Goya thumb|Portrait of [[Goya by Vicente López (1826).]] Paintings Self portraits Portraits History paintings Genre paintings Still life Religion Black paintings Other paintings On stamps Prints Drawings Portraits and memories of Goya Wikimedia Commons: Saturn Saturn may refer to: Disambiguation Wikimedia Commons: Berlin ==== == Souvenirs of Berlin (WestBerlin 1965: EuropaCenter / GedächtnisKirche / KongressHalle / BrandenburgerTor / FunkTurm. in der Mitte des Berliner Bär) === Regierungsgebäude (Урадавыя пабудовы / Governmental buildings / Bâtiments gouvernementaux / Guvernala konstrukturi / Edificios de gobierno / Budynki rządowe) Kulturgebäude (Культурныя пабудовы / Culture buildings / Bâtiments culturels / Kulturo-konstrukturi / Edificios culturales / Budynki kulturalne) & === Andere Gebäude (Іншыя будынкі / Other buildings / Autres constructions / Altra konstrukturi / Otros edificios / Inne budynki) Straßen, Alleen und Plätze (Вуліцы, праспэкты і плошчы / Streets, avenues and squares / Rues, avenues et places / Stradi, avenui e placi / Calles, avenidas y plazas / Ulice, aleje i place Öffentlicher Nahverkehr Rapid transit / Transports urbains / Transporte público de cercanía / Komunikacja publiczna & == Denkmäler und Gedenkstätten (Monuments and memorials in Berlin) Wikimedia Commons: Berlin Wall ==Historical pictures== Historical pictures Photos Taken after 1990 Remaining Parts of Front Wall Run of Removed Front Wall Rear Wall Watchtowers Other Parts of Border Fortifications Museums, Memorials and Art Parts of the Berlin Wall in Other Towns Maps / satellite images See also Wikimedia Commons: Sylt == Karten/Maps == Karten/Maps Strände/Beaches Dünen/Dunes Wattenmeer/Wadden Sea Towns Hörnum List (Sylt) Kampen (Sylt) Rantum Sylt-Ost (Keitum, Archsum, Tinnum, Morsum, Munkmarsch) Wenningstedt-Braderup Westerland Verkehr/Transport Geschichte/History Wikimedia Commons: Ayutthaya For the category, see :Category:Ayutthaya (city) Ayuttaya historical park Ayutthaya Elephant Camp See also Maps Wikimedia Commons: Laboratory == Equipment == Equipment Important laboratories Historical laboratories Wikimedia Commons: David See also: Bathseba Gallery Wikimedia Commons: Bathsheba In the Bible, Bathsheba was the wife of general Uriah. David saw her and wanted her, and got Uriah killed in a battle after which he took Bathsheba as his wife. Bathsheba in the Bath Wikimedia Commons: Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem | image = Portrait of Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem 001. }} Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem == Wikimedia Commons: Frans Hals === 1611-1623 === 1611-1623 1623-1626 1626-1628 1628-1633 1633-1635 1635-1640 1640-1645 1645-1650 1650-1655 1656-1660 1660-1666 Wikimedia Commons: Isambard Kingdom Brunel == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Robert Howlett Robert Howlett (1831-1858) was a British photographer. Photographs Wikimedia Commons: Julia Margaret Cameron (1815–1879) was an English photographer.}} Portraits Photographs Wikimedia Commons: John Dillwyn Llewelyn == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: John Frederick William Herschel ==Portraits== Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Frederiksborg Slot * Paintings Photographs See also Wikimedia Commons: Christen Købke Christen Købke (1810-1848) Paintings / Tableaux Wikimedia Commons: Lot (Bible) Lot is a figure in the biblical book of Genesis. Lot and two angels Flight of Lot from Sodom Lot seduced by his daughters In Renaissance art In Baroque art Wikimedia Commons: Lucas van Leyden | image = Durer-Lucas-Van-Leyden.jpg 1505-1510 1510-1514 Grote serie vrouwenlisten 1514-1520 Kleine serie Vrouwenlisten 1520-1521 1521-1522 1522-1527 1527-1531 === Wikimedia Commons: Maarten van Heemskerck | image = Maarten van Heemskerck by Gemma Frisius.jpg 1529-1545 === 1547-1556 Ecce Homo === 1560-1570 == Circulus Vicissitudinis Wikimedia Commons: Willem Maris | image = Portrait of Willem Maris by Floris Arntzenius.jpg }} Wikimedia Commons: Hendrik Willem Mesdag Image:Mesdag-Scheveningen.png|Panorama Mesdag, fragment showing the town of Scheveningen Hendrik Willem Mesdag Wikimedia Commons: Scheveningen Image:Scheveningen_panorama.jpg|Scheveningen (Panorama) Scheveningen Wikimedia Commons: Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle, known as Cardinal de Granvelle (1517-1586) was first minister of emperor Charles V Portraits Wikimedia Commons: London {| cellpadding=10 == Symbols of London   •   Hoheitszeichen von London · Symboles de Londres · Simboli di Londra · Símbolos de Londres · Simbolen van Londen City views   •   Vues de la cité · Stadtansichten · Viste della città · Vistas de la ciudad · Stadsgezichten Government buildings   •   Regierungs- und Kommunalgebäude · Rząd · Bâtiments gouvernementaux · Governo · Gobierno City Hall   •   Rathaus Palace of Westminster   •   Westminster-Palast · Pałac Westminster · Palacio de Westminster, la Casa del Parlamento · Palazzo di Westminster · Palais de Westminster Big Ben   •   Großer Ben Downing Street   •   Amtssitz Downingstraße Buckingham Palace   •   Buckingham-Palast · Pałac Buckingham · Palacio de Buckingham · Palazzo di Buckingham · Palais de Buckingham Famous places   •   Berühmte Anziehungspunkte · Lieux célèbres · Posti famosi · Słynne miejsca · Lugares famosos · Beroemde plaatsen Piccadilly Leicester Square   •   Leicesterplatz · Place de Leicester County Hall   •   Ratsgebäude Kensington Palace   •   Kensington-Palast The Bank of England   •   Bank von England · La banque d'Angleterre · La Banca d'Inghilterra · Bank Anglii · El Banco de Inglaterra · De Bank van Engeland Whitehall   •   Whitehall-Bereich The London Eye   •   Riesenrad 'Londoner Auge' · Londyńskie oko The Barbican   •   Der Barbican-Gebäudekomplex Trafalgar Square   •   Trafalgarplatz · Place de Trafalgar Piccadilly Circus   •   Picadilly-Kreisel Tower of London   •   Die Tower-Festung von London · La tour de Londres · Torre di Londra · Torre de Londres Office buildings   •   Verwaltungsgebäude · Biurowce · Immeubles de bureaux · Palazzi direzionali 30 St Mary Axe   •   Swiss Re - Turm · Swiss Re Tower Other office buildings   •   Weitere Verwaltungsgebäude Shops and shopping areas   •   Geschäfte und Einkaufszonen · Sklepy i okolice zakupowe · Magasins et centres commerciaux · Negozi e centri commerciali · Tiendas y Centros comerciales · Winkelen en winkelencentra Culture   •   Kultur · Kultura · Cultura · Cultuur Monuments   •   Denkmale · Monuments · Monumenti · Monumentos · Monumenten The Monument to the Great Fire of London   •   Das Denkmal des Großen Feuers von London · Pomnik ku czci wielkiego pożaru Londynu · Monument à l'Incendie de Londres · Monumento all'Incendio di Londra · Monumento al Incendio de Londres · Monument naar de Grote Vuur van Londen The British Museum   •   Das Britische Museum The National Gallery Die Nationalgalerie · Galeria narodowa · La Galerie Nationale · Galleria Nazionale · Galería Nacional · Nationale Galerij The Natural History Museum   •   Das Naturkunde-Museum · Muzeum historii naturalnej · Le musée d'histoire naturelle · Il museo di storia naturale · El museo de historia natural The Victoria and Albert Museum   •   Das Victoria-und-Albert-Museum · Muzeum Wiktorii i Alberta Somerset House   •   Somerset-Haus Tate   •   Tate-Galerie Tate Modern   •   Tate-Galerie für Moderne Kunst Tate Britain   •   Tate-Galerie für Britische Kunst HMS Belfast   •   HMS Belfast — Museumsschiff Other museums   •   Andere Museen · Autres musées · Inne muzea · Otros museos · Andere musea Theatres   •   Theater · Teatry · Théâtres · Teatri · Teatros · Theaters Shakespeare's Globe Theatre   •   Shakespeares Globus-Theater Other theatres   •   Andere Theater · Autres théâtres · Altri teatri · Otros teatros · Andere theateren The O2   •   Der Jahrtausend-Dom Transport   •   Transportwesen · Transportes · Trasporti Railway stations   •   Bahnhöfe · Gares · Dworce kolejowe · Stazioni di treni · Estaciones de trenes · Stations London Underground   •   Londoner U-Bahn · Métro de Londres · Londyńskie metro · Metro de Londres · Metropolitana di Londra · Metro van Londen London Buses   •   Londoner Busse · Bus de Londres · Londyńskie autobusy · Autobus di Londra · Autobuses de Londres · Autobussen van Londen Bridges   •   Brücken · ponts · mosty · ponti · puentes · bruggen Tower Bridge   •   Tower-Brücke · Pont de la Tour · Ponte della Torre · Puente de la Torre Millennium Bridge   •   Jahrtausend-Brücke · Most milenijny · Pont du Millenium · Ponte del Millennio · Puente del Milenio · Millennium Brug Other bridges   •   Weitere Brücken · Autres ponts · Altri ponti · Otros puentes · Andere bruggen Congestion Religious places   •   Religiöse Stätten · Edifices religieux · Miejsca kultu religijnego · Luoghi religiosi · Lugares religiosos · Religieuze plaatsen St. Paul's Cathedral   •   Sankt Paul Kathedrale · Cathedrale Saint Paul · Katedra Św. Pawła · Cattedrale di San Paolo · Catedral de San Pablo · Sint Pauls Kathedraal Westminster Abbey   •   Westminster-Abtei · Opactwo Westminster · Abbaye de Westminster · Abbazia di Westminster · Abadía de Westminster · Abdij van Westminster Westminster Cathedral   •   Westminster-Kathedrale · Katedra Westminster · Cathédrale de Westminster · Cattedrale di Westminster · Catedral de Westminster · Westminster Kathedraal Southwark Cathedral   •   Southwark-Kathedrale · Katedra Southwark · Cathédrale de Southwark · Cattedrale di Southwark · Catedral de Southwark · Southwark Kathedraal Other churches   •   Weitere Kirchen · Eglises · Kościoły · Chiese · Iglesias · Kerken Synagogues   •   Synagogen · Synagogi · Synagogues · Sinagoghe · Sinagogas · Synagoges Mosques   •   Moscheen · Meczety · Mosquées · Moschee · Mezquitas · Moskeeën Parks   •   Parkanlagen Royal Parks and The Mall   •   Königliche Parks und Die Mall · Parki królewskie i The Mall · Parcs royaux et The Mall · Parques reales y The Mall · Parchi reali e The Mall · Koninklijke parken en The Mall Hyde Park Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew   •   Die Königlichen Botanischen Gärten in Kew · Les jardins botaniques royaux de Kew · Le giardini botanici reali di Kew · Los jardines botanicos reales de Kew · De koninklijke botanische tuinen van Kew London boroughs   •   Londoner Stadtbezirke · Gminy Londynu · Districts de Londres · Borghi di Londra · Municipios de Londres · Districten van Londen Houses   •   Häuser · Maisons · Domy · Case · Casas · Huizen River Thames   •   Die Themse · La Tamise · rzeka Tamiza · Il Tamigi · La Tamisa · De Theems Soldiers   •   Garde-Soldaten · Żołnierze · Soldats · Soldati · Soldados · Soldaten Paintings and drawings of London   •   Gemälde und Zeichnungen von London Not classified   •   Diverses ohne Klassifizierung · Divers · Niesklasyfikowane Wikimedia Commons: Veere Veere is a town and municipality in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Veere (town) Aagtekerke Biggekerke Dishoek Domburg Gapinge Grijpskerke Koudekerke Oostkapelle Serooskerke Westkapelle Zoutelande Wikimedia Commons: Jan van der Heyden | image = Portrait of Jan van der Heyden 001 cropped.jpg == 1660-1672 1672-1690 Beschryving der nieuwlyks uitgevonden en geoctrojeerde slang-brand-spuiten en haare wyze van brand-blussen, tegenwoordig binnen Amsterdam in gebruik zijnde === 1712 Jan van der Heyden Wikimedia Commons: Photography == History == History Technique Photography equipment Some examples of different photographs Wikimedia Commons: Photographers Image:Photographer1850s.png|Photographer in his studio, 1850s Photographers Wikimedia Commons: Édouard Baldus Édouard Baldus (ca. 1813-1889) was a French photographer. Photographs Wikimedia Commons: Husum ---- Husum Wikimedia Commons: Pont du Gard Image:Pont du Gard 03.jpg|Panorama picture Galleries with coordinates Pages with maps Pont du Gard Wikimedia Commons: Meschede ==Karten und Diagramme== Karten und Diagramme Hoheitszeichen Panoramen Stadtansichten Gebäude Profanbauten Historische Gebäude Schloss Laer Kirchen und religiöse Gebäude Pfarrkirche St. Walburga in Meschede Abtei Königsmünster (Meschede monastery) Mariä Himmelfahrt Evangelische Christuskirche Klausenkapelle Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde Jehovas Zeugen Kriegsgräberstätte-Waldfriedhof Fulmecke Kriegsgräberfriedhof Eversberg Fatih Moschee in Meschede Hennesee Verschiedenes Ortsteile Baldeborn Berge Berghausen Beringhausen Blüggelscheidt Bockum Bonacker Calle Drasenbeck Einhaus Enkhausen Enste Ensthof Erflinghausen Eversberg Freienohl Frielinghausen Galiläa Giesmecke Grevenstein Heggen Heinrichsthal Höringhausen Horbach Klause Köttinghausen Laer Löllinghausen Löttmaringhausen Mosebolle Mülsborn Olpe Remblinghausen Schederberge Schüren Stesse Stockhausen Vellinghausen Visbeck Voßwinkel Wallen Wehrstapel Wennemen Windhäuser Wikimedia Commons: Petersberg (Siebengebirge) == General views == General views Summit plateau Historical photos / Historische Aufnahmen Access road / Zufahrtsstraße Wikimedia Commons: Slug Image:Slugs.jpg|Two slugs (en); Deux limaces (fr) Gallery of animals Stylommatophora Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Kassel ---- Coat of arms and flag - Wappen und Flagge Maps – Karten Historical Images – Historische Aufnahmen Squares - Plätze Streets - Straßen Buildings - Gebäude Wirtschaftswunderarchitektur in Kassel Bridges - Brücken Parks Park Wilhelmshöhe Karlsaue Fuldaaue Public art - Kunst im öffentliche Raum Boroughs - Stadtteile Harleshausen Kirchditmold Panoramic views Transport Train stations - Bahnhöfe Kassel-Hauptbahnhof Bahnhof Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe Tram / Straßenbahn Autobahn Airport Kassel-Calden Associations and Courts Education Culture Economy of Kassel Sports in Kassel Events in Kassel Persönlichkeiten - Famous people Wikimedia Commons: Current events/2005 2005 Current events. WTO Ministerial Conference of 2005 Hurricane Katrina Wikimania 2005 London bombing, July 2005 FIFA Confederations Cup 2005 Uzbekistan Korea Guantanamo Bay Afghanistan European Union Constitution Wikimedia Commons: Ariel Sharon File:PikiWiki Israel 2692 People of Israel אריק שרון בן 14.jpg|Ariel Sharon in 1942 Sharon with... See also Wikimedia Commons: Yasser Arafat == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Palestinians The Palestinians are the Arab people of Palestine. The Palestinian people live mainly in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip and West Bank, as well as in Jordan and other diasporas. Symbols People Politicians Yasser Arafat Mahmoud Abbas See also Wikimedia Commons: West Bank See also: Maps other Wikimedia Commons: Gaza Gaza or Gaza City is the largest city in the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip is part of the Palestinian territories. Maps See also Wikimedia Commons: George W. Bush == Portraits == Portraits Bush speaking Bush with... Bush as he signs different laws Bush & Iraq Polling Private life Various Signature Speeches Cartoons and Caricatures Protests Wikimedia Commons: John Kerry ==Official photographs== Official photographs Events Other Wikimedia Commons: Ralph Nader Image:RalphNader.jpg|Ralph Nader Ralph Nader Wikimedia Commons: ایران |} == === , == Wikimedia Commons: Kewaunee, Wisconsin,_Wisconsin Image:Kewaunee.jpg|Nuclear reactor Cities in Wisconsin Kewaunee County, Wisconsin,_Wisconsin Wikimedia Commons: Nuclear energy See also Nuclear power Use of Nuclear Power Texto de encabezado Nuclear Technology History Nuclear Fuel Cycle Nuclear Energy Diagrams Nuclear reactors Wikimedia Commons: Sudan السودان == Flags == Flags Coats Maps Satellite pictures Darfur People Others Wikimedia Commons: Surat Thani Province * Surat Thani town Chaiya Ko Samui Ko Pha Ngan (with Ko Tao) Phunphin Don Sak Kanchanadit Khian Sa District offices, town halls Maps Amphoe locator maps Tambon locator maps Wikimedia Commons: Grenada Grenada is an island in the Caribbean. Insignia Maps Miscellaneous References Wikimedia Commons: Bank ==Gallery== Gallery See also Wikimedia Commons: بغداد Image:Baghdad_International_Airport_(October_2003).jpg|Baghdad International Airport (2003) Baghdad Wikimedia Commons: Airport ==== == === Halifax International Airport Saskatoon Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport Split Zagreb Madrid Barajas Airport Malaga Airport Berlin Airports Cologne Bonn Airport Düsseldorf International Airport Frankfurt International Airport Hamburg Airport Munich International Airport Delhi Mumbai Leh Sam Ratulangi International Airport of Manado, North Sulawesi Soekarno-Hatta International Airport of Jakarta, Indonesia Sultan Hassanudin International Airport of Makassar, South Sulawesi Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport Kuala Namu International Airport Aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino Aeroporto di Milano-Malpensa Other Jinnah International Airport, Karachi - OPKC/KHI Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore - OPLA/LHE Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad - OPKN/ISB Quetta International Airport OPQT/UET Skardu Airport Walton Airport, Lahore Bydgoszcz International Airport Gdańsk International Airport Katowice International Airport Kraków International Airport Lublin International Airport Łódź International Airport Poznań-Ławica International Airport Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport Warsaw International Airport Warsaw-Modlin Mazovia Airport Wrocław-Strachowice International Airport Belgrad Nikola Tesla International Airport Belgrad Batajnica Airbase Niš international Constantine the Great Airport Vršac International Airport Priština International Airport Kraljevo Morava Airport Užice Ponikve Airport London Heathrow Airport, England London Gatwick Airport, England Glasgow International Airport, Scotland Edinburgh International Airport, Scotland London Stansted Airport, England London Luton Airport, England London City Airport, England Manchester Airport, England Birmingham International, England Bristol International Airport, England Leeds Bradford International Airport, England Liverpool John Lennon Airport, England Durham Tees Valley Airport, England Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California Chicago, Illinois Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, Arizona Other US airports Wikimedia Commons: Neonatal care Image:Tahril-neonatal.jpg|A nurse keeps an eye on a baby in a neonatal ward in Basrah. Health care Neonatology Wikimedia Commons: Incubator Image:Tahril-neonatal.jpg|A nurse keeps an eye on a baby in the neonatal ward in Basrah Incubators (neonatal) Wikimedia Commons: Water tower ====== === ==== Wikimedia Commons: Atlantic City == View == View Streets Boardwalk Buildings Old postcards Wikimedia Commons: Casino == Casino buildings == Casino buildings Australia China Macao France Germany Italy Monaco Netherlands Portugal Romania Spain United Kingdom United States Wikimedia Commons: Baseball == Baseballs == Baseballs The game of Baseball Wikimedia Commons: Bridge __TOC__ Famous bridges Argentina Australia Bridges over the Murray River Tasmania Austria Bangladesh Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil São Paulo Santa Catarina Bulgaria Canada Vancouver area China Croatia Czechia Denmark Bridges over Limfjorden (Denmark) Estonia Finland France Germany Berlin Bietigheim-Bissingen Cologne Darmstadt Dessau Dresden Duisburg Eschenlohe Fehmarnsundbrücke Frankfurt am Main Ginsheim-Gustavsburg Greifswald Hamburg River Elbe Harbour Metro Karlsruhe Kappeln Kirchhundem Klingenthal Limburg an der Lahn Magdeburg Mainz Rüdesheim am Rhein Worms Hungary India Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Montenegro Netherlands Norway Pakistan Perú Lima Piura Other Poland Ostrołęka Tczew Toruń Gorzów Wielkopolski Portugal Russia Saudi Arabia Serbia Belgrade Novi Sad Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom England North-West England North-east England East England Cambridge South-east England London West England River Severn Scotland River Clyde Firth of Forth River Tay Wales Rhondda Cynon Taff United States of America Mississippi River New York San Francisco Wikimedia Commons: Philadelphia Continent: North America - Region: Pennsylvania Aerial views Skyline Buildings and sights Naval Shipyard Wikimedia Commons: Supermarket == Interior == Interior Supermarkets by company name A C D F H K J L M N P R S W Wikimedia Commons: Butterfly ==Terminology== Terminology Adult butterflies (imago) Larva Pupa Paintings See also Wikimedia Commons: Oryctolagus cuniculus * Images Illustrations Maps Miscellaneous Audio/Video See also Wikimedia Commons: Meleagris gallopavo See also: Turkey (disambiguation) Wild Turkeys Domesticated Turkeys Wikimedia Commons: Beach thumb|250px|[[Ary Pleysier, Beach view with boats]] Africa Cape Verde Reunion island South Africa Tanzania America Argentina Bermuda Brazil Bahia Maraú Ceará Rio Grande do Norte Santa Catarina Florianópolis Garopaba São Paulo Chile Colombia Ecuador Galápagos Islands French Guiana Jamaica Mexico Panama Peru Puerto Rico United States California Florida Oregon Virginia Washington New England Uruguay Venezuela Aragua Nueva Esparta Asia Hong Kong India Indonesia Israel Japan Korea Philippines Singapore Thailand Krabi Surat Thani Australia and Oceania Australia New Zealand Europe Belgium Croatia Denmark Lønstrup Estonia Finland France Germany Sylt Usedom Island Greece Crete Sporades Latvia Italy Montenegro Norway Lofoten Vest-Agder Rogaland Poland Bay of Gdańsk Ustka Bay of Pommerania Portugal Spain United Kingdom England Scotland Wales Turkey Seen at the beach == Wikimedia Commons: Parasailing File:ParasailingDR.JPG Parasailing Wikimedia Commons: Wildwood, New Jersey,_New_Jersey Image:BeachNorthWildwoodEvening.jpg|Evening beach in North Wildwood Wildwood, New Jersey,_New_Jersey Wikimedia Commons: Fog == Videos == Videos Photographs Radiation fog Advection fog Steam fog Valley fog Ice fog Fog effects Hydrocarbon fog Weather symbols Paintings See also Wikimedia Commons: Mist == Photographs == Photographs Weather symbols See also Wikimedia Commons: Lighthouse з усяго сьвету. Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi (state) New Jersey New York (state) North Carolina Oregon Wisconsin Rio Grande do Sul Wikimedia Commons: Bunker This category is for the type of blast shelter called a bunker. Cape May, New Jersey Hirtshals, Denmark Søndervig, Denmark Sylt, Germany Hlučín, Czech Republic Moravský Svätý Ján, Slovakia Warsaw, Poland South Tyrol, Italy Diverse Locations in the Netherlands Wikimedia Commons: Silene == Silene L. (1753) == Silene L. (1753) Excluded species External links Wikimedia Commons: Garden == Garden types == Garden types Garden ponds Monuments in gardens Pathways in gardens Gardens during the seasons Gardens around the world Gardens in art Other Garden decorations Wikimedia Commons: North Wildwood, New Jersey,_New_Jersey North Wildwood is a city in New Jersey. Hereford Inlet Lighthouse,_New_Jersey#Hereford_Inlet_Lighthouse Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Garden,_New_Jersey#Hereford_Inlet_Lighthouse_Garden Various pictures,_New_Jersey#Various_pictures Wikimedia Commons: Boat A boat is a smaller watergoing vessel. Rowboats Sailboats Motorboats Water taxis Boats in Venice Human-powered boats Canoes, Sailing Canoes Fishing Boats Crowded Boats Kayaks Sunk boats Catamarans before 1900, Double-hull Canoes Other Wikimedia Commons: The wave Wave The wave Wikimedia Commons: Düsseldorf == Hoheitszeichen (Insignia / Emblèmes) == Hoheitszeichen (Insignia / Emblèmes) Karten (Maps – Mapas - Mappe - Mapy - Cartes) Stadtgliederung (Cityscape) Rheinuferpromenade (Rhine River Embankment - Rives du Rhin) Altstadt Königsallee Medienhafen Der Neue Zollhof Kultur (Culture) Kulturelle Gebäude (Culture buildings / Bâtiments culturels) Architektur (Architecture) Denkmäler und Gedenkstätten (Monuments and memorials / Monuments et mémoriaux) Veranstaltungen (Events/Événements) Wirtschaft und Infrastruktur (Economy and infrastructure - Économie et infrastructure) Unternehmen (Companies / Entreprises) Bürogebäude (Office buildings/Bâtiments bureaux) Öffentliche Einrichtungen (Public administration / Administration publique) Bildung (Education / Éducation) Verkehr und Transportwesen (Traffic and Transport / Transport) Brücken (Bridges/Ponts) Sport Sport Venues Parks und Grünanlagen (Parks and open spaces/Parcs et jardins public) Historische Ansichten (Historical Views) Historische Gebäude (Historical buildings / Bâtiments historiques) Wikimedia Commons: Cyprinus carpio (common carp or European carp) Wild-type Carp Koi In art Wikimedia Commons: Suricata suricatta * Subspecies (for MSW): Suricata suricatta suricatta, Suricata suricatta iona, Suricata suricatta marjoriae Photos Natural Captive Illustrations Maps Wikimedia Commons: Franz Marc | image = FranzMarc.jpg The artist }} Fantasy Landscapes Human beings Portraits Nudes Animals Horses Cattle Deer Dogs and foxes Domestic cats and tigers Monkeys Other animals Sketchbook from World war I Wikimedia Commons: Elephas * Photos Elephants From Kerala, India Drawings Other See also Wikimedia Commons: Dactylorhiza majalis == Species == Species Subspecies - Varietates - Formae Dactylorhiza majalis subsp. baltica (Klinge) H.Sund. (1980) Dactylorhiza majalis subsp. sphagnicola (Höppner) H.A.Pedersen & Hedrén (2004) Dactylorhiza majalis var. alpestris (Pugsley) Wucherpf. (2003) Dactylorhiza majalis subsp. brevifolia (Rchb.f.) Kreutz (2004) Dactylorhiza majalis f. albiflora (Thielens) Soó (1970) Nothospecies Dactylorhiza × aschersoniana (Hausskn.) Borsos & Soó (1960) Dactylorhiza × braunii (Halácsy) Borsos & Soó (1961) Wikimedia Commons: Köln Köln Hoheitssymbole (symbols) Karten (Maps/Cartes) Panoramas (Panoramics) Architektur und Bauwerke (Architecture and buildings/Architecture et bâtiments) Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral/Cathédrale de Cologne) Kirchen (Churches/Églises) Patrizier- und Bürgerhäuser (Patrician and Burgher houses/Maisons patriciennes et bourgeoises) Bürogebäude (Office buildings/Bâtiments bureaux) Universitäten und Hochschulen (Universities and colleges/Universités et établissements d'enseignement supérieur) Sportstätten (Sport venues/Installations sportive) Museen (Museums/Musées) Brücken (Bridges/Ponts) Bahnhöfe (Train stations/Gares ferroviaires) Parks und Grünanlagen (Parks and open spaces/Parcs et jardins public) Friedhöfe (Cemeteries/Cimetières) Stadtbezirke (Districts/Arrondissements) Stadtbezirk 1: Köln-Innenstadt Stadtbezirk 2: Köln-Rodenkirchen Stadtbezirk 3: Köln-Lindenthal Stadtbezirk 4: Köln-Ehrenfeld Stadtbezirk 5: Köln-Nippes Stadtbezirk 6: Köln-Chorweiler Stadtbezirk 7: Köln-Porz Stadtbezirk 8: Köln-Kalk Stadtbezirk 9: Köln-Mülheim Kölsche Küche (Cologne cuisine/Cuisine colognaise) Veranstaltungen (Events/Événements) Personen (People/Personnalités) Geschichte (History/Histoire) Römisches Köln (Roman Cologne/Cologne romaine) Mittelalterliches Köln (Medieval Cologne/Cologne médiévale) Neuzeitliches und Modernes Köln (Modern Cologne/Cologne contemporaine) Wikimedia Commons: Timmendorfer Strand Timmendorfer Strand is a town in Germany at the Baltic Sea. Timmendorfer Strand Wikimedia Commons: Bremen Category:Gallery pages of Bremen Bremen Gallery pages of Bremen Wikimedia Commons: Syringa vulgaris ==Photos== Photos Natural Cultivated Habitus / Plants Flora / Flowers Buds Folia / Leaves Fructus / Fruit Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Richard Ansdell == Painter == Painter Works Wikimedia Commons: Sophie Gengembre Anderson Sophie Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903), French born British painter. Gallery Wikimedia Commons: Иван Константинович Айвазовский == == == === ==== {{LangSwitch|en Wikimedia Commons: Paeonia Suffruticosa Hybrid Group Division : Magnoliophyta - Class : Magnoliopsida - Order : Saxifragales - Family : Paeoniaceae Cultivars Unnamed cultivars Illustration Wikimedia Commons: Pittsburgh ==Symbols== Symbols Architecture High-rise buildings Low-rise buildings Churches and temples Attractions Museums Parks Sports Rivers and bridges Landscape Panoramic views Skyline Maps Neighborhoods Transportation Universities and colleges Historical images Panoramas Other images Wikimedia Commons: Cloud {{Translation table|inline=o|hidetitle=o|width=100% Cloud Classification Special cloud types, formations and optical effects Unidentified or not otherwise sorted clouds Specials Clouds from airplane Clouds from space precip not sorted yet Drawings Weather symbols — Wetterzustand Cloud codification — Wolkenverschlüsselung Sky cover — Bewölkung Synoptic — Synoptik Popular weather forecasts — Populäre Wetterberichte Measuring Clouds in art Wikimedia Commons: Rainbow > See :Category:Rainbows Rainbow from the air Ordinary rainbow Fountains Sprinklers Waterfalls Double rainbows Filmed rainbow Self-made rainbows Rainbow from prizms and gratings See also Wikimedia Commons: Blacksmith == Blacksmiths at work== Blacksmiths at work Tools and places of blacksmiths Work phases Old working places Paintings Historical photos Wikimedia Commons: Christmas Below is a selection of files from the Wikimedia Commons category Christmas Images Nativity Christmas traditions Christmas trees Santa Claus Various Christmas decorations Advent calendar Decorated cities Special meals Desserts and sweets Wikisanta Wise men Christmas Greetings Sound Wishes See also Wikimedia Commons: Brick Image:Brick_pile.jpg| Different Bricks Brick making Brick grounds Brick walls Brick arches Brick buildings Brick Gothic Mortar Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Cygnus olor == Categories == Categories Images Adult Portraits Mating Nesting Cygnets Immature Taxidermy Illustrations Audio/Video Wikimedia Commons: Tunnel ==== U55-Tunnel, Berlin Tiergartentunnel, Berlin Bewag-Tunnel, Berlin Old Elbtunnel, Hamburg (River Elbe) New Elbtunnel, Hamburg Norway Slovakia South Africa Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom North Midland Railway (Midland Main Line) Wikimedia Commons: Hospitals == Hospital rooms == Hospital rooms Hospital buildings Wikimedia Commons: Felis silvestris catus * Méřî: đuk == Cats by coat/hair/fur colour or pattern Collages of cats Cats in art Wikimedia Commons: Bichon Frisé Bichon Frisé (FCI 215) Bichon Frisé Wikimedia Commons: Monument Valley * Other images related to Monument Valley can be found in the :Category:Monument Valley Maps Photographs Videos Wikimedia Commons: Pizza [ˈpit̪͡ːs̪ä] Making an American pizza Audio Wikimedia Commons: Stamp See also All subpages of Stamp History Europe Belgique / België / Belgium Bulgaria Danemark / Danmark France Germany East Germany Greece Italy/Italia Liechtenstein Netherlands / Nederland / Pays-Bas Poland / Polska / Pologne Montenegro Romania Russia Serbia Spain / España Switzerland Africa British colonial empire French colonial empire Portuguese colonial empire America Brasil / Brésil Chile / Chili Cuba Mexico Puerto Rico United States of America Asia Cambodia China Irak / Iraq Israel Empire ottoman Palestine Philippines Thailand Turkey Oceania Australia Autres / Others Wikimedia Commons: Tram ---- Tram - types Wikimedia Commons: Pump == Types == Types Manual pump Positive displacement pump ISO pump API pump Steam pump Vacuum pump Others Wikimedia Commons: Kindergarten Image:Hugo Oehmichen Im Kindergarten.jpg Gallery pages about culture Kindergarten Wikimedia Commons: Bread ==== == French bread Italian bread Polish bread Indian bread Spanish bread Wikimedia Commons: Baker See also: Bread Gallery Wikimedia Commons: Habiba Sarabi Habiba Sarabi is Minister of Women's Affairs in the government of Afghanistan. Portraits Pictures Wikimedia Commons: Elections == People voting == People voting Equipment Symbols Billboards Voting cards Wikimedia Commons: Road building == Asphalt layer and contractor == Asphalt layer and contractor Kabul-Kandahara road, Afghanistan Nodepoint Hamburger Straße - Flügelweg, Dresden, Saxony, Germany Historical Road maintenance Wikimedia Commons: حامد کرزی == Portraits (پورټريټس، پرتره‌ها) == Portraits (پورټريټس، پرتره‌ها) Hamid Karzai with... پښتو: حامدکرزي و څنګ ته فارسی: حامد کرزی در کنار Inauguration (مراسم تحلیف) Wikimedia Commons: Mosque A mosque is an Islamic house of prayer. Africa Algeria Egypt Mali Morocco Asia Afghanistan China mainland Hong Kong Iran Iraq Macau Palestine Saudi Arabia Syria Taiwan Europe England France Germany Russia Sweden Turkey North America South America Paintings Wikimedia Commons: کابل ==== == === Wikimedia Commons: Laura Welch Bush == Portraits == Portraits First Lady Family Wikimedia Commons: Radio == Radio == Radio Making radio Radio tower Radio building Radio receiver CB Radio See also Wikimedia Commons: Ananas comosus * Plants Field Fruits Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Guinée ---- Emblèmes Gallerie Voir aussi Wikimedia Commons: Forest == Forests by type == Forests by type Mixed forests Rainforest Forests by season Forests by geographical area Africa Asia Australia Europe North America South America Forest and woodland management See also Wikimedia Commons: Diamond mining * Diamond mining Photographs Wikimedia Commons: Gorilla * Gorilla gorilla Gorilla gorilla gorilla Gorilla gorilla gorilla videos Gorilla gorilla diehli Gorilla beringei Gorilla beringei beringei Gorilla beringei graueri 3D Images Wikimedia Commons: Rwanda Repubulika y'u Rwanda Emblèmes - Insignia Cartes - Maps Villes - Cities Kigali Ruhengeri Paysages - Landscapes Lacs et Rivières - Lakes and rivers Montagnes - Mountains Autre - Other Gens - People Presonnages - Personalities Économie - Economy Culture Danseurs et Danseuses - Dancers Crafts Faune - Fauna La Génocide - Genocide sites Murambi Ntarama Nyamata Wikimedia Commons: Giraffa camelopardalis * Subspecies Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis Giraffa camelopardalis antiquorum Giraffa camelopardalis camelopardalis Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa Giraffa camelopardalis peralta Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi Giraffa camelopardalis thornicrofti Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi Hybrids Audio/Video Maps In Art Wikimedia Commons: Zimbabwe ==Insignia== Insignia Maps See also Wikimedia Commons: Nederland ==== == Images Language / Taal Notable Dutch people / Beroemde Nederlanders Wikimedia Commons: Immunization Category:Health care Health care Immunology Paediatrics Vaccinations Wikimedia Commons: Computer {{Translation table|inline=o|hidetitle=o|width=100% See also Wikimedia Commons: Fishing == Fishing == Fishing Paintings and drawings Fishmarket Fish preparation Fishing equipment Wikimedia Commons: Alcedo == Alcedo atthis (cat.) == Alcedo atthis (cat.) Alcedo coerulescens (cat.) Alcedo euryzona (cat.) Alcedo hercules (cat.) Alcedo meninting (cat.) Alcedo quadribrachys (cat.) Alcedo semitorquata (cat.) Wikimedia Commons: Rio Moa Rio Moa is a river in the far west of Brasil. Rio Moa Rivers of Brazil by name Wikimedia Commons: Earthquake ==== == Wikimedia Commons: Shoemaker Image:Shoemakers.jpg|Shoemakers in Bangladesh Shoemakers Wikimedia Commons: Shoe Image:Bärenklauen WK1890.jpg|Shoes from the 16th century Shoes Wikimedia Commons: Rice Division : Magnoliophyta - Class : Liliopsida - Order : Poales - Family : Poaceae Production Fields Plants Grains Rice dishes Disease Rice Symbols By-products Wikimedia Commons: Agriculture {{Translation table|inline=o|hidetitle=o|width=100% Farms Farmers Fields Livestock Agricultural equipment Ploughing Harvest Organic farming Factory farming Hors sol / Fodder World agriculture Wikimedia Commons: Weaving Image:BN-weaver.jpg|Woman weaving, Bangladesh Weaving Wikimedia Commons: Pepper Pepper can refer to: Disambiguation Pepper Wikimedia Commons: Veterinary medicine ==== == Wikimedia Commons: Human pregnancy Image:Hoact21.jpg|Prenatal medical exam Human pregnancy Wikimedia Commons: Yam Yams are a type of vegetable: they usually belong to the genus Dioscorea. Yam Wikimedia Commons: Dominique de Villepin Image:Dominique de villepin.jpg| Dominique de Villepin Wikimedia Commons: Colin Powell Colin Powell was a U.S. Portraits Events 2003 UN presentaion on Iraq Powell with... Wikimedia Commons: Alexander Downer Alexander Downer: Alexander Downer Wikimedia Commons: Thabo Mbeki Thabo Mbeki was the president of South Africa from 1999 to 2008. Thabo Mbeki Wikimedia Commons: Paula Dobriansky Paula Dobriansky is U.S. Events U.S.-Canada Cooperation Agreement Wikimedia Commons: Michael F. Kergin Michael F. Kergin is ambassador of Canada to the United States. U.S.-Canada Cooperation Agreement Wikimedia Commons: AH-64 Apache *The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) AH-64 Apache is a US Army attack helicopter originally developed by Hughes Helicopters. US Army RNLAF IAF JGSDF Others Wikimedia Commons: Tommy Franks Tommy Franks (born 1945) is a retired U.S. Tommy Franks Wikimedia Commons: AIDS * The virus Awareness Spread of AIDS Ending AIDS Health care International AIDS Conference Memorials Wikimedia Commons: Printing press A printing press is an object for printing books, magazines etcetera, making them available in larger quantities. Platen press Hand press Jobbing press Flat-bed cylinder press Rotary press In art Wikimedia Commons: Richard Armitage This page contains a representative gallery of media concerning [Armitage (politician)|Richard Lee Armitage], the U.S. Pictures Wikimedia Commons: Amadou Toumani Touré Amadou Toumani Touré (* 1948) Amadou Toumani Touré Wikimedia Commons: John Bell John Bell (1763-1820) was an anatomist and artist Anatomists Wikimedia Commons: John Browne John Browne (1642-ca. 1702) was an anatomist. John Browne (anatomist) Wikimedia Commons: Juan Valverde de Amusco thumb|200px|One of Valverde's most striking original plates is that of a muscle figure holding his own skin in one hand and a knife in the other, which has been likened to [[Michelangelo's Saint Bartholomew in the Last Judgment section of the Sistine Chapel.]] References Wikimedia Commons: Giulio Casserio Image:Giulio Casserio. Line engraving, 1688. Giulio Cesare Casseri Wikimedia Commons: Bernardino Genga Genga, Bernardino (1620-1690) Bernardino Genga Wikimedia Commons: Signs ==Japanese sign== Japanese sign Road sign Railroad sign Other signs Wikimedia Commons: Human skull ==Photos== Photos Deliberate deformity of the skull Drawings Ancient Forensic Analysis X-rays Wikimedia Commons: Bones Image:Foot bones.jpg Drawings Genga See also Wikimedia Commons: Muscle ==Types== Types Anatomy Drawings Genga Other Images Wikimedia Commons: Anisoptera * Pictures Aeshna Rhionaeschna Crocothemis Sympetrum Libellula Orthetrum Somatochlora Pachydiplax Pachydiplax longipennis (Blue Dasher), female Pachydiplax longipennis (Blue Dasher), male Erythemis Erythemis simplicicollis (Eastern Pondhawk), female Erythemis simplicicollis (Eastern Pondhawk), male Austrogomphus Uropetala Unidentified species Wikimedia Commons: Ratchaburi Province Images from the Ratchaburi province, Thailand Mueang Ratchaburi Damnoen Saduak Maps and Symbols Wikimedia Commons: Poecilia latipinna * Differentiation with similar species: Biology pages with wikidata link Poecilia latipinna Species of Poeciliidae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Cave ==Argentina== Argentina Austria Chile China France Germany Greece Italy Malaysia Poland Romania Slovakia Switzerland Thailand United States Vietnam Wikimedia Commons: Bredevoort right|360px Categories Subcategories Subcategory Wikimedia Commons: Windmill ==Austria== Austria Belgium China Czech Republic Denmark France Région Nord Pas-de-Calais Autres départements Germany Estonia Greece Italy Japan Poland Portugal Spain Netherlands Sweden Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Others windmills in art See also Wikimedia Commons: Hendrickje Stoffels Hendrickje Stoffels was Rembrandt's partner, and sometimes model, later in life. They never married because doing so would have caused him to lose the inheritance of his late wife . Pictures Wikimedia Commons: SPAR == Pictures == Pictures Wikimedia Commons: العراق ==Insignia== Insignia Maps and statistics Cities Mosul Arbil Baghdad Karbala Najaf Samarra Zakho People Archaeology Ishtar gate Dur Sharrukin Girsu Events Elections, 30 January 2005 Miscellaneous Wikimedia Commons: Earth after and but closer than . == Wikimedia Commons: Swimming pool A swimming pool is a place where people can come for the purpose of swimming. Swimming pools Wikimedia Commons: Hainaut == Other pages and categories about Hainaut == Other pages and categories about Hainaut Pictures Wikimedia Commons: Megawati Sukarnoputri Image:Bush Mega.jpg|Megawati with U. Javanese people Megawati Sukarnoputri Presidents of Indonesia Women of Indonesia Wikimedia Commons: United States {{LangSwitch == === Wikimedia Commons: Stanisław Lem == Fotografie • Photographs == Fotografie • Photographs Wymowa nazwiska • Name pronunciation See also Wikimedia Commons: Border == International borders == International borders Africa America Asia Europe City limits/internal borders See also Wikimedia Commons: Rhine == Maps of the Rhine == Maps of the Rhine Rhine in Switzerland Rhine between Switzerland and Liechtenstein Old Rhine in Austria (Vorarlberg) Rhine between Germany and France Rhine in Germany Mainz - St Goar bei km 500 - 557 St Goar - Cologne km 558 - 690 (Germany) Rhine downstream Cologne Rhineships on the river Rhine in the Netherlands Coats of Arms of the Rhine Province Famous sights Wikimedia Commons: Cairn See also clava cairn Morbihan, Brittany (France) Barnanez Others Wikimedia Commons: Donkey Class : Mammalia - Order : Perissodactyla - Family : Equidae Photographs Wikimedia Commons: Mont Pucél Category:Gallery pages of Switzerland Bernese Alps Gallery pages of Switzerland Wikimedia Commons: Saraburi Images from the Saraburi province, Thailand Phra Phutthabat Maps and Symbols Wikimedia Commons: Jan Matejko == == == === ==== Wikimedia Commons: Rulers of Poland English: Rulers of Poland Houses of Krak, Popiel and Piast/Krak, Polpiel i Piast Prechristian rulers/Przedchrześciańscy władcy Krak (presumably 8th century/domniemany 8. wiek) Wanda (presumably 8th century/domniemany 8. wiek) Popiel I (presumably 9th century/domniemany 9. wiek) Piast (presumably 9th century/domniemany 9. wiek) Siemowit (presumably 9th century/domniemany 9. wiek) Lestek (presumably 10th century/domniemany 10. wiek) Siemomysł (presumably 10th century/domniemany 10. wiek) First christian Piasts Mieszko I (960-992) Bolesław I (992-1025) Mieszko II (1025-1031, 1032-1034) Bezprym I (1031-1032) Kazimierz I (1034-1058) Bolesław II (1058-1079) Władysław I (1079-1102) Zbigniew I (1102-1107) Bolesław III (1107-1138) Seniors Władysław II (1138-1146) Bolesław IV (1146-1173) Mieszko III (1173-1177, 1191, 1198-1199, 1201-1202) Kazimierz II (1177-1191, 1191-1194) Leszek I (1194-1198, 1199-1201, 1206-1210, 1211-1227) Władysław III (1202-1206, 1227-1229) Mieszko IV (1210-1211) Konrad I (1229-1232, 1241-1243) Henryk I (1232-1238) Henryk II (1238-1241) Bolesław V (1241) Bolesław VI (1243-1279) Leszek II (1279-1288) Henry IV (1288-1290) Przemysł II (1290-1291) Přemyslid Wacław II (1291-1305) Wacław III (1305-1306) Last Piasts Władysław I (1306-1333) Kazimierz III (1333-1370) Anjou Ludwik I (1370-1382) Jadwiga I (1384-1399) Jagiellonians Władysław II (1386-1434) Władysław III (1434-1444) Kazimierz IV (1444-1492) Jan I Olbracht (1492-1501) Aleksander I (1501-1506) Zygmunt I (1506-1548) Zygmunt II (1530-1572) Valois Henry III (1573-1575) Batory Stefan I (1576-1586) Vasa Zygmunt III (1586-1632) Władysław IV (1632-1648) Jan II (1648-1668) Wiśniowiecki Michał I (1669-1673) Sobieski Jan III (1674-1696) Wettin August II (1696-1706, 1709-1733) Leszczyński Stanisław I (1706-1709, 1733-1736) August III (1733-1763) Poniatowski Stanisław II (1764-1795) Wikimedia Commons: Cliff ==France == France Etretat Bonifacio, Corsica Poland Scotland Spain United States Wikimedia Commons: Buddha Buddha (Sanskrit, Devanagari script: बुद्ध) can refer to the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, or to anyone who has attained the same depth and quality of enlightenment. This page does not contain images of Gautama Buddha, only other Buddhas as well as unidentified images. Buddha Amitabha (Buddha in Dhyana Mudra) Buddha Akshobhya (Buddha in Bhumisparsa mudra) Buddha Amoghasiddhi (Buddha in Abhaya mudra) Buddha Ratnasambhava (Buddha in Vara mudra) Buddha Vairochana (Buddha in Vitarka mudra and Dharmachakra mudra) Buddha Dipankara Bamiyan statues Buddha Vajrasattva Buddha in Paintings Buddha statues Buddha statues Thai style Buddha statues Burmese style not sorted Wikimedia Commons: Lønstrup == Anchor in front of the Mårup church in Lønstrup, Denmark == Anchor in front of the Mårup church in Lønstrup, Denmark Other Nature of Lønstrup Wikimedia Commons: Aosta - Aoste ---- Aosta Gallery pages of municipalities in Aosta Valley Wikimedia Commons: Grande Arche Image:La Défense1.jpg|panorama along Axe historique Grande Arche NoUploads Wikimedia Commons: Forestry road Image:Reunion RF2 borne dsc00299.jpg|Forestry road kilometric stone in Réunion Forest roads Wikimedia Commons: Pierre-Paul Prud'hon Pierre-Paul Prudhon (1758-1823) was a French painter. Portraits of Prud'hon Portraits Other works Wikimedia Commons: Joséphine de Beauharnais == Others == Others Wikimedia Commons: Railroad Image:Vartabanan 2007.jpg|Värtabanan in Stockholm Abandoned railroad in Kaliningrad Wikimedia Commons: Wild West The Wild West was the name for the western part of the USA in (roughly) the second half of the 19th century. North America in the 19th century Wikimedia Commons: Rembrandt | image = Rembrandt - Zelfportret 1640.jpg }} Wikimedia Commons: Johannes Jelgerhuis Johannes Jelgerhuis Rienksz (1770-1836) was a Dutch painter. Works Wikimedia Commons: George Sand ==Portraits== Portraits Family Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Gaspard-Félix Tournachon == Photographs by Nadar == Photographs by Nadar Self-portraits Portraits of others Others Caricatures of Nadar Wikimedia Commons: Sarah Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923) Portraits Portraits by Félix Nadar Sarah Bernhardt's grave in Père-Lachaise cemetery, Paris Signature Wikimedia Commons: Roelant Savery | image = }} Wikimedia Commons: Arnhem |} == Views from the Eusebius church tower Wikimedia Commons: Cornelis Springer == }} == }} Wikimedia Commons: Esaias van de Velde == == Wikimedia Commons: Hay Image:RohrspitzBauer.JPG| Hay Wikimedia Commons: Oscar Gustave Rejlander Oscar Gustave Rejlander (1813-1875) was een Zweeds-Brits fotograaf. Photographs by Rejlander Wikimedia Commons: Hallam Tennyson Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson (1852-1928) was an English politician, governor-general of Australia in 1903-1904. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Paris {| width="100%" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="10" style="background:#faf6ed; border-style:solid; border-width:1px; border-color:gold;" == , , & == === & === & == , == , , == , === Wikimedia Commons: Aalborg Image:Aalborg NyTorv 2004 ubt.jpeg|Nytorv, close to Limfjorden Aalborg Wikimedia Commons: Gdynia thumb|right|Location map of Gdynia in Poland Gdynia Historia / Historical Dzielnice i osiedla / Districts Babie Doły Kolonia Rybacka Chwarzno-Wiczlino Brzozowa Góra Chwarzno Osiedle Sokółka Niemotowo Wiczlino Nowa Gdynia Wiczlino-Niemotowo Wiczlino-Wybudowanie Zielenisz Wiczliński Park Wielka Rola Chylonia Cisowa Dąbrowa Dąbrówka Kacze Buki Kolonia Chwaszczyno Leśny Zakątek Działki Leśne Grabówek Kamienna Góra Karwiny Osiedle Villa Maria Leszczynki Osada Kolejowa Mały Kack Bernadowo Krykulec Osiedle Bernadowo Osiedle Leśne Obłuże Oksywie Osada Rybacka Orłowo Orłowska Riwiera Kolibki Pogórze Pustki Cisowskie-Demptowo Demptowo Dębowa Góra Marszewo Pustki Cisowskie Osiedle Zamek Redłowo Płyta Redłowska Śródmieście Międzytorze Port Wielki Kack Fikakowo Myśliwskie Tarasy Wysoka Witomino Witomino-Leśniczówka Witomino-Radiostacja Wzgórze Św. Maksymiliana Osiedle Moniuszki Inne / Other Wydarzenia / Events Sport Ulice / Streets Trasa im. E. Kwiatkowskiego / Route E. Kwiatkowskiego Gdyńska obwodnica Aleje / Avenues Place / Squares Ronda / Roundaboyts Skwery / Parks Pomniki / Monuments Muzea / Museums Rzeki / Rivers Port / Port Hotele / Hotels Restauracje / Restaurants Banki / Banks Bankomaty / Cashpoints Parkometry Sklepy / Shops Stacje paliw / Petrol stations Kina / Cinemas Edukacja / Education Żłobki / Day-care centers Przedszkola / Nursery schools Szkoły podstawowe / Primary schools Gimnazja / Grammar-schools Szkoły średnie / Secondary schools Szkoły zawodowe / Szkoły pomaturalne / Training college Licea zawodowe / Vocational school Licea ogólnokształcące / Grammar schools Technika / Technical schools Szkoły wyższe / University College / Colleges Akademie / Academys Uniwersytety / Universitys Teatry / Theaters Kościoły / Churches Cmentarze / Cemeteries Kapliczki / Shrines Garnizon Gdynia / Military units Transport w Gdyni / Transport in Gdynia Autobusy / Buses Trolejbusy w Gdyni Tramwaj wodny / Water tram Polskie Koleje Państwowe Szybka Kolej Miejska Torpedownia Akcja "Pies w Wielkim Mieście" / Action "A Dog in Big City" Plaże Wikimedia Commons: Gentiana == Gentiana L. (1753) == Gentiana L. (1753) a b c d f i j k l m n o p s t u v Wikimedia Commons: Glacier de Taconnaz == Photographs == Photographs Wikimedia Commons: Gdańsk This is gallery of Gdańsk, called also Danzig. Herb i flaga / Céch ë fana / Coat of arms / Wappen Dzielnice / Districts / Stadtbezirk Brzeźno / Brösen Główne Miasto / Main Town / Rechtsstadt Grodzisko / Hagelsberg Oliwa / Oliva Orunia / Ohra Przymorze Stare Miasto / Old Town / Altstadt Stare Przedmieście / Vorstadt VII Dwór Westerplatte Wrzeszcz / Langfuhr Wyspa Sobieszewska / Sobieszewo Island / Bohnsack Zaspa / Saspe Żabianka Port Gdańsk/ Port of Gdańsk / Danzig Hafen Różne / Miscellaneous Z historii Gdańska / Historical items Zdjęcia i rysunki / Photos and drawings Monety i banknoty / Coins and banknotes Sztuka / Art Inne / Other Zobacz również / See also Wikimedia Commons: Hirtshals Image:Lighthouse, Hirtshals, Denmark.jpeg|lighthouse The port of Hirtshals Bunkers in Hirtshals da:Nordjyske Jernbaner Wikimedia Commons: Rubjerg Knude lighthouse Rubjerg Knude - northern Jutland, Denmark, North Sea Rubjerg Knude through the years View from the lighthouse Wikimedia Commons: Malbork thumb|right|150px|Malbork location map Symbols / Symbole Town / Miasto Teutonic Knights Castle in Malbork Wikimedia Commons: Fuorcla Surlej Fuorcla Surlej is a pass in Switzerland. Fuorcla Surlej Wikimedia Commons: Engadin Image:Piz_en_Vadret_Roseg_vanaf_Fuorcla_Surlej.jpg|Piz Roseg and Vadret da Roseg as seen from Fuorcla Surlej Engadin Wikimedia Commons: Ova da Fedoz Image:Waterval Ova Fedoz.jpg|Waterfall in Ova da Fedoz Engadin Rivers in the canton of Graubünden Wikimedia Commons: North Sea - Nordsee - Noordzee - Nordsøen Image:NASA NorthSea1.jpg|Satellite image North Sea Wikimedia Commons: Kristiansand ---- Kristiansand Wikimedia Commons: Crane (machine) Image:2004 02 27 crane - Aalborg ubt.jpg|Aalborg, Denmark Cranes Wikimedia Commons: Phonograph * History of audio players History of sound recording Phonographs Wikimedia Commons: Parade Image:Parade in Hjoerring Denmark 2004 ubt.jpeg|Hjørring, Denmark, 2004 Parades Wikimedia Commons: Hjørring Image:Hjoerring 2004 3 ubt.jpg|Springvandspladsen da:Nordjyske Jernbaner / en / pl Wikimedia Commons: Strona główna |R}}|pl}}]] wolnych multimediów, które każdy może rozwijać. Według tematu Wikimedia Commons: Danmark ==== == Wikimedia Commons: Videotape == Analog == Analog Digital Wikimedia Commons: Limfjorden is a strait separating Jutland from Vendsyssel and dividing, among others Aalborg and Nørresundby (Danish towns). See → Vendsyssel for maps. Limfjorden Wikimedia Commons: Vendsyssel Vendsyssel - northmost part of the Jutland peninsula in western Denmark. Separated from Jutland by → Limfjord. Flag of Vendsyssel (Vendelbrog) Nature of Vendsyssel Wikimedia Commons: Church == Churches by continents == Churches by continents Wikimedia Commons: Bolivia {| cellpadding=10 border|25px Português border|25px Français border|25px English border|25px Español Insignias nacionales/Ensigns Mapas/Maps Fauna Gente/People Aeropuertos/Airports Ciudades (Villes/Cities/Cidades) Turismo Wikimedia Commons: Arundo Division : Magnoliophyta - Class : Liliopsida - Order : Poales - Family : Poaceae Images Wikimedia Commons: Lake Sevan Image:Sevan aerial.jpg|Lake Sevan aerial view Lake Sevan Wikimedia Commons: Mount Aragats Image:Aragats aerial.jpg|Mount Aragats aerial view Mount Aragats Wikimedia Commons: Anne Hébert Anne Hébert (1916-2000) Anne Hébert Wikimedia Commons: Søs Fenger Søs Fenger 2003 - 2004 2010 Wikimedia Commons: Jan Cornelisz. Vermeyen __TOC__ == Ca. 1530-1545 === 1555 Jan Cornelisz. Vermeyen == Wikimedia Commons: Erard de la Marck Erardo de la Marca (1472-1538) fue príncipe-obispo de Lieja y Arzobispo de Valencia.Erard de la Marck-Sedan (1472-1538) was prince-bishop of Liège and archbishop of Valencia. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: 日本 {{LangSwitch == === Historical buildings ==== Wikimedia Commons: Gemeentevervoerbedrijf Amsterdam Amsterdam municipal transport company Metro Tram Miscellaneous Wikimedia Commons: Rapid transit == Africa == Africa Alexandria Cairo / القاهرة alger / الجزائر North America Atlanta (MARTA) Boston Chicago Cleveland Los Angeles Mexico City / Ciudad de México Guadalajara (México) Montréal New York City San Francisco Toronto Vancouver Washington DC Caribbean San Juan, Puerto Rico San Domingo, Dominican Republic South America Brasília Buenos Aires Caracas Curitiba Lima Medellin Rio de Janeiro Santiago de Chile São Paulo Asia Ankara Bangkok / กรุงเทพฯ Beijing / 北京 Chelyabinsk / Челябинск Chennai / சென்னை Delhi / दिल्ली Fukuoka / 福岡 Guangzhou / 广州/廣州 Haifa / חיפה Hiroshima / 広島 Hong Kong / 香港 Jakarta Kolkata Kuala Lumpur / كوالا لمڤور Kobe / 神戸 Krasnoyark / Красноярск Kyoto / 京都 Mumbai / मुम्बई Nagoya / 名古屋 Novosibirsk / Новосибирск Omsk / Омск Osaka / 大阪 Pyongyang / 평양 Sapporo / 札幌 Sendai / 仙台 Shanghai Seoul / 서울 특별시 Singapore (MRT) Taipei (MRT) / 台北/臺北 Tashkent / Toshkent Tokyo / 東京 Tscheljabinsk Yokohama / 横浜 Europe Amsterdam Athens / Αθήνα Barcelona Bielefeld Bilbao Berlin Bochum - Herne - Gelsenkirchen Brescia Brussels / Bruxelles Bucharest / Bucureşti Budapest Cagliari Catania Kharkiv / Харків Charleroi Cologne / Köln Copenhagen / København Dnipropetrovsk / Дніпропетровськ Dortmund Essen Frankfurt Genoa / Genova Glasgow Hamburg Helsinki / Helsingfors Istanbul Kazan / Казань Kiev / Київ Lausanne Lille Lisbon / Lisboa Liverpool London London Underground Docklands Light Railway Lyon Madrid Marseille Milan / Milano Metro Suburban railways Minsk / Мінск Moscow / Москва Munich / München Naples / Napoli Nizhny Novgorod / Нижний Новгород Nuremberg / Nürnberg Oslo Palma (Mallorca) Paris Porto Prague / Praha Rennes Rome / Roma Rotterdam Samara / Самара Sofia / София St. Petersburg / Санкт-Петербург Stockholm Tbilisi / თბილისი Toulouse Turin / Torino Metropolitan railway service Tyne and Wear (Newcastle / Sunderland) Valencia Vienna / Wien Vilnius Warsaw / Warszawa Yekaterinburg / Екатеринбург Yerevan / Jerewan / Երևան Miscellaneous Wikimedia Commons: Maastricht == Maps etc. == Maps etc. Sights Panoramic Views Wikimedia Commons: City gate ==Asia== Asia Europe Poland Germany The Netherlands Italy France Wikimedia Commons: Hattem File:Coat of arms of Hattem.svg|Coat of Arms Hattem Wikimedia Commons: Urk == Maps == Maps Sights Arms Wikimedia Commons: Antwerpen ---- Kaarten (Cartes / Maps) Wapen, Vlag (Emblèmes / Insignia) Stadscentrum / Centre ville / City centre Berchem Port Linkeroever Voir aussi / See also Wikimedia Commons: メインページ __NOTOC__ __NOEDITSECTION__ トピック別カテゴリ 地域別カテゴリ ファイル形式別カテゴリ 著作者別カテゴリ ライセンス別カテゴリ 情報源別カテゴリ Wikimedia Commons: Spa == gallery == gallery Wikimedia Commons: Eupen Image:BE Eupen COA.svg|Coat of arms of the City Eupen Gallery pages of Belgium Wikimedia Commons: Boeing 747 right|150px City of Everett Boeing 747-100 Boeing 747-200 Boeing 747-300 Boeing 747SP Boeing 747-400 Boeing 747-8 Military versions NASA SOFIA LCF Interior Landing gear / Train d'atterissage Wikimedia Commons: Verviers Image:Verviers Liège Belgium Map.png|Location of Verviers in the province of Liège Gallery pages of Belgium Verviers Wikimedia Commons: Castle __TOC__ Austria Belarus Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland == Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Japan Liechtenstein Lithuania México Chapultepec Castle San Juan de Ulua Castle Namibia Netherlands Ruïne van Brederode Slot Haamstede New Zealand Norway Royal Palace Akershus Castle and Fort Other Poland Portugal Castelo dos Mouros Castelo de Almourol Castelo de Alter Pedroso Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia Spain The Alhambra (Granada) Other castles in Spain Sweden Switzerland Château de a cow goes moo Chillon Castle of Neuchâtel Schloss Coppet Syria Krak des Chevaliers Turkey Castle of St.Peter Ukraine United Kingdom Wikimedia Commons: Zwijndrecht, Belgium,_Belgium ==Belgium== Belgium,_Belgium#Belgium Netherlands,_Belgium#Netherlands Wikimedia Commons: Ogrodzieniec Ogrodzieniec, town in Poland Ogrodzieniec Wikimedia Commons: 首页 ]]个可自由使用媒体文件的数据库 Commons-zh Wikimedia Commons: Neil Gaiman ==Images== Images Sister projects Wikimedia Commons: Lopburi Media of Lopburi Province, including the town of Lopburi, Thailand Lopburi town Maps Wikimedia Commons: Dutch pronunciation is a language, mainly spoken in the Netherlands and in the northern part of Belgium.}} Pronunciations of Dutch words Wikimedia Commons: Buildings in Copenhagen =Buildings in Copenhagen (natively: København, Latin: Hafnia)= Buildings in Copenhagen (natively: København, Latin: Hafnia) General Churches Museums Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Theatres Det Kongelige Teater Black Diamond SAS huset Harbourfront Ministries Transport Police Old Picture See also Wikimedia Commons: Ship Ship Civilian ships Traditional sailing ships Traditional barges Exploratory ships Naval ships Early naval ships 1890-1920 World War II Era Modern naval ships ship sections Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Tree ==Related galleries== Related galleries Related categories Forest species / Espèces forestières Features Foliage / Feuillage Leaves / Feuilles Needles / Aiguilles Buds / Bourgeons Blossoms / Fleurs Branches Fruits and seeds / Fruits, graines et noyaux Trunk / Tronc Roots / Racines Wood / Bois Damaged / Dégâts Trees and humans / Les arbres et les hommes Historic trees / Arbres historiques Bonsai Maibaum / Maipole Christmas trees Trees in mythology / Les arbres dans la mythologie Trees in art / Les arbres dans l’art Other & unknown / Autres et inconnus Theoretical / Théorie des arbres Fractals Fossils See also Wikimedia Commons: Saturn (planet) ==Global views== Global views Ring details Diagrams Moons Wikimedia Commons: Shrimp For the taxonomical images see :category:Caridea Gallery of animals Shrimp Wikimedia Commons: Ferry File:Robert_C._Lanier_ferry. Gallery pages about transport Wikimedia Commons: Hadrianus VI thumb|Seal of Pope Adrian VI Portraits Others Wikimedia Commons: Johannes Kepler See also: :Category:Johannes Kepler. Portraits Tabulae Rudolphinae Various Wikimedia Commons: Maps of the world == Blank world maps == Blank world maps Thematic world maps Economy Political world maps Social world maps Topographic world maps Old world maps See also Map collections Wikimedia Commons: James Cook Image:James Cook's portrait by William Hodges.jpg|by William Hodges James Cook Wikimedia Commons: Nootka Sound Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island was the main European trading post in the northwest of North America in the late 18th century. Pictures Wikimedia Commons: Whaling == Paintings and drawings == Paintings and drawings Photos See also Wikimedia Commons: Mount Rainier == High resolution images == High resolution images Photographs from nearby locations Photographs of details Climbers Photographs from distant locations Aerial photos Drawings and paintings Maps Wikimedia Commons: Monterey, California,_California == Views == Views,_California#Views Maps,_California#Maps Historicals,_California#Historicals Wikimedia Commons: California missions ==Historical== Historical Today Mission Carmel Santa Barbara Mission San Juan Capistrano Mission Soledad Others Wikimedia Commons: Tenerife * Insignia / Heráldica / Héraldique / Heraldik Space / Espacio / Espace / Weltall Teide / Parque nacional del Teide Municipalities / Municipios Adeje Arona Buenavista del Norte Candelaria Garachico Güímar Granadilla de Abona Icod de los Vinos La Laguna La Orotava Puerto de la Cruz Los Realejos Santa Cruz de Tenerife Santiago del Teide Vilaflor Masca El Médano Others / Otras Flora Carnaval / Carnival Delta hurricane / Huracán Delta Aeropuertos Maps / Mapas Formation / formación Wikimedia Commons: Patagonians Image:Urville-Patagonians.jpg|Patagonian camp, 1838 Indigenous peoples of Patagonia Indigenous peoples of South America People of Argentina Wikimedia Commons: South Shetland Islands The South Shetland Islands are a group of Islands in the South Atlantic. Elephant Island Wikimedia Commons: Araucanians Category:Mapuche Mapuche Wikimedia Commons: Tahiti ==Maps== Maps Photographs Artistic impressions Wikimedia Commons: Apia == Historical == Historical Wikimedia Commons: Jules Dumont d'Urville Image:Dumont-d'Urville.web. Jules Dumont d'Urville Wikimedia Commons: Levuka Levuka is a village in Fiji. Historical Wikimedia Commons: Fiji == National symbols == National symbols Maps Native inhabitants Rotuma Wikimedia Commons: Melanesian seafaring == Ships == Ships Wikimedia Commons: Exxon Valdez The Exxon Valdez was an oil tanker that ran aground at the Alaska coast. The oil it spilled caused a large environmental disaster. Exxon Valdez (ship, 1986),_1986) IMO 8414520 Wikimedia Commons: Oil tanker {{sl|Tanker je transportna ladja, ki je namenjena transportu tekočin preko morja. Največkrat tankerji prevažajo surovo nafto iz držav proizvodnjic nafte do držav potrošnic. Early tankers Supertankers Double-hulled tankers River tankers Operations Tanker elements Oil spills and fires Misc Wikimedia Commons: Robert Falcon Scott Robert Falcon Scott (1868-1912) led two expeditions to explore the Antarctic. last voyage See also Wikimedia Commons: San Antonio, Texas,_Texas San Antonio is a city in Texas. Historical,_Texas#Historical City,_Texas#City Maps,_Texas#Maps Wikimedia Commons: Brownsville, Texas,_Texas == Nearby == Nearby,_Texas#Nearby Historical,_Texas#Historical Wikimedia Commons: El Paso, Texas,_Texas EL Paso is on the border of Mexico and Texas but it is in the United States in Texas. El Paso has dry climate. Historical,_Texas#Historical Wikimedia Commons: Quechan The Quechan or Yuma are a Native American tribe from the southwestern US, just north of the Mexican border. Paintings and drawings Wikimedia Commons: Richmond, Virginia,_Virginia Richmond is the capital of the US state Virginia. Skyline,_Virginia#Skyline Landmarks,_Virginia#Landmarks Neighborhoods,_Virginia#Neighborhoods Maps,_Virginia#Maps Wikimedia Commons: Roald Amundsen Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen (1872-1928) was a Norwegian polar explorer. He is known as the first man to reach the South Pole. Portraits South polar voyage Maps Other Wikimedia Commons: South Pole Image:Pole-south.gif See also Wikimedia Commons: Fram The Fram was the ship of Fridtjof Nansen during his polar voyage. It was later also used by Roald Amundsen and Otto Sverdrup. Nansen expedition Amundsen expedition Fram Museum Wikimedia Commons: Fridtjof Nansen Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930) was a Norwegian scientist and international statesman. Portraits Portraits (1860-1895) Other versions Portraits (1895-1930) Full body portraits Expeditions Greenland expedition Fram expedition North Pole expedition Sibiria trip 1913 Public events Other Pictures made by Nansen Named after Nansen See also Wikimedia Commons: Odobenus rosmarus * Subspecies (for MSW): Odobenus rosmarus rosmarus, Odobenus rosmarus divergens, Odobenus rosmarus laptevi Images Atlantic walrus In captivity Illustrations Maps Audio/Video Wikimedia Commons: Huvudsida |sv}}]] fria mediafiler, som alla kan bidra till. Efter ämne Efter plats Efter typ Efter upphovsman Efter licens Efter källa Wikimedia Commons: Lund For the municipality of Lund, see :Category:Lund. Maps Churches University Student nations Squares Botanical garden Other Statues Skylines Streets Schools Wikimedia Commons: Iggesunds bruk Iggesunds bruk Hudiksvall Wikimedia Commons: Accueil __NOTOC__ __NOEDITSECTION__ Commons-fr Wikimedia Commons: Sopot, Poland,_Poland Sopot - a town in northern Poland Sopot, Poland,_Poland Wikimedia Commons: Slot Haamstede Slot Haamstede is an old castle in village of Haamstede, province Zeeland, The Netherlands Slot Haamstede Wikimedia Commons: Siena Siena is a city in Toscana in Italy. Views The Cathedral - Duomo Baptistery City Walls and Gates Churches Fountains in Siena Piazza del Campo City Hall - Palazzo Pubblico Streets Buildings Stadium Artemio Franchi La Lupa capitolina di Siena Il Palio Contrade Aquila Bruco Chiocciola Civetta Drago Leocorno Lupa Oca Onda Pantera Selva Drawings and historical images of Siena Coins Dishes Wikimedia Commons: Bus stop ==Americas== Americas Barbados Brasil Canada Chile Mexico United States Asia Japan Singapore Thailand Taiwan Europe Austria Belgium The Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Italy The Netherlands Poland Russia Sweden Ukraine United Kingdom Oceania Australia Wikimedia Commons: Zwolle Zwolle is a city in the Netherlands. Flag and coat of arms Maps Old paintings Old sights Sights Wikimedia Commons: Mark Twain ==Portraits== Portraits Other See also Wikimedia Commons: Buteo == Buteo albigula (cat.) == Buteo albigula (cat.) Buteo albonotatus (cat.) Buteo archeri (cat.) Buteo augur (cat.) Buteo auguralis (cat.) Buteo bannermani (cat.) Buteo brachypterus (cat.) Buteo brachyurus (cat.) Buteo burmanicus (cat.) Buteo buteo (cat.) Buteo galapagoensis (cat.) Buteo hemilasius (cat.) Buteo jamaicensis (cat.) Buteo japonicus (cat.) Buteo lagopus (cat.) Buteo lineatus (cat.) Buteo nitidus (cat.) Buteo oreophilus (cat.) Buteo plagiatus (cat.) Buteo platypterus (cat.) Buteo regalis (cat.) Buteo ridgwayi (cat.) Buteo rufinus (cat.) Buteo rufofuscus (cat.) Buteo socotraensis (cat.) Buteo solitarius (cat.) Buteo swainsoni (cat.) Buteo trizonatus (cat.) Buteo ventralis (cat.) Wikimedia Commons: Falco === Falco alopex (cat.) === Falco alopex (cat.) Falco amurensis (cat.) Falco araeus (cat.) Falco ardosiaceus (cat.) Falco berigora (cat.) Falco biarmicus (cat.) Falco cenchroides (cat.) Falco cherrug (cat.) Falco chicquera (cat.) Falco columbarius (cat.) Falco concolor (cat.) Falco cuvierii (cat.) Falco deiroleucus (cat.) Falco dickinsoni (cat.) Falco duboisi (cat.) Falco eleonorae (cat.) Falco fasciinucha (cat.) Falco femoralis (cat.) Falco hypoleucos (cat.) Falco jugger (cat.) Falco longipennis (cat.) Falco mexicanus (cat.) Falco moluccensis (cat.) Falco naumanni (cat.) Falco newtoni (cat.) Falco novaeseelandiae (cat.) Falco pelegrinoides (cat.) Falco peregrinus (cat.) Falco punctatus (cat.) Falco rufigularis (cat.) Falco rupicoloides (cat.) Falco rupicolus (cat.) Falco rusticolus (cat.) Falco severus (cat.) Falco sparverius (cat.) Falco subbuteo (cat.) Falco subniger (cat.) Falco tinnunculus (cat.) Falco vespertinus (cat.) Falco zoniventris (cat.) Wikimedia Commons: Chordeilinae The Chordeilinae are a subfamily of nocturnal birds, in English known as nighthawks. It contains the genera Chordeiles minor (Common Nighthawk) Wikimedia Commons: Chordeiles == Chordeiles acutipennis (cat.) == Chordeiles acutipennis (cat.) Chordeiles gundlachii (cat.) Chordeiles minor (cat.) Chordeiles nacunda (cat.) Chordeiles pusillus (cat.) Chordeiles rupestris (cat.) Wikimedia Commons: Nyctiprogne * Nyctiprogne leucopyga Wikimedia Commons: Sialia * Genus: Sialia Swainson, 1827 Species: Wikimedia Commons: Calypte costae * Biology pages without wikidata link Calypte costae Species of Trochilidae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Corvus (genus) * Corvus albicollis (cat.) Corvus albus (cat.) Corvus bennetti (cat.) Corvus brachyrhynchos (cat.) Corvus capensis (cat.) Corvus caurinus (cat.) Corvus corax (cat.) Corvus cornix (cat.) Corvus corone (cat.) Corvus coronoides (cat.) Corvus crassirostris (cat.) Corvus cryptoleucus (cat.) Corvus culminatus (cat.) Corvus edithae (cat.) Corvus enca (cat.) Corvus florensis (cat.) Corvus frugilegus (cat.) Corvus fuscicapillus (cat.) Corvus hawaiiensis (cat.) Corvus imparatus (cat.) Corvus insularis (cat.) Corvus jamaicensis (cat.) Corvus kubaryi (cat.) Corvus leucognaphalus (cat.) Corvus levaillantii (cat.) Corvus macrorhynchos (cat.) Corvus meeki (cat.) Corvus mellori (cat.) Corvus minutus (cat.) Corvus moneduloides (cat.) Corvus nasicus (cat.) Corvus orru (cat.) Corvus ossifragus (cat.) Corvus palmarum (cat.) Corvus rhipidurus (cat.) Corvus ruficollis (cat.) Corvus sinaloae (cat.) Corvus splendens (cat.) Corvus tasmanicus (cat.) Corvus torquatus (cat.) Corvus tristis (cat.) Corvus typicus (cat.) Corvus unicolor (cat.) Corvus validus (cat.) Corvus violaceus (cat.) Corvus woodfordi (cat.) † Corvus antipodum (cat.) † Corvus moriorum (cat.) Wikimedia Commons: Haemorhous cassinii * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Carpodacus ==Carpodacus davidianus (cat.) == Carpodacus davidianus (cat.) Carpodacus dubius (cat.) Carpodacus edwardsii (cat.) Carpodacus erythrinus (cat.) † Carpodacus ferreorostris (cat.) Carpodacus grandis (cat.) Carpodacus pulcherrimus (cat.) Carpodacus puniceus (cat.) Carpodacus rhodochlamys (cat.) Carpodacus roborowskii (cat.) Carpodacus rodochroa (cat.) Carpodacus rodopeplus (cat.) Carpodacus roseus (cat.) Carpodacus rubicilla (cat.) Carpodacus rubicilloides (cat.) Carpodacus sibiricus (cat.) Carpodacus sipahi (cat.) Carpodacus subhimachalus (cat.) Carpodacus synoicus (cat.) Carpodacus thura (cat.) Carpodacus trifasciatus (cat.) Carpodacus verreauxii (cat.) Carpodacus vinaceus (cat.) Carpodacus waltoni (cat.) Wikimedia Commons: Thraupidae === A === A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Wikimedia Commons: Grus (bird) * have been moved to as }} Grus americana (cat.) Grus carunculata (cat.) Grus grus (cat.) Grus japonensis (cat.) Grus monacha (cat.) Grus nigricollis (cat.) Grus paradisea (cat.) Grus virgo (cat.) Wikimedia Commons: Crane See: Disambiguation Wikimedia Commons: Tyrannidae ==== A ==== A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Wikimedia Commons: Podicipedidae == Aechmophorus (cat.) == Aechmophorus (cat.) Aechmophorus clarkii (cat.) Aechmophorus occidentalis (cat.) Podiceps (cat.) Podiceps auritus (cat.) Podiceps cristatus (cat.) Podiceps gallardoi (cat.) Podiceps grisegena (cat.) Podiceps major (cat.) Podiceps nigricollis (cat.) Podiceps occipitalis (cat.) Podiceps taczanowskii (cat.) Podilymbus (cat.) Podilymbus gigas (cat.) Podilymbus podiceps (cat.) Poliocephalus (cat.) Poliocephalus poliocephalus (cat.) Poliocephalus rufopectus (cat.) Rollandia (cat.) Rollandia microptera (cat.) Rollandia rolland (cat.) Tachybaptus (cat.) Tachybaptus dominicus (cat.) Tachybaptus novaehollandiae (cat.) Tachybaptus pelzelnii (cat.) Tachybaptus ruficollis (cat.) Tachybaptus rufolavatus (cat.) Tachybaptus tricolor (cat.) Wikimedia Commons: Janowiec ==Janowiec and surrounding (Janowiec i okolice Janowca)== Janowiec and surrounding (Janowiec i okolice Janowca) Skansen in Janowiec (Skansen w Janowcu) Castle (Zamek) Church (Kosciół) Cemetery (Cmentarz) Wikimedia Commons: Interlaken Interlaken is a village in Switzerland, canton Bern. Interlaken Wikimedia Commons: Ocourt Ocourt is a village in the Swiss canton of Jura. Clos du Doubs Wikimedia Commons: Rembrandt Tower The Rembrandt Tower is the highest office building in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Buildings called tower Office buildings in Amsterdam Rembrandttoren Wikimedia Commons: Refuge de la Sella The Refuge de la Selle (2673m) is a mountain hut in the French Alps(Parc National des Écrins). Refuge de la Selle Wikimedia Commons: Rosenlauischlucht The Rosenlauischlucht is located in Switzerland. Canyons in Switzerland Rosenlaui Wikimedia Commons: Aves == Palaeognathae (cat.) == Palaeognathae (cat.) Apterygiformes (cat.) Casuariiformes (cat.) Rheiformes (cat.) Struthioniformes (cat.) Tinamiformes (cat.) Neognathae (cat.) Wikimedia Commons: Phocidae * Species Cystophora Erignathus Halichoerus Histriophoca Hydrurga Leptonychotes Lobodon Mirounga Monachus Ommatophoca Pagophilus Phoca Pusa Species gallery Subfamilia Monachinae Tribus Monachini Tribus Lobodontini Subfamilia Phocinae Phocidae of undetermined genus and species See also Wikimedia Commons: Jellyfish * Photos In beach Chrysaora (Sea Nettles) Aurelia (Moon Jellys) Video Culinary usages Drawings and paintings / Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Olympic Games 2004 The Olympic Games 2004 were held in Athens, Greece. Ceremonies Buildings Competitions Stamps Wikimedia Commons: Track cycling Track cycling is the name for various types of bicycle racing held on special tracks in velodromes. Velodromes Wikimedia Commons: Alexander Graham Bell thumb|right|250px|Alexander Graham Bell c. 1914–1919 Alexander Graham Bell -Portraits General photos of or about Alexander Graham Bell and his family Earlier photos of Bell's ancestral family Alexander Graham Bell -General photos with other people or groups Alexander Graham Bell -Inventions Alexander Graham Bell -Honors and tributes Institutions, Corporate Namesakes, Placenames and Marks Alexander Graham Bell -Sundry images Wikimedia Commons: Highway } U.S. Highways Estonia Germany (Autobahn) Netherlands Hong Kong India Galicia Lithuania México Oʻzbekiston Brazil Wikimedia Commons: Albert Einstein == Portraits == Portraits With Paul Ehrenfest Theory Residence Plaque See also Wikimedia Commons: Manometer A manometer is an instrument that measures pressure differences of gases. Manometers Wikimedia Commons: Theodolite A theodolite is an object for measuring angles in triangulation. Drawings Wikimedia Commons: Sextant A quadrant, sextant or octant is used to measure an object's angle above the horizon. Sextants Wikimedia Commons: Ĉefpaĝo __NOTOC____NOEDITSECTION__ Laŭ temo Laŭ loko Laŭ formo Laŭ aŭtoro Laŭ permesilo Laŭ fonto Kun Esperanta teksto Wikimedia Commons: עמוד ראשי ]] קובצי מדיה לשימוש חופשי שכולם יכולים לתרום לו. לפי נושא לפי מיקום לפי סוג לפי יוצר לפי רישיון לפי מקור Wikimedia Commons: Tel Aviv-Yafo {{he|תל־אביב-יפו (ב ערבית: تَلْ أَبِيبْ-يَافَا‎) היא עיר במחוז תל אביב, המרכזית בגוש דן והשנייה בגודלה בישראל. תל־אביב היא מטרופולין המהווה את מרכז הכלכלה, ה[[:he:� Beaches of Tel Aviv-Yaffo Azriely Towers Aerial View Wikimedia Commons: Jerusalem , The Old City The modern city Old Images Wikimedia Commons: Las Vegas Las Vegas is also the common name for the Las Vegas Valley which is the destination for most visitors. It is also the common name for The Las Vegas Strip. General Casinos Aladdin Hotel & Casino Bellagio Hotel & Casino Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino Excalibur Hotel & Casino Luxor Hotel & Casino MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Mirage Hotel & Casino New York, New York Hotel & Casino Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Treasure Island Hotel & Casino The Venetian Hotel & Casino Wynn Hotel & Casino Misc Wikimedia Commons: Sea of Galilee == In the art == In the art Images Panoramic Views Historical Maps Wikimedia Commons: Haifa , Gallery pages of Israel Haifa Wikimedia Commons: กรุงเทพมหานคร {| Bangkok Galleries with coordinates Pages with coordinates from Wikidata Pages with maps Wikimedia Commons: Lance Armstrong Image:Lance Armstrong Tour de Gruene 2008-11-01.jpg|At the 2008 Tour de Gruene Individual Time Trial Lance Armstrong Wikimedia Commons: Jack-o'-lantern * Images Illuminated Art Icons Wikimedia Commons: West Nile virus The West Nile virus is a virus that can cause illnesses in birds, mammals and humans. It is transmitted through mosquitoes. The virus The vector Wikimedia Commons: Jean-Pierre Raffarin Jean-Pierre Raffarin is a French politician, former prime minister of France. Various Wikimedia Commons: Traffic jam Image:Auto stoped highway.JPG|Trafic Jam in Algarve, Portugal, Summer 2005 Brazil Germany India Indonesia Poland Wikimedia Commons: Sultan Abdülaziz == Gallery == Gallery Wikimedia Commons: Sultan Abdülhamit II * Abdül Hamid II Wikimedia Commons: John Adams ==Portraits== Portraits Various Signature On currency Wikimedia Commons: Александр I Павлович == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Mehemet Ali See: Disambiguation Wikimedia Commons: Tepedelenli Ali Paşa == Gallery == Gallery Wikimedia Commons: Richard Arkwright == Images == Images Wikimedia Commons: Gaius Iulius Caesar Octavianus Augustus == Busts == Busts Full-length statues Coinage Gemstones Miscellaneous Maps See also Wikimedia Commons: Heinrich Barth Heinrich Barth (1821-1865) was a German explorer of West Africa. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Manuel Belgrano ==Portraits== Portraits On stamps Statues and monuments Works by Belgrano Other Wikimedia Commons: Bernhard von Sachsen-Weimar == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Eduard Bernstein == Gallery == Gallery Wikimedia Commons: Matei Basarab Matei Basarab was a voivod (duke) of Wallachia between 1632-1654. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher (1742–1819) was a Prussian field marshal, fighting Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo. Gallery Wikimedia Commons: Simón Bolívar == Portraits == Portraits Sculpture Places visited Monument in Bolivar Signature Wikimedia Commons: Tiberius Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar (42 BC-37 AD) was emperor of Rome from 14 to 37. Together with his first wife Vipsania Agrippina he was the father of Julius Caesar Drusus. Portraits Statues Coinage Varia Inscriptions and reliefs: Roman Egypt Maps Residences Paintings Wikimedia Commons: Carol I __NOTOC__ Signature Carol I and Elisabeta Medals Stamps Events In fiction Wikimedia Commons: Екатерина II Алексеевна == Portraits == Portraits Flags Wikimedia Commons: Jean-Baptiste Colbert == Portraits == Portraits Colbert's artwork People & Places related to Colbert Tomb Wikimedia Commons: Christopher Columbus __TOC__ Paintings Sculptures and monuments Maps Manuscripts Stamps Banknotes Miscellaneous Adjusted versions Wikimedia Commons: Georges Jacques Danton == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Runes ==Alphabets== Alphabets Elder Futhark Anglo-Saxon Futhorc Younger Futhark Runestones Studies (PDF) Other Wikimedia Commons: Charles Darwin == Portraits of Darwin == Portraits of Darwin Works of Darwin Art of Darwin On stamps Darwin's family His children His grand-children Divers Beagle Wikimedia Commons: Charles Fourier == Portraits == Portraits Autres Wikimedia Commons: Friedrich II of Prussia == Portraits == Portraits Confidants Monuments Grave Others Wikimedia Commons: Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Friedrich Wilhelm III Frederick William III (de:Friedrich Wilhelm III., August 3 1770 – June 7 1840) was king of Prussia from 1797 to 1840. Ancestry Issue Portraits Monuments Wikimedia Commons: Gustav II Adolf av Sverige == Portraits == Portraits Other images / Autres Wikimedia Commons: Karl August von Hardenberg Prince Karl August von Hardenberg (1750-1822) was a Prussian statesman. Gallery Wikimedia Commons: Hussein Avni Pasha Hussein Avni Pasha (1819-1876) was a Turkish statesman. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Иван IV Ива́н Васи́льевич (Ivan IV Vasilyevich, also known as Ива́н Гро́зный — Ivan the Terrible, 1530-1584) was 1st tzar of Russia (1547-1584). Forensic facial reconstruction Images of XVI c. Ivan the Terrible in history paintings Sculpture Actors as Ivan IV Coronation Series Throne of Ivan IV the Terrible from ivory Saint Basil's Cathedral Wikimedia Commons: Petrus Jacobus Joubert Petrus Jacobus Joubert (1834-1900) was a South-African (Boer) general. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Paul Kruger == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Ferdinand Lassalle (1825–1864) was a German socialist politician.}} Portrait Grave Wikimedia Commons: Wilhelm Liebknecht == Portrait == Portrait among further persons Plaque Grave Wikimedia Commons: David Livingstone David Livingstone (1813-1873) Portraits Statues Memorials Illustrations "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" - Illustrating his meeting with Henry Morton Stanley Wikimedia Commons: Sus scrofa * Subspecies Images - الصور Unidentified Sus scrofa Maps, Distribution - خرائط الموطن Sus scrofa in art - في الفن Wikimedia Commons: Hauptseite |R}}|de}}]] (unter Bedingungen) frei verwendbaren Mediendateien, zu der jeder beitragen kann. Nach Themen Nach geografischer Lage Nach Zeit Nach Medientyp Nach Autor Nach Lizenz Nach Herkunft Wikimedia Commons: Luise von Mecklenburg-Strelitz Luise Auguste Wilhelmine Amalie zu Mecklenburg-Strelitz (English: Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 1776-1810) was the wife of king Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia, and as such queen of Prussia. In Germany she is best-known as Königin Luise. Portraits and Portrayals by Contemporaries Posthumous Portraits Monuments, Memorials, Statues Illustrations from a patriotic youth book Wikimedia Commons: Martin Luther == Portraits == Portraits Historic paintings Statues Music Writings Miscellany (Verschiedenes) Wikimedia Commons: Sultan Mahmut II Mahmud II (Ottoman Turkish: محمود ثاني Mahmud-ı sānī) (July 20, 1785 – July 1, 1839) was the 30th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1808 until his death. He was the son of Sultan Abdül Hamid I. Gallery Wikimedia Commons: Karl Marx == Portraits == Portraits With other persons Works Family Birthplace and Livingplaces Grave Signature Paintings and Drawings Monuments, Memorials & Busts Monuments with Friedrich Engels Stamps Money Other photos Audiobooks Français Português Wikimedia Commons: Klemens Wenzel Lothar Fürst von Metternich == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Mihai Viteazul {{eo|Mikaelo de Valaĥio, "Mikaelo la Brava", Vitéz Mihály estis naskiĝinta en 1558 kaj mortita (murdita de generalo [[:eo:Georgo Basta|Georgo Basta] Portraits Paintings Cryptoportraits by Franz Francken II Battles Death Statues and monuments Maps, Coats of arms, Signature Wikimedia Commons: Isaac Newton == Portraits == Portraits Works Other See also Wikimedia Commons: Jacques Necker == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Mustafa Fazl Pasha Mustafa Fazl Pasha (1830-1875) was an Egyptian prince. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Alemdar Mustafa Pasha Mustafa Bairakdar (1765-1808) was pasha of Rustchuk. He deposed the usurpator sultan Mustafa IV. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Fatih Sultan Mehmed == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Honoré Mirabeau == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Robert Owen == Portraits == Portraits Community, as proposed by Robert Owen Robert Owen's home in New Lanark / Maison d'Owen Robert Owen's statue in Manchester / Statue à Manchester Wikimedia Commons: Pius VII == Portraits == Portraits Sculptures Coins / Monnaies Wikimedia Commons: Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus * Portraits Coins Wikimedia Commons: Pierre-Joseph Proudhon == Portraits == Portraits Media Audiobooks Wikimedia Commons: José de San Martín == Portraits == Portraits On stamps Statues and monuments Letters Coats of Arms Wikimedia Commons: Georg August Schweinfurth Georg August Schweinfurth (1836-1925) was a German botanist and traveller to Central Africa. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Sultan Selim III. Selim III (1761-1808) was sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1789-1807). Portraits Wikimedia Commons: William Shakespeare (1564–1616) was an English poet and playwright.}} Portraits and memorials Plays Wikimedia Commons: Henry Morton Stanley (1841–1904) was a Welsh-American journalist and explorer of Africa.}} Portraits Photographs Illustrations "Dr. Livingstone I presume?" From the book "How I found Livingstone" Wikimedia Commons: Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein == Portraits == Portraits Statues Wikimedia Commons: Dimitrie Sturdza Dimitrie Sturdza (1833-1914) was a Romanian statesman (prime minister of Romania 1901-1906). Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Antonio José de Sucre == Portraits == Portraits Statues Plaza de Armas of Sucre, Bolivia Wikimedia Commons: Kanuni Sultan Süleyman == Portraits == Portraits Coins Statues and Memorials Wikimedia Commons: Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord == Portraits == Portraits Others Wikimedia Commons: Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Anne Robert-Jacques Turgot == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Vlad Ţepeş Vlad III Dracula, also known as Vlad Ţepeş (1431-1476) was prince of Wallachia (1448, 1456-1462, 1476). The literary figure of Dracula is partly based on him. The Ambras Castle portrait Paintings based on the Ambras Castle portrait Die geschicht dracole waide German woodcuts (16th century) Cryptoportraits Modern paintings Wikimedia Commons: James Watt == Portraits == Portraits Statues, buildings Wikimedia Commons: Johann David Ludwig Yorck von Wartenburg == Gallery == Gallery Wikimedia Commons: Gaius Iulius Caesar == Portraits == Portraits Coins Maps Later depictions Audiobooks Wikimedia Commons: Ion Brătianu Ion C. Brătianu (1821-1891) was a Romanian statesman and the highest political leader of the country in the period 1876-1888. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Mihail Kogălniceanu Mihail Kogălniceanu (1817-1891) was a Romanian statesman. Portraits Signature Family Books, magazines, manifestos etc. Statues Wikimedia Commons: Maximilien de Robespierre == Portraits == Portraits Handwriting Wikimedia Commons: Albrecht von Waldstein == Portraits / Porträts== Portraits / Porträts Others / Sonstiges / Autres Letters / Briefe / Lettres / Cartas Buildings / Gebäude Wikimedia Commons: Geoffrey Chaucer == Portraits == Portraits Astrolabe Wikimedia Commons: Desiderius Erasmus == Portraits == Portraits Other images Wikimedia Commons: Hans Holbein Hans Holbein is the name for two German painters, father and son: Disambiguation Wikimedia Commons: Hans Holbein (II) | image = Hans Holbein the Younger, self-portrait.jpg Hans Holbein the Younger and his family }} Erasmus King Henry VIII and his family The Ambassadors (1533) Other portraits Religious paintings The Dance of Death Various Details Paintings formerly attributed to Hans Holbein the Younger Wikimedia Commons: Samuel Johnson (1709–1784) was an English critic, poet and essayist.}} Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Samuel Finley Breese Morse == Portraits == Portraits Paintings by himself Wikimedia Commons: Philip Sidney == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Latemar Image:Latemar in den Dolomiten, 16. Mai 2004. See also Wikimedia Commons: Neves-Stausee Image:Nevesstausee 2002.jpg|Neves-Stausee Neves-Stausee Wikimedia Commons: Go (board game) == Go equipment == Go equipment Go players Go lessons Situations Life and death Animations Art and history of Go Wikimedia Commons: Playing card Playing cards are used for a wide variety of games: Playing card Decks Germany: Ober/Unter/... Card players Italy: Carte da gioco Napoletane France: Cards French Wikimedia Commons: Cigarette A cigarette is a paper cylinder containing tobacco for smoking. Cigarettes Wikimedia Commons: Koblenz __TOC__ Wappen (Coats of arms/Armoiries) Karten (Maps/Cartes) Diagramme (Diagrams/Diagramme) Ansichten (Views/Vues) Panoramas (Panoramics) Luftbilder (Aerial views/Vues aérien) Historische Ansichten (Historic view/Vues historique) Stadtteile (Districts/Arrondissements) Architektur und Bauwerke (Architecture and buildings/Architecture et bâtiments) Festung Ehrenbreitstein (Ehrenbreitstein Fortress/Forteresse d'Ehrenbreitstein) Deutsches Eck Kurfürstliches Schloss (Electoral Palace/Château des Princes-Électeurs) Schloss Stolzenfels (Stolzenfels Castle/Château de Stolzenfels) Kirchen (Churches/Églises) Denkmäler (Monuments and memorials/Monuments et mémorials) Museen (Museums/Musées) Weitere Bauwerke (Other buildings/Autre bâtiments) Plätze (Squares/Places) Parks und Grünanlagen (Parks and open spaces/Parcs et jardins public) Rheinanlagen Friedhöfe (Cemeteries/Cimetières) Stadtwald (Municipal woods/Forêt municipale) Verkehr (Transport) Brücken (Bridges/Ponts) Bahnhöfe (Train stations/Gares ferroviaires) Seilbahn Koblenz (Cable Car) Geschichte (History/Histoire) French occupation 1919-1929 Liberation ceremony 1930 Bridge disaster 1930 Koblenz during World War II Rittersturz-Konferenz 1948 Evacuation of Koblenz 2011 Veranstaltungen (Events/Événements) Bundesgartenschau 2011 (Federal Horticultural Show 2011/L’exposition horticole allemande 2011) Karneval (Carnival/Carnaval) Rhein in Flammen Personen (People/Personnalités) Wikimedia Commons: Cheese Image:Kaastekoop.jpg|Cheese on display in the supermarket. Serving cheese Types of cheese Drawings Wikimedia Commons: Petrol station ==Petrol Stations for Land Transport== Petrol Stations for Land Transport Installing a tank for a petrol station Petrol Stations for Water Transport See also Wikimedia Commons: Portada ]] archivos libres donde todos pueden contribuir Por tema Por tipos Por autor Por licencia Por fuentes Wikimedia Commons: Furx Image:Schneelandschaft_Vorarelberg_Furx.JPG| Furx Wikimedia Commons: Toscana Image:Map Region of Toscana.svg|Position in Italy. FIRENZE-FLORENCE Wikimedia Commons: Kaltern an der Weinstraße File:Location of Kaltern (Italy).png See also Wikimedia Commons: Eurocopter Cougar Image:Cougar heli ag1.jpg|AS-532 Cougar Airbus Helicopters Cougar family Wikimedia Commons: Alouette III The Alouette III is a light utility helicopter originally manufactured by Aérospatiale of France. French Navy Air Glacier Others Wikimedia Commons: Coffee __TOC__ Coffee plant tree flowers fruits plantations Coffee beans Coffee processing / production Coffee selling Coffee making Coffee drinks Coffee drinking / Cafes Coffee in art Food made with coffee Stylized Wikimedia Commons: Oliver Goldsmith Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774) was an Irish writer. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Water {{LangSwitch Forms Bodies of water Atmospheric water Sea water Uses Pictures Maps Wikimedia Commons: Dassault Rafale == Photographs == Photographs Wikimedia Commons: Louis Agassiz == Portraits == Portraits Busts Statues Wikimedia Commons: John James Audubon John James Audubon (1785-1851) was an American naturalist, famous for his drawings and descriptions of North American birds. Portraits Paintings Wikimedia Commons: Francis Trevelyan Buckland Francis Trevelyan Buckland (1826-1880) was an English zoologist. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: William Congreve == Portraits == Portraits Not to be confused with Wikimedia Commons: Georges Cuvier == Portraits == Portraits Other Wikimedia Commons: John Dalton == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Humphry Davy (Sir Humphry Davy, 1st Baronet, FRS; 1778 – 1829) was an esteemed British chemist and physicist.}} Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Michael Faraday == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Galileo *Galileo Galilei Disambiguation Wikimedia Commons: Galileo Galilei Image:Galileo.arp. Galileo Galilei on stamps Wikimedia Commons: Stephen Hales Stephen Hales (1677-1761) was an English physiologist, chemist and inventor. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: William Harvey == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Joseph Henry Joseph Henry (1797-1878) was an American physicist, educator, and the first director of The Smithsonian Institution. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Wilhelm Herschel == Portraits == Portraits Works Wikimedia Commons: Alexander von Humboldt == Portraits == Portraits Zoological illustrations Botanical Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Carl von Linné == Portraits == Portraits Works Places Monuments and sculptures Miscellaneous Wikimedia Commons: Charles Lyell Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875) was a British geologist. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: William Thomson == Portraits == Portraits Wikimedia Commons: John Ray == Portraits == Portraits Works / Travaux Wikimedia Commons: George Gabriel Stokes Sir George Gabriel Stokes (1819-1903) was an Irish mathematician and physicist. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Thomas Young Thomas Young (1773-1829) was an British scientist. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Mario Jeckle thumb|Mario Jeckle Mario Jeckle Wikimedia Commons: Lausanne ===Drapeau (Flag/Wappen)=== Drapeau (Flag/Wappen) Carte Monument Cathédrale Transport Historical Views Lousonna Wikimedia Commons: Calvin Coolidge == Portraits == Portraits Misc / Divers Wikimedia Commons: Bainbridge Colby Bainbridge Colby (1869-1950) was an American politician, Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson and founder of the Progressive Party. Portraits Wikimedia Commons: Warren G. Harding == Pictures == Pictures Misc Wikimedia Commons: John D. Rockefeller Image:John D. Rockefeller 1885. See also Wikimedia Commons: Theodore Roosevelt ==Portraits== Portraits General Family Wikimedia Commons: Swingset Image:Swingset.sized. Swings Wikimedia Commons: Birthday == Birthday cake == Birthday cake Birthday text Other Wikimedia Commons: Laon ==City== City Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Laon Exterior Interior Laon in Art (Robert Delaunay) Wikimedia Commons: Gap Gap is a French town. Gap (Hautes-Alpes) Wikimedia Commons: Château-Thierry east-northeast of Paris.}} Château-Thierry Wikimedia Commons: Briançon Briançon is a french town. Briançon Wikimedia Commons: Phetchaburi Images from the Phetchaburi province, Thailand Cha-Am Maps Wikimedia Commons: Phuket ==Mueang Phuket== Mueang Phuket Kathu Maps Wikimedia Commons: Canal == Canada == Canada Finland France Germany Greece India Ireland Netherlands Belgium Russia Sri Lanka Sweden United Kingdom United States of America See also Wikimedia Commons: Excavator see also: :Category:Excavators Excavators Special transport vehicles Wikimedia Commons: Roquebillière Roquebillière (FR-06450) is a french town. Roquebillière Wikimedia Commons: Nice == == Gallery pages of populated places in France Nice Wikimedia Commons: Iris junonia Image:Iris junoniana0.jpg|Iris junonia Biology pages with wikidata link Iris junonia Species of Iridaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Caltha palustris == Species == Species Subspecies - Varietas - Forma Subspecies Caltha palustris ssp. laeta (Schott, Nyman & Kotschy) Hegi (1911) Caltha palustris ssp. palustris Varietas Caltha palustris var. himalensis Caltha palustris var. nipponica Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Cyperus papyrus Cyperus papyrus (Kafue River).jpg See also Wikimedia Commons: Ruellia elegans ;Familia:Acanthaceae Ruellia elegans Species of Acanthaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Rumex triangulivalvis * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Datura stramonium ;Name:Datura stramonium L., 1753 Images var. stramonium var. tatula Fruit Seed Illustrations Synonymy Wikimedia Commons: Cordyline australis ==Photos== Photos Natural Cultivated Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Limonium binervosum * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Inula hirta File:Inula hirta 130610.jpg|Inula hirtaGermany - Tauberfranken Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Gypsophila repens * Habitus Leaves Flowers Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Dorstenia nervosa ;Familia:Moraceae Dorstenia nervosa Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Ceiba == Species == Species Unclassified images of Ceiba Wikimedia Commons: Datura inoxia ;Familia:Solanaceae Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Aubrieta pinardii * Aubrieta pinardii Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Brassicaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Equisetum hyemale == == Wikimedia Commons: Pulmonaria officinalis == == Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Amaranthus cruentus * Photos Habitus Inflorescence and flowers Fruits and seeds Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Cerinthe glabra * Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Acaena novae-zelandiae Ordo: Rosales - Familia: Rosaceae - Subfamilia: Rosoideae - Genus: Acaena - Species: A. novae-zelandiae Acaena novae-zelandiae Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Cortaderia selloana ==Photos== Photos Natural Cultivated Wikimedia Commons: Armeria rhodopea * Armeria rhodopea Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Plumbaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Phlox douglasii * Photos Cultivars Unidentified cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Funaria hygrometrica ;Familia:Funariaceae Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Yucca aloifolia ;Name:Yucca aloifolia Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Asparagaceae Taxon galleries Yucca aloifolia Wikimedia Commons: Othonna capensis Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Senecioneae - Genus: Othonna L. Othonna capensis Perennials Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Anomodon viticulosus ;Name:Anomodon viticulosus Anomodon viticulosus Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Linum flavum File:Linum flavum 01.JPG External links Wikimedia Commons: Ginkgo biloba ==Trees== Trees Green Foliage Yellow Foliage Leaves Wood Bark Reproductive organs «Fruit» and seeds Seedlings Four Seasons Bonsai Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Callicarpa bodinieri ;Callicarpa bodinieri var. bodinieri Illustration Wikimedia Commons: Prunus virginiana Image:Prunus virginiana0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Prunus virginiana Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Brachyglottis greyi Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Senecioneae - Genus: Brachyglottis J.R. Brachyglottis greyi Shrubs Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Petteria ramentacea Ordo: Fabales - Familia: Fabaceae - Subfamilia: Faboideae - Tribus: Genisteae - Genus: Petteria C.Presl Petteria ramentacea Wikimedia Commons: Warczewiczella discolor |collapsed=y|2= Wikimedia Commons: Paraserianthes lophantha Ordo: Fabales - Familia: Fabaceae - Subfamilia: Mimosoideae - Tribus: Ingeae - Genus: Paraserianthes I.C. Biology pages with wikidata link Paraserianthes lophantha Species of Fabaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Halleria lucida Image:Halleria lucida0.jpg Flora of Tanzania Halleria lucida Species of Stilbaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Pelargonium capitatum File:Pelargonium capitatum1.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link National Red List of South African plants: Least Concern Pelargonium capitatum Species of Geraniaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Digitalis canariensis |collapsed=y|2= Photos Natural Cultivated External links Wikimedia Commons: Ulmus pumila ;Name:Ulmus pumila Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Ulmaceae Taxon galleries Ulmus pumila Wikimedia Commons: Asplenium trichomanes ;Name:Asplenium trichomanes L. Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Cnidium silaifolium ;Name:Cnidium silaifolium Photos Wikimedia Commons: Rumex britannica * Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Amaranthus hybridus * Photos Habitus Stems and leaves Inflorescence and flowers Seeds Habitat Wikimedia Commons: Colletia paradoxa Syn. Colletia cruciata Gillies & Hook. Colletia paradoxa Species of Rhamnaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Populus wilsonii File:Populus wilsonii0.jpg Populus wilsonii Species of Salicaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Tecoma stans File:Starr_031108-2106_Tecoma_stans.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Bignoniaceae Taxon galleries Tecoma stans Wikimedia Commons: Asperula arvensis File:Asperula arvensis1.jpg|Asperula arvensis Asperula arvensis Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Rubiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Oxyria digyna digyna}} Habitus Leaves Flowers Fruits Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Washingtonia robusta ;Name:Washingtonia robusta Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Arecaceae Taxon galleries Washingtonia robusta Wikimedia Commons: Yucca gloriosa File:Kerzenpalmlilie Nahaufnahme Blüte.JPG Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Asparagaceae Taxon galleries Yucca gloriosa Wikimedia Commons: Clerodendrum splendens ;Name:Clerodendrum splendens Clerodendrum splendens Wikimedia Commons: Nymphaea cultivars ;Family:Nymphaeaceae Cultivar groups Cultivars by alphabet Unknown cutlivars Wikimedia Commons: Potentilla nepalensis Image:P6244228.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Potentilla nepalensis Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Hypocyrta strigillosa ;Name:Hypocyrta strigillosa Nematanthus strigillosus Wikimedia Commons: Rhododendron luteum * Photos Plants Stems and leaves Flowers Fruits Cultivars Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Lophocolea bidentata ;Species:Lophocolea bidentata Lophocolea bidentata Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Ipomoea sloteri ;Name:Ipomoea sloteri (House) Ooststr. Note Wikimedia Commons: Aconogonon weyrichii * Photos var. alpinum Wikimedia Commons: Pavonia multiflora | Photos Illustrations External links Wikimedia Commons: Phytolacca americana * Photos Natural Cultivated/Neophyt Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Aristolochia arborea File:Aristolochia arborea tree.JPG|Aristolochia arboreatree External links Wikimedia Commons: Sparganium erectum == Photos == Photos Sparganium erectum subsp. neglectum Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Lomandra filiformis ;Name:Lomandra filiformis Lomandra filiformis Species of Asparagaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Digitalis ciliata File:Digitalis ciliata0.jpg|Digitalis ciliata Biology pages with wikidata link Digitalis ciliata Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Rhododendron simsii * Photos Cultivars Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Pterostyrax hispidus * Photos Plants Leaves Flowers Fruits Illustration Wikimedia Commons: Vaccinium vitis-idaea * Photos Plants Leaves Flowers Fruits Sale and products Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Geranium sylvaticum File:GERANIUM SYLVATICUM - CADINELL.JPG| A Josa i Tuixén (Alt Urgell - Catalunya) Stamps External links Wikimedia Commons: Trichostigma peruvianum * Habitus Leaves Flowers Wikimedia Commons: Cerastium tomentosum * Habitus Leaves Flowers Wikimedia Commons: Agave americana --- A. americana var. marginata Trel. A. americana var. medio-picta Trel. A. americana 'Medio-picta alba' External links Wikimedia Commons: Oenothera biennis #Synonyms|see: Wikispecies]] External links Wikimedia Commons: Trachycarpus fortunei File:TrachycarpusFortunei.jpg Wagnerianus Group Wikimedia Commons: Mentzelia lindleyi * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Tortula ruralis * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Pachysandra terminalis ==Photographs== Photographs Wikimedia Commons: Hypericum kalmianum Image:Hypericum kalmianum0.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Nepenthes reinwardtiana * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Armeria majellensis * Armeria majellensis Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Plumbaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Lavatera phoenicea | Photos External links Wikimedia Commons: Armeria alliacea * Armeria alliacea Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Plumbaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Syngonium podophyllum ;Name:Syngonium podophyllum Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Rosa rugosa ==Natural== Natural Cultivated Illustrations Hybrids and cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Carex grayi ;Name:Carex grayi Carex grayi Wikimedia Commons: Morina longifolia Image:Morina longifolia0.jpg Morina longifolia Species of Caprifoliaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Fuchsia paniculata ;Species: Fuchsia paniculata Lindl. Fuchsia paniculata Species of Onagraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Colletia spinosissima Syn. Colletia atrox Miers; Colletia spinosa Lam. Colletia spinosissima Rhamnaceae in Argentina Rhamnaceae in Bolivia Rhamnaceae in Ecuador Rhamnaceae in Peru Rhamnaceae in Uruguay Species of Rhamnaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Salix formosa ;Name:Salix formosa Salix formosa Wikimedia Commons: Viola × wittrockiana == Identified cultivars == Identified cultivars Unidentified Viola × wittrockiana Wikimedia Commons: Solanum betaceum ;Name: Solanum betaceum Solanum betaceum Wikimedia Commons: Cornus sanguinea * Photos Habitus Stems and branches Buds Leaves Flowers Fruits and seeds Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Berberis verruculosa Image:Berberis verruculosa0.jpg Illustration Wikimedia Commons: Thalictrum flavum ==Photos== Photos Distribution Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Ptilostemon diacantha Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Carduoideae - Tribus: Cardueae - Genus: Ptilostemon Cass. Ptilostemon diacantha Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Hemerocallis thunbergii ;Name:Hemerocallis thunbergii Hemerocallis thunbergii Species of Asphodelaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Rumex × heterophyllus (Rumex aquaticus × hydrolapathum) External links Wikimedia Commons: Silene dioica === === Stamps External links Wikimedia Commons: Tagetes lemmonii ;Ordo: Asterales Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Asteraceae Tagetes lemmonii Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Psephellus dealbatus File:Centaurea_dealbata_var._steenbergii_001. Psephellus dealbatus Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Linaria purpurea File:Linaria purpurea ostfriesland 1.jpg|Flowers External links Wikimedia Commons: Iris tectorum File:Iris_tectorum_001.JPG Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Linaria maroccana File:Linaria maroccana0.jpg| External links Wikimedia Commons: Typha minima ;Name:Typha minima Species of Typhaceae Taxon galleries Typha minima Wikimedia Commons: Athamanta haynaldii ;Name:Athamanta turbith syn. Athamantha haynaldii Athamanta haynaldii Species of Apiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Cyperus diffusus ;Name:Cyperus albostriatus (syn. C. Cyperus albostriatus Wikimedia Commons: Epimedium alpinum File:Epimedium cf alpinum Alppivarjohiippa Alpsockblomma C IMG 9099.JPG|The University of Helsinki Botanical Garden, Finland Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Sarracenia leucophylla * Photos Plants Leaves Flowers Habitat Distribution Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Leucojum aestivum === === External links Wikimedia Commons: Trifolium pannonicum File:Trifolium pannonicum0.jpg|Trifolium pannonicum Trifolium pannonicum ssp. elongatum (Willd.) Zohary Wikimedia Commons: Betula nigra ;Familia:Betulaceae Betula nigra Wikimedia Commons: Nephtytis afzelii ;Name:Nephtytis afzelii Nephthytis afzelii Wikimedia Commons: Campanula lasiocarpa ==Photos== Photos Wikimedia Commons: Pelargonium oblongatum ;Name:Pelargonium oblongatum Pelargonium oblongatum Species of Geraniaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Raoulia glabra Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Gnaphalieae - Genus: Raoulia Hooker fil. ex Raoul Perennials Raoulia glabra Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Acer pensylvanicum ;Familia:Sapindaceae Acer pensylvanicum Species of Sapindaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Veronica decumbens ;Name:Veronica decumbens Veronica decumbens Wikimedia Commons: Malva moschata | Photos Habitus Stipe Leaves Flowers Fruits and seeds Illustrations External links Wikimedia Commons: Sansevieria ehrenbergii ;Familia:Ruscaceae Sansevieria ehrenbergii Species of Asparagaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Arctotis venusta Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Cichorioideae - Tribus: Arctoteae - Genus: Arctotis L. Annuals Arctotis venusta Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Hydrangea arborescens * Photos Hydrangea arborescens ssp. discolor (Ser. ex DC.) E.M.McClint. Wikimedia Commons: Carpenteria californica * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Thrinax radiata ===Natural=== Natural Cultivated Wikimedia Commons: Magnolia grandiflora ===Trees and bark=== Trees and bark Foliage Flowers Fruit and seeds Diseases and disorders Distribution maps Cultivars in art Wikimedia Commons: Ophiopogon jaburan ;Familia:Ruscaceae Ophiopogon jaburan Wikimedia Commons: Potentilla collina Image:Potentilla collina0.jpg| Biology pages with wikidata link Potentilla × collina Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Hordeum distichon ;Species: Hordeum distichon Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Grevillea rosmarinifolia ;Name:[rosmarinifolia|Grevillea rosmarinifolia] Grevillea rosmarinifolia Species of Proteaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Delonix regia == Trees == Trees Leaves Flowers Fruits Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Fothergilla major ;Name:Fothergilla major (Witch alder) Fothergilla major Species of Hamamelidaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Glaucium fimbrilligerum File:Glaucium fimbrilligerum1.jpg| Biology pages with wikidata link Glaucium fimbrilligerum Species of Papaveraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Eryngium giganteum ;Name:Eryngium giganteum Eryngium giganteum Species of Apiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Geranium tuberosum ;Name:Geranium tuberosum Geranium tuberosum Wikimedia Commons: Peganum harmala ;Familia:Nitrariaceae Fruits and seeds Wikimedia Commons: Rhamnus saxatilis File:Rhamnus saxatilis (Felsen-Kreuzdorn) IMG 7438.JPG|Rhamnus saxatilis, Lower Austria Rhamnus saxatilis Species of Rhamnaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Bromelia karatas Classis: Liliopsida - Ordo: Poales - Familia: Bromeliaceae - Genus: Bromelia - Species: Bromelia karatas Images Wikimedia Commons: Campylospermum schoenleinianum #Synonyms|see: Wikispecies]] External links Wikimedia Commons: Magnolia obovata == Tree form == Tree form Bark Foliage Flower Fruit and Seed Wikimedia Commons: Isatis tinctoria * Plants Leaves Flowers Fruits and seeds Illustrations Extraction of dye Wikimedia Commons: Berberis × stenophylla File:Berberis x stenophylla1.jpg Berberis × stenophylla Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Berberidaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Blechnum spicant ;Familia:Blechnaceae Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Plantago lanceolata == == Wikimedia Commons: Erica carnea * Photos Plants Stems and leaves Flowers Wikimedia Commons: Hypericum coris Image:Hypericum coris0.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Valeriana alliariifolia File:Valeriana alliariifolia 3.jpg Species of Caprifoliaceae Taxon galleries Valeriana alliariifolia Wikimedia Commons: Hypericum elegans Image:Hypericum elegans0.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Hymenanthera crassifolia File:Hymenanthera crassifolia6.jpg|Hymenanthera crassifolia Biology pages with wikidata link Hymenanthera crassifolia Species of Violaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Alpinia purpurata Image:Alpinia ( Purpurata ).jpg Alpinia purpurata Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Zingiberaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Cota tinctoria |2= - further see: Wikispecies Miscellaneous External links Wikimedia Commons: Calathea majestica ;Species:Calathea majestica Calathea majestica Species of Marantaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Mahonia japonica Image:Mahonia japonica1.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Mahonia japonica Species of Berberidaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Hedychium coronarium File:UnknownPlantsAtGuangzhou-2.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Hedychium coronarium Species of Zingiberaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Solanum candolleanum ;Name:Solanum canasense Solanum candolleanum Wikimedia Commons: Sempervivum montanum #Synonyms|see: Wikispecies]] Sempervivum montanum ssp. stiriacum (Wettstein ex Hayek) Hayek Fruits and seeds Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Eriobotrya japonica ==Habit== Habit Foliage Flowers Fruit Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Leucadendron argenteum * Biology pages with wikidata link Leucadendron argenteum National Red List of South African plants: Endangered Species of Proteaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Astilbe Arendsii Group Classis: Rosopsida - Ordo: Saxifragales - Familia: Saxifragaceae - Genus: Astilbe - Species: Astilbe Arendsii Group Astilbe Arendsii Group Wikimedia Commons: Peristrophe speciosa ;Species:Strobilanthes hamiltoniana Species of Acanthaceae Strobilanthes hamiltoniana Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Nymphoides indica Image:Nymphoides indica1.jpg Nymphoides indica Species of Menyanthaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Thalictrum aquilegiifolium == == Varietates var. aquilegiifolium Thalictrum aquilegiifolium var. intermedium Nakai (1937) Wikimedia Commons: Mesembryanthemum crystallinum * Habitus Stem and leaves Flowers Fruits Detail (bladder cells) Wikimedia Commons: Chaenomeles japonica }} Fruits Wikimedia Commons: Penstemon confertus ;Name:Penstemon confertus Penstemon confertus Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Nicandra physalodes ;Species:Nicandra physalodes (sometimes spelled N. physaloides) Common Names Fruits and seeds Wikimedia Commons: Sisyrinchium montanum File:Sisyrinchium montanum1.jpg|Sisyrinchium montanumplant External links Wikimedia Commons: Pinguicula agnata File:Pinguicula agnata Liberec 1.jpg|Pinguicula agnata Biology pages with wikidata link Pinguicula agnata Species of Lentibulariaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Penstemon serrulatus File:Penstemon_serrulatus_1197.JPG|Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Biology pages with wikidata link Penstemon serrulatus Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Briza maxima File:Briza April 2010-1.jpg| Biology pages with wikidata link Briza maxima Species of Poaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Buddleja globosa ;Familia:Scrophulariaceae Buddleja globosa Flora of Chile Scrophulariaceae in Argentina Species of Scrophulariaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Anchusa officinalis * Photos Habitus Stem and leaves Inflorescence Flowers Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Anemone montana File:Pulsatilla montana 2.jpg|Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy Anemone montana Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Ranunculaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Chamaerops humilis ==Wild== Wild Chamaerops humilis var. humilis Chamaerops humilis var. argentea Cultivated Flowers Wikimedia Commons: Brownea ariza File:Brownea ariza0.jpg Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Kalmia latifolia * Photos Natural Cultivated Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Eupatorium cannabinum == Flowering plants == Flowering plants Fruiting plants Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Armeria pseudarmeria * Armeria pseudarmeria Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Plumbaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Ailanthus altissima Toxicodendron altissimum Mill. Bark Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Nesocodon mauritianus Subclassis: Asteridae - Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Campanulaceae - Subfamilia: Campanuloideae - Genus: Nesocodon Thulin Nesocodon mauritianus Species of Campanulaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Verbesina alternifolia Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Heliantheae - Genus: Verbesina L. Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Verbesina alternifolia Wikimedia Commons: Exochorda giraldii ;Species:Exochorda giraldii Images Wikimedia Commons: Chamaedorea seifrizii ;Name:Chamaedorea seifrizii Images Wikimedia Commons: Celosia argentea * Celosia argentea var. argentea Habitus Stems and leaves Inflorescence and flowers Celosia argentea var. cristata Celosia argentea var. plumosa Cultivars Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Aesculus pavia ;Name:Aesculus pavia L. Photos Aesculus pavia var. flavescens Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Rhododendron impeditum * Photos Plants Stems and leaves Flowers Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Parodia magnifica * Photos Habitus Flowering plants Flowers Detail Wikimedia Commons: Oenanthe pimpinelloides Image:Oenanthe pimpinelloides1.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Gillenia trifoliata Image:Gillenia trifoliata1.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Callistemon sieberi ;Name:Callistemon sieberi Callistemon sieberi Species of Myrtaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Berberis linearifolia Image:Berberis linearifolia0.jpg Berberis linearifolia Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Berberidaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Asclepias purpurascens ;Familia:Apocynaceae Asclepias purpurascens Species of Apocynaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Satureja montana ;Familia:Lamiaceae Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Beaucarnea recurvata ==Photos== Photos Natural Cultivated Wikimedia Commons: Euphorbia myrsinites ;Familia:Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia myrsinites Species of Euphorbiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Anemone pulsatilla subsp. grandis File:Pulsatilla grandis.jpg|Pulsatilla grandisČesko - Třebíč Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Pinus koraiensis == Photographs == Photographs Natural Cultivated Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Lychnis coronaria == == External links Wikimedia Commons: Canarina canariensis Image:Canarina canariensis0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Canarina canariensis Flora of the Canary Islands Plants named after places Species of Campanulaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Ranunculus auricomus File:Ranunculus auricomus1.jpg Wikimedia Commons: Geum coccineum ==Photos== Photos Natural Cultivated Wikimedia Commons: Cosmos bipinnatus == Habitus / Plants == Habitus / Plants Flora / Flowers Cultivars Flower details Folia / Leaves Seeds External links Wikimedia Commons: Dianthus plumarius * subsp. neilreichii subsp. praecox (Kit.) Pawł. subsp. regis-stephani (Rapaics) Baksay Wikimedia Commons: Antirrhinum majus ;Species:Antirrhinum majus Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Alchemilla vulgaris File:Lady's Mantle Alchemilla vulgaris 2816px.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Salvia bulleyana File:Salvia bulleyana0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Salvia bulleyana Species of Lamiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Halesia carolina * Photos Plants Leaves Flowers Fruits Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Fritillaria meleagris File:Fritillaria meleagris LJ barje2.jpg|[Fritillaria meleagris on Ljubljana marsh, Slovenia] Subspecies - Varietas - Forma Fritillaria meleagris subsp. tianshanica Szczurowski Heraldry Wikimedia Commons: Lindelofia longiflora * Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Dichorisandra reginae ;Name:Dichorisandra reginae Dichorisandra reginae Species of Commelinaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Heuchera himalayensis ;Name:Heuchera himalayensis Heuchera himalayensis Species of Saxifragaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Hornungia alpina subsp. auerswaldii == Images == Images Wikimedia Commons: Nymphaea thermarum File:Nymphaea thermarum0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Nymphaea thermarum Species of Nymphaeaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Citrus × limon thumb|lemon Lemon tree Flowers Unripe lemons Fruits as aliment in Art see also Wikimedia Commons: Mahonia aquifolium === === Fructus / Berries External links Wikimedia Commons: Satureja alpina ;Species: Satureja alpina Biology pages without wikidata link Satureja alpina Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Anchomanes giganteus ;Name:Anchomanes giganteus Anchomanes giganteus Species of Araceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Rosa beggeriana === Cultivars === Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Alopecurus myosuroides ;Name:Alopecurus myosuroides Huds. Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Anthericum liliago === Habitus / Plants === Habitus / Plants Flora / Flowers Fruits Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Penstemon palmeri Image:Penstemon palmeri 3.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Flora of the Spring Mountains Penstemon palmeri Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Genista hispanica ;Species: Genista hispanica L. Illustration Wikimedia Commons: Aristolochia maxima ;Name:Aristolochia maxima Aristolochia maxima Species of Aristolochiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Xanthorrhoea preissii Classis: Liliopsida - Species of Asphodelaceae Taxon galleries Xanthorrhoea preissii Wikimedia Commons: Hordeum tetrastichum ;Species: Hordeum tetrastichum Hordeum tetrastichum Species of Poaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Clinopodium grandiflorum File:Clinopodium grandiflorum 1.jpg Clinopodium grandiflorum Species of Lamiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Tecoma capensis ;Species:Tecoma capensis (Thunb.) Lindl. Images Wikimedia Commons: Anthyllis hermanniae Ordo: Fabales - Familia: Fabaceae - Subfamilia: Faboideae - Tribus: Loteae - Genus: Anthyllis L. Anthyllis hermanniae Shrubs Species of Fabaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Knautia arvensis #Synonyms|see: Wikispecies]] With insects References Wikimedia Commons: Anemone apennina File:Anemone apennina 1.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Aubrieta × cultorum * Aubrieta × cultorum Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Brassicaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Heliotropium arborescens ;Name:Heliotropium arborescens L. Heliotropium arborescens Species of Boraginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Sorbus aria ;Species: Sorbus aria (L.) Crantz Biology pages with wikidata link Sorbus aria Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Panicum clandestinum ;Name:Panicum clandestinum Panicum clandestinum Wikimedia Commons: Sternbergia lutea ;Species: Sternbergia lutea Subspecies: Sternbergia lutea ssp. lutea Wikimedia Commons: Maranta leuconeura ;Name:Maranta leuconeura E. Morren Maranta leuconeura Species of Marantaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Osmanthus heterophyllus Image:Osmanthus heterophyllus0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Osmanthus heterophyllus Species of Oleaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum File:Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum1.jpg| Biology pages with wikidata link Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum Species of Araceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Costus deistelii ;Species:Costus deistellii Images Wikimedia Commons: Althaea officinalis | Photos Habitus Leaves Flowers Fruits and seeds Under microscopy Uses Illustrations External links Wikimedia Commons: Decaisnea insignis ;Name:Decaisnea insignis (Griffith) J. D. Decaisnea insignis Species of Lardizabalaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Physalis alkekengi ;Familia:Solanaceae Physalis alkekengi var. alkekengi Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii (Mast.) Makino Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Actaea rubra == Habitus / Plants == Habitus / Plants Folia / Leaves Flora / Flowers Fructus / Fruits Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Erysimum rhaeticum * Biology pages with wikidata link Erysimum rhaeticum Species of Brassicaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Pararistolochia promissa ;Species:Pararistolochia promissa (Mast.) Keay Images Wikimedia Commons: Mercurialis ovata Image:Mercurialis ovata2.jpg Mercurialis ovata Species of Euphorbiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Malva sylvestris | Photos Habitus Leaves Flowers Fruits and seeds Pollen Cultivars Uses External links Wikimedia Commons: Quercus suber ==Trees== Trees Leaves Acorns Bark Uses Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Salvia splendens File:2012_06-21IMG_2248_(2).jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Salvia splendens Species of Lamiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Deherainia smaragdina * Photos Plants Leaves Flowers Wikimedia Commons: Picris hieracioides File:PICRIS HIERACIOIDES - GUIXERS - IB-136.JPG|A Guixers (Solsonès - Catalunya) Picris hieracioides subsp. japonica Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Erica cinerea * Photos Plants Stems and leaves Flowers Habitat Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Rheum webbianum * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Penstemon barbatus ;Name:Penstemon barbatus Penstemon barbatus Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Salvia involucrata File:Salvia involucrata0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Salvia involucrata Species of Lamiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Solanum spegazzinii ;Name:Solanum spegazzinii Solanum spegazzinii Wikimedia Commons: Pentaglottis sempervirens * Photos Habitus Stem and leaves Flowers Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Trifolium medium File:Trifolium medium kz1.jpg Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Trifolium rubens File:Trifolium rubens prg 1.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Fabaceae Taxon galleries Trifolium rubens Wikimedia Commons: Chamaedorea oblongata ;Name:Chamaedorea oblongata Chamaedorea oblongata Species of Arecaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Campanula pendula * Biology pages with wikidata link Campanula pendula Perennials Species of Campanulaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Asclepias curassavica ---- Asclepias curassavica Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Apocynaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Campanula latifolia File:Campanula latifolia3.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Rhodobryum roseum ;Species:Rhodobryum roseum Photos Wikimedia Commons: Hyacinthus orientalis * Natural Cultivars Illustrations Hyacinthus in art Wikimedia Commons: Potentilla atrosanguinea File:Potentilla atrisanguinea1.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Potentilla atrosanguinea Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Anarrhinum bellidifolium ;Name:Anarrhinum bellidifolium Anarrhinum bellidifolium Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Penstemon gracilis ;Name:Penstemon gracilis Penstemon gracilis Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Arnica longifolia Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Madieae - Genus: Arnica L. Arnica longifolia Perennials Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Solanum brevicaule ;Name:Solanum brevicaule Solanum brevicaule Wikimedia Commons: Stachys byzantina File:Stachys byzantina flowers.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Lamiaceae Stachys byzantina Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Solanum laciniatum ;Species:Solanum laciniatum Solanum laciniatum Wikimedia Commons: Agastache anisata ;Name: Agastache anisata Agastache anisata Wikimedia Commons: Aster tongolensis File:Aster tongolensis0.jpg Aster tongolensis Biology pages with wikidata link Perennials Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Alchemilla alpina File:ALCHEMILLA ALPINA - GENTO - IB-843 (Peucrist).JPG|A Cabdella (Pallars Jussà - Catalunya) External links Wikimedia Commons: Tragopogon porrifolius File:TRAGOPOGON PORRIFOLIUS - MUNTANYA D'ALINYÀ - IB-309.JPG|Muntanya d'Alinyà (Alt Urgell - Catalunya) Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Callistemon linearis ;Name:Callistemon linearis Biology pages with wikidata link Callistemon linearis Species of Myrtaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Scrophularia vernalis File:Scrophularia_vernalis_0.JPG Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Aglaonema commutatum ;Name:Aglaonema commutatum Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Euphorbia palustris File:Euphorbia_palustris_001.JPG Biology pages with wikidata link Euphorbia palustris Species of Euphorbiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Galium verum == Photo == Photo Illustrations Specimens Galium verum var. asiaticum Wikimedia Commons: Potentilla fragiformis Image:Potentilla fragiformis0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Potentilla fragiformis Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Genista tinctoria ;Genista tinctoria L. Photos Ilustrations Wikimedia Commons: Pulsatilla vulgaris == Species == Species Subspecies - Varietas - Forma External links Wikimedia Commons: Centaurea macrocephala File:Centaurea macrocephala cropped-2832.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Centaurea macrocephala Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Valeriana officinalis * Photos Illustrations References Wikimedia Commons: Tradescantia virginiana Image:Tradescantia virginiana (Eendagsbloem) closeup.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Commelinaceae Taxon galleries Tradescantia virginiana Wikimedia Commons: Potentilla indica * Plant Flower Fruit Fruits and seeds Achene Wikimedia Commons: Polystichum setiferum ;Name:Polystichum setiferum Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Polygala major File:Polygala major sl6.jpg|Haulesbergen (Ulrichskirchen-Schleinbach), Lower Austria External links Wikimedia Commons: Citrus trifoliata == Images == Images Habitus Flower Fruit Leaves Thorn Wikimedia Commons: Syringa pubescens ;Species: Syringa pubescens Turcz. subsp. microphylla (Diels) M.C.Chang & X.L.Chen Wikimedia Commons: Dianthus giganteus * Biology pages with wikidata link Dianthus giganteus Species of Caryophyllaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Iresine herbstii * Photos Cultivars Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Taxus cuspidata == Photos == Photos Fruits Leaves Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Cucumis sativus Classis: Magnoliopsida - Ordo: Cucurbitales - Familia: Cucurbitaceae - Genus: Cucumis L. Cucumber Pickling cucumber Illustrations See also Wikimedia Commons: Hydrangea macrophylla * Photos Illustrations Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Rheum officinale * Photos Use Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Cyrtomium fortunei ;Name:Cyrtomium fortunei Cyrtomium fortunei Wikimedia Commons: Thuidium tamariscinum ;Species:Thuidium tamariscinum Photos Wikimedia Commons: Phoenix canariensis == Canary Islands == Canary Islands Gran Canaria La Gomera La Palma Tenerife Cultivated elsewhere Wikimedia Commons: Rosa cultivars This page concernes cultivars in the genus Rosa - for roses of known Rosa species please see Rosa species. by alphabet by awards by color by cultivar groups by grower by year Wikimedia Commons: Sedum stenopetalum ;Familia:Crassulaceae Sedum stenopetalum Wikimedia Commons: Cistus laurifolius File:Cistus laurifolius1.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Cistus laurifolius Species of Cistaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Amphitecna macrophylla ;Name:Amphitecna macrophylla Amphitecna macrophylla Wikimedia Commons: Lophospermum erubescens ;Species: Lophospermum erubescens Lophospermum erubescens Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Coreopsis pubescens File:Coreopsis pubescens0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Coreopsis pubescens Perennials Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Piper magnificum ;Familia:Piperaceae Piper magnificum Wikimedia Commons: Galvezia speciosa ;Species: Galvezia speciosa Biology pages with wikidata link Galvezia speciosa Gambelia speciosa Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Potentilla fulgens Image:Potentilla fulgens0.jpg Biology pages without wikidata link Potentilla fulgens Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Lantana camara ==Photos== Photos Natural Cultivated or naturalised Wikimedia Commons: Dryopteris dilatata ==Pictures== Pictures Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Tropaeolum peregrinum ;Name:Tropaeolum peregrinum Species of Tropaeolaceae Taxon galleries Tropaeolum peregrinum Wikimedia Commons: Cnidoscolus souzae Image:Cnidoscolous souzae0.jpg Cnidoscolus souzae Euphorbiaceae in Mexico Flora of Belize Species of Euphorbiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Acer tataricum ==Photos== Photos Natural Cultivated Wikimedia Commons: Strelitzia reginae ;Species:Strelitzia reginae Aiton Images subsp. reginae subsp. mzimvubuensis Cultivar 'Citrina' Cultivar 'Nelson Mandela's Gold' Fruits and seeds Wikimedia Commons: Sansevieria hyacinthoides ;Familia:Ruscaceae Asparagaceae in South Africa Flora of Mozambique Flora of Namibia Sansevieria hyacinthoides Species of Asparagaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Aster alpinus File:ASTER ALPINUS - BÒFIA - IB-841 (Aster alpÍ).JPG|Port del Comte (Solsonès - Catalunya) External links Wikimedia Commons: Monarda fistulosa Image:Monarda fistulosa0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Monarda fistulosa Species of Lamiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Bouvardia ternifolia Image:Bouvardia ternifolia0.jpg Bouvardia ternifolia Flora of Texas Rubiaceae in Mexico Species of Rubiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Geranium pyrenaicum ;Name:Geranium pyrenaicum Burm. f. External links Wikimedia Commons: Clematis recta File:Clematis_recta_001.JPG Herbarium Distribution Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Eryngium variifolium ;Name:Eryngium variifolium Eryngium variifolium Species of Apiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Convolvulus tricolor == == Wikimedia Commons: Potentilla erecta File:Potentilla erecta2.jpg References External links Wikimedia Commons: Sempervivum tectorum ==== Sempervivum tectorum ssp. tectorum ==== Sempervivum tectorum ssp. tectorum Inflorescence Flowers Leaves Sempervivum tectorum ssp. tectorum 'Metallicum giganteum' Sempervivum tectorum ssp. arvernense (Lecoq & Lamotte) Rouy & E.G.Camus Sempervivum tectorum ssp. alpinum Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Tagetes erecta == Plant == Plant Flower Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Roystonea dunlapiana ;Name:Roystonea dunlapiana Roystonea dunlapiana Species of Arecaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Lysimachia nummularia * Photos Plants Leaves Flowers Habitat Cultivars Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Baccharis genistelloides Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Astereae - Genus: Baccharis L. Baccharis genistelloides Shrubs Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Hornungia alpina * Photos Illustrations subsp. auerswaldii Wikimedia Commons: Rheum palmatum * Photos Fruits and seeds Medicinal use Rheum palmatum var. tanguticum Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Fibigia clypeata * Images Wikimedia Commons: Alchemilla flabellata File:Alchemilla flabellata0.jpg| Alchemilla flabellata Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Nepenthes rafflesiana * Photos var. alata var. elongata (Nepenthes hemsleyana) var. gigantea var. nivea Inflorescences Herbarium specimens Graphs Videos Wikimedia Commons: Solanum ambosinum File:Solanum ambosinum3.jpg| Biology pages with wikidata link Solanum ambosinum Species of Solanaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Catalpa bignonioides File:Catalpa bignonioides inflorescence.jpg| Biology pages with wikidata link Catalpa bignonioides Species of Bignoniaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Genista sagittalis Ordo: Fabales - Familia: Fabaceae - Subfamilia: Faboideae - Tribus: Cytiseae - Genus: Genista L. Biology pages with wikidata link Genista sagittalis Species of Fabaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Chlorophytum comosum ==Cultivars== Cultivars 'Bonnie' 'Variegatum' 'Vittatum' Stolons Flowers Roots Fruits Seeds Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Aronia × prunifolia Image:Aronia prunifolia0.jpg Aronia × prunifolia Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Crepis sibirica Image:Crepis sibirica1.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Cestrum elegans ;Name:Cestrum elegans Cestrum elegans Species of Solanaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Polystichum lonchitis == Photos == Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Anthyllis montana Image:Anthyllis montana01.jpg Anthyllis montana subsp. jacquinii (Kerner) Hayek Anthyllis montana subsp. montana Wikimedia Commons: Blumenbachia hieronymi * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Prunus tenella ;Familia:Rosaceae Prunus tenella Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Linaria alpina File:LINARIA ALPINA - GENTO - IB-547 (Linària alpina).JPG|A Cabdella (Pallars Jussà - Catalunya) Wikimedia Commons: Hypericum androsaemum == Species == Species Flora / Flowers Fructus / Fruits Wikimedia Commons: Salvia farinacea == Photographs == Photographs Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Sabal gretheriae ;Name:Sabal gretheriae Sabal gretheriae Wikimedia Commons: Corylopsis spicata * Illustration Wikimedia Commons: Colchicum speciosum File:Colchicum speciosum Flowers BotGardBln0906.JPG Stamps External links Wikimedia Commons: Scilla siberica * Habitat Plant Flowers Pods Bulbs Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Vinca major == Photos == Photos Natural Cultivated Wikimedia Commons: Nelumbo lutea ;Name:Nelumbo lutea Biology pages with wikidata link Nelumbo lutea Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Erica terminalis * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Cuphea hyssopifolia ;Species:Cuphea hyssopifolia Images Wikimedia Commons: Stachys macrantha File:Betonica macrantha 2.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Lamiaceae Stachys macrantha Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Piper grandifolium ;Familia:Piperaceae Piper grandifolium Wikimedia Commons: Astrantia major === Habitus / Plants === Habitus / Plants Flora / Flowers Fruits and seeds Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Persicaria orientalis * Photos Habitus Stem and leaves Flowers Fruits and seeds Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Lychnis chalcedonica * Habitus Stem and leaves Flowers Wikimedia Commons: Setaria pumila * Biology pages with wikidata link Setaria pumila Species of Poaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Achyranthes aspera * Photos Habitus Stems and leaves Inflorescence and flowers Habitat Wikimedia Commons: Dicentra formosa ==Dicentra formosa subsp. formosa== Dicentra formosa subsp. formosa Dicentra formosa subsp. unknown Dicentra formosa 'Aurora' Wikimedia Commons: Penstemon campanulatus ;Name:Penstemon campanulatus Penstemon campanulatus Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Heliconia aurantiaca ;Name:Heliconia aurantiaca Heliconia aurantiaca Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Petrorhagia saxifraga * Habitus Flowers Seeds Wikimedia Commons: Sarracenia flava * Photos Plants Leaves Flowers Habitat Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Caryota mitis ;Name:Caryota mitis Plant Leaves Infrutescence Fruits detail Stem Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Glaucium corniculatum File:Glaucium corniculatum0.jpg|flowerless plant Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Helleborus orientalis (N.B. Plant anatomy Color variation and cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Nepenthes == Nepenthes L. (1753) == Nepenthes L. (1753) a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p r s t v Nothospecies Cultivars Unidentified Nepenthes Distribution Miscellaneous Wikimedia Commons: Pittosporum crassifolium ;Name:Pittosporum crassifolium Pittosporum crassifolium Species of Pittosporaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Veronica repens File:Veronica repens1.jpg|Veronica repens Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Veronica repens Wikimedia Commons: Campanula grossekii Image:Campanula grossekii0.jpg|Campanula grossekii Biology pages with wikidata link Campanula grossekii Species of Campanulaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Cymbalaria muralis File:CYMBALARIA MURALIS - AGUDA - IB-299 (Picardía).JPG|A Torà (Segarra - Catalunya) Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Phyllanthus juglandifolius Image:Phyllanthus juglandifolius0.jpg Phyllanthus juglandifolius Species of Phyllanthaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Bistorta affinis * Photos Habitus Flowers Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Veronica longifolia == "Wild" plants == "Wild" plants Obviously cultivar Wikimedia Commons: Gaillardia aristata Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Helenieae - Genus: Gaillardia Foug. Illustration Species hybrida Wikimedia Commons: Platycodon grandiflorus File:Platycodon grandiflorum2.jpg Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Impatiens glandulifera * Photos Plants Stem Leaves Inflorescence Flowers Fruits and seeds Habitat Wikimedia Commons: Pistia stratiotes ==Photos== Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Melia azedarach ==Wild== Wild Cultivated Trees Leaves Flowers Fruit Bark Wikimedia Commons: Hypericum olympicum == Flowers == Flowers Wikimedia Commons: Acacia melanoxylon Image:Acacia verticillata2.jpg|Branches with Seed Pods Acacia melanoxylon Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Fabaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Magnolia stellata Syn. M. References Photo Tree Flower Fruits and leaves Trunk Wikimedia Commons: Scabiosa vestina ;Species:Scabiosa vestina Facchini ex W.D. Scabiosa vestina Species of Caprifoliaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Cyphostemma juttae ;Familia:Vitaceae Cyphostemma juttae Species of Vitaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Tropaeolum minus ;Name:Tropaeolum minus Species of Tropaeolaceae Taxon galleries Tropaeolum minus Wikimedia Commons: Araucaria heterophylla * Images Wild Naturalised Cultivated, outdoors Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Tanacetum parthenium File:Tanacetum_parthenium_001.JPG Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Amorpha canescens Ordo: Fabales - Familia: Fabaceae - Subfamilia: Faboideae - Tribus: Amorpheae - Genus: Amorpha L. Amorpha canescens Shrubs Species of Fabaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Platycarya strobilacea ;Species:Platycarya strobilacea Common Names Images Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Hebenstretia dentata ;Name:Hebenstreitia dentata Hebenstretia dentata Species of Scrophulariaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Clematis integrifolia #Synonyms|see: Wikispecies]] Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Rosa hugonis Discovered by E.H. Biology pages with wikidata link Rosa species Rosa xanthina Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Acca sellowiana == Habitus == Habitus Fruit Flower Leaves Bark Wikimedia Commons: Asperula tinctoria File:Asperula tinctoria0.jpg Asperula tinctoria Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Rubiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Curcuma aeruginosa ==Description== Description Wikimedia Commons: Nymphaea odorata File:Nymphaea odorata PP.jpg| Nymphaea odorata subsp. odorata Nymphaea odorata subsp. tuberosa (Paine) Wiersema & Hellq. Wikimedia Commons: Drymonia ;Name:Drymonia sp. Drymonia Wikimedia Commons: Polemonium carneum * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Psephellus pulcherrimus Image:Centaurea pulcherrima1.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Psephellus pulcherrimus Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Catananche caerulea |collapsed=y|2= Fruits and seeds Wikimedia Commons: Penstemon hirsutus ;Name:Penstemon hirsutus Penstemon hirsutus Species of Plantaginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Passiflora serratifolia Image:Passiflora serratifolia1.jpg|Passiflora serratifolia External links Wikimedia Commons: Aucuba japonica * Aucuba japonica Biology pages with wikidata link Shrubs Species of Garryaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Acanthus montanus ;Familia:Acanthaceae Acanthus montanus Species of Acanthaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Carlina vulgaris CARLINA VULGARIS - BÒFIA - IB-952 (Carlina petita).JPG|Port del Comte (Alt Urgell - Catalunya) External links Wikimedia Commons: Quercus ilex ;See also: Quercus rotundifolia (syn. Q. Photos Trees and shrubs Foliage Flowers Acorns Trunk, bark, stump and wood Forests and shrublands Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Elegia capensis ;Species:Elegia capensis Images Wikimedia Commons: Salvia kopetdaghensis File:Salvia kopetdaghensis0.jpg| Biology pages with wikidata link Salvia atropatana Species of Lamiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Hebenstretia integrifolia ;Name:Hebenstreitia integrifolia Hebenstretia integrifolia Species of Scrophulariaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Rhododendron campanulatum * Photos Rhododendron campanulatum subsp. campanulatum Wikimedia Commons: Daboecia cantabrica * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Erigeron glabellus Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Astereae - Genus: Erigeron L. Biennials Biology pages with wikidata link Erigeron glabellus Perennials Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Cunninghamia lanceolata == Tree and foliage == Tree and foliage Cones Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Arundinaria pumila thumb|left|200px| Biology pages with wikidata link Pleioblastus argenteostriatus Species of Poaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Dianthus gratianopolitanus * Botanical species subsp. pulchellus Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Erythrina crista-galli Image:Erythrina crista-galli 2-3.jpg Fruits and seeds Illustration Wikimedia Commons: Solanum chacoense ;Name:Solanum chacoense Solanum chacoense Wikimedia Commons: Acanthocereus tetragonus * Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Agastache foeniculum File:Agastache anisata3.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Sedum spathulifolium ---- Sedum spathulifolium ssp. pruinosum (Britton) R.T.Clausen & N.W.Uhl Sedum spathulifolium ssp. purdyi (Jeps.) R.T. Clausen Sedum spathulifolium subsp. spathulifolium Wikimedia Commons: Memecylon floribundum ;Species:Memecylon floribundum Images Wikimedia Commons: Akebia trifoliata ;Species: Akebia trifoliata (Thunb.) Koidz. Akebia trifoliata Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Lardizabalaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Rosa moyesii File:Rosa moyesii 2.jpg Illustration Hybrid Moyesii Wikimedia Commons: Campanula poscharskyana File:Campanula_poscharskyana_001.JPG Biology pages with wikidata link Campanula poscharskyana Species of Campanulaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Nymphaea == Nymphaea L. (1753) == Nymphaea L. (1753) Hardy Cultivars (subgenus Nymphaea) Day Blooming Tropical Cultivars (subgenus Brachyceras) Wikimedia Commons: Oxypetalum caeruleum ;Familia:Apocynaceae Oxypetalum caeruleum Wikimedia Commons: Euonymus europaeus #Synonyms|see: Wikispecies]] Leaves and branches Inflorescences and flowers Fruits Seeds In winter Wikimedia Commons: Nepeta racemosa }} External links Wikimedia Commons: Gymnostachyum ceylanicum ;Familia:Acanthaceae Gymnostachyum ceylanicum Species of Acanthaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Trimezia spathata ;Species: Trimezia spathata Trimezia spathata subsp. sincorana (Ravenna) Chukr Wikimedia Commons: Salvia sclarea File:Salvia_sclarea_001.JPG| Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Scutellaria alpina ;Species:Scutellaria alpina Images Wikimedia Commons: Saponaria ocymoides * Habitus Stem and leaves Flowers Illustrations subsp. alsinoides Wikimedia Commons: Urtica dioica == Plants == Plants Rhizomes, roots Stems Leaves Stipules Stinging hairs Inflorescences male female Flowers Fruits Fodder plant of Aglais urticae larvae ? As aliment Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Impatiens balsamina * Photos Plants Flowers Fruits Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Paeonia tenuifolia File:Paeonia tenuifolia Pioni, tillipioni Dillpion C DSC03045.JPG|Botanical Garden in Kumpula, Finland External links Wikimedia Commons: Costus dubius ;Soecies:Costus dubius Images Wikimedia Commons: Helichrysum petiolare Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Gnaphalieae - Genus: Helichrysum Miller Helichrysum petiolare Wikimedia Commons: Convallaria majalis == == & == Wikimedia Commons: Acanthus balcanicus Image:Acanthus balcanicus0.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Rhododendron forrestii * Photos Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Restio tetraphyllus ;Name:Restio tetraphyllus Restio tetraphyllus Wikimedia Commons: Pinguicula moranensis File:Pinguicula_moranensis_flowering.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Meum athamanticum File:Meum athamanticum0.jpg Fruits and seeds Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Galanthus elwesii Image:Snowdrop Galanthus elwesii.jpg| Biology pages with wikidata link Galanthus elwesii Species of Amaryllidaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Prunus spinosa == Photos == Photos Buds Flowers Fruits and seeds Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Lemna minor ;Species:Lemna minor L. Photos Wikimedia Commons: Malus florentina Image:Malus florentina0.jpg Malus florentina Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Oenothera fruticosa ;Name:Oenothera fruticosa Oenothera fruticosa Species of Onagraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Pyrrocoma crocea Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Astereae - Genus: Pyrrocoma Hooker Biology pages with wikidata link Perennials Pyrrocoma crocea Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Rhododendron × fragrans ;Name:Rhododendron × fragrans Photos Wikimedia Commons: Corydalis cava File:Corydalis cava0.jpg Wikimedia Commons: Xerochrysum bracteatum Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Gnaphalieae - Genus: Xerochrysum Tzvelev Annuals Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Xerochrysum bracteatum Wikimedia Commons: Nepeta grandiflora ;Name:Nepeta grandiflora Photos Wikimedia Commons: Kerria japonica == gallery == gallery for. Pleniflora for. Picta for. Variegata Illustration Wikimedia Commons: Acer griseum ==Photos== Photos Fruits and seeds Wikimedia Commons: Oxalis arborea Image:Oxalis arborea0.jpg Oxalis arborea Species of Oxalidaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Crinum jagus Image:Crinum jagus0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Crinum jagus Species of Amaryllidaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Asclepias tuberosa === === Semen / Seeds and Pods Insects External links Wikimedia Commons: Thujopsis dolabrata == Images == Images Natural Cultivated Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Epimedium pinnatum Image:Epimedium pinnatum0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Epimedium pinnatum Species of Berberidaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Ruta graveolens ;Familia:Rutaceae Capsule and seed Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Arenaria procera * Arenaria procera subsp. glabra Wikimedia Commons: Fraxinus xanthoxyloides ;Name:Fraxinus xanthoxyloides dumosa Biology pages with wikidata link Fraxinus xanthoxyloides Species of Oleaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Brassavola nodosa |collapsed=y|2= Homonym External links Wikimedia Commons: Pittosporum tobira == Images == Images Fruits and seeds Wikimedia Commons: Lonicera fragrantissima Image:Lonicera fragrantissima0.jpg Wikimedia Commons: Ceratostigma plumbaginoides * Photos Habitus Flowers Wikimedia Commons: Niphidium crassifolium ;Niphidium crassifolium Niphidium crassifolium Wikimedia Commons: Ageratum houstonianum Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Eupatorieae - Genus: Ageratum L. Ageratum houstonianum Annuals Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Gleditsia japonica File:주엽나무.JPG Biology pages with wikidata link Gleditsia japonica Species of Fabaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Pulicaria dysenterica File:PULICARIA DYSENTERICA - SANT JUST - IB-225 (Herba disentèrica).JPG|A Pinós (Solsonès - Catalunya) Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Yucca filamentosa ;Name:Yucca filamentosa In Garden naturalised Wikimedia Commons: Geum cultivars == Cultivars == Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Nemophila maculata ;Familia:Boraginaceae Nemophila maculata Species of Boraginaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Sarracenia purpurea * Photos Fruits Herbarium specimens Sarracenia purpurea subsp. purpurea Sarracenia purpurea subsp. venosa (Raf.) Wherry Inquilines Wikimedia Commons: Allium ursinum === === Fruits and seeds Products and uses Wikimedia Commons: Aglaonema nitidum ;Species:Aglaonema nitidum Images Wikimedia Commons: Saxifraga cochlearis ;Name:Saxifraga cochlearis Saxifraga cochlearis Wikimedia Commons: Rosa longicuspis Ordo: Rosales - Familia: Rosaceae - Subfamilia: Rosoideae - Genus: Rosa - Species: Rosa longicuspis Rosa longicuspis Rosa species Wikimedia Commons: Calendula officinalis ==Flowers== Flowers Bud Wild-type Orange & red-flowered cultivars Bicoloured-flower cultivars Double-flowered cultivars In cultivation Pollen, leaves, fruit and seed Illustrations and art Wikimedia Commons: Muscari armeniacum File:Armenian grape-hyacinth at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (81282s)a.jpg| Biology pages with wikidata link Muscari armeniacum Species of Asparagaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Ficus carica == Habitus == Habitus Bark Leaves Inflorescences Infrutescences Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Polytrichum formosum == == Mikroskopaufnahmen Wikimedia Commons: Bursera simaruba ;Familia:Burseraceae Bursera simaruba Burseraceae in Belize Burseraceae in Brazil Burseraceae in Colombia Burseraceae in Costa Rica Burseraceae in El Salvador Burseraceae in Florida Burseraceae in Guatemala Burseraceae in Guyana Burseraceae in Honduras Burseraceae in Mexico Burseraceae in Nicaragua Burseraceae in Panama Burseraceae in Venezuela Species of Burseraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Daphne laureola DAPHNE LAUREOLA - BASTETS - IB-676 (Lloreret).JPG|Als Bastets (Solsonès - Catalunya) Subspecies - Varietas - Forma Daphne laureola ssp. philippii (Gren.) Rouy (1927) Wikimedia Commons: Glaucium flavum ===Glaucium flavum var. flavum=== Glaucium flavum var. flavum Fruits and seeds Glaucium flavum var. aurantiacum (Martrin-Donos) Rouy & Foucaud Glaucium flavum var. leiocarpum (Boiss.) Stoj. & Stef. Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Scabiosa columbaria File:SCABIOSA COLUMBARIA - GUIXERS - IB-191.JPG|A Guixers (Solsonès - Catalunya) Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Lycianthes rantonnetii Image:Solanum rantonnetii0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Lycianthes rantonnetii Species of Solanaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Dioscorea elephantipes Division : Magnoliophyta - Class : Liliopsida - Order : Dioscoreales - Family : Dioscoreaceae Dioscorea elephantipes Wikimedia Commons: Artemisia abrotanum File:Artemisia abrotanum0.jpg Artemisia abrotanum Biology pages with wikidata link Gallery pages about plants Species of Asteraceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Achillea clavennae ==General view== General view Inflorescence detail Leaves detail Illustration Wikimedia Commons: Leycesteria formosa File:Leycesteria_formosa_01.JPG Leycesteria formosa Species of Caprifoliaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Wisteria sinensis Image:Wisteria sinensis, Gibraltar.JPG Biology pages with wikidata link Poisonous plants Species of Fabaceae Taxon galleries Wisteria sinensis Wikimedia Commons: Atropa belladonna #Synonyms|see: Wikispecies]] }} Photos Natural Cultivated Wikimedia Commons: Neviusia alabamensis Subclassis: Rosidae - Ordo: Rosales - Familia: Rosaceae - Genus: Neviusia - Species: Neviusia alabamensis Images Wikimedia Commons: Carex pendula File:Carex pendula 1.jpg Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Phlomis fruticosa ;Familia:Lamiaceae Biology pages with wikidata link Phlomis fruticosa Species of Lamiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Lamium orvala ;Name:Lamium orvala Lamium orvala Species of Lamiaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Welwitschia mirabilis * Specimens in situ Specimens in botanical gardens Welwitschia bug Seeds Maps and illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Piper retrofractum ;Familia:Piperaceae Piper retrofractum Wikimedia Commons: Gomphrena globosa * Photos Plants Stems and leaves Flowers Cultivars Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Ardisia polycephala * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Aquilegia chrysantha File:Aquilegia chrysantha0.jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Hardenbergia violacea Ordo: Fabales - Familia: Fabaceae - Subfamilia: Faboideae - Tribus: Phaseoleae - Genus: Hardenbergia Bentham Hardenbergia violacea Wikimedia Commons: Scrophularia nodosa File:Scrophularia nodosa Luc Viatour.JPG| Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Linum lewisii Image:Linum lewisii, blue flax flower, Albuquerque.JPG|Albuquerque Biology pages with wikidata link Linum lewisii Species of Linaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Plantago coronopus File:Plantago coronopus (plant).jpg External links Wikimedia Commons: Erysimum pulchellum * Biology pages with wikidata link Erysimum pulchellum Species of Brassicaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Rosa × alba File:Blanche de Belgique (before 1846) 01.jpg|'Blanche de Belgique', before 1820 Biology pages with wikidata link Rosa Hybrid Alba Rosa × alba Species of Rosaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Delosperma cooperi * Biology pages with wikidata link Delosperma cooperi Species of Aizoaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Bellevalia romana ;Species: Bellevalia romana Fruits and seeds Wikimedia Commons: Asimina triloba == == Wikimedia Commons: Pseudosasa japonica ;Species:Pseudosasa japonica Images Wikimedia Commons: Sambucus racemosa ==Sambucus racemosa subsp. racemosa== Sambucus racemosa subsp. racemosa Sambucus racemosa subsp. pubens Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Liquidambar styraciflua == Plants == Plants Stems, branches, bark Leaves Inflorescences Fruits Illustrations Fruits and seeds Wikimedia Commons: Paeonia officinalis #Synonyms|see: Wikispecies]] Paeonia officinalis subsp. officinalis Fruits and seeds Cultivars Wikimedia Commons: Scilla mischtschenkoana ;Name:Othocallis mischtschenkoana Scilla mischtschenkoana Species of Asparagaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Talbotia elegans ;Species:Talbotia elegans Images Wikimedia Commons: Amorpha fruticosa Ordo: Fabales - Familia: Fabaceae - Subfamilia: Faboideae - Tribus: Amorpheae - Genus: Amorpha L. Amorpha fruticosa Shrubs Species of Fabaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Ferocactus echidne * Photos Habitus Flowers var. victoriensis Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Polypodium vulgare File:Polypodium vulgare, sores (Matthieu Gauvain).JPG|sorus External links Wikimedia Commons: Amsonia tabernaemontana Image:Amsonia tabernaemontana0.jpg Amsonia tabernaemontana Biology pages with wikidata link Species of Apocynaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Campanula sarmatica File:Campanula sarmatica.jpg|Campanula sarmatica Biology pages with wikidata link Campanula sarmatica Species of Campanulaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Rhododendron fortunei * Photos Rhododendron fortunei subsp. fortunei Rhododendron fortunei subsp. discolor Wikimedia Commons: Quercus robur #Synonyms|see: Wikispecies]] }} Bark Pests and diseases Cultivars Wood, products Wikimedia Commons: Armeria transmontana * Photos Wikimedia Commons: Isotoma axillaris Subclassis: Asteridae - Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Campanulaceae - Subfamilia: Lobelioideae - Genus: Isotoma (R.Br. Biology pages with wikidata link Isotoma axillaris Species of Campanulaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Solanum melongena == Pictures == Pictures Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Salix hastata ;Name:Salix hastata Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Rosa brunonii ;Name: Rosa brunonii Hybrid offspring Wikimedia Commons: Knautia macedonica Image:Knautia macedonica0.jpg Knautia macedonica Species of Caprifoliaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Chorizema cordatum Ordo: Fabales - Familia: Fabaceae - Subfamilia: Faboideae - Tribus: Mirbelieae - Genus: Chorizema Labill. Chorizema cordatum Shrubs Species of Fabaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Dipsacus pilosus File:Dipsacus pilosus 1.jpg Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Proboscidea louisianica Image:Proboscidea louisianica0.jpg Wikimedia Commons: Viburnum globosum ;Species: Viburnum globosum Viburnum globosum Wikimedia Commons: Cuphea ignea ;Species:Cuphea ignea Images Wikimedia Commons: Oxalis stricta Image:Oxalis stricta0.jpg Biology pages with wikidata link Oxalis stricta Species of Oxalidaceae Taxon galleries Wikimedia Commons: Tricyrtis hirta |2= - further see: Wikispecies External links Wikimedia Commons: Acer maximowiczianum ==Photos== Photos Wikimedia Commons: Athyrium filix-femina Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth Wild plants Cultivars Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Pleopeltis percussa ;Pleopeltis percussa Pleopeltis percussa Wikimedia Commons: Heliconia stricta ;Species:Heliconia stricta Images Wikimedia Commons: Chimonanthus praecox ==Habitus== Habitus Flowers Fruits Leaves Bark Wikimedia Commons: Calla palustris File:Sumpfcalla Aug13@29.jpg Wikimedia Commons: Osmunda regalis ;Species:Osmunda regalis Photos Illustrations Wikimedia Commons: Erigeron karvinskianus Ordo: Asterales - Familia: Asteraceae - Subfamilia: Asteroideae - Tribus: Astereae - Genus: Erigeron L. 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