Wikipedia: Fordsons Fordsons may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: New York State Route 295 in New York in Massachusetts Route description History Major intersections See also References External links Wikipedia: Robert Fawcett Robert Fawcett (1903–1967) was trained as a fine artist but achieved fame as an illustrator of books and magazines. References Sources Wikipedia: CMPA CMPA may stand for one of the following: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Tajewala Barrage | country = India Replaced by the Hathiinikund barrage See also External links References Wikipedia: Hedy Hedy () is a German given name and a diminutive form of Hedwig. Notable people with the name include: All set index articles German feminine given names Given names Lists of people by nickname Wikipedia: Flat Duo Jets | associated_acts = History Members Discography Television and film appearances Videos References Wikipedia: Heather Bratton | birth_place = Tampa, Florida, U.S. Modeling Death See also References External links Wikipedia: Thompson Plateau | region = Kamloops Division Yale Land District History Geology References Wikipedia: Cocada (footballer) Luiz Edmundo Lucas Corrêa, usually known as Cocada (born on April 16, 1961CBF BID in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul stateAlmanaque do Flamengo - Placar, São Paulo: Editora Abril, 2001, page 478.) is a Brazilian former football defender. Nickname Career as a player Honors Post-football career References Wikipedia: 2006 League of Ireland Premier Division | biggest home win = Club information Overview Final Table Notes Promotion/Relegation Play-off Independent Assessment Group IAG Table UEFA coefficient Top-scorers Awards Attendances Gallery See also References Wikipedia: Ray E. Porter |death_date= Biography Awards and decorations Promotions See also References Wikipedia: Walkden | official_name = Walkden History Industry Governance Geography Economy Culture and community Landmarks Transport Education Religion Notable people See also References External links Wikipedia: Luttrell Luttrell can refer to: People Places Things Wikipedia: Live (industry sampler) Live (Industry Sampler) is a live album by American alternative rock band Caroline's Spine. The collection features songs recorded live at various venues. Track listing Band Lineup Wikipedia: Amber Kalirai Amber Kalirai is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street, played by Nikki Patel, the character first appeared on-screen during the episode airing on 9 November 2005. In May 2011 it was announced that Patel had returned to filming and Amber appeared again from 11 July 2011. Storylines Casting Development Departure Reception References External links Wikipedia: Naval Oceanographic Office The Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO), located at John C. Stennis Space Center in south Mississippi, comprises approximately 1,000 civilian, military and contract personnel responsible for providing oceanographic products and services to all elements within the Department of Defense. History Organization Ships T-AGS 60 Class T-AGS 50 Class See also External links References Wikipedia: Francis Rufus Bellamy Francis Rufus Bellamy (December 24, 1886 New Rochelle, New York – February 1972) was an American writer and editor. Life Publications References Wikipedia: Jack Nichols (painter) Jack Nichols (1921–2009) was a Canadian artist from Montreal, Quebec. See also Notes References External links Wikipedia: Lyford Lyford may refer to: People Places Wikipedia: David Walsh (journalist) David Walsh}} Career Investigation on doping within cycling Awards and nominations Controversies References External links Wikipedia: Yeongnam Alps The Yeongnam Alps are a group of relatively tall mountains in the Yeongnam region of southeastern South Korea. They are much shorter than the European Alps, only slightly over 1000 m. List of peaks See also External links Wikipedia: Pitsford and Brampton railway station }} History Current station See also Wikipedia: Lykens Lykens can refer to: Places Wikipedia: List of Chinese gardens This is a list of Chinese-style gardens both within China and elsewhere in the world. Greater China North China East China West China South China Macau Hong Kong Taiwan Outside China Asia Australasia Europe North America References Wikipedia: Hermann Friedberg Hermann Friedberg (July 5, 1817 – March 2, 1884) was a Jewish German physician from Rosenberg (Olesno), Silesia. Literary works References Wikipedia: Seymour Itzkoff Seymour William Itzkoff (born 1928) is an American professor known for his research into intelligence.Lynn, Richard (2001). Life and career Selected bibliography References Wikipedia: Do Something Wrong Do Something Wrong is the first EP released by electronica band Psapp. Track listing Personnel Notes External links Wikipedia: Brent Clevlen | birth_place = Austin, Texas Personal life Major leagues References External links Wikipedia: Hathni Kund | subdivision_type1 = State Location Flora and fauna See also References Wikipedia: Lynd Lynd can refer to: See also Wikipedia: Markus Bär Friedenthal Markus Bär Friedenthal (born June 23, 1779, Groß Glogau - December 3/December 8, 1859, Breslau) was a German Jewish banker and scholar. Literary works Bibliography of Jewish Encyclopedia Wikipedia: Radka Toneff | birth_place = Oslo, Norway Career Honors Discography Solo albums Collaborative works References External links Wikipedia: Wampus cat The Wampus cat is a creature in American folklore. It is used as a mascot for numerous educational institutions. Examples In popular culture References External links Wikipedia: Douglas Whynott Douglas Whynott is an American writer who has written and published four critically acclaimed books. He writes what is considered to be literary journalism or narrative nonfiction. Career Education Books published Other publications Residence Music External links Wikipedia: Standard Gravure shooting |time =8:30 – 9:00 a.m. The shooting Victims Standard Gravure The shooter Psychiatric history Lawsuit References External links Wikipedia: Standard Gravure Standard Gravure was a Louisville, Kentucky rotogravure printing company founded in 1922 by Robert Worth Bingham and owned by the powerful Bingham family. For decades, it printed the weekly The Courier-Journal Magazine as well as rotogravure sections for other newspapers as well as Parade. References Wikipedia: Massachusetts Route 43 |length_round=2 Route description Major intersections References Wikipedia: Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloys (or aluminum alloys; see spelling differences) are alloys in which aluminium (Al) is the predominant metal. The typical alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon, tin and zinc. Engineering use and aluminum alloys properties Aluminium alloys versus types of steel Heat sensitivity considerations Household wiring Alloy designations Temper designation Wrought alloys 1000 series 2000 series 3000 series 4000 series 5000 series 6000 series 7000 series 8000 series Mixed list Cast alloys Named alloys Applications Aluminium–Scandium List of aerospace aluminium alloys Marine alloys Cycling alloys Automotive alloys Air and gas cylinders See also References External links Wikipedia: R. H. C. Davis Ralph Henry Carless Davis (7 October 1918 in Oxford – 12 March 1991 in Oxford), always known publicly as R. H. Life == Summary Early life and influences, 1918–1939 World War II years, 1939–1945 Post-war years, 1945–1956 The Merton years, 1956–1970 The Birmingham years, 1970–1984 Retirement, 1984–1991 Extra-curricular activities Works Main works Other works See also References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Boris Altshuler |birth_place = Leningrad, Russia Awards and honors References Further reading Wikipedia: Óengus mac Fergusa Óengus mac Fergusa may refer to: See also Wikipedia: Kunama Kunama may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Monitored short pages Wikipedia: Your Host Your Host (1947–1961) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse. Foaled in California, he was by the imported British stallion Alibhai out of the Irish mare Boudoir by the French stallion Mahmoud. Early life and racing career At stud References Wikipedia: Buttons and War Buttons and War is the third EP released by electronica band Psapp. Track listing Personnel Notes External links Wikipedia: Hampton High School Hampton High School may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Educational institution disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Swanee Paper Swanee Paper Corporation manufactured paper in Ransom, Pennsylvania, United States. The paper mill still exists, although the company does not. See also Wikipedia: Kelly Chase | birth_place = Porcupine Plain, SK, CAN Playing career Awards Career statistics See also External links Wikipedia: Nuclear Death discography The following is a complete Nuclear Death discography. Wake Me When I'm Dead EP (1986) Welcome to the Minds of the Morbid EP (1987) Vultures Feeding EP (1988) A Simphony of Agony EP (1988) Caveat (1988) Bride of Insect (1990) Carrion for Worm (1991) For Our Dead EP (1992) All Creatures Great and Eaten (1992) The Planet Cachexial (1996) Harmony Drinks of Me (2000) Wikipedia: United States campaigns in World War I This article is about the United States campaigns in World War I. American entry into World War I in early April 1917 resulted in the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) on the Western Front, under General John J. Cambrai, 20 November – 7 December 1917 Somme Defensive, 21 March – 6 April 1918 Lys, 9–27 April 1918 Aisne, 27 May – 5 June 1918 Montdidier-Noyon, 9–13 June 1918 Champagne-Marne, 15–18 July 1918 Aisne-Marne, 18 July – 6 August 1918 Somme Offensive, 8 August – 11 November 1918 Oise-Aisne, 18 August – 11 November 1918 Ypres-Lys, 19 August – 11 November 1918 St. Mihiel, 12–16 September 1918 Meuse-Argonne, 26 September – 11 November 1918 Vittorio Veneto, 24 October – 4 November 1918 See also Further reading Notes Wikipedia: Lytle Lytle can refer to: People Places Wikipedia: Celebration Arena The Celebration Arena is a 5,000-seat indoor arena located in Decatur, Alabama. It contains an 150-by-300-foot (45,000 square foot) arena floor that can be used not only for sporting events as well as indoor track meets, rodeos and horse shows (most notably the world championship show for the Racking Horse), but also for trade shows, flea markets, and other special events, such as concerts (concert capacity is up to 7,000). See also References External links Wikipedia: Erin Murphy (poet) Erin Murphy is an American poet who is credited with inventing the demi-sonnet. Publications Books Other publications Other awards Education Career References External links Wikipedia: Fran Fran may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Bilen Bilen may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Monitored short pages Wikipedia: Saint Nicomedes Saint Nicomedes was a Martyr of unknown era, whose feast is observed 15 September. Sources Wikipedia: Robert John Burke |birth_place=Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York, United States Early life and education Career Filmography References External links Wikipedia: Saho Saho may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages with surname-holder lists Monitored short pages Wikipedia: Saints Nereus and Achilleus thumb|Saints Domitilla, Nereus, Achilleus, by [[Peter Paul Rubens.]] Nereus and Achilleus Legend Feast day See also References Wikipedia: Allen M. Fletcher |birth_place= Indianapolis, Indiana Biography Death and legacy References External links Wikipedia: Luang Pho Daeng Luang Pho Daeng (also Loung Por Daeng and Loung Pordaeng) was a Thai Buddhist monk who died while meditating in 1973.Kunaram Temple - Mummified Monk. See also Notes External links Wikipedia: Kiyotaka Imai }} is a Japanese actor and singer who starred in the musicals Evita, The Phantom of the Opera, and Les Misérables. Songs References Wikipedia: Orris oil Orris oil (orris butter or Beurre d'Iris) is an essential oil derived from irises, particularly Iris germanica. It is sometimes used as a flavoring agent and as an ingredient in perfume production. Storage and use References Wikipedia: Def Jux Presents 2 [ Allmusic review] Track listing Chart positions Credits References External links Wikipedia: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater is another home for Takarazuka Creative Arts at Tokyo. External links Wikipedia: David M. Ewalt | birth_place = United States Works Appearances References External links Wikipedia: Internet in Yemen Use of the Internet in Yemen began in 1996 through the ISPs TeleYemen and the Public Telecommunications Corporation.Percentage of Individuals using the Internet 2000-2011, International Telecommunication Union, accessed on 19 August 2012. Growth Filtering See also References Wikipedia: Eddie Boot | birth_place = Laughton Common, England References Wikipedia: John A. Mead |birth_place=Fair Haven, Vermont Biography Career Death References External links Wikipedia: Micrathena The spider genus Micrathena contains more than a hundred species, most of them Neotropical woodland orb-weavers. References External links Wikipedia: Microcoria Microcoria is a congenital disease in which the pupils of the subject are narrower than 2 mm in diameter. Microcoria is associated with juvenile-onset glaucoma. See also References Wikipedia: Asia-Pacific region Asia-Pacific region (or Region) may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Monitored short pages Monitored short pages length 701 to 800 Wikipedia: List of Chancellors of Washington University in St. Louis This is a list of Chancellors of Washington University in St. Louis, founded in 1853. Board of trustees Wikipedia: Overlawyered Overlawyered is a law blog on the subject of tort reform run by author Walter Olson. Founded in 1999, it is "widely considered to be the oldest legal blog and is also one of the most popular", according to Law. Dispute with aviation tort lawyer References External links Wikipedia: Nomocanon A nomocanon (, Nomokanōn; from the Greek nomos - law and kanon - a rule) is a collection of ecclesiastical law, consisting of the elements from both the Civil law and the Canon law. Nomocanons form part of the Oriental canon law of the Eastern Catholic Churches, and are also used by the Orthodox Churches. Byzantine nomocanons St. Sava's Nomocanon See also References Sources Wikipedia: Oda Nobutomo was a Japanese warlord during the Sengoku period. He was head of the Kiyosu Oda faction of the Oda clan, and ruled the four southern districts of Owari Province as shugodai. Family References External links Wikipedia: I Don't Feel Like Dancin' | Recorded = Discoball; 2006 Content Music video Track listing International CD single United Kingdom iTunes digital single Official remixes Charts and certifications Chart positions End of year charts Decade-end charts References External links Wikipedia: Ishtar TV Ishtar TV (, after the Assyro-Babylonian goddess, Ishtar) is an Assyrian broadcasting channel which has its headquarters in Ankawa, Iraq. It was established by Sarkis Aghajan and was led by George Mansour, who was Ishtar TV's first General Manager, in 2005. See also References External links Wikipedia: Mackey Mackey may refer to: People Surname Given name Fictional characters Places Other uses See also Wikipedia: Theodore Baird Residence | area = See also References External links Wikipedia: Ben Stahl (artist) Benjamin Albert Stahl (September 7, 1910 – October 19, 1987) was an American artist, illustrator and author. He showed precocious talent, winning a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago at age twelve. References External links Wikipedia: Ten Cents Ten Cents has several meanings: See also Wikipedia: Albert Abongo | birth_place = Gowrie-BongoUpper East RegionGhana Sources Wikipedia: Census of Quirinius The Census of Quirinius was a census of Judaea taken by Publius Sulpicius Quirinius, Roman governor of Syria, upon the imposition of direct Roman rule in 6 CE. The Jewish historian Josephus portrays the annexation and census as the cause of an uprising which later became identified with the Zealot movement. The census The date of the birth of Jesus See also References Citations Bibliography Wikipedia: The Kiss (opera) | native_name_lang = Roles Synopsis Act 1 Act 2 Recordings References External links Wikipedia: Henry Honoré Henry Hamilton Honoré (February 19, 1824 – August 16, 1916) was an American businessman. Notes and references Wikipedia: Maeser Maeser can refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Monitored short pages Wikipedia: John Gresham Sir John Gresham (1495 – 23 October 1556) was an English merchant, courtier and financier who worked for King Henry VIII of England, Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell. He was Lord Mayor of London and founded Gresham's School. Life The Gresham Family Marriages and issue Descendants of Sir John Gresham Gresham's School The Gresham Grasshopper Notes References External links Wikipedia: David Roderick David Roderick (born 1970) is an award-winning American poet from Plymouth Massachusetts, who is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Previously, he lectured at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill as the Kenan Visiting Writer, at the The University of San Francisco and at Stanford University, where he also conducted classes for its EPGY summer program. Awards Books Education Notes External links Wikipedia: Rafael Maroto |dead=dead Childhood and early life Military career The Portuguese Campaign Spanish War of Independence In the Americas Again in Spain The Carlist cause Initial stages Imprisonments and escapes Arrival in the Carlist ranks General of the Army of Biscay Maroto heads the forces of Catalonia The defense of Estella Executions of Estella Reactions The "Marotist" party Preliminaries to the Convention of Vergara August 31, 1839 Last years Personnel record Decorations Maroto and the Episodios Nacionales Sources Other sources See also External links Notes Wikipedia: Einmal sehen wir uns wieder "Einmal sehen wir uns wieder" References and external links Wikipedia: Unified Lumumbist Party |ideology=LumumbismSocialism See also References Wikipedia: Stephen Alonzo Schoff thumb|Self-portrait, engraving by Stephen A. Schoff Biography Legacy References Image gallery External links Wikipedia: Wild Island |homepage = Official Website Attractions Waterpark Current Slides Past Slides Pools Food and Beverage External links Wikipedia: German submarine U-156 (1941) The German submarine U-156 was a Type IXC U-boat of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine built for service during World War II. The keel for this boat was laid on 11 October 1940 at the DeSchiMAG AG Weser yard in Bremen, Germany, as yard number 998. Design Service history Aruba attack Laconia incident Fate Patrols Wolfpacks Summary of raiding history Gallery References Notes Citations Bibliography External links Wikipedia: Richard Levinson |birth_place=Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Life and career Death References External links Wikipedia: New Brunswick Route 111 |length_round=1 Route description History Major intersections References Wikipedia: Red Zebra Broadcasting Red Zebra Broadcasting is a sports marketing company headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. The company owns and operates four radio stations in the greater Washington, D. Corporate governance and executives References Wikipedia: William Wallace Kimball William Wallace Kimball (1828–1904) was the founder of the company now known as Kimball International. References Wikipedia: Josh Chetwynd | position = Catcher Journalism Broadcasting Books Baseball career Education References Wikipedia: Raymond Carhart Raymond T Carhart was an audiologist. As a founder and pioneer of the science, he is frequently referred to as the "Father of Audiology. References Wikipedia: Melanoplus __NOTOC__ Selected species External links Wikipedia: Zwei kleine Italiener "Zwei kleine Italiener" 1962 singles 1962 songs All articles lacking sources Articles lacking sources from June 2012 Columbia Graphophone Company singles Eurovision songs of 1962 Eurovision songs of Germany Fictional duos Interlanguage link template link number Number-one singles in Germany Number-one singles in Norway Songs about Italy Songs about Naples Songs about children Wikipedia: Susan Steinberg (author) Susan Steinberg is an American writer. She is the author of the short story collections, Hydroplane and The End of Free Love, and her third collection, Spectacle, is forthcoming from Graywolf Press. Books Other publications Education Career Awards and fellowships References External links Wikipedia: Joey Worthen | birth_place = Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Career College and amateur Professional International Coaching career Honors Richmond Kickers References External links Wikipedia: Rosina Storchio Rosina Storchio (19 January 1872 – 24 July 1945) was an Italian lyric soprano who starred in the world premieres of operas by Puccini, Leoncavallo, Mascagni and Giordano. Renowned throughout her homeland for her vivacious acting and sparkling stage presence, she possessed a smallish voice which deteriorated prematurely due to hard use, over-parting, and flaws in her technique. Operatic roles created by Storchio External links Wikipedia: Au Pair II | website = Synopsis Cast DVD release Television release References External links Wikipedia: New Brunswick Route 112 in Riverview See also References Wikipedia: Freakies Freakies was a brand of sweetened breakfast cereal produced by Ralston and sold in the United States. The cereal – which consisted of crunchy, light brown, torus-shaped amalgam – was Ralston's first major venture into the sweetened ready-to-eat cereal market, and was marketed using a cast of seven creatures known collectively as "the Freakies". Marketing Characters TV Commercials Failed 1980s Relaunch Appearances in pop culture References External links Wikipedia: Al Sharqiya Al Sharqiya ("The Eastern One") is Iraq's first privately owned satellite channel owned by the London, Baghdad and Dubai-based Iraqi media tycoon Saad al-Bazzaz, a secular nationalist from Mosul. Al-Bazzaz is also the Editor in Chief of the Azzaman newspaper. References External links Wikipedia: Antecedent (law) Antecedents are the life history and previous convictions of a defendant in a criminal case. They are colloquially known as "previous convictions" (or simply "previous") in the United Kingdom and "prior convictions" (or simply "priors") in the United States and Australia. All articles lacking sources All stub articles Articles lacking sources from March 2009 Criminal law Legal terminology Legal terminology stubs Wikipedia: Düsseldorf-Himmelgeist Himmelgeist is an old part of Düsseldorf, which is dominated by agriculture until today. Coordinates on Wikidata Düsseldorf Urban districts and boroughs of Düsseldorf Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers Wikipedia: Marcel (song) "Marcel" References and external links Wikipedia: James L. Gelvin James L. Gelvin (born February 12, 1951) is an American scholar of Middle Eastern history. Biography Awards Works by Gelvin References Wikipedia: Malik Jamroz Khan }} 1878 births 1963 deaths All articles lacking sources All orphaned articles All stub articles Articles lacking sources from February 2009 Orphaned articles from March 2011 Pakistani politician stubs Pashtun people Wikipedia: Jimmy Mullen (footballer, born 1923),_born_1923) | birth_place = Newcastle upon Tyne, England Career,_born_1923)#Career Statistics,_born_1923)#Statistics Honours,_born_1923)#Honours References,_born_1923)#References External links,_born_1923)#External_links Wikipedia: Mary Koncel Mary Koncel is an American poet who has published two books of poetry. Grants and awards Books Other publications - anthologies Journal publications References Wikipedia: Man gewöhnt sich so schnell an das Schöne "Man gewöhnt sich so schnell an das Schöne" References and external links Wikipedia: Lissette | birth_place = Lima, Peru Early life Career Family Support for democracy in Cuba References External links Wikipedia: Skip (curling) In the sport of curling, the skip (also called a "skipper") is the captain of a team. The skip determines strategy, and holds the broom in the house (target area) to indicate where a teammate at the other end of the curling sheet (playing area) should aim the stone. Responsibilities History References Bibliography Wikipedia: Bay Express The Bay Express was a passenger train between Wellington and Napier in New Zealand's North Island, operating from Monday, 11 December 1989 until Sunday, 7 October 2001. It was operated by New Zealand Railways, later Tranz Scenic. Introduction Rolling stock Additional rolling stock Accident in 1995 Re-equipped and refurbished Timetable Demise References External links Wikipedia: Paradies, wo bist du?,_wo_bist_du%3F "Paradies, wo bist du?" External links,_wo_bist_du%3F#External_links Wikipedia: Mark Diamond Addy Mark Diamond Nii Addy was a schoolmaster and politician in Ghana. References Wikipedia: Ida B. Ida B: ...and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World is a 2004 children's novel written by Katherine Hannigan. Plot introduction Awards References External links Wikipedia: Ian Moor | birth_place = North Ferriby, East Riding of Yorkshire Career References External links Wikipedia: Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 The Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA) () is an Act of Congress enacted by the 107th United States Congress to address port and waterway security. It was signed into law by President George W. Background and History Summarized Analysis Important Provisions See also References External links Wikipedia: Argyrodes argentatus Argyrodes argentatus is a kleptoparasitic spider. Distribution Name References External links Wikipedia: Solanum pimpinellifolium |}} Breeding purposes References Wikipedia: Kenya Railways Corporation |doublelength = History Operations Parameters 2006 Management change 2008 riots Main stations New Standard Gauge Network MoKaKi railway First phase Second phase Future phases LAPSSET See also References External links Wikipedia: Leticia Brédice Leticia Marcela Brédice () is an Argentine award-winning actress. Life TV/film resumé (extract) References External links Wikipedia: Cinnah Caddesi thumb|Cinnah Caddesi Importance Status See also Sources Wikipedia: Nardin Nardin may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Place name disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Hans Schäfer | birth_place = Köln-Zollstock, Germany References External links Wikipedia: Ingeniero Ballester Dam The Ingeniero Ballester Dam is a dam on the Neuquén River, in the Argentine Patagonia. The top of the dam doubles as a road bridge. All articles lacking sources All stub articles Argentina transport stubs Argentine building and structure stubs Articles lacking sources from December 2009 Bridge (structure) stubs Bridges in Argentina Buildings and structures in Neuquén Province Buildings and structures in Río Negro Province Coordinates on Wikidata Dams completed in 1916 Dams in Argentina Wikipedia: Tony Rodwell | birth_place = Southport, England Blackpool Post-retirement Personal life Honours References External links Wikipedia: Hadji Murat (novel) Hadji Murat (or alternatively Hadji Murad, although the first spelling better captures the original title in [Khadzhi-Murat]) is a short novel written by Leo Tolstoy from 1896 to 1904 and published posthumously in 1912 (though not in full until 1917). It is Tolstoy’s final work. Inspiration Historical context Plot summary Character list Themes Symbolism References External links Wikipedia: Regina Jacobs }} Track & field career Real Estate Career References External links Wikipedia: Olive no Hana is one type of arare (rice cracker) which is made by in Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan. It is an assortment of arare which has many savory flavors, squares of kombu and dried thick nori. External links Wikipedia: Nathan Apea Aferi |death_place = Accra, Ghana Career Congo Chief of Defence Staff Politics Death References Wikipedia: Yale Entrepreneurial Society |newsletter = The Yale Entrepreneur Yale Venture Challenge Elevator Pitch Competition The Yale Entrepreneurial Magazine Speakers Regional events References External links Wikipedia: Driffield and District League The Driffield & District League is a football competition based in England. It has a total of two divisions of which the highest, the Premier Division, sits at level 13 of the English football league system and is a feeder to the Humber Premier League. Member clubs 2015–16 External links Wikipedia: Réjean Lemelin | birth_place = Quebec City, QC, CAN Playing career Personal life Awards Career statistics Regular season and playoffs References External links Wikipedia: The Amazing Mrs Pritchard The Amazing Mrs Pritchard was a British drama series that aired on BBC One in 2006. Produced by Kudos, it was written by Sally Wainwright and stars Jane Horrocks in the title role of a woman with no previous political experience who becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Background Cast Main Guests and cameos Plot Main characters Episodes DVD releases References External links Wikipedia: Union Station (Oklahoma City) |closed=1967 History Architecture and station facilities Tenant railroads Controversy References Wikipedia: Fire services in York Region Fire services in the York Region of Canada are provided for and by each municipality. There are 35 fire stations across the region. History Command Rank Operations Georgina East Gwillimbury King Township Central York Fire Services Whitchurch–Stouffville City of Vaughan Richmond Hill Markham *NOTE* Apparatus See also References External links Wikipedia: The Cheetah Girls 2 (soundtrack) | Length = 42:22 Background and release Critical reception Singles Commercial performance Track listing Charts and certifications Charts Certifications Release history References Wikipedia: The Best of Candlebox [ Allmusic review] Track listing References Wikipedia: Aldo Serena | birth_date = Club career International career Style of play Honours Player Club International Individual Orders References External links Wikipedia: High School Competency Test The High School Competency Test, or HSCT, was a test used by all public high schools in the state of Florida from 1981 until the implementation of the FCAT in 1998. First mandated by the State Board of Education in 1977, it was the first attempt by the state to ensure that school districts across the state were being held to at least some minimal standards of accountability. External links Wikipedia: Lucifer sheartail | genus = Calothorax References External links Wikipedia: Denali (album) |rev2=Pitchfork Media |rev2Score=(5.8/10) link Track listing Personnel References Wikipedia: Rick Alley Rick Alley is an American poet. He is the author of the book, Talking Book of July (Eastern Washington Press, 1997) He is also the author of August Machine, a chapbook of lyrical poems. References Wikipedia: Overgrip An overgrip is a soft, padded, clothlike tape wrapped around the grip of a racquet. There are a few purposes for an overgrip. See also External links Wikipedia: List of Static Shock episodes This article consists of a list of episodes of the animated series Static Shock. Seasons Season 1 (2000–01) Season 2 (2002) Season 3 (2003) Season 4 (2004) Static Shock/Justice League Unlimited crossovers Wikipedia: Psycho in the Wax Museum | label = Misfits Track listing Personnel References External links Wikipedia: Felix (Bishop of Urgell) Felix, Bishop of Urgell, also known as Felix of Urzel (in Catalan: Fèlix d'Urgell, died in Lyon, 818) was a Christian bishop and theologian in the eighth century. Notes See also Wikipedia: Albert Inkpin Albert Inkpin (16 June 1884 – 1944) was a British communist and the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB). He served several terms in prison for political offences. Biography Early years Communist leader Footnotes Publications by Albert Inkpin External links Wikipedia: Joseph Aidoo Joseph Boahen Aidoo is a politician in Ghana. He was a Member of Parliament with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Amenfi East parliamentary constituency in the Western Region. References Wikipedia: Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain | translator = Olivia Mok Structure Plot Main characters Adaptations Films Television Radio Translations References Wikipedia: Marvin Herzog |birth_place = Toronto, Canada Books See also External links Wikipedia: Dorothy Barresi Dorothy Barresi (born November 13, 1957 Buffalo, New York) is an American poet. Life Education Awards Works Poetry Anthologies Interviews Reviews See also References External links Wikipedia: Deschapelles coup The Deschapelles Coup, named after a 19th-century French chess and whist player Alexandre Deschapelles,"Kudos for a Coup and an Inventor", Alan Truscott, New York Times, June 7 1987 is the lead of an unsupported honor to create an entry in partner's hand; often confused with the Merrimac coup, the lead of an unsupported honor to kill an entry in an opponent's hand. Example References External links Wikipedia: List of schools in Lake Charles, Louisiana,_Louisiana List of schools in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States: Colleges and universities,_Louisiana#Colleges_and_universities Vocational and technological schools,_Louisiana#Vocational_and_technological_schools Public elementary education,_Louisiana#Public_elementary_education Public middle school education,_Louisiana#Public_middle_school_education Private K-8 education,_Louisiana#Private_K-8_education Public high school education,_Louisiana#Public_high_school_education Private high school education institutions,_Louisiana#Private_high_school_education_institutions Others,_Louisiana#Others Christian schools,_Louisiana#Christian_schools Wikipedia: The U.S. vs. John Lennon (soundtrack) [ AllMusic review] Track listing Notes Release details References Wikipedia: Deborah Hopkinson Deborah Hopkinson is an American writer of children's books, primarily historical fiction, nonfiction and picture books. She was born in Lowell, Massachusetts. Selected books Awards See also References External links Wikipedia: Jean White-Haney Rose Ethel Janet White-Haney (11 March 1877 – 21 October 1953), known as Jean White-Haney, was a botanist in Queensland, Australia. She was officer-in-charge of the Queensland Board of Advice on Prickly Pear Destruction and helped develop biological control methods for managing the invasive cactus. Early life and education Prickly-Pear Experimental Station, Dulacca Later activities in Australia References External links Wikipedia: PISCES PISCES (Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System) is a border control database system largely based on biometrics developed by Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.. Overview Controversy Effectiveness Data-handling Deployment Currently deployed Expected future deployment Former deployment Unclear See also References Wikipedia: Frederick Meadows Frederick Meadows was a Canadian athlete. He competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. References Wikipedia: Marianne Boruch Marianne Boruch (born June 19, 1950) is an American poet whose published work also includes essays on poetry, sometimes in relation to other fields (music, visual art, ornithology, medicine, aviation, etc.) and, most recently, a memoir about a hitchhiking trip taken in 1971. Life Awards Bibliography Collections Poetry Essays Memoirs List of poems References Wikipedia: Scott Reiss Scott Reiss is an American broadcast journalist who works as a sports anchor/reporter at KTVU, the Fox affiliate in the Bay Area. He is also the voice of Stanford University athletics, handling play-by-play duties for Stanford Cardinal football and basketball. References External links Wikipedia: Francis Knott Francis Arthur Knott (11 August 1882 – 24 March 1958) was a British middle-distance running athlete. He competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. References Wikipedia: Allegheny Trail The Allegheny Trail is a hiking trail that passes through the Allegheny Mountains of eastern West Virginia, United States. It is the longest named trail in the state excepting the Appalachian Trail, of which traverses the state at Harper's Ferry. See also References External links Wikipedia: Joseph M. Smith Joseph M. "Joe" Smith was a British track and field athlete. References Wikipedia: Louis Bonniot de Fleurac }} References Wikipedia: Henry Tucker Henry Tucker may refer to: See also Wikipedia: Plácido Vega y Daza thumb|250px|Plácido Vega y Dasa Political career Brief Timeline See also External links Wikipedia: Nils Dahl Nils Dahl (November 12, 1882 – July 17, 1966) was a Norwegian middle distance runner who specialized in the 1500 metres. He represented Kristiania IF. References Wikipedia: Robert Moore Williams | death_place = United States Bibliography Jongor series Zanthar series Novels Short Story Collections Selected Short Stories Non-Fiction See also References External links Wikipedia: Grace Bauer Grace Bauer is an American poet. She lives in Nebraska, grew up in Pennsylvania and has also lived in New Orleans, Montana, Virginia and Massachusetts. Early life and education Career Awards Books Other publications References External links Wikipedia: The Sweet Trinity The Golden Vanity}} Synopsis Recordings Variants Notes External links Wikipedia: Jacques Keyser | weight = References Further reading Wikipedia: The Golden Vanity The Golden Vanity may refer to: See also Wikipedia: Yantra Yantra (यन्त्र) (Sanskrit) (literally "machine, contraption"is a mystical diagram, mainly from the Tantric] traditions of the [[Indian religions. They are used for the worship of deities in temples or at home; as an aid in meditation; used for the benefits given by their supposed occult powers based on Hindu astrology and tantric texts. Usage and meaning Structural elements and symbolism See also References Further reading Gallery Wikipedia: Didier Six | birth_date = References External links Wikipedia: Fort Pond Bay Fort Pond Bay is a bay off Long Island Sound at Montauk, New York that was site of the first port on the end of Long Island. The bay has a long naval and civilian history. History New-York Province and the American Revolution The 19th century and today References External links Wikipedia: Joseph Lynch (athlete) | birth_place = Sydney, Australia Career Military career References Wikipedia: Kjeld Nielsen Kjeld Nielsen (July 26, 1887 – February 14, 1910) was a Danish athlete. He competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. References Wikipedia: Gillian Conoley Gillian Conoley (born 1955) is an American poet, the author of seven collections of poetry. Her work has been anthologized widely, most recently in Norton’s American Hybrid, Counterpath’s Postmodern Lyricisms, Mondadori’s Nuova Poesia Americana (Italian), and Best American Poetry. Biography Awards and honors Publications References External links Wikipedia: Arno Hesse Arno Hesse (born 1887, date of death unknown) was a German athlete. He competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. References Wikipedia: The George Aloe and the Sweepstake The George Aloe and the Sweepstake or The Coasts of High Barbary is Child ballad 285. In 1595, a ballad was entered into the Stationers' Register with the note that it was to be sung to the tune of The George Aloe and the Sweepstake. Synopsis References External links Wikipedia: United Airlines Flight 629 |fatalities=44 (all) Flight and explosion Victims Investigation Trial Aftermath Similar incidents See also Notes References Further reading Wikipedia: Seymour Drescher Seymour Drescher is an American historian and a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, known for his studies on Alexis de Tocqueville and Slavery. Awards Selected works Reviews References Wikipedia: Ray Eberle | birth_place = Mechanicville, New York, U.S. Career Death References External links Wikipedia: Frank Riley Frank Nicholas Riley (July 3, 1887 – October 30, 1950) was an American athlete, and member of the Irish American Athletic Club. He was a member of the U. Notes References External links Wikipedia: Charles Swain (athlete) | birth_place = Brisbane, Australia References Wikipedia: Necromanis Necromanis (literally "dead pangolin") is an extinct genus of pangolin from the Oligocene and Miocene of France. It was originally placed within Manidae, but was eventually removed from it as more fossil pholidotids from outside that family were found and studied more extensively (i. References Wikipedia: Dead Runners Society thumb|The DRS flag includes a smiley [[emoticon, symbolizing computers, and a star, symbolizing the Lone Star State of Texas, where the group was founded in 1991]] The Dead Runners Society (DRS) is a worldwide online running club. DRS is notable for its unusual role in the development of both the Internet and the sport of running. Other DRS lists Members Terminology History Name DRS conferences Books and Tools by Dead Runners References and external links Wikipedia: Ebenezer Ako-Adjei |death_place = Accra, Ghana Career Later life and death Honours Legacy Quotes See also Notes External links Wikipedia: Dwight V. Swain Dwight Vreeland Swain (November 17, 1915 – February 24, 1992), born in Rochester, Michigan, was an American writer. References External links Wikipedia: Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York The Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York (TIUNY) is an all male educational institution for high school and college age young men located in Rochester, New York. It is primarily an American, Lithuanian style Haredi but non-Hasidic yeshiva. Notable alumni External links Wikipedia: John McGough John McGough (13 December 1876 – 1967) was a Scottish athlete. He competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. References Wikipedia: Marlene Cowling | birth_place = Dauphin, Manitoba References Wikipedia: Dora Montefiore Dorothy (Dora) Frances Montefiore (née Fuller) (20 December 1851 – 21 Decemberhttp://adb.anu. Early life Suffragette Later life See also References External links Wikipedia: Laurie Kutchins Laurie Kutchins is an American poet and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Life Awards Fellowships and grants Books Anthologies References Wikipedia: Joseph Dreher }} References Wikipedia: Vermont Route 114 in Lyndon Route description Major intersections Related routes Vermont Route 141 Vermont Route 147 See also References External links Wikipedia: Bassi Falls 300px|thumb|right|Bassi Falls All stub articles Coordinates on Wikidata El Dorado County, California geography stubs,_California_geography_stubs Landforms of El Dorado County, California,_California Tourist attractions in El Dorado County, California,_California Waterfalls of California Waterfalls of the Sierra Nevada (U.S.) Wikipedia: Zaim Imamović (officer) Zaim Imamović (1961 – 9 October 1995) was a Bosniak soldier who commanded the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina forces in the Goražde enclave during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1961 births 1995 deaths All articles lacking sources All stub articles Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina soldiers Articles lacking sources from March 2009 Bosnia and Herzegovina Muslims Bosnia and Herzegovina military personnel killed in action Bosnia and Herzegovina people stubs Bosniaks of Bosnia and Herzegovina European military personnel stubs Officers of the Yugoslav People's Army People from Goražde Wikipedia: Gaston Ragueneau }} References Wikipedia: Square's Tom Sawyer | genre = Role-playing video game Gameplay Plot and setting Development Reception and legacy References External links Wikipedia: Uganda Railways Corporation }} South Africa's involvement 2008 Kenya crisis Train ferries ThyssenKrupp's Sudan-Uganda proposal Railway links with adjacent countries See also References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Susi Lanner thumb Biography Selected filmography External links Wikipedia: Mike McKenna (musician) | birth_place = Toronto, Ontario, Canada History Discography Singles Albums References Wikipedia: Austin Briggs | death_date= References External links Wikipedia: Ron Fewchuk | birth_place = Selkirk, Manitoba References Wikipedia: Rotating tank A rotating tank is a device used for fluid dynamics experiments. Typically cylinders filled with water on a rotating platform, the tanks can be used in various ways to simulate the atmosphere or ocean. External links Wikipedia: She Creature | last_aired = Plot Cast Release Reception Awards and nominations See also References External links Wikipedia: HMS Sappho (1837) HMS Sappho was a Royal Navy brig that gained public notoriety for causing a diplomatic incident over the slave trade with the United States of America and then went missing off the Australian coast in 1857–58. Construction and service career Diplomatic incident Disappearance of Sappho Cause of the disaster References External links Wikipedia: Nain, Virginia,_Virginia |postal_code_type = ZIP codes References,_Virginia#References Wikipedia: Avishai Margalit Avishai Margalit (hebr. אבישי מרגלית, b. Early life and education Academic career Political activity New York Review of Books contributions Family Awards Academic Research Research Areas and Philosophical Approach Idolatry The Decent Society The Ethics of Memory Occidentalism: the West in the Eyes of its Enemies On Compromise and Rotten Compromises Publications Books Books Edited Selected Articles Philosophy of Language Logic and Rationality Ethics and Politics See also References External links Wikipedia: Jean Bouin | weight = References Further reading Wikipedia: Diane Wald Diane Wald is an American poet. Her most recent poetry collection is Wonderbender (1913 Press, 2011). Honors and awards Published works References External links Wikipedia: Junior Glymph | birth_place = Hackensack, New Jersey Early years Professional career Green Bay Packers Atlanta Falcons Dallas Cowboys (first stint) Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys (second stint) Miami Dolphins References Wikipedia: Kingfisher Tower Kingfisher Tower is a folly built by Edward Clark on the eastern shore of Otsego Lake at Point Judith near County Highway 31 near Cooperstown, New York in 1876. References Wikipedia: Bruce Barthol Bruce Barthol, (born November 11, 1947), is an American bass player. Sources Wikipedia: John Colianni John Colianni (born in Paterson, New Jersey) is an American jazz pianist,|title=Biography: John Colianni|last=Wynn|first=Ron|publisher=Allmusic|accessdate=14 April 2010}} soloist, band leader, recording artist and accompanist. He recorded John Colianni, his debut album, Blues-O-Matic and Live at the Maybeck for Concord Records. References Wikipedia: Lee Upton Lee Upton (born June 2, 1953 St. Johns, Michigan) is an American poet, fiction writer, literary critic, and a graduate of the MFA Program for Poets & Writers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Life Awards Her poems Bibliography Poetry Fiction Short Story Collections Nonfiction Criticism Anthologies References External links Wikipedia: Eddie Murphy (album) Eddie Murphy is the self-titled debut solo album by Eddie Murphy. It was released in late 1982, on Columbia Records. Critical reception Track listing Production References Wikipedia: List of stars with proplyds This is a list of stars with proplyds (protoplanetary discs) and includes whether they have gaps or planets. Lists of proplyds List of proplyds with gaps List of proplyds without gaps List of extremes List of firsts See also References External links Wikipedia: Oscar Larsen Oscar Larsen (September 11, 1887 – April 16, 1975) was a Norwegian middle distance runner. He represented Kristiania IF. References Wikipedia: International Year of the Potato The year 2008 was declared the International Year of the Potato by the United Nations, noting that the potato is a staple food in the diet of the world’s population, and affirming the need to focus world attention on the role that the potato can play in providing food security and eradicating poverty. Food and Agriculture Organization was invited to facilitate its implementation. See also References External links Wikipedia: François Delloye François Delloye (16 December 1888 – 14 November 1958) was a Belgian athlete. He competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. References Wikipedia: Council of Frankfurt The Council of Frankfurt in 794 was called by Charlemagne, as a meeting of the important churchmen of the Frankish realm. Bishops and priests from Francia, Aquitaine, Italy, and Provence gathered in Franconofurd (now known as Frankfurt am Main). Participants Topics and outcomes of the Council Miscellaneous Bibliography References Wikipedia: Axel Andersson E. Axel Andersson (19 June 1887 – 17 August 1951) was a Swedish athlete. References Wikipedia: Charles Wereko-Brobby Charles Wereko-Brobby (born 27 March 1953, in Kumasi) is an engineer, politician, diplomat and businessman in Ghana. He was once the Chief Executive of Ghana's Volta River Authority, then the country's major power generator and distributor. Education References Wikipedia: John E. Fitzgerald John Ebenezer Fitzgerald (September 8, 1886 – 1963) was a Canadian athlete. He competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. References Wikipedia: John Lambe John Lambe (or Lamb) (c. 1545 – 13 June 1628) was an English astrologer who, by around 1625, served George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham as his personal advisor. Background Allegations and execution Lambe in literature References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Duchy League | divisions = 5 Cup competitions Member clubs 2015–16 Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four Division Five Recent Divisional Champions External links Wikipedia: Tippu Tippu may refer to: See also Wikipedia: Cooper–Harper rating scale The Cooper–Harper rating scale is a set of criteria used by test pilots and flight test engineers to evaluate the handling qualities of aircraft during flight test. The scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 indicating the best handling characteristics and 10 the worst. Background Development Awards Other scales Scale See also Further reading References Wikipedia: Dorland-Bell School The Dorland-Bell School was a mission school in Hot Springs, North Carolina, USA. It was founded in 1886, when Luke and Juliette Dorland, Presbyterian missionaries and educators, retired to Hot Springs. See also References Wikipedia: East Riding Amateur League The East Riding Amateur League was a football competition based in and around Kingston upon Hull, England. It had one division in its last season in the 2014-15 season, although in the past it has had as many as eight. Past champions (partial list) External links Wikipedia: SS Washington SS Washington was a 24,189-ton luxury liner of the United States Lines, named after the US capital city. Construction Commercial career Military career References Sources External links Wikipedia: Annabel Mullion | birth_place = External links Wikipedia: Eddie Murphy: Comedian Eddie Murphy: Comedian (1983) was Eddie Murphy's second album. The album was the recipient of one Grammy, Best Comedy Album, at the 1984 Grammy Awards. Track listing Wikipedia: Lists of Tamil-language films The Tamil language film industry has produced and released over 5000 motion pictures since the release of its first sound film, Kalidas, in 1931. This is a master list of listings of films released from 1931 in the industry by decade of release. External links Wikipedia: East Riding County League The East Riding County League is a football competition based in England. It has a total of six divisions including the East Riding County League Premier Division which sits at level 13 of the English football league system and is a feeder to the Humber Premier League. Member clubs 2015–16 Champions References External links Wikipedia: Craig Raudman |birth_place = Redding, California, United States References Wikipedia: CJWV-FM (defunct) CJWV-FM is a former radio station in Winnipeg, Manitoba that broadcast at 200 watts. It was known on-air as Flava 107. Controversy References External links Wikipedia: Nertera granadensis }} Care and maintenance Toxicity References External links Wikipedia: Hunter Valentine Hunter Valentine is an alternative rock band formed in 2004 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hunter Valentine has a moderate fan base in southern Ontario. History Members Kiyomi McCloskey Laura Petracca Leanne Bowes Lisa Bianco Past members Aimee Bessada Adrienne Lloyd Somer Bingham Veronica Sanchez Touring Bands Discography Album EP Music videos See also References External links Wikipedia: Katharine Scherman Katharine Scherman Rosin (October 7, 1915 – December 11, 2009) was an American author of non-fiction. History Bibliography External links References Wikipedia: Vermont Route 253 in Canaan Route description Major intersections References External links Wikipedia: Learning to Fly (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song) "Learning To Fly" is a song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It was written in 1991 by Tom Petty and his writing partner Jeff Lynne for the album Into the Great Wide Open. Track listing Musicians Chart history Cover versions In popular culture References External links Wikipedia: Ettore Bastianini Ettore Bastianini (September 24, 1922 – January 25, 1967) was an Italian opera singer who was particularly associated with the operas of the bel canto tradition. Early training and career as a bass Career as a baritone Triumph on the international stage: 1952-1957 Golden years: 1958–1962 Battling illness and the end of a career: 1963-1967 Recordings References Sources External links Wikipedia: Comte Desbassayns de Richemont | birth_place = Paris Political life and achievements Marriage Death Titles External links Wikipedia: Helen of Troy (disambiguation) Helen of Troy is a figure from Greek mythology: See also Wikipedia: Juan Pereda | birth_place=La Paz, Bolivia References See also Wikipedia: Yuri Shvets Yuri B. Shvets (, , born 1952 in Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) was a Major in the KGB (CSS USSR) during the years 1980-1990. References External links Wikipedia: SS Samarkand The SS Samarkand (Hull Number 1769, launched as the SS Peter Cooper) was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. External links Wikipedia: Boninite Boninite is a mafic extrusive rock high in both magnesium and silica, thought to be usually formed in fore-arc environments, typically during the early stages of subduction. The rock is named for its occurrence in the Izu-Bonin arc south of Japan. Petrology Geochemistry Genesis Examples References Wikipedia: Kudzu (disambiguation) Kudzu, a climbing, coiling, and trailing vine in the genus Pueraria, native to southern Japan and southeast China All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: A Chinese Ghost Story III | director = Ching Siu-tung Plot Cast References External links Wikipedia: Tolo TV | network = Programs Turkish programs 2011 rebrand Criticism of availability Attacks See also References External links Wikipedia: VMFA-351 Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 351 (VMFA-351) was a fighter squadron in the Marine Forces Reserve. The squadron was based at Naval Air Station Atlanta and participated in action during World War II and was decommissioned in 1975. History World War II Reserve duty See also Notes References Wikipedia: Andy Ponstein |birth_place = Jenison, Michigan, United States Career References External links Wikipedia: Sugamo child abandonment case The was an incident that took place in Japan in 1988 in Tokyo's Toshima Ward. Covered extensively by both Japanese and international media, it was also the basis of the 2004 fictional feature film Nobody Knows. Background Discovery Film version See also Further reading References External links Wikipedia: Clint Longley |birth_place=Wichita Falls, Texas Early years Professional career Dallas Cowboys San Diego Chargers Toronto Argonauts (CFL) St. Louis Cardinals Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL) Roger Staubach incident Personal life References External links Wikipedia: When You're a Boy [ Allmusic review] Track listing Personnel Reception Chart performance References Wikipedia: Wrights Lake | lake_type = References See also Wikipedia: Duane Thomas | birth_place = Dallas, Texas Early years Professional career Dallas Cowboys (first stint) San Diego Chargers Washington Redskins The Hawaiians (WFL) Dallas Cowboys (second stint) British Columbia Lions (CFL) Green Bay Packers (NFL) Bibliography Treatment of Thomas in Coyne and Millman history References External links Wikipedia: The Freeze The Freeze are a punk rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts formed by a group of teenagers in 1978.Hanger, Clif (2005). History Discography Studio albums Singles and EPs Split releases Compilation appearances Live recordings Collections Members Current members Former members References External links Wikipedia: Djahy Djahi, Djahy or Tjahi was the Egyptian designation for southern Retenu.Gardiner, Alan. See also References Wikipedia: Brandeis-Bardin Institute }} History Alumni Filming locations See also References External links Wikipedia: Zoellner Arts Center Zoellner Arts Center is an arts center located on the campus of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It opened in 1997, having been endowed by a $6 million gift from Robert Zoellner ('54) and his wife Victoria. See also References External links Wikipedia: The Labyrinth of Solitude The Labyrinth of Solitude () is a book-length essay by Octavio Paz, first published in 1950. One of his most famous works, it consists of nine parts: "The Pachuco and other extremes", "Mexican Mask", "The Day of the Dead", "The Sons of La Malinche", "The Conquest and Colonialism", "From Independence to the Revolution", "The Mexican Intelligence", "The Present Day" and "The Dialectic of Solitude". See also References Wikipedia: Crystal Range | highest = Pyramid Peak See also References Wikipedia: MV Cebu City MV Cebu City was a ferry operated by William Lines Incorporated (which later merged with Aboitiz Incorporated in 1996). References Wikipedia: Leon Jessel Leon Jessel, or Léon Jessel (January 22, 1871 – January 4, 1942) was a German composer of operettas and light classical music pieces. Today he is best known internationally as the composer of the popular jaunty march The Parade of the Tin Soldiers, also known as The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers. Early life and family Career Persecution and death in Nazi Germany Legacy The Parade of the Tin Soldiers Schwarzwaldmädel and other works Selected works References Notes External links Wikipedia: Karl Wirsum Karl Wirsum (born 1939 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American artist. A member of the notorious Chicago artistic group The Hairy Who,Francis Summers. Legacy Selected collections References External links Wikipedia: Mondo Topless | runtime = 60 minutes Plot Cast Documentary traditions External links Wikipedia: Nate Powell | birth_place = Little Rock, Arkansas Early life Career Personal life Awards Bibliography Discography With Soophie Nun Squad (1992-2007) With Boomfancy (2000-2001) With Gioteens (1999-2001) With W A I T (2005-2007) With Divorce Chord (2007-2008) With Universe (2008-2010) Other appearances References External links Wikipedia: Doug Atchison Doug Atchison is an American motion picture director and screenwriter. He received the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship for Akeelah and the Bee in 2006. Filmography References Wikipedia: Lillian Roberts Lillian Davis Roberts (born January 2, 1928) served from 2002 through 2014 as the Executive Director of District Council 37 (DC37), the largest municipal union in New York City. References External links Wikipedia: Willie Middlebrooks | birth_place = Miami, Florida References Wikipedia: PTGui | frequently updated = yes List of features See also Further reading References External links Wikipedia: History of figure skating thumb|right|255px|hambugerl scene of ice skating, painted by [[Esaias van de Velde]] Archaeology and earliest historical documentation Social status of ice skating 18th and 19th centuries Early 20th century Post-World War II to present day References External links Wikipedia: Electoral district of Castle Hill Castle Hill is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is represented by Ray Williams of the Liberal Party. Members for Castle Hill Election results References External links Wikipedia: Jaswant Singh of Bharatpur Jashwant Singh (; 1851–1893) was the ruling Sinsinwar Jat Maharaja of the princely state of Bharatpur from 1853 to 1893 in Rajasthan, India. His successor was Maharaja Ram Singh. Early life Ascended the throne A popular ruler Death and succession Name and titles External links Wikipedia: Cassandra Webb For the fictional character named Cassandra Webb, see Madame Web. Filmography External links Wikipedia: Anzu Nagai (born September 19, 1992) is a Japanese actress. She starred in Hanochi and is best known for her role as the young Nico Robin in the anime One Piece. External links Wikipedia: Cary, Georgia,_Georgia Cary is an unincorporated community located in Bleckley County, Georgia, United States, at the intersection of Georgia Highway 112 and three local county roads. The settlement's name is derived from the first two and last two letters of the name of Mt. All articles lacking sources All stub articles Articles lacking sources from December 2009 Coordinates on Wikidata Georgia (U.S. state) geography stubs Unincorporated communities in Bleckley County, Georgia,_Georgia Unincorporated communities in Georgia (U.S. state) Wikipedia: Model 1840 light artillery saber The Model 1840 light artillery saber was a saber of about 42 inches in length with a curved, single-edged blade and iron scabbard. History Distinguishing features External links Wikipedia: Jahna Steele | birth_place = San Antonio, Texas Early life and career Outing and its effects Transsexual beauty contest hostess References External links Wikipedia: Eleanor Coade |birth_place = Exeter, Devon, England Personal life Early life Later life Creative talent Death and commemoration Artificial stone business Business methods Coade stone business Notes References Sources External links Wikipedia: David Padilla | birth_place=Sucre, Bolivia See also References Wikipedia: Eleni Mandell Eleni Mandell (born in Los Angeles, California) is an American singer-songwriter. Since 2000, she has published albums through Zedtone Records in Toronto, Ontario, which in 2012 began licensing her releases to Yep Roc in the United States, and Make My Day in Europe. Discography Albums Singles and EPs Also featured on (as full group member) References External links Wikipedia: Braunmühl Braunmühl may refer to: All set index articles Monitored short pages Surnames Wikipedia: Miss District of Columbia The Miss District of Columbia competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the District of Columbia in the Miss America pageant. Results summary Placements Awards Preliminary awards Non-finalist awards Other awards Winners References External links Wikipedia: Bangar (caste) Banger (also spelled as Banguar and Bangad) is a gotra (clan name or family name) found among Jaats or Choudhary in the India( specially in Punjab and Haryana). There are Royal Banger in village Kawi ,Madlauda Jaatland District (panipat, Haryana), India. All articles lacking sources All stub articles Articles lacking sources from March 2008 Indian castes Indian ethnic group stubs Jaat communities Social groups of Haryana Social groups of Rajasthan Wikipedia: With Footnotes }} Track listing Personnel References Wikipedia: In the Volume of the Book In the Volume of the Book, released in 1975, was the second studio album from the contemporary Christian music group, 2nd Chapter of Acts. The album title is a reference to Psalm 40:7 ("... Track listing Personnel References Wikipedia: A Child Is Waiting | gross = $925,000 Plot Production Cast Reception Box office Critical reception Home media See also References External links Wikipedia: Operation World }} References External links Wikipedia: Vickie Natale Vickie Lynn Natale (born December 20, in Brooklyn, New York) was a winner on the CBS's version of the Star Search television programme in 2003. External links Wikipedia: Chuy's |location = Austin, Texas, U.S. See also References External links Wikipedia: Oracle 10g As of the Oracle Database 10g release, Oracle Corporation seems to have started to make an effort to standardize all current versions of its major products using the "10g" label. Major products include: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Rie Fujii }} See also References Wikipedia: Tower Bridge (California) | crosses = Sacramento River History Developing the bridge Design Repainting the bridge 2007 revitalization See also References External links Wikipedia: Karl Rudolf Friedenthal Karl Rudolf Friedenthal (September 15, 1827 – March 7, 1890) was a Prussian statesman. References Wikipedia: Mars (supermarket) Mars was a local chain of grocery stores in metropolitan Baltimore, Maryland. Mars operated 13 supermarket locations in the Baltimore area. References External links Wikipedia: Ron Smith (footballer, born 1949),_born_1949) | birth_place = London, England Playing career,_born_1949)#Playing_career Managerial career,_born_1949)#Managerial_career AIS,_born_1949)#AIS Malaysia,_born_1949)#Malaysia Perth Glory,_born_1949)#Perth_Glory Australia,_born_1949)#Australia Pahang FA,_born_1949)#Pahang_FA Managerial statistics,_born_1949)#Managerial_statistics References,_born_1949)#References External links,_born_1949)#External_links Wikipedia: Hold On (En Vogue song) | Format = Production Commercial performance Impact and legacy Formats and track listings Personnel Charts and certifications Weekly charts Year-end charts Certifications Awards and nominations See also References External links Wikipedia: Nicky Kelly | birth_place = Graiguenamanagh,County Kilkenny, Ireland Early life Political career References Wikipedia: Zimbabwe Craton The Zimbabwe Craton is an area in Southern Africa of ancient continental crust, being a part of the ancient continent of Western Gondwana, with rocks dating back to the early Archean Eon, possibly as early as 3.46 billion years ago (Ga. Origin References Wikipedia: Tim Tschida | birth_place = Saint Paul, Minnesota Umpiring career Achievements Controversies Personal life See also References External links Wikipedia: Norman Hampson }} Career Personal life Bibliography References Wikipedia: Flight interruption manifest A Flight Interruption Manifest (FIM) is a document issued by an airline as a substitute ticket coupon when the passenger's original travel is disrupted by schedule change, overbooking, or cancellation.A Dictionary of Travel and Tourism Terminology, 2nd edition By Allan Beaver References Wikipedia: Akeem Agbetu | birth_place = Lagos, Nigeria References External links Wikipedia: Pillaro |subdivision_name1 = Tungurahua History Geography References External links Wikipedia: CKPE-FM | External links Wikipedia: Jojo Lastimosa | birth_place = Collegiate / Amateur career PBA career Career highlights PBA highlights Other highlights References External links Wikipedia: Yoctangee Park thumb|200px|The area shown in green is Yoctangee Park. History Historical Landmarks Geography and facilities Geography Facilities Park annex Events Hoverally Feast of the Flowering Moon Farmer's Fall Festival Concerts Bicentennial Renovations Bibliography References External links Wikipedia: Nedumkunnam | subdivision_type = Country Geography History Administration Suburbs and villages Transportation Population statistics Places of worship Educational Organizations Other Landmarks Non Profit Nedumkunnam Market Culture Sports Famous Personalities References Wikipedia: CHER-FM CHER-FM is a Canadian radio station broadcasting from Sydney, Nova Scotia at 98.3 FM. References External links Wikipedia: Rectangular potential barrier 350px|right|thumb Calculation E Transmission and reflection Analysis of the obtained expressions E < V0 E > V0 Remarks and applications See also References External links Wikipedia: Winston Griffiths (soccer) | birth_place = Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica Club career College Professional International career Death Honours References External links Wikipedia: Ralph Rinzler Ralph Rinzler (July 20, 1934 – July 2, 1994) was a mandolin player, folksinger, and the co-founder of the annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall every summer in Washington, D.C. Biography References External links Wikipedia: Heart of Stone (The Rolling Stones song) "Heart of Stone" is a song by the English rock band The Rolling Stones, released as a single in 1964 in the United States, and on an extended-play single in Europe (pictured). It was not released in the United Kingdom until featuring on the Out of Our Heads UK album released September 1965. Composition Recording and release Personnel Charts Cover versions References External links Wikipedia: Bobojon Ghafurov 250px|thumb|right|Bobojon Ghafurov on a Tajik banknote issued in honor of the 90th anniversary of his birth. Biography References External links Wikipedia: The Witling The Witling is a 1976 science fiction novel by Vernor Vinge, about the planet Giri, whose humanoid inhabitants, the Azhiri, are able to teleport. This ability varies from person to person: those without the talent at all are called witlings and are the lowest class of person in Azhiri society. Plot Reception References Wikipedia: U-shaped valley thumb|right|240px|A glaciated valley in the [[Altai Mountains showing the characteristic U shape.]] Formation Shape Valley floor Trough end History See also References Literature Wikipedia: Al-Hamah |subdivision_type1 = Governorate References Bibliography Wikipedia: Retrobulbar block A retrobulbar block is a regional anesthetic nerve block in the retrobulbar space, the area located behind the globe of the eye. Injection of local anesthetic into this space constitutes the retrobulbar block. Side effects and complications Technique References See also Wikipedia: Gary Community School Corporation Gary Community School Corporation serves most students who reside in Gary, Indiana, United States. School Uniforms Schools Former schools See also References External links Wikipedia: Stenocereus thurberi Stenocereus thurberi, the organpipe cactus, is a species of cactus native to Mexico and the United States. The species is found in rocky desert. Description Distribution Subspecies See also References Wikipedia: Central City Parkway The Central City Parkway is a four-lane highway in Colorado, running from I-70 near Idaho Springs to the historic mining town and gambling area of Central City. Opened on November 19, 2004, the Parkway provides direct access to Central City. Route description History Major intersections References External links Wikipedia: CJIJ-FM | References External links Wikipedia: Harry Sternberg Harry Sternberg was an American painter, printmaker and educator. He was born in New York City on July 19, 1904 and died in Escondido, California on November 27, 2001. Biography Childhood, family life, and education Early career New Deal Retirement Publications See also References External links Wikipedia: WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Championship The WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Championship is a tag team title previously contested for in the Japanese professional wrestling promotion Wrestle Association R (WAR). Title history Names Reigns List of combined reigns By team By wrestler See also References External links Wikipedia: Slowly We Rot }} Track listing Personnel References External links Wikipedia: Bian lian thumb|right|300px|Bian Lian Performer History Four ways of face-changing See also References External links Wikipedia: MeshLab | programming language = C++, JavaScript Additional images See also References External links Wikipedia: Header (film) | narrator = Plot Cast Reception References External links Wikipedia: Dissertation, Honey,_Honey [ link]|}} Track listing,_Honey#Track_listing Personnel,_Honey#Personnel Wikipedia: Legend (Mika Nakashima song) "Legend" is the fourth single from Mika Nakashima's third album, Music. It was released a month after her mini album Oborozukiyo: Inori. Track listing Charts Oricon Sales Chart (Japan) Wikipedia: C. W. Jensen Charles W. "C. Police career Disciplinary history Post-retirement See also References External links Wikipedia: VMFA-334 Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 334 (VMFA-334) was a United States Marine Corps fighter squadron. Known as the “Falcons”, they were part of Marine Aircraft Group 15 and Marine Aircraft Group 33. History Early years Post World War II years Vietnam War See also Notes References Wikipedia: The Complete Manual of Suicide is a Japanese book written by Wataru Tsurumi. He wrote on the problem of "hardness of living" in Japanese society. The book Public reaction See also References External links Wikipedia: Shahandasht |subdivision_type1 =Province References Wikipedia: WAR International Junior Heavyweight Championship The WAR International Junior Heavyweight Championship was a title contested for in the Japanese professional wrestling promotion Wrestle Association R (WAR), which closed in 2000. It was part of New Japan Pro Wrestling's short-lived J-Crown Championship in 1996 and 1997. Title history List of combined reigns See also External links Wikipedia: Burnside, Christchurch,_Christchurch Burnside}} History,_Christchurch#History Schools,_Christchurch#Schools Suburb,_Christchurch#Suburb References,_Christchurch#References External links,_Christchurch#External_links Wikipedia: 2003 Merapoh bus tragedy The 2003 Merapoh bus tragedy took place on 23 November 2003 when an Ekspres Mutiara (Pearl Express) bus collided with another bus at kilometre 63 of Lipis-Merapoh Road (Federal Route ) near the Pahang-Kelantan border, Malaysia. 14 passengers were killed in this accident. References Wikipedia: Sheskin |settlement_type = Townland History References External links Wikipedia: Peruvian booby | image = Fou.varie1. Description Taxonomy Habitat and Distribution Behaviour Vocalizations Diet Feeding Flight Reproduction Hybridization References Wikipedia: Kurnool Medical College Kurnool Medical College, is one of the oldest and premier medical schools located in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India established in 1956. History National and international figures References External links Wikipedia: Suleputer Suleputer (セルピュータ) is a record label the Japanese game development company Capcom uses for its releases. Its name derives from the full name of Capcom: "(CAP)(SULE) (COM)(PUTER)(S)". Discography External links See also Wikipedia: Platoon: Bravo Company Platoon: Bravo Company (1998) is a Vietnam War memoir by Robert Hemphill (with foreword by Joe Galloway), who commanded B (Bravo) Company, 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry of the 25th Infantry Division (U.S. 1998 books All articles lacking sources All stub articles Articles lacking sources from May 2008 Asian history book stubs Military history book stubs Vietnam War books Vietnam War stubs Wikipedia: Eric Pigors Eric Pigors is an American artist based in Valencia, California mostly known for his 'Toxic Toons' - cartoons of subjects such as zombies and vampires. He has worked for Disney Animation for over fifteen years. Career Works Movies Shows Shorts Video Shorts Publications Film References External links Wikipedia: Macao Special Administrative Region passport |valid_jurisdictions = Historical background Physical features Application procedures Use Mainland China Hong Kong Taiwan Overseas Biometric passports See also References External links Wikipedia: Alpthal |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E History Geography Transport Demographics Weather References External links Wikipedia: Illgau |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E History Geography Demographics References External links Wikipedia: Ingenbohl |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E History Geography Demographics Transport References External links Wikipedia: Dahaban Dahban or Dahaban () is an ancient village on the coast of Saudi Arabia (Red Sea). It is in Makkah Province, a few kilometers north of Jeddah. See also Wikipedia: Merapoh Merapoh is a small town situated in the Lipis district of Pahang, Malaysia. It is located next to the Pahang-Kelantan border. References Wikipedia: Lauerz |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E History Geography Demographics References External links Wikipedia: Morschach |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E History Geography Demographics References External links Wikipedia: Isabel Clifton Cookson Isabel Clifton Cookson (25 December 1893 – 1 July 1973) was an Australian botanist who specialised in palaeobotany and palynology. Early years and education Career See also References Wikipedia: West Edmonton Raiders The West Edmonton Raiders are a minor football team, operating in the CDMFA, Capital District Minor Football Association, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. When formed in 1967 the Raiders were just a Bantam team, ages 13 to 14 and 15 if not in high school, but in 1993 they added a Pee-Wee team, ages 11 and 12, further adding to edmontons youth football league. Football Today Recent Achievements Resources Wikipedia: Muotathal |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E History Geography Demographics Weather References External links Wikipedia: Riemenstalden |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E Geography Demographics References Wikipedia: João Manuel Pinto Tomé João Pinto}} Playing career Managerial career Honours References External links Wikipedia: Absorption (pharmacology) In pharmacology (and more specifically pharmacokinetics), absorption is the movement of a drug into the bloodstream. Dissolution Ionization Other factors References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Adolfo Ballivián right|thumb|Adolfo Ballivián References External links Wikipedia: Mindrot | years_active = 1989–1998 Biography Members Discography Demos Singles Albums Related bands External links Sources Wikipedia: Baron Holmes Baron Holmes was a title that was created twice in the Peerage of Ireland. The first creation came on 11 September 1760 when the politician Thomas Holmes was made Baron Holmes, of Kilmallock in the County of Limerick. Barons Holmes; First creation (1760) Barons Holmes; Second creation (1789) References Wikipedia: Rothenthurm |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E History Geography Demographics References See also Wikipedia: Mirsad Mijadinoski | birth_place = Struga, Yugoslavia References External links Wikipedia: Scotstown |settlement_type = Town History The Troubles Sport Today Places of interest See also References External links Wikipedia: Émile Pessard thumb|right|200px|Émile Pessard; photograph by Charles Reutlinger (about 1880). Works Recordings Sources Wikipedia: Baron Ongley Baron Ongley, of Old Warden, was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created on 30 July 1776 for Robert Henley-Ongley, Member of Parliament for Bedford and Bedfordshire. Barons Ongley (1776) References Wikipedia: Willis Forko | birth_place = Monrovia, Liberia Career Youth and college Professional Personal References External links Wikipedia: National Christian Youth Convention The National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) is a national conference for people aged 16-30 years held by the Uniting Church in Australia every second January. It is held in a different Australian city each time in the long summer school and university holidays. History Organisation See also References External links Wikipedia: Angel Heart (manga) is a manga series written and illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo published in the Weekly Comic Bunch from 2001 throughout 2010. After the cancellation of Bunch, the manga was renewed in Monthly Comic Zenon under the title of Angel Heart: 2nd Season, which ran from 2010 to 2017. Plot Characters Main characters Media Manga Anime Live Action Reception References External links Wikipedia: Mezco Toyz Mezco Toyz is a toy company that makes action figures and other collectibles based on original and licensed properties. Its most popular product is the cult hit toy line Living Dead Dolls. Current Toy Productions (as of February, 2012) Past products (licensed and originals) See also External links Wikipedia: Sattel, Switzerland,_Switzerland |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E History,_Switzerland#History Geography,_Switzerland#Geography Demographics,_Switzerland#Demographics References,_Switzerland#References Wikipedia: Otocky |genre = Music Game Gameplay Notability See also References External links Wikipedia: Steinerberg |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E Geography Demographics References Wikipedia: Blackwater River (Alabama) | mouth_coordinates = References Wikipedia: Broglen River | mouth_location = References Wikipedia: Duck River (Alabama) Duck River is a river in the state of Alabama. It is a tributary of the Mulberry Fork of the Black Warrior River and forms a portion of the border between Cullman and Blount counties. References Wikipedia: East Fork Little River | mouth_location = References Wikipedia: Escatawpa River | mouth_location = Confluence with the Pascagoula River northwest of Pascagoula, Mississippi See also References Wikipedia: Fish River (Alabama) | mouth_location = References Wikipedia: Little Choctawhatchee River | source1_elevation = References Wikipedia: Little Tallapoosa River | source1_elevation = References Wikipedia: Feusisberg |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E History Geography Demographics Transportation References External links Wikipedia: Little Warrior River Little Warrior River is a river in Blount County, Alabama. It is a tributary of the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River. References Wikipedia: Cindy (folk song) "Cindy" ("Cindy, Cindy") is a popular American folk song. According to John Lomax, the song originated in North Carolina. Versions Some of the folk song verses In popular culture References Bibliography External links Wikipedia: Baron Muncaster thumb|300px|Muncaster Castle circa 1880; the ancestral seat of the Pennington family Pennington Baronets, of Muncaster (1676) Barons Muncaster (1783) References Wikipedia: Fowl River | mouth_location = (East Fowl River) (West Fowl River) References Wikipedia: Freienbach | lat_NS = N History Geography Demographics Transport Heritage sites of national significance References External links Wikipedia: Bernát Friedmann Bernhard Friedmann, or Friedmann Bernát (10 October 1843 in Oradea – 14 October 1925 in Budapest) was a Hungarian Jewish jurist and criminal lawyer. Literary works References Wikipedia: Bernhard Friedmann Bernhard Friedmann (born 8 April, 1932 in Ottersweier) is a German economist and politician of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany. He served as Member of Parliament (the Bundestag) from 1976 to 1990 and as member (1990–2001) and President (1996–99) of the European Court of Auditors. Honours Publications References External links Wikipedia: Wollerau |lat_NS=N|long_EW=E Geography Demographics Industry Notable residents Transport References Wikipedia: Yellow River (Pensacola Bay) | mouth_location = References Wikipedia: List of Airbus A310 operators As of January 2017, 41 Airbus A310 remain in commercial service; major operators are Air Transat and Mahan Air with 9 aircraft each and Fedex Express (8); another 8 airlines operate aircraft between them. Airline operators Other operators References Wikipedia: Sucarnoochee River | mouth_location = See also References Wikipedia: Sepulga River | mouth_location = Conecuh River References Wikipedia: Styx River (Alabama) | mouth_location = References External links Wikipedia: Roderic O'Connor Roderic or Roderick O'Connor may refer to: See also Wikipedia: Fleming–Viot process In probability theory, a Fleming–Viot process (F–V process) is a member of a particular subset of probability measure-valued Markov processes on compact metric spaces, as defined in the 1979 paper by Wendell Helms Fleming and Michel Viot. Such processes are martingales and diffusions. See also References Wikipedia: Tiszaeszlár |latd= |latm= |lats= |latNS=N See also Wikipedia: Casino Lisboa Casino Lisboa may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Place name disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Libyan–Egyptian War |combatant2= Libya Background Sequence of operations Armistice and aftermath See also References Wikipedia: Baron Cloncurry Baron Cloncurry, of Cloncurry in the County of Kildare, was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created on 29 December 1789 for Sir Nicholas Lawless, 1st Baronet, who had earlier represented Lifford in the Irish House of Commons. Barons Cloncurry (1789) References Wikipedia: The Shot (disambiguation) The Shot may refer to: Arts Sports See also Wikipedia: World Bodypainting Festival The World Bodypainting Festival (abbreviated WBF) is an annual bodypainting festival and competition used to be held in Pörtschach, Austria on lake Wörthersee. Now the WBF has changed its location and since 2017 the Festival is taking place in Klagenfurt, Austria. Overview History Gallery References External links Wikipedia: Daycroft School The Daycroft School was a co-educational private boarding school founded in 1928. Initially located at a private home in Darien, Connecticut, it relocated to Stamford in 1935, and in 1965, to the neighboring town of Greenwich, Connecticut. School history Polio outbreak Notable alumni and staff References External links Wikipedia: S P Jain School of Global Management |affiliations = Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), Australia, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai, UAE, ABEST21, Japan History Accreditation and rankings Accreditation Rankings and recognition Administration Programs offered BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) BBC (Bachelor of Business Communications) BEC (Bachelor of Economics) MGB (Master of Global Business) GMBA (Global Master of Business Administration) EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) Big Data & Analytics (Full Time OR Part Time) Executive Education Global FMB (Global Family Managed Business) Digital Marketing & Metrics (Full Time OR Part Time) Global Luxury Goods & Services Management (Full Time) Campuses Dubai Campus Mumbai Campus Singapore campus Sydney campus References External links Wikipedia: Félix Hidalgo | birth_date = Early life and education Life abroad Books References Sources Wikipedia: Juxtapose (album) | Recorded = Track listing Track notes Charts References Wikipedia: Neemia Tialata | weight = Early life Career References External links Wikipedia: FlyPast | issn = 0262-6950 History and profile Contents References External links Wikipedia: Avnet–Kerner Productions }} External links Wikipedia: N. Murray Edwards | birth_place = Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Personal life Career Political influence See also References External links Wikipedia: Bayi Football Team (Amateur) 1951 (Semi-pro) History Crest and name history Results Honours See also References External links Wikipedia: Spearfish remora The spearfish remora (Remora brachyptera) is a species of remora with a worldwide distribution in tropical and subtropical seas. Remoras attach themselves to other fish with a sucker on the head and this fish is almost exclusively found living on billfishes or swordfishes, and sometimes on sharks. Description Biology References External links Wikipedia: Southbridge Branch, New Zealand,_New_Zealand |close = (Southbridge - Lincoln) (Lincoln - Prebbleton) (Prebbleton - north of Springs Road) Construction,_New_Zealand#Construction Stations,_New_Zealand#Stations Operation,_New_Zealand#Operation The branch today,_New_Zealand#The_branch_today Notes,_New_Zealand#Notes References,_New_Zealand#References Further reading,_New_Zealand#Further_reading External links,_New_Zealand#External_links Wikipedia: List of Boeing 747 operators The following is a list of current commercial operators of the Boeing 747, and any of its variants. Airline operators at July 2017 Civil operators Boeing 747-100 Boeing 747SP Boeing 747-200 Boeing 747-300 Boeing 747-400 Boeing 747-8 Military and government operators Summary of deliveries References Further reading Wikipedia: Head (Blackadder) "Head" is the second episode of the BBC period comedy Blackadder II, the second series of Blackadder, which was set in Elizabethan England from 1558 to 1603. Plot Cast See also External links Wikipedia: Chains (Blackadder) "Chains" is the final episode of the BBC sitcom Blackadder II, the second series of Blackadder, which was set in Elizabethan England from 1558 to 1603. Power-mad and self-professed "master of disguise", Prince Ludwig the Indestructible kidnaps Lord Blackadder and Lord Melchett. Plot Cast External links Wikipedia: Beer (Blackadder) "Beer" is the fifth episode of the BBC sitcom Blackadder II, the second series of Blackadder, which was set in Elizabethan England from 1558 to 1603. In the episode, an embarrassing incident with a turnip, an ostrich feather and a fanatically Puritan aunt leads to a right royal to-do in the Blackadder household. Plot Cast External links Wikipedia: Money (Blackadder) "Money" is the fourth episode of the BBC sitcom Blackadder II, the second series of Blackadder, which was set in Elizabethan England from 1558 to 1603. Plot Cast External links Wikipedia: Potato (Blackadder) "Potato" is the third episode of the BBC sitcom Blackadder II, the second series of Blackadder, which was set in Elizabethan England from 1558 to 1603. Plot Cast Notes References External links Wikipedia: Overqualification Overqualification is the state of being skilled or educated beyond what is necessary for a job. There can often be high costs for companies associated with training employees. As a euphemism Protecting less qualified candidates Responses to being described as overqualified The PhD See also References Wikipedia: BenQ-Siemens SL91 The BenQ-Siemens SL91 is a slider-type GSM 3G mobile phone. Its name came about because of BenQ's acquisition of Siemens' mobile communication division at the end of 2005; the Benq-Siemens brand is meant to be transitory, before all phones are produced under the BenQ brand. References External links Wikipedia: Dignity (album) | Genre = Background Writing and development Composition Promotion Singles Critical reception Commercial performance Track listing Personnel Charts Certifications Release history References Wikipedia: Golomb Golomb is a surname derived from a phonetical approximation of the Polish word Gołąb (meaning "dove"). It may refer to: See also Wikipedia: Jeddah Islamic Port 300px|right|thumb|A general view of the seaport. Overview Timeline 647 A.D. 1968 2008 Nearby wrecks See also References Wikipedia: Camellia yunnanensis Camellia yunnanensis is a 1.3–7 m tall shrub or small tree. Distribution References Wikipedia: Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability | founder = History Mission Membership Integrity standards Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations See also References External links Wikipedia: Perry Kramer | height = Racing career milestones Career factory and major bike shop sponsors Amateur Professional Career bicycle motocross titles Notable accolades Significant injuries Racing traits and habits Post BMX career BMX press magazine interviews and articles BMX magazine covers Notes External links Wikipedia: Silverplate Silverplate was the code reference for the United States Army Air Forces' participation in the Manhattan Project during World War II. Originally the name for the aircraft modification project which enabled a B-29 Superfortress bomber to drop an atomic weapon, "Silverplate" eventually came to identify the training and operational aspects of the program as well. Origin Codename Initial phase Testing of bomb shapes Wartime production versions Silverplate operational units Follow-up programs Costs Notes References Wikipedia: Balbo sabretooth The balbo sabretooth, Evermannella balbo, is a sabertooth of the family Evermannellidae, found circumglobally in tropical and subtropical seas, at depths of between 100 and 1,000 m. Its length is up to 17 cm. References Wikipedia: Baron Clonbrock Baron Clonbrock, of Clonbrock in the County of Galway, was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created on 3 June 1790 for Robert Dillon, who had earlier represented Lanesborough in the Irish House of Commons. Barons Clonbrock (1790) See also References Wikipedia: List of Boeing 757 operators The following is a list of past and current commercial operators of the Boeing 757, and any of its variants. Current airline operators Former airline operators References Wikipedia: Matt Gerson }} References Wikipedia: List of Mitsubishi Fuso engines This is a list of all engines produced by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. Four Cylinder Gasoline engines Diesel engines KE series 4DQx 4Dxx 4Mxx 4Pxx Applications Six Cylinder DB series DH series 6DCx 6DRx 6DSx 6Dxx 6Mxx 6Rxx 6S20 Eight Cylinder 8DCxx 8M2x Ten Cylinder 10DC 10M2 Twelve Cylinder See also References Wikipedia: Dave Brown (rugby league forward) |currentclub = Career Club career Representative career References Wikipedia: KIHP (AM) }} History References External links Wikipedia: Sunfish Holy Breakfast Sunfish Holy Breakfast|http://www.allmusic. Track listing See also Wikipedia: Docimium Docimium, Docimia or Docimeium (Greek: and ) was an ancient city of Phrygia, Asia Minor where there were famous marble quarries.Steph. History Episcopal see References Wikipedia: Baron Clarina Baron Clarina, of Elm in the County of Limerick, was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created on 27 December 1800 for General Eyre Massey. Barons Clarina (1800) See also References Wikipedia: Euthalius Euthalius was a deacon of Alexandria and later Bishop of Sulca. He lived sometime between the 4th and 7th centuries and is chiefly known through his work on the New Testament in particular as the author of the "Euthalian Sections". Works See also References Wikipedia: Angels with Dirty Faces (Tricky album) | Recorded = Music and lyrics Critical reception Track listing Personnel Charts References External links Wikipedia: Birth house of Anton Chekhov The Birth house of Anton Chekhov is the place in Taganrog, Russia, where the famous writer Anton Chekhov was born. It is now a writer's house museum. Photos References See also Wikipedia: Gerry Reilly Cup The Gerry Reilly Memorial under-16 Inter-County Football Tournament is an annual Gaelic football competition in the province of Leinster in Ireland. The tournament was started in 1989, named after a young Gaelic footballer Gerry Reilly who was killed in December 1987 at sixteen years of age. Format Sponsorship 2007 Roll of honour External links Wikipedia: Little conger eel The little conger eel or silver conger, Gnathophis habenatus, is a conger of the family Congridae, found on soft bottoms of the continental shelf of the Indian and southwest Pacific Oceans. Length is up to 43 cm. References Wikipedia: Baron Hartland Baron Hartland, of Strokestown in the County of Roscommon, was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created on 30 July 1800 for Maurice Mahon, who had earlier represented County Roscommon in the Irish House of Commons. Barons Hartland (1800) References Wikipedia: Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe }} Organization Lines Tramway Lines Vehicles Tramcars Motorbuses History Historic Tramcars See also Wikipedia: Baron Mount Sandford Baron Mount Sandford, of Castlerea in the County of Roscommon, was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created on 31 July 1800 for Henry Sandford, with remainder in default of male issue of his own, to his brothers William Sandford and George Sandford, and the heirs male of their bodies. Barons Mount Sandford (1800) References Wikipedia: SS Kuru SS Kuru was a steam ship which sank on 7 September 1929 in the lake Näsijärvi, in Tampere, Finland. References External links Wikipedia: Yoshiki Kuramoto (born 1940) is a Japanese physicist in the Nonlinear Dynamics group at Kyoto University who formulated the Kuramoto model. Notes Wikipedia: Michael Dinneen Michael J. Dinneen is an American-New Zealand mathematician and computer scientist working as a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Selected bibliography External links Wikipedia: Baron Wallscourt Baron Wallscourt, of Ardfry in the County of Galway, was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created on 31 July 1800 for Joseph Blake, with remainder, in default of male issue of his own, to the heirs male of the body of his father Joseph Blake. Barons Wallscourt (1800) References Wikipedia: Linda Coffee Linda Nellene Coffee (born 1942) is an attorney living in Dallas, Texas. Coffee is best known, along with Sarah Weddington, for arguing the precedent-setting United States Supreme Court case Roe v. Education Career References External links Wikipedia: Stream from the Heavens Stream from the Heavens is the only album by the Finnish doom metal band Thergothon. It was recorded in late 1992 and released after many delays in 1994 through the Italian record label Avantgarde Music. Track listing Credits Production External links Wikipedia: Greek local elections, 2002,_2002 The 2002 Greek local elections elected representatives to Greece's super-prefectures, 54 prefectures, provinces, and approximately 1,033 communities and municipalities. Elections,_2002#Elections Municipal mayoralties,_2002#Municipal_mayoralties Municipality of Athens,_2002#Municipality_of_Athens Municipality of Piraeus,_2002#Municipality_of_Piraeus Municipality of Thessaloniki,_2002#Municipality_of_Thessaloniki Super-Prefectural elections,_2002#Super-Prefectural_elections Athens-Piraeus,_2002#Athens-Piraeus Drama-Kavala-Xanthi,_2002#Drama-Kavala-Xanthi Evros-Rhodope,_2002#Evros-Rhodope Prefectural elections,_2002#Prefectural_elections Thessaloniki Prefecture,_2002#Thessaloniki_Prefecture Wikipedia: BNH Hospital }} History Origins Development Present status Contact Wikipedia: Modern attempts to revive the Sanhedrin Modern attempts to revive the Sanhedrin are the efforts from 1538 AD until the present day to renew the Sanhedrin which was dissolved in 358 AD by the edict of the Byzantine emperor. [Though 358 was last formal meeting, There is no record of when it was actually dissolved and by whom, nor any reference to the last nasi's execution. Sanhedrin in Judaism The dissolution of the classical Sanhedrin Maimonides' semicha by consensus A brief summary of the last five rabbinical attempts to create a Sanhedrin Rabbi Beirav, the model for the current attempt Renewal of semicha The dispute Conclusion The current attempted Sanhedrin See also External links Footnotes Wikipedia: Oregon Student Association The Oregon Student Association (OSA), a non-profit organization, was established in 1975 to represent, serve and protect the collective interests of students in post-secondary education in the U.S. General Assembly proposal Member schools Mount Hood Community College See also References External links Wikipedia: Atherinomorus Atherinomorus is a genus of silversides in the family Atherinidae. Species References Wikipedia: Palatal obturator [Latham Device.jpg|thumb|The Latham Device] Types of palatal obturators The Nance Obturator Speech See also References Wikipedia: Anthony Reid (academic) Anthony Reid is a New Zealand-born historian of Southeast Asia. His doctoral work at Cambridge University examined the contest for power in northern Sumatra, Indonesia in the late 19th century, and he extended this study into a book The Blood of the People on the national and social revolutions in that region 1945-49. Awards List of Major Publications References Wikipedia: Leinster Under-21 Hurling Championship The Leinster GAA Hurling All-Ireland Under-21 Championship is an annual championship of hurling for male players under the age of 21 and is organized by the Leinster Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). The championship has been awarded every year since the first tournament in 1964. History Format Trophy Sponsorship Results Summaries Performances by counties References Wikipedia: Dance theory Dance theory is the philosophy underpinning contemporary dance, including formal ideologies, aesthetic concepts, and technical attributes.Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Course Description: Dance Theory and Composition, 2003. See also References Wikipedia: Hardyhead silverside | synonyms_ref = Description Distribution Biology Uses Taxonomy and naming References Wikipedia: Oxford Companions Oxford Companions is a book series published by Oxford University Press, providing general knowledge within a specific area. The first book published in the series was The Oxford Companion to English Literature (1932), compiled by the retired diplomat Sir Paul Harvey. External links Wikipedia: Valentin Avrorin Valentin Avrorin (1907, Tambov - 1977) was a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and an expert in languages. He was born in Tambov, Russia to a family of teachers. 1907 births 1977 deaths All articles lacking sources All stub articles Articles lacking sources from December 2009 Language activists People from Tambov People from Tambov Governorate Russian linguist stubs Tungusologists Wikipedia articles with BNF identifiers Wikipedia articles with ISNI identifiers Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers Wikipedia: James Turnbull James Turnbull is an Australian free software and open source author, security specialist, and software developer. He lives in Brooklyn, New York where he is CTO at Empatico,https://kartar. Career Free Software involvement References External links Wikipedia: St. Louis Community College |chancellor = Jeff Pittman (Feb. 2015- ) History Organization and administration Academic profile Athletics Noted alumni References External links Wikipedia: Heavy Music "Heavy Music" is a song first released as a single by Bob Seger & The Last Heard. Two different vocal takes of the song (using the same instrumental track) were released together on either side of the single, with the names "Heavy Music Part 1" and "Heavy Music Part 2". Writing and Production Success Chart performance References External links Wikipedia: Vladimir Arnoldi Vladimir Mitrofanovich Arnoldi ()(Kozlov (Michurinsk), Russia (1871-1924)) was a Russian professor of biology. He was a Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences and scientifically listed a number of valuable plants of Malaysia. References Wikipedia: Rip It Up (Orange Juice album) | noprose = yes Track listing Personnel References Wikipedia: UFC 43 UFC 43: Meltdown was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on June 6, 2003, at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was broadcast live on pay-per-view in the United States, and later released on DVD. History Results See also References External links Wikipedia: Dina Vierny Dina Vierny (25 January 1919 – 20 January 2009) was a French art dealer, collector and museum director and former artists' model. Death References External links Wikipedia: Litfiba | current_members = Ghigo RenzulliPiero Pelù History 1st era (1980-1989) Trilogy of power 2nd era (1989-1999) 3rd era (1999-2009) 4th era (2009-2013) Discography Official discography Line-up Members Past members External links Wikipedia: Constitution Party (United States, 1952),_1952) The Constitution Party was a conservative third party in the United States, founded in 1952. For the 1952 presidential election, they nominated Douglas MacArthur for President and Harry F. References,_1952)#References Wikipedia: Shillinglee Shillinglee is an 18th-century house and estate in West Sussex, near the Surrey border, in between the villages of Chiddingfold and Plaistow. References Wikipedia: Tawakoni The Tawakoni (already known as Tahuacano in the first times of their contacts with white people) are a Native American tribe closely related to the Wichitas and who spoke a Wichita dialect of the Caddoan language family. They are currently enrolled within the federally recognized tribe, the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes. History Synonym Namesakes References Wikipedia: Nikolay Andreyev Nikolay Andreyevich Andreyev (; — 24 December 1932) was a Russian sculptor, graphic artist and stage designer.Photos of sculptures by Nikolay Andreyev As a young man Andreyev studied with Sergey Volnukhin and in 1902 became associated with the Peredvizhniki group of realists. References Sources Wikipedia: Now You Know (film) | runtime = Plot Cast Recognition DVD release External links Wikipedia: Mikhail Anikushin Mikhail Konstantinovitch Anikushin (; (19 September 1917, Moscow – 18 May 1997, Saint Petersburg) was a famous Soviet Russian sculptor. Among his most famous works are a monument to Alexander Pushkin at Pushkinskaya Station of the Saint Petersburg Metro (1954), a monument to Alexander Pushkin at Arts Square in Saint Petersburg (1957), a monument to Vladimir Lenin at Moskovskaya Square in Saint Petersburg. References See also Wikipedia: Quickmix (Transformers) Quickmix is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers universes. Transformers: Generation 1 Marvel Comics Animated Series Books Condor Verlag 3H Enterprises Toys Transformers: Universe Transformers: Cybertron Animated series References External links Wikipedia: Enrico Rastelli thumb|300px Biography See also Sources External links Wikipedia: Kondapalli | subdivision_type = Country Etymology Culture Fort Flora and fauna Economy Transport Education See also References External links Wikipedia: LP (Landon Pigg album) [ link] Track listing Album credits Wikipedia: Tanglewood Guitars |slogan = Trust Tanglewood History References External links Wikipedia: Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi,_Oi_Oi_Oi "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi" is a cheer or chant often performed at Australian sport events. It is a variation of the Oggy Oggy Oggy chant used by both association football and rugby union fans in Great Britain from the 1960s onwards. Definition,_Oi_Oi_Oi#Definition Origins and explanation,_Oi_Oi_Oi#Origins_and_explanation Commercial and publicity uses,_Oi_Oi_Oi#Commercial_and_publicity_uses See also,_Oi_Oi_Oi#See_also References,_Oi_Oi_Oi#References Wikipedia: Leonard Żłób Leonard Żłób was a Corporal of the Polish Army and a commander of a Bofors wz. 37 AT gun of the 2nd Mounted Artillery Battalion attached to the Wołyńska Cavalry Brigade. References Wikipedia: San Francisco Boys Chorus The San Francisco Boys Chorus (SFBC) is a choir for boys consisting of 230 members based in San Francisco with additional campuses in Oakland and San Rafael. Public appearances Notable alumni Discography References External links Wikipedia: Alain de Boissieu | birth_place = Chartres, France Life Books by Alain de Boissieu Sources Wikipedia: T. B. Moore Thomas Bather Moore (1850 to 1919) was a pioneer explorer of Western and South West, Tasmania, Australia. Biography Naming of Tasmanian landscape Notes References External links Wikipedia: Paz Padilla María de la Paz Padilla Díaz (born September 26, 1969 in Cádiz) is a Spanish comedian, actress and presenter. Television As a presenter Collaborations As an actress Main roles Recurring roles Cinema Theatre Published books References External links Wikipedia: Josef Abrhám thumb|right|Josef Abrhám at [[Český lev 2006 movie awards ceremony.]] Filmography References External links Wikipedia: AeroGauge | genre = Racing Overview Game Modes Grandprix Singlematch VS Time Attack AeroMachines Tracks Reception References External links Wikipedia: Barry Conlon | birth_place = Drogheda, Ireland Early life Career Queens Park Rangers Manchester City Southend United and York City Darlington Barnsley and return to Darlington Mansfield Town Bradford City Grimsby Town Chesterfield Stockport County ROC de Charleroi-Marchienne Dundalk and Carrick Rovers Career statistics References External links Wikipedia: Hisham (name) | gender = Male People See also References Wikipedia: Netto Netto in some European languages means net worth, net pay, or net weight. Companies Other See also Wikipedia: Carlos Rovira |birth_place= Posadas References External links Wikipedia: Cox process In probability theory, a Cox process, also known as a doubly stochastic Poisson process or mixed Poisson process, is a stochastic process which is a generalization of a Poisson process where the time-dependent intensity λ(t) is itself a stochastic process. The process is named after the statistician David Cox, who first published the model in 1955. See also References Wikipedia: Magic Never Dies Magic Never Dies is Power Quest's third studio album. It was released in 2005 worldwide. Track listing Personnel Wikipedia: Law and development Law and development is an interdisciplinary study of law and economic and social development. It examines the relation between law and development and analyzes how to use law as an instrument to promote economic and social development. Notes References See also Wikipedia: Dutch Mill Dutch Mill Co., Ltd. 2008 Chinese milk scandal See also References External links Wikipedia: Telekom Srbija Telekom}} History Share capital structure Services Mobile telephony Fixed-line telephony Internet Television Areas served Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro Croatia Gallery See also Notes References External links Wikipedia: John Stanhope (MP) John Stanhope (5 January 1705 – 4 December 1748), British politician, was the third son of Philip Stanhope, 3rd Earl of Chesterfield and Elizabeth Saville. References Wikipedia: Alexander Gardner Alexander Gardner may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Human name disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Ochoan The Ochoan is a stage in the Permian stratigraphy (and an age in the geologic timescale) of North America. The Ochoan age is roughly simultaneous with the Changhsingian age in the timescale of the ICS. All articles lacking sources All stub articles Articles lacking sources from December 2009 Geochronology stubs Permian geochronology Wikipedia: Edward Turnour, 4th Earl Winterton,_4th_Earl_Winterton Edward Turnour, 4th Earl Winterton (1810–1879) was a first-class cricketer who played 25 times for Sussex CCC, without much success.http://www. References,_4th_Earl_Winterton#References Wikipedia: PC Extreme PC Extreme was a computer magazine published in the UK by Live Publishing International Ltd. References Wikipedia: Viscount Saye and Sele Viscount Saye and Sele was a title in the Peerage of England. It was created on 7 July 1624 for William Fiennes, 8th Baron Saye and Sele and became extinct on the death of Richard Fiennes 6th Viscount on 29 July 1781. Succession Viscounts Saye and Sele (1624 – 1781) Family of First Viscount Parliament and Civil War References Wikipedia: Emmanuel Laroche | death_place = Main works External links Wikipedia: Air Boarder 64 | composer = Masafumi Takada References Wikipedia: The Torture Papers (album) }} Track listing Album singles Chart positions References Wikipedia: Nong Saeng District, Saraburi,_Saraburi | subdivision_type1 = Province History,_Saraburi#History Geography,_Saraburi#Geography Administration,_Saraburi#Administration External links,_Saraburi#External_links Wikipedia: Northwest Independent School District Northwest Independent School District (Northwest ISD) is a rapidly growing North Texas public school district with its headquarters in the city of Fort Worth, Texas (USA)."2010 CENSUS - CENSUS BLOCK MAP: Fort Worth city, TX. Schools High Schools Middle Schools{{cite web|url Elementary Schools{{cite web|url External links References Wikipedia: Jakob Rosenfeld thumb|right|Rosenfeld (center) with [[Liu Shaoqi on the left, and Chen Yi on the right.]] See also References Wikipedia: SFBC SFBC may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Baronnies 280px|thumb|Les Baronnies viewed from Col de Perty History Towns and Villages References External links Wikipedia: Nightfall (band) Nightfall is a Greek extreme metal band from Athens. Formed by vocalist/bassist Efthimis Karadimas in 1991, the group is currently signed to Metal Blade Records. History Members Timeline Discography References Wikipedia: Okorokov effect The Okorokov effect () is the name given to resonant coherent excitation of heavy ions moving in crystals under channeling conditions. V. All articles lacking sources All stub articles Articles containing Russian-language text Articles lacking sources from December 2009 Charge carriers Ions Physical chemistry Physics stubs Wikipedia: Sibelius Monument (Helsinki) The Sibelius Monument () is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865–1957). The monument is located at the Sibelius Park () in the district of Töölö in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. Description Sibelius Park and monument Kalevala Monument Images References External links Wikipedia: No. 45 Squadron RAF United Kingdom First World War Inter-War Period Second World War Malayan Emergency 1960s onwards Present Commanding officers 1 March 1916 to 31 December 1919 1 April 1921 to 18 February 1970 1 August 1972 to present References Notes Bibliography External links Wikipedia: Nayarambalam | subdivision_type = Country Demographics Etymology Local administration Elected members of Nayarambalam Panchayat Nayarambalam Grama Panchayat: October 2015 election results Places of interest Roads Hospitals Churches and temples Educational institutions Schools Lower primary schools Upper primary schools High schools Higher secondary schools Special schools Public schools Colleges Prayaga College and Computer Academy Agriculture Gallery References External links Wikipedia: Puttige Puttige may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Netto Marken-Discount Netto Marken-Discount is a German supermarket chain. It is owned by the largest German supermarket cooperative Edeka Group and operates mostly in the south and west of Germany. References External links Wikipedia: Santes Pagnino Santes (or Xantes) Pagnino (Latin: Xanthus Pagninus) (1470–1541) was a Dominican, and one of the leading philologists and Biblical scholars of his day. Biography Writings Sources Notes Wikipedia: Gillis d'Hondecoeter thumb|200px|Perseus and Andromeda with a Dodo and seashells Life Works References External links Wikipedia: William Carruthers (botanist) William C Carruthers (29 May 1830 – 2 June 1922) was a Scottish botanist. References External links Wikipedia: Hicham Hicham is a given name that may refer to: See also Wikipedia: Sodhe | subdivision_type = Country Matha Location Prehistoric rock art History References External links Wikipedia: Megamania Atari 8-bitAtari 5200 Gameplay Activision patch Advertising Ports and re-releases Reception References External links Wikipedia: Ermindo Onega | birth_place = Las Parejas, Santa Fe, Argentina External links Wikipedia: Central China Expeditionary Army Central China Expeditionary Army () was a field army of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War. List of Commanders Commanding officer Chief of Staff Wikipedia: CNPA CNPA may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Monitored short pages Wikipedia: Reg Bolton (clown) Reginald Ernest Bolton (13 November 1945 – 14 July 2006) was a clown, teacher, actor and writer. Life Work Death Notes and references External links Wikipedia: Pangala | subdivision_type = Country External links Wikipedia: Little River Branch |close = Construction Operation The branch today References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Parabalani The Parabalani (Late Latin ["persons who risk their lives as nurses", from }}) or [(from or ) were the members of a brotherhood who in early Christianity voluntarily undertook the care of the sick and the burial of the dead knowing they could die. History In film References External links Wikipedia: Webuser WebUser is a fortnightly magazine originally published in Britain by IPC Media, but currently owned by Dennis Publishing since 2010. The magazine was launched in March 2001 covering topics relating to the Internet and computing. Overview References External links Wikipedia: E60 E60 or E 60 may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Letter-number combination disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Carmen Machi |birth_place = Madrid, Spain Biography Filmography References External links Wikipedia: Olivier Levasseur __NOTOC__ Biography The treasure Popular culture See also References External links Wikipedia: Society of Dependants The Society of Dependants were a Christian sect founded by John Sirgood in the mid nineteenth century. Their stronghold was in West Sussex and Surrey where they formed co-operatives in some villages. History Beliefs and customs Names of the sect References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Moeyo Ken (anime) | first = 19 November 2003 Plot TV Series Original video animation The Mobile Shinsengumi Yuko Kondo Toshie Hijikata Kaoru Okita Ryunosuke Sakamoto Nekomaru Gennai Hiraga Kiyomi Watase The Tsubame Group Miki Saotome Ukon Tanaka Sakon Suzuki Notes References External links Wikipedia: Volleyball World Cup Detailed Palmares Volleyball World Cup Detailed Palmares may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Monitored short pages Wikipedia: Gérard Crombac Gérard "Jabby" Crombac (March 7, 1929 in Zurich – November 18, 2005 in Paris) was a Swiss auto-racing journalist. References External links Wikipedia: Koel The true koels, Eudynamys, are a genus of cuckoos from Asia, Australia and the Pacific. They are large sexually dimorphic cuckoos which eat fruits and insects and have loud distinctive calls. Taxonomy References Wikipedia: Deputy Conservator of Forests A Deputy Conservator of Forests (Hindi: उप वन संरक्षक) or, equivalently a Divisional Forest Officer (Hindi: वन प्रमंडल पदाधिकारी), is an officer belonging to the Indian Forest Service (IFS). The Deputy Conservator of Forests is responsible for managing the forests, environment and wildlife related issues of a Forest Division of a state or a union territory of India. See also Wikipedia: Kabbinale | subdivision_type1 = State References Wikipedia: All Star Tennis '99 Nintendo 64Game Boy Color Game Play Selectable players Courts Reception References External links Wikipedia: Darjeeling (Lok Sabha constituency) }} Assembly segments Members of Parliament Election results General election 2014 General election 2009 General election 2004 General elections 1957-2014 See also References Wikipedia: Mensen Ernst Mensen Ernst (1795 – 22 January 1843) was born as Mons Monsen Øyri, in the summer of 1795 in the village of Fresvik along the Sognefjord, in the municipality of Vik in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. He was a road runner and ultramarathonist and one of the first sport professionals. Trips Notes External links Wikipedia: Thomas William Dobbie Thomas William Dobbie (November 13, 1829 – April 1, 1908) was a Canadian civil engineer, provincial land surveyor and political figure. He represented Elgin East in the 1st Canadian Parliament as a Conservative member. References Wikipedia: Bibi Khanoom Astarabadi Bibi Khānoom AstarābādiBibi (بی بی) means Matron, "a married woman especially one characterized by dignity, staid discreet behaviour, and plump motherly appearance" (OED), Venerable lady or Grandmother. Khatoon (خاتون) is a variant of the word Khanoom (خانوم), or Khanom (خانم). The School for Girls (دبستان دوشیزگان) Activities in support of the Constitutional Revolution On Ta'deeb al-Nesvan (تاديب النسوان - Edification of Women) Response of Bibi Khatoon: Ma'ayeb al-Rejal (معايب الرجال - Failings of Men) See also Notes and references Further reading External links Wikipedia: Monte Verità Monte Verità (literally Hill of Truth) is a hill ( high) in Ascona (Swiss canton of Ticino), which has served as the site of many different Utopian and cultural events and communities since the beginning of the twentieth century, having started out as a popular destination for Wandervogel hikers during the Lebensreform period.Landmann (1979), p. History Present In fiction References and sources External links Wikipedia: Gene Miles |birth_place = Townsville, Queensland BRL NSWRL England Playing style Post-playing Footnotes External links Wikipedia: John Morris (geologist) John Morris (19 February 1810 – 7 January 1886) was an English geologist. Life References External links Wikipedia: Talapady, D.K.,_D.K. Thalapady}} General information,_D.K.#General_information Transportation,_D.K.#Transportation References,_D.K.#References External links,_D.K.#External_links Wikipedia: Henry Wilberforce Clarke Henry Wilberforce Clarke (1840–1905) was the translator of Persian works by mystic poets Saadi, Hafez, Nizami and Suhrawardi, as well as writing some works himself. He was an officer in the British India corps Bengal Engineers, and the grandson of William Stanley Clarke, Director (1815–1842) and Chairman (1835–1836) of the East India Company. Biography Personal life Hafez Works As translator Own works Notes External links Wikipedia: Computer Music (magazine) | circulation_year= December 2012 References External links Wikipedia: USNS Richard E. Byrd (T-AKE-4) USNS Richard E. Byrd (T-AKE-4) is a Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ship in the United States Navy. References External links Wikipedia: A Ruff Guide | Recorded = Track listing Wikipedia: Little River Rail Trail thumb|The trail next to Kaituna Lagoon, between Motukarara and Catons Bay. Location Rail trail history Awards References External links Wikipedia: Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Nintendo 64Game Boy Advance Volumes and Games included Volume 1 Volume 2 Version differences Sinistar Reception References Wikipedia: USNS Robert E. Peary (T-AKE-5) USNS Robert E. Peary (T-AKE-5) is a Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ship in the United States Navy. Construction Operational history Gallery References External links Wikipedia: Jim Connors }} Career and life Notes and references Wikipedia: Plenarium In the Roman Catholic Church, plenarium or plenarius (liber) (plural, plenaria) refers to any complete book of formulas and texts that contains all matters pertaining to one subject that might otherwise be scattered in several books. The word is from the Latin, complete. References External links Wikipedia: Social design }} Responsibility Strategic thinking Performance design Designing systems Social world Initiatives Articles References See also Wikipedia: Wai Ka-fai | birth_place = Hong Kong Filmography Filmography as director Awards and nominations External links Wikipedia: Chokhamela Chokhamela was a saint in Maharashtra, India in the 14th century. He belonged to the Mahar caste considered "untouchable" in India in that era. Books References Wikipedia: Orate Fratres Orate Fratres (the original Latin) is the exhortation addressed by the celebrant to the people, in the assembled congregation at the end of the Preparation of the Gifts, and before the Prayer over the Offerings in the Roman Rite Mass. It is also used in the Anglo-Catholic Mass. Description References External links Wikipedia: National Rainbow Coalition – Kenya | country = Kenya The By-Elections Of 24 June 2006 Before the 2007 elections 2007 elections Post 2008 References External links Wikipedia: Joseph Keeler thumb|right|Joseph Keeler Source: Library and Archives Canada References Wikipedia: Idiacanthus atlanticus Idiacanthus atlanticus (commonly known as the black dragonfish) is a barbeled dragonfish of the family Stomiidae, found circumglobally in southern subtropical and temperate oceans between latitudes 25°S and 60°E, at depths down to . The species is sexually dimorphic: females are black with six stripes; male are brown, and lack the females' canine teeth, pelvic fins and barbel. References Wikipedia: Happy Valley Tea Estate Happy Valley Tea Estate () is a tea garden in Darjeeling district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Established in 1854, it is Darjeeling's second oldest tea estate. History Overview References Wikipedia: John Kay (economist) John Anderson Kay, (born 1948) is a British economist. He is a visiting Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and has been a fellow of St John's College, Oxford, since 1970. Career Honours Books References External links Wikipedia: Kodachrome (song) | Last single = "Duncan"(1972) Description Personnel Development Use in media Chart performance Weekly charts Year-end charts Notes References Sources External links Wikipedia: Bristol Lodekka The Bristol Lodekka was a half-cab low-height step-free double-decker bus built by Bristol Commercial Vehicles in England. It was the first production bus design to have no step up from the passenger entrance throughout the lower deck, although Gilford and Leyland Motors had developed low floor city buses in the 1930s, these did not enter production. Design and development Chassis codes Further use Popular culture See also References Wikipedia: Memorain Fono Ltd. Biography Members Current members Former members Timeline Discography Studio albums Videos References External links Wikipedia: KTVH-DT KTVH News Helena's CW 10 History KTVH KBGF-LD KBBJ KBAO Translators News operation Digital television Digital channels Analog-to-digital conversion References External links Wikipedia: Treasure Island (1950 film) |screenplay = Lawrence Edward Watkin Plot summary Cast Filming locations Reception Re-releases, re-editing, and home video Comic book adaptation See also References External links Wikipedia: Lincoln Police Department thumb|right|Lincoln Police Department patch Organization Rank Structure See also External links Wikipedia: Subreption Subreption is a concept in Roman law and, in this tradition, Canon law. In this context, obreption and subreption belong together. References Wikipedia: Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. PlayStationGame Boy Color Gameplay Plot Reception References External links Wikipedia: Bruce Hungerford Bruce Hungerford (24 November 192226 January 1977), known for the majority of his career as Leonard Hungerford, was an Australian pianist whose career was cut short by his death in a road accident in New York. Biography References External links Wikipedia: Moe anthropomorphism }} Types Animals Computers Law and politics Others See also References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Marcelino Miyares Sotolongo Marcelino Miyares Sotolongo is a Cuban-American marketing executive and the current President of the Christian Democratic Party of Cuba, the largest political party in Cuba other than the Communist Party of Cuba. Biography See also External links Wikipedia: Ratner's | seating-capacity = Ownership Menu Locations Products Cookbooks In popular culture See also References Wikipedia: Captain Kidd (film) | runtime = 90 minutes Plot Cast Awards See also References External links Wikipedia: Obreption and subreption Obreption and subreption (both from the Latin word repo/reptum (genitive), meaning to creep or crawl. The prefix, Ob- means "towards, against, or, in the way of"; Sub- means "under, or, close to") are terms used in ancient Roman law and in the canon law applied by the Catholic church to species of fraud by which an ecclesiastical rescript is obtained. Legal requirements Other uses of "obreption" Sources Wikipedia: Galong, New South Wales,_New_South_Wales | pop = 224 History,_New_South_Wales#History See also,_New_South_Wales#See_also References,_New_South_Wales#References External links,_New_South_Wales#External_links Wikipedia: Cordélia | runtime = 116 minutes Plot Cast External links Wikipedia: List of people from Milan This is a list of people born in or associated with the Italian city of Milan. A–B C–E F–L M–Q R–S T–Z See also References Wikipedia: Kyphosinae The Kyphosinae (rudderfishes) are a subfamily of the sea chub family Kyphosidae. They are herbivorous, primarily consuming algae, and usually found near shore. Genera and species References External links Wikipedia: Witten-Buchholz-Kaempen Buchholz-Kaempen [German: Buchholz-Kämpen] is a city-district of Witten-Herbede, which is a part of the City of Witten, (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). Buchholz-Kaempen is placed about 12 kilometres southeast of the city. Buchholz History Town of Blankenstein / Herbede / Witten Curios Kaempen Wikipedia: 25th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom) 20 March 19191 November 193931 August 1944 First World War Order of battle Second World War Commanders See also Notes References Bibliography External links Wikipedia: UFC 17 UFC 17: Redemption was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on May 15, 1998 at the Mobile Civic Center, in Mobile, Alabama. The event was seen live on pay-per-view in the United States, and later released on home video. History Results UFC 17 Middleweight Tournament Bracket See also References External links Wikipedia: William Ramsden William Ramsden may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Human name disambiguation pages Wikipedia: List of television stations in Bangladesh The first television signal broadcast in Bangladesh was in 1964 by the then state-owned television network Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV). From then onwards Bangladesh Television (BTV) had a virtual monopoly until the late 1990s. Multichannel broadcasters Bangladesh Television Multimedia production company International Television Limited Impress Group SA Group Other channels Currently broadcasting Unlicensed broadcasters See also References Wikipedia: List of buildings in Milan }} Churches Paleochristian, Romanesque Gothic Renaissance Mannerism Baroque Neoclassic Notable monuments Palaces and villas Skyscrapers and towers Gates Museums, galleries and exhibition spaces Theaters Universities See also Wikipedia: Fiat 514 - Types Engines Wikipedia: Susmita Susmita (also spelled as Sushmita and Sushmitha and Sushmithak) is a Hindu/Sanskrit Nepali feminine given name, which means "women having lovely smile". Notable people Wikipedia: NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency }} References Wikipedia: Emil Forrer Emil Orgetorix Gustav Forrer (also Emilio O. Forrer; ; 19 February 1894, Straßburg, Alsace-Lorraine – 10 January 1986, San Salvador) was a Swiss Assyriologist and pioneering Hittitologist. Works See also References Wikipedia: Bass Masters 2000 | genre = Fishing game Features Wikipedia: Harold von Schmidt Harold von Schmidt (May 19, 1893 – June 3, 1982) was an American illustrator, who specialized in magazine interior illustrations. Early life Career Death Family References Bibliography External links Wikipedia: Claude Gauthier (singer) | birth_place = Lac-Saguay, Quebec, Canada Biography Recordings See also References External links Wikipedia: Frank Cowell Frank A. Cowell is Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Biography Publications Notes External links Wikipedia: Obregonian Brothers The Obregonians, or the Minim Congregation of Poor Brothers Infirmarians, were a small Roman Catholic congregation of men dedicated to the nursing care of the sick, who professed the Rule of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis. History References Wikipedia: Fiat 518 | layout = Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive Models Ardita and Ardita 2000 Ardita Coloniale Ardita Sport Production outside Italy Simca-Fiat In Poland References Notes Bibliography Wikipedia: Silver drummer The Silver drummer (Kyphosus sydneyanus), is a species of sea chub native to the Pacific Ocean from Australia to New Zealand where it occurs in shallow waters on rocky reefs. This species can reach a length of up to TL, and they may weigh up to . All stub articles Animals described in 1886 Articles with 'species' microformats Fish described in the 19th century Kyphosidae Perciformes stubs Wikipedia: Neva (1813 ship) Neva was a three-masted barque launched in 1813. that as a convict ship was wrecked in Bass Strait on 13 May 1835. Origins Final voyage and wreck The cause of the disaster The wreck of Neva in fiction Memorial See also Citations and references Wikipedia: Hafiz Akif Saeed | birth_place = Pakistan References Wikipedia: Coles Express A$6.7 billion (2016) History The Coles and Shell alliance Fuel discount offer Everyday offer Bonus offers Gallery References External links Wikipedia: International Committee for Democracy in Cuba The International Committee for Democracy in Cuba (ICDC) was created in September 2003 as "a response to the latest brutal crackdown by the Cuban government in the spring of that year against those pushing for democratic reforms, freedom of speech and adherence to international human rights agreements". See also External links References Wikipedia: Leo the Lion (singer) | birth_place = London, United Kingdom The Streets Early life Solo career Television Acting References External links Wikipedia: ORP Heweliusz ORP Heweliusz is a survey ship of the Polish Navy of the Projekt 874 class, known as modified Finik class in NATO code. She was launched on 11 September 1981 and commissioned on 27 November 1982. See also References Wikipedia: Henri-Paul Francfort Henri-Paul Francfort is a French archaeologist and member ("directeur de recherche") of the CNRS. He is noted for his excavations at Shortugai. Publications References Wikipedia: Gore Orphanage Gore Orphanage is the subject of a local legend in Northern Ohio, which refers to a supposedly haunted ruin near the city of Vermilion in Lorain County, Ohio. The ruin is a building that formerly housed the Swift Mansion and later, the Light of Hope Orphanage, and is the subject of local urban legends, whereby the violent deaths of young children is alleged to have occurred. History of the Gore Orphanage legend Location aspect Fire aspect Paranormal aspect Popular culture See also References Wikipedia: Fiat 519 | wheelbase = (519 S) Types Specifications Construction Wikipedia: Polemic (magazine) Polemic was a British "Magazine of Philosophy, Psychology, and Aesthetics" published between 1945 and 1947, which aimed to be a general or non-specialist intellectual periodical. Absent Minds: Intellectuals in Britain Orwell's essays See also References Wikipedia: José Luis Gioja |birth_place= Rawson Department, San Juan Biography References External links Wikipedia: Rally China The Rally China (中國拉力賽) is the largest rally racing event held in China. The first event was run as the China Rally in 1997 in the province of Guangdong, as a replacement to the Hong Kong - Beijing Rally, and was an event on the World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar in 1999. List of previous winners Rally China References Wikipedia: HSY (disambiguation) HSY may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant | type = Walkthrough Original concept Castle Changes throughout the years Popular culture References External links Wikipedia: 26th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom) The 26th Infantry Brigade was the name of two British Army formations during the First World War and Second World War. First World War Component units Second World War In 1939 In 1945 Commanders References External links Wikipedia: Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs | genre = Real-time strategy Gameplay Story Factions Plot External links Wikipedia: Crime Expo South Africa Crime Expo South Africa (CESA) was a website that detailed crime in South Africa and encouraged victims to tell their stories. Pages on the site dealt with murder, rape, farm attacks and armed robbery. Reaction Press coverage Accusations of fraud Formation of political party References Wikipedia: Foetorepus Foetorepus is a genus of dragonets. The validity of this genus has been questioned with some experts regarding it as a junior synonym of Synchiropus. Species References Wikipedia: Baron Howden thumb|200px|John Cradock, 1st Baron Howden. Barons Howden (1819/1831) References Wikipedia: Joe Robinson (actor) | birth_place = Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England Career Professional wrestling Acting Retirement Death In wrestling Selected filmography References External links Wikipedia: Jean Duvieusart |birth_place = Les Bons Villers, Belgium Political career See also Wikipedia: Fictional locations in Thomas & Friends }} Island of Sodor Settlements (Towns and Villages) Abbey Arlesburgh Arlesdale Arlesdale End Balladrine Ballahoo Bluff's Cove Brendam Cabalnoo Callan Cronk Crosby Cros-ny-Cuirn Crovan's Gate Dryaw Elsbridge Ffarquhar Glennock Great Waterton Hackenbeck Harwick Haultrough Kellaby Kellsthorpe Road Killaban Killdane Kirk Ronan Knapford Lakeside Maithwaite Maron Norramby Peel Rheneas (Village) Skarloey (Village) Suddery Tidmouth Toryreck Ulfstead Vicarstown Wellsworth Harbours and Ports Arlesburgh Harbour Brendam Docks Knapford Harbour The Fishing Village The Wharf Tidmouth Harbour Mines, Pits and Quarries Anopha Quarry (aka, Ffarquhar Quarry) Blue Mountain Quarry Maithwaite Quarry Mine Skarloey Slate Mines Sodor China Clay Company Sodor Slate Quarry Ulfstead Mine The Coal Mine The Lead Mines Farms Crowe's Farm McColl Farm Trotter Farm Finney Farm Other Industries Aluminium Works Crock's Scrap Yard Mr Jolly's Chocolate Factory Sodor Cement Works Sodor Dieselworks Sodor Ironworks (aka, The Smelters Yard) Sodor Steamworks Sodor Search and Rescue Centre The Dairy The Ice Cream Factory The Lumber Mill and Timber Yard The Power Station Wellsworth Scrap Yards Whiff's Waste Dump Other rail-served industries Rail shunting yards Transfer Yards Landmarks Callan Castle Black Loch Misty Valley Culdee Fell Hill Dryaw Airfield Gordon's Hill Henry's Tunnel Norramby Beach Rumblin Bridge Sodor Airport Sodor Suspension Bridge The Viaduct The Watermill Town Square Ulfstead Castle Vicarstown Rolling Bridge Railway Lines Arlesdale Railway Arthur's Branch Line Bluebell branch line Edward's Branch Line Estate Railway Misty Valley branch line Peel Godred branch line Skarloey Railway The Kirk Ronan branch line The Little Western The Loop Line The Main Line Thomas' Branch Line Ulfstead branch line Misty Island Railway Old Narrow Gauge Railways On-Shed (Train Accommodation) Tidmouth Sheds Arlesburgh Yard Shed Dieselworks Roundhouse Vicarstown Sheds Wellsworth Shed(s) Stations, Halts and Junctions Duck's Branch Line - (The Little Western) Kirk Ronan Branch Line The Main Line Loop Ulfstead Branch Line Norramby Branch Line Peel Godred Branch Line Misty Valley Branch Line Toby's Branch Line Quarry Branch Line Killdane Branch Line Culdee Fell Railway The Mainland (aka Great Britain) Settlements The Other Railway References Wikipedia: Qt Jambi | operating system = Cross-platform Qt Jambi hello world References External links Wikipedia: Baron Downes 200px|right|thumb|Ulysses Burgh, 2nd Baron Downes Barons Downes (1822) References Wikipedia: Franklin Benjamin Sanborn |birth_place = Hampton Falls, New Hampshire Biography Early years and education Professional life Personal life Death and significance Works See also Notes References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Bull Allen (rugby union) }} Biography Childhood Taranaki years Selection for the All Blacks Wellington Hurricanes & Central Vikings TV appearances All Black's statistics Bibliography External links Wikipedia: Gérard Fussman Gérard Fussman (born 17 May 1940 in Lens, Pas-de-Calais) is a French indologist. He is a professor at the Collège de France. Partial list of publications External links Wikipedia: Matthias Schweighöfer | image = Matthias Schweighöfer Berlinale 2008 cropped.jpg Early life Career Personal life Awards Selected filmography Theatre References External links Wikipedia: Reaction intermediate A reaction intermediate or an intermediate is a molecular entity that is formed from the reactants (or preceding intermediates) and reacts further to give the directly observed products of a chemical reaction. Most chemical reactions are stepwise, that is they take more than one elementary step to complete. Definition Chemical processing industry See also References Notes Wikipedia: Yellow jersey statistics Since the first Tour de France in 1903, there have been 2,121 stages, up to and including the 2017 Tour de France. Since 1919, the race leader following each stage has been awarded the yellow jersey (). Individual records Number of wearers per year Notes Per country Yellow jersey retirees Yellow jersey winners without winning any stage Number of Tour winners in a single race Winning Tour de France on first occasion Finishing Tour de France career with victory See also References External links Wikipedia: Higher Population Council (Jordan) |coordinates = External links Wikipedia: Baron FitzGerald and Vesey Baron FitzGerald and Vesey, of Clare and of Inchicronan in the County of Clare, was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created on 31 July 1826 for Catherine FitzGerald, with remainder to her heirs male by her husband James FitzGerald. Barons FitzGerald and Vesey (1826) References Wikipedia: Young Dubliners }} Origins Rocky Road to Alive, Alive'O Red Absolutely to Saints And Sinners Members Current Former Discography References External links Wikipedia: Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén "Lantos" Tinódi (c. 1510 in Tinód – 30 January 1556 in Sárvár) was a 16th-century Hungarian lyricist, epic poet, political historian, and minstrel. Biography Works References External links Wikipedia: The Importance of Being Earnest (2002 film) | starring = Rupert EverettColin FirthFrances O'ConnorReese WitherspoonJudi Dench Cast Production notes Release Critical reception Box office performance Awards and nominations References External links Wikipedia: Bight stinkfish The bight stinkfish, Foetorepus phasis, is a dragonet of the family Callionymidae, found in the eastern Indian and southwest Pacific Oceans, at depths of between 160 and 200 m. Length is up to 13 cm. References Wikipedia: Baron Dunsandle and Clanconal right|thumb|200px|Denis Daly, father of the first Baron Dunsandle and Clanconal. Barons Dunsandle and Clanconal (1845) References Wikipedia: Isaac Bayley Balfour | birth_place = 27 Inverleith Row, Edinburgh Early life Biography Specific interests Honours, qualifications and appointments Commemoration References External links Wikipedia: Camillo Felgen | background = solo_singer Biography Death Footnotes Wikipedia: John Dighton John Dighton (1909 – 1989) was a British playwright and screenwriter. Partial filmography as screenwriter Wikipedia: International Relations and Security Network }} Overview Directors Activities References External links Wikipedia: Uthai District | area_total_km2 = History Geography Administration References Wikipedia: Service Package Interpreter }} History See also References Wikipedia: Butler Public Schools }} History Schools Administration References External links Wikipedia: 27th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom) 1939–1951 Unit history First World War Second World War Post Second World War Component units 1914–1918 1939–1940 1948 onwards Commanders Korean War References Bibliography Wikipedia: Otto Stapf | birth_place = Works References Wikipedia: Williams FW25 Patrick Head (Technical Director) Gavin Fisher (Chief Designer) Antonia Terzi (Chief Aerodynamicist) | Complete Formula One results Wikipedia: List of Fiat passenger cars A full list of models produced by Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat since 1899. The list is compiled by year and order of distribution: 1899–1929 1930–1939 1948–1965 1966–1979 1980–1989 1990-1999 2001–2009 2011–present External links Wikipedia: Polysaccharide peptide Polysaccharide peptide (PSP) is a protein-bound polysaccharide extracted from the edible mushroom Coriolus versicolor. PSP is currently in the animal-testing phase of research in many countries for use as an anti-tumor drug. See also References Wikipedia: Edward O'Herron Jr. Edward Michael (Ed) O'Herron Jr. (1915–2006) was a prominent American businessman and politician. Early life Retail career Political career References Wikipedia: Baron Crewe Baron Crewe, of Crewe in the County of Chester, was a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 25 February 1806 for the politician and landowner John Crewe, of Crewe Hall, Cheshire. Barons Crewe (1806) See also References Wikipedia: Flying Tigers (film) | runtime = 102 minutes Plot Cast Production Historical accuracy Reception Proposed sequel Oscar nominations See also References Notes Bibliography External links Wikipedia: Mariano Andreu Mariano Andreu (1888–1976) was a Spanish painter, drawer, enamelling master, sculptor, and stage designer. External links Wikipedia: David Prain Sir David Prain CMG, CIE, M.D. Education and career Publications Honours and awards Private life Death References External links Wikipedia: Rut Brandt Rut Brandt (10 January 1920 – 28 July 2006) was a Norwegian-born German writer and the wife of the German Chancellor Willy Brandt between 1948 and 1980, including most of his political career as Governing Mayor of Berlin (1957–1966) and German chancellor (1969–1974). Rut Brandt became highly popular in Germany and a noted public figure in her role as First Lady of Berlin and the chancellor's spouse. Life Family Books by Rut Brandt References External links Wikipedia: Gregory C. Coleman Gregory Sylvester Coleman (September 1944 – April 2006) was a member of The Winstons and the drummer of the Amen Break, a famous drum solo taken from the recording "Amen, Brother" made in 1969 by The Winstons. This solo is one of the most frequently sampled drum loops in modern music and is used in genres from hip hop to drum and bass and beyond. Early life Death References Wikipedia: Anne Tardos Anne Tardos is a poet, visual artist, and composer born in Cannes, France. She lived as a small child in German-occupied Paris, then after the war moved with her parents to Budapest, where she learned Hungarian. External links Wikipedia: 2006–07 Belgian First Division The 2006-07 season of the Belgian First Division began on July 28, 2006 and concluded on May 19, 2007. The championship was decided in the penultimate round on May 12, 2007, when Anderlecht moved five points clear of runners-up Genk to retain the title and win their 29th League Championship. Clubs New teams Overview Manager Changes League standings Fixtures/Results Top goal scorers See also Wikipedia: Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun | rev2 = Drowned in Sound Track listing Bonus Tracks Personnel References Wikipedia: Corrientes River | width = References Wikipedia: Road Builder Holdings Road Builder (M) Holdings Bhd. is a holding company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Subsidiaries References External links Wikipedia: 365mag 365Mag is an e-zine's about electronic music and the related subcultures / lifestyles. The e-zine is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. History Focus Other activities 365mag Staff and Contributors References External links Wikipedia: Vains of Jenna }} History Past members Touring members Discography Studio albums EPs Singles Videos References External links Wikipedia: Sargassum fish | image = Histrio histrio.jpg Description Distribution and habitat Biology References Wikipedia: 29th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom) United Kingdom First World War Second World War Korean War Component units Commanders Notes References External links Wikipedia: Carlos Sancho Carlos Alberto Sancho is an Argentine Justicialist Party (PJ) politician and former governor of Santa Cruz Province. References External links Wikipedia: George Edward Wahlen |death_date= Biography Medal of Honor citation Honors and legacy See also References Wikipedia: Niemba Niemba is a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Katanga Province. It is situated on the Lukuga River, a tributary of the Lualaba river. See also References Wikipedia: Rough Justice (Bananarama song) "Rough Justice" is a song written and recorded by English girl group Bananarama. It was the third single released from their self-titled second album in 1984. Music video Track listing Charts References External links Wikipedia: Merton of the Movies (1924 film) Merton of the Movies is a 1924 comedy film directed by James Cruze, written by Walter Woods, and starring Glenn Hunter and Viola Dana. It is based on the in the George S. Plot Cast See also References External links Wikipedia: 1933 Outer Banks hurricane | Dissipated= (extratropical after September 18) Meteorological history Preparations and impact See also Notes References Wikipedia: Fort Smith Trolley Museum The Fort Smith Trolley Museum is a streetcar and railroad museum in Fort Smith, in the U.S. History Streetcar line Schedule Vehicles Streetcars Locomotives Buses See also References External links Wikipedia: Slingsby Grasshopper The Slingsby T.38 Grasshopper is a British primary training glider built by Slingsby Sailplanes for the Royal Air Force. Development Operators Specifications (Grasshopper TX.1) See also References Notes Bibliography Wikipedia: Pan Pipers Music School The Pan Pipers Music School is a music school in St. Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago. All articles lacking sources All articles needing coordinates All stub articles Articles lacking sources from December 2009 Schools in Trinidad and Tobago South American school stubs Trinidad and Tobago articles missing geocoordinate data Trinidad and Tobago stubs Wikipedia: John Stevens (scholar) John Stevens (born 1947) is a Buddhist priest, teacher of Buddhist studies and Aikido teacher. Biography Bibliography Translations and collections References External links Wikipedia: John Hutchinson (botanist) | birth_place = Wark on Tyne, Northumberland Life and career Awards Personal life First Southern Africa trip August 1928 - April 1929 Second African trip June 1930 - September 1930 Publications See also References Wikipedia: Port of Ostend The port of Ostend (Dutch: Oostende) is situated in Ostend, West Flanders, Belgium. The port services freight transport between Ostend and Ramsgate, Ipswich and North Killingholme Haven. History References Notes Bibliography External links Wikipedia: Richard Dannatt |death_date= Early life Early military career High command Chief of the General Staff Honorary titles Retirement Personal life References External links Wikipedia: Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14 Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14 (MALS-14) is an aviation logistics support unit of the United States Marine Corps. They are currently based at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and fall under the command of Marine Aircraft Group 14 (MAG-14) and the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (2nd MAW). Mission History See also Notes References Wikipedia: Matsuyama Station (Ehime) is a JR Shikoku railway station on the Yosan Line located in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. History Layout Adjacent stations References Wikipedia: Undoing (psychology) Undoing is a defense mechanism in which a person tries to 'undo' an unhealthy, destructive or otherwise threatening thought or action by engaging in contrary behavior. For example, after thinking about being violent with someone, one would then be overly nice or accommodating to them. Freud's development of the concept In psychoanalysis after Freud Automaticity Further uses Effects of positive emotions Effects of negative emotions Classification References Further reading Wikipedia: Avondale House Avondale House, in Avondale, County Wicklow, Ireland, is the birthplace and home of Charles Stewart Parnell (1846–1891) one of the leading political leaders in Irish history. It is set in the Avondale Forest Park in over 2 km² (500 acres) of land, approximately 1. History References External links Wikipedia: ISO 31-10 ISO 31-10 is the part of international standard ISO 31 that defines names and symbols for quantities and units related to nuclear reactions and ionizing radiations. It gives names and symbols for 70 quantities and units. All stub articles ISO 31 Standards and measurement stubs Use British English Oxford spelling from January 2012 Wikipedia: King of the Jungle (song) "King of the Jungle" is a song written and recorded by English girl group Bananarama. It was released as a single in Japan only from their self-titled second album in 1984. References External links Wikipedia: Andrew Krakouer | birth_place = Early life AFL career Richmond Prison and WAFL football AFL return References External links Wikipedia: My Riot My Riot is the third album by Roger Miret and the Disasters. It was released on August 22, 2006 on Sailor's Grave Records. Track listing Credits External links Wikipedia: ISO 31-12 ISO 31-12 gives name, symbol and definition for 25 selected characteristic numbers used for the description of transport phenomena. All stub articles ISO 31 Standards and measurement stubs Use British English Oxford spelling from January 2012 Wikipedia: Hermann Friedmann Adolph Hermann Friedmann (11 April 1873, Białystok – 25 May 1957, Heidelberg) was a Polish-German philosopher and jurist, Finnish citizen from 1906. Literary works See also External links Wikipedia: The Toxic Avenger Part II | starring = Synopsis Cast Production Versions Reception References External links Wikipedia: Undoing Undoing may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: ISO 31-13 ISO 31-13 gives name, symbol and definition for 62 quantities and units of solid state physics. Where appropriate, conversion factors are also given. All articles lacking sources All stub articles Articles lacking sources from December 2009 ISO 31 Physics stubs Standards and measurement stubs Use British English Oxford spelling from January 2012 Wikipedia: Okayama Station | operator = JR West Lines Adjacent stations History External links Wikipedia: Saramacca River Saramacca River is a river in Suriname (estuary located at around ). Arawaks named this river "Surama", and today's name "Saramacca" is probably derived from it. References Wikipedia: RecipeML Recipe Markup Language, formerly known as DESSERT (Document Encoding and Structuring Specification for Electronic Recipe Transfer), is an XML-based format for marking up recipes. The format was created in 2000 by the company FormatData. External links Wikipedia: Wisconsin Badgers football The Wisconsin Badgers football team is the intercollegiate football team of University of Wisconsin–Madison. The Badgers have competed in the Big Ten Conference since its formation in 1896. Team name origin Team history The early years (1889–1912) Moderate successes (1913–1941) The climb back to dominance (1942–1962) Limited successes (1963–1989) Return to Glory with Alvarez era, "From Red Ink to Roses" (1990–2005) Bret Bielema era (2006–2012) Gary Andersen era (2013–2014) Paul Chryst (2015–present) Coaching staff Current Head coaching history Bowl history All-time records Victories over #1 ranked teams All-time Big Ten records Conference championships Traditions Running Back U Jump Around College Gameday Rivalries Current rivalries Minnesota Iowa Nebraska Inactive rivalries Marquette Individual school records Rushing records Passing records Receiving records Scoring records Kickoff/Punt return records Defensive records Honors Retired numbers College Football Hall of Fame Pro Football Hall of Fame Individual award winners and finalists Consensus All-Americans Future opponents Big Ten West-division opponents Big Ten East-division opponents Non-conference opponents Current professional football players National Football League Arena Football League Canadian Football League Notes References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi |birth_place = Gwalior, MP Life Honors References Wikipedia: Meesaq Meesaq is an Urdu monthly magazine which is the organ of Tanzeem-e-Islami. The magazine was founded by Maulana Ameen Ahsan Islahi. References Wikipedia: Global network positioning Global network positioning is a coordinates-based mechanism in a peer-to-peer network architecture which predicts Internet network distance (i.e. References See also Wikipedia: Spotfin frogfish The spotfin frogfish, Antennatus nummifer, is a fish of the family Antennariidae, found in all subtropical oceans to depths of 300 m. It grows to in total length. Information Names Location References Wikipedia: EL/M-2032 The EL/M-2032 is an advanced pulse Doppler, multimode planar array fire-control radar intended for multi-role fighter aircraft originated from the Lavi project. It is suitable for air-to-air and air-to-surface modes. Israel Aerospace Industries Specifications References External links Wikipedia: Lina Andersson | birth_place = Malmberget, Sweden References Wikipedia: Lutterworth Press The Lutterworth Press, one of the oldest independent British publishing houses, has traded since the late eighteenth century - initially as the Religious Tract Society (RTS). The Lutterworth imprint, named after the small English town of Lutterworth in Leicestershire, where John Wyclif served as Rector in the fourteenth century, has been used since 1932, and Lutterworth continued most of the then current RTS publications. References External links Wikipedia: Alfred Thomas, 1st Baron Pontypridd,_1st_Baron_Pontypridd Alfred Thomas, 1st Baron Pontypridd (16 September 1840 – 14 December 1927), was a Welsh Liberal Party politician. Background and education,_1st_Baron_Pontypridd#Background_and_education Early political career,_1st_Baron_Pontypridd#Early_political_career Parliamentary career,_1st_Baron_Pontypridd#Parliamentary_career Other public positions,_1st_Baron_Pontypridd#Other_public_positions Personal life,_1st_Baron_Pontypridd#Personal_life References,_1st_Baron_Pontypridd#References Sources,_1st_Baron_Pontypridd#Sources Books and Journals,_1st_Baron_Pontypridd#Books_and_Journals Wikipedia: Computer Shopper (US magazine) | History of Computer Shopper magazine Magazine Web Site List of editors-in-chief References External links Wikipedia: Düsseldorf-Heerdt Heerdt is one of the older parts of the city of Düsseldorf. Heerdt and its neighbouring quarters Oberkassel, Niederkassel and Lörick on the left side of the river Rhine, opposite to the other districts of Düsseldorf and the central district. All stub articles Coordinates on Wikidata Düsseldorf Düsseldorf region geography stubs Urban districts and boroughs of Düsseldorf Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers Wikipedia: Shuri Station | country = Japan Lines Adjacent stations Wikipedia: Computer Shopper Computer Shopper could refer to the following publications: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Lillian Lincoln Lillian Lincoln Lambert is an African-American businesswoman. She is known for being the first African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Business School (HBS). Biography Early life and education Career Honors References External links Wikipedia: Hot Line to Heaven "Hot Line to Heaven" is a song co-written and performed by English girl group Bananarama. The song appears on their second, self-titled album and was released as a single in the UK in 1984. Music video Versions Charts References External links Wikipedia: Olympiacos B.C. | owner = Giorgos AngelopoulosPanagiotis Angelopoulos History 1930s–1960s 1970s–1980s 1990s: FIBA's Best European Team of the 90s 5 Greek championships in a row, twice EuroLeague runners-up European Champions and Triple Crown Glory McDonald's Championship finalists against the Chicago Bulls 2000s 2000–2002 2003–2005 crisis 2006: Rebirth 2007–2008 season 2008–2009 season: Return to Euroleague Final Four 2009–2010 season: EuroLeague runners-up 2010s 2010–2011 season 2011–2012 season: European and Greek champions 2012–2013 season: Back-to-back European champions 2013–2014 season: FIBA Intercontinental champions 2014–2015 season: Euroleague runners-up, Greek Champions Kit manufacturers and shirt sponsors Arena Players Current roster Depth chart Squad changes for the 2017–2018 season In Out Honours Domestic competitions European competitions Worldwide competitions Unofficial Performance in international competitions International record The road to the 1997 EuroLeague victory The road to the 2012 Euroleague victory The road to the 2013 Euroleague victory The biggest wins in FIBA Champions Cup and EuroLeague The biggest wins in FIBA Saporta Cup The biggest wins in FIBA Korać Cup Matches against NBA teams Seasons Statistics Greek League records A1 Regular seasons (Wins–Losses) Individual awards Notable players Notable coaches Presidential history References External links Wikipedia: Anna Olsson (cross-country skier) Anna Olsson}} References Wikipedia: Fiji Hindi Fiji Baat History Status Tenses Phonology Pronouns Morphology Verb Etymology Grammatical features Fijian loan words Words derived from English Semantic shifts Indian languages English Counting Spread overseas Writers See also References Bibliography External links Wikipedia: Marshall Pickering Marshall Pickering was bought by Harper and Row in 1988, now part of HarperCollins. Book publishing companies of the United Kingdom Companies established in 1981 News Corporation subsidiaries Wikipedia: Gasolin' (album) | Recorded = July–September 1971 at Rosenberg Studio, Copenhagen Track listing Personnel Gasolin' Additional musicians Production External links Wikipedia: Alex Fong Alex Fong may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Human name disambiguation pages Monitored short pages Wikipedia: Vålerbanen Vålerbanen is a race track located in Braskereidfoss, Norway. Facilities External links Wikipedia: Joe Wade Joseph Wade}} Honours References External links Wikipedia: JOM (journal) JOM is a technical journal devoted to exploring the many aspects of materials, science and engineering published monthly by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) (a member-based professional society). JOM reports scholarly work that explores the many aspects of materials science and engineering within the broad topical areas of light metals, structural materials, functional materials, extraction and processing, and materials processing and manufacturing. History References External links Wikipedia: Light tube Light tubes or light pipes are physical structures used for transporting or distributing natural or artificial light for the purpose of illumination, and are examples of optical waveguides. In their application to daylighting, they are also often called tubular daylighting devices, sun pipes, sun scopes, or daylight pipes. Types IR light pipes/IR light tubes Light tube with reflective material Optical fiber Transparent hollow light guides Fluorescence based system Properties and applications Solar and hybrid lighting systems Settings Security applications In electronic devices See also External links Overview Other approaches to sunlight capture and transmission References Wikipedia: Theodor Lessing Theodor Lessing (8 February 1872, Hanover – 31 August 1933, Marienbad) was a German Jewish philosopher. Life Early life Growing renown Fame and anti-nationalist polemics Escape from the Nazis and assassination Literary works / editions See also Notes References External links Wikipedia: Cleaning Up }} Plot summary Production Title reference Epigraph Music Credits Starring cast Guest stars First appearances Deceased Reception References External links Wikipedia: José Caballero José Caballero (11 June 1915 – 26 May 1991)Find a Grave entry was a Spanish painter. Career References External links Wikipedia: Driesh | range = Grampians References Wikipedia: Alex Fong (actor) | birth_place = Macau Incidents Filmography Film Television Music video appearances Awards and nominations References External links Wikipedia: Let's See Let's See was a Canadian television series broadcast on CBC Television between September 6, 1952 to July 4, 1953. The segment, which had a running time of 15 minutes, was a puppet show with a character named Uncle Chichimus (voice of John Conway), which presented each evening's schedule as well as the weather forecast. External links Wikipedia: Johnny Sample |birth_place=Cape Charles, Virginia Early life Professional career After football See also References Wikipedia: Numerical Algorithms Group The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) is a software company which provides methods for the solution of mathematical and statistical problems, and offers services to users of High performance computing (HPC) systems. Its products and services are employed by tens of thousands of users from Global 500 companies, universities, supercomputing sites and numerous independent software vendors. Origins Products The NAG Library NAG Fortran Compiler Management References External links Wikipedia: Colin Talbot Colin Ronald Talbot (born 1952) is a British political scientist. He was until August 2017 a professor at the University of Manchester and held the Chair of Government in the School of Social Sciences. Life and career Parliamentary advisor Work Personal life See also References External links Wikipedia: Oborozukiyo: Inori is the 2nd EP or mini-album (fourth overall album release) by Mika Nakashima. This album was limited to only 111,000 copies. Track listing Oricon sales charts (Japan) References Wikipedia: Kalar Kalar can refer to: See also Wikipedia: The Sugarmill The Sugarmill is a nightclub and music venue in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, that opened in 1994. Events About Artists External links Wikipedia: Commewijne River Commewijne River (Sranan Tongo: Kawina-liba) is a river in northern Suriname (estuary located at around ). References Wikipedia: Ruakaka | coor_pinpoint = Geography Naming Districts Beaches Climate History Education Attractions and landmarks Railway proposal References External links Wikipedia: Yellowspotted sawtail The yellowspotted sawtail, Prionurus maculatus, is a tang of the family Acanthuridae, found in the southwest Pacific Ocean. References Wikipedia: Lockridge Lockridge may refer to: People Places See also Wikipedia: Via Regia A Via Regia (Royal Highway) was a type of historic road in the Middle Ages which were legally associated with the king and remained under his special protection and guarantee of public peace. History Origins Medieval times 19th century to present day Literature See also References External links Wikipedia: Dharmachari Subhuti Dharmachari Subhuti, originally Alex Kennedy, is a senior associate of Sangharakshita,"The social face of Buddhism" - Google Books founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO)), and President of the London Buddhist Centre. He has held various positions of leadership and has been instrumental in many developments in the community. Published works References External links Wikipedia: Conrad II of Teck Conrad II of Teck (1235 – 2 May 1292) was Duke of Teck. Literature Wikipedia: Solar tube A solar tube may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Monitored short pages Wikipedia: Lodgepole Lodgepole can refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Place name disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Bruno Granichstaedten Bruno Bernhard Granichstaedten (September 1, 1879, Vienna – May 30, 1944, New York City) was an Austrian composer and librettist. He composed 16 operettas and music for various films. Works Selected filmography External links Wikipedia: Shane O'Sullivan | birth_place=Waterford, Ireland Playing career Club Inter-county Inter-provincial References Wikipedia: Senior Model School, Civil Lines,_Civil_Lines The Govt Senior Model School, Civil Lines Patiala was founded in 1956 along with its sister institution Senior Model School, Pheel Khana, Patiala as part of a 'Model School' program of Government of Punjab. The school was inaugurated by Maharani Mohinder Kaur wife of then Maharaja of Patiala, Yadavindra Singh. 1956 establishments in India All articles lacking sources All articles needing coordinates All stub articles Articles lacking sources from December 2009 Educational institutions established in 1956 High schools and secondary schools in Patiala Punjab (India) articles missing geocoordinate data Punjab (India) school stubs Wikipedia: Jeff Greinke Jeff Greinke is an American ambient music and jazz artist and composer currently based in Tucson, Arizona. He is known as one of the pioneers of dark ambient music, with his earlier solo albums often compared to works by Robert Rich, Brian Eno, and Vidna Obmana. Discography Notes External links Wikipedia: Shell Australia in Melbourne & Sydney History Sale of downstream business Projects Prelude Ningaloo Sponsorships See also References External links Wikipedia: Ava Lowery Ava Lowery is an American peace activist and documentary filmmaker from Alabama who has created over 100 Flash]-based animations denouncing the [[Iraq War, former United States President George W. Bush, policies of the Republican Party and several individual Republican politicians. References External links Wikipedia: Baron Panmure Baron Panmure, of Brechin and Navar in the County of Forfar, was a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. The title became extinct in 1874. History Barons Panmure (1831) See also Notes References Wikipedia: Cheon Sang-byeong | death_place = Life Work Works in Translation"Cheon Sang-byeong" LTI Korea Datasheet available at LTI Korea Library or online at: {{cite web|url |title=Archived copy |accessdate=2013-09-03 |deadurl=yes |archiveurl= |archivedate=2013-09-21 |df= Works in Korean (Partial)== References External links Wikipedia: Aino-Kaisa Saarinen | birth_place = Hollola, Finland Career References External links Wikipedia: Solar eclipses on Mars The two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, are much smaller than the Moon, greatly reducing the frequency of solar eclipses on that planet. Neither moon's apparent diameter is large enough to cover the disk of the sun, and therefore they are annular solar eclipses and can also be considered transits. Eclipses caused by Phobos Transits caused by Deimos View from Earth References External links Wikipedia: Witness for the Prosecution (play) Witness for the Prosecution is a play adapted by Agatha Christie from her short story. The play opened in London on 28 October 1953 at the Winter Garden Theatre (although the first performance had been in Nottingham on 28 September). Reception of London production Credits of London production Broadway production Credits of Broadway production Publication and further adaptations Theatre Mill - 2014 production 2015 revival References Wikipedia: The Wild Life (song) "The Wild Life" is a song written and performed by English girl group Bananarama. Written in two days, the track was composed for and included in the 1984 American film of the same name The Wild Life (starring Christopher Penn), and on its soundtrack. Music video Track listings Charts Wikipedia: Alright (Supergrass song) "Alright" is a song by British alternative rock band Supergrass. It was released with "Time" as a double A-side single, from their début album I Should Coco on 3 July 1995. Music and lyrics Reception Track listing Music video Covers and other versions References External links Wikipedia: Vasiliki ware Vasiliki wares are a distinctive type of ceramic produced in Crete during the Minoan period, named for the findings in the town of Vasiliki, Lasithi. The vases include a reddish-brown wash applied unevenly to mimic stone vessels. References Wikipedia: Baron Dinorben Baron Dinorben, of Kinmel in the County of Denbigh, was a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 10 September 1831 for William Hughes, the long-standing Whig Member of Parliament for Wallingford. Barons Dinorben (1831) References Wikipedia: Cottica River Cottica River (Sranan Tongo: Kotika-liba) is a river in Suriname, located at around . References Wikipedia: Lindsay Simpson Lindsay Jane Simpson is an Australian journalist, university teacher and a writer of true crime. Career Awards Bibliography Fiction Non-fiction Notes References Wikipedia: Bedrock (producers) | years_active = 1992–present References External links Wikipedia: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions Metallurgical and Materials Transactions is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published in three sections (A, B, and E) covering metallurgy and materials science. The journals are jointly published by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society and ASM International. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B External links Wikipedia: Gustav Kadelburg Gustav Kadelburg (26 January 1851 in Pest – 11 September 1925 in Berlin) was a Hungarian-German Jewish actor, dramatist, writer. Literary works References External links Wikipedia: Cottica |elevation_footnotes = Healthcare Wikipedia: Rioja Rioja or La Rioja may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages with surname-holder lists Place name disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Baron Langdale thumb|200px|Marmaduke Langdale, 1st Baron Langdale. Barons Langdale (of Holme); First creation (1648) Barons Langdale; Second creation (1836) Notes References Wikipedia: Ortoño }} All articles lacking sources All orphaned articles All stub articles Articles lacking sources from December 2009 Galicia stubs Orphaned articles from February 2009 Province of A Coruña Wikipedia: Solegnathus Solegnathus is a genus of pipefish native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Species References Wikipedia: Virpi Sarasvuo | birth_place = Kangasniemi, Finland Doping controversy World Cup results Season titles Season standings Individual podiums Overall record Olympic results World Championship results References External links Wikipedia: Ripped (band) RiPPED are an alternative rock band from Burlington, Ontario, Canada on Sextant Records/EMI Distribution. The band formed in 1994, and were originally called "Ripped Emotions". Discography as "Ripped Emotions" as "Ripped" Videography Television External links Wikipedia: Cholo (video game) Cholo is a wireframe 3D computer game with nonlinear gameplay originally released in 1986 for the BBC Micro. It was ported to the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and Commodore 64. Description Robot types Map External links Wikipedia: Babyshambles (song) "Babyshambles" is the first single for Pete Doherty's post-Libertines band of the same name. It was released in April 2004 on High Society Records. Track listing Chart performance References External links Wikipedia: Baron Bateman Baron Bateman, of Shobdon in the County of Hereford, was a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 30 January 1837 for William Bateman, previously member of Parliament for Northampton. Barons Bateman (1837) See also References Wikipedia: William Martin Croll | death_date = References Wikipedia: Ferric subsulfate solution | CAS_number = 1310-45-8 Active ingredients Storage Other uses Brandnames History References Wikipedia: Age of Mastery The Age of Mastery is the fourth studio album released by American power metal band Jag Panzer, released in 1998. Lead guitarist Joey Tafolla was replaced by Chris Broderick. Track listing Credits Wikipedia: Metropolis (2001 film) | screenplay = Katsuhiro Otomo Plot Differences between manga and anime Portrayal of robots Cast Japanese English Soundtrack Track listing Release Reception See also References External links Wikipedia: W. Llewelyn Williams William Llewelyn Williams known as Llewelyn Williams (10 March 1867 – 22 April 1922), was a Welsh journalist, lawyer and radical Liberal Party politician. Background and early life Journalism and the Law MP for Carmarthen District Parliamentary career Literary Output Personal life Election results References Sources Books and Journals Newspapers Online External links Wikipedia: Mr. Marley | rev2 = RapReviews Track listing External links References Wikipedia: King Alfred Chair of English Literature The King Alfred Chair of English Literature was founded at the University of Liverpool, England in 1881. External links Wikipedia: Marisol Espinoza |birth_place = Piura, Peru References External links Wikipedia: José Carrasco José Carlos Carrasco Távara (1944 – 18 January 2015) was a Peruvian politician and a Congressman representing Piura for the 2006-2011 term. Carrasco belonged to the Peruvian Aprista Party. References External links Wikipedia: Miguel Guevara Miguel Luis Guevara Trelles is a Peruvian politician and a Congressman representing Piura for the 2006-2011 term. Guevara belongs to the Peruvian Aprista Party. External links Wikipedia: Tapanahony |subdivision_type1 = District References Wikipedia: Fabiola Morales Fabiola María Morales Castillo is a Peruvian politician and a Congresswoman representing Piura for the 2006-2011 term. Morales belongs to the National Unity party. References External links Wikipedia: Baron Truro thumb|200px|Thomas Wilde, 1st Baron Truro. Barons Truro (1850) References Wikipedia: Origins of New Mexico Families Origins of New Mexico Families: A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period by Fray Angélico Chávez is an important work on the genealogy of Spanish New Mexican families. The first edition was published in 1954; a revised edition came out in 1992. Description Differences between the two editions Contents of the revised edition Part One: The Seventeenth Century Part Two: The Eighteenth Century Appendix Addenda to original 1954 edition See also References External links Wikipedia: Jhony Peralta Jhony Alexander Peralta Cruz is a Peruvian politician and a Congressman representing Piura for the 2006-2011 term. Peralta belongs to the Peruvian Aprista Party. External links Wikipedia: 12th Frontier Force Regiment The 12th Frontier Force Regiment was part of the British Indian Army. It was formed in 1922. History Early history Formation of 12th Frontier Force Regiment Second World War Regular battalions Later history Battle honours See also References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Johnny Bailey | birth_place = Houston, Texas References External links Wikipedia: Farnborough Hall thumb|300px|Farnborough Hall, north side and main entrance Gardens References External links Wikipedia: Brick Public Schools | module = Schools Administration References External links Wikipedia: North Carolina Highway 54 |established=1929 Route description Burlington to Chapel Hill Chapel Hill to Morrisville Morrisville to Raleigh History Future Major intersections Related route References External links Wikipedia: Rosa Venegas Rosa María Mercedes Venegas Mello is a Peruvian politician and a Congresswoman representing Piura for the 2006-2011 term. Venegas belongs to the Union for Peru party. External links Wikipedia: The Fourth Judgement The Fourth Judgement is the third studio album released (fourth recorded) by American power metal band Jag Panzer, released in 1997. It features the return of the band's original vocalist, Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin, and the replacement of Chris Kostka on lead guitar by Joey Tafolla. Songs Album line-up Wikipedia: Bobby Gill Bob Gill}} Pre-NASCAR Career Career Post-NASCAR career Motorsports career results NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series References External links Wikipedia: Whitesnake discography The British hard rock band Whitesnake has released twelve studio albums, seven live albums, nine compilation albums, three box sets, two extended plays (EPs), 40 singles, nine video albums and 29 music videos. Formed in Middlesbrough in 1978 by vocalist David Coverdale, the band originally featured guitarists Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden, bassist Neil Murray, keyboardist Peter Solley and drummer Dave Dowle. Albums Studio albums Live albums Compilations Box sets Extended plays Singles Videos Video albums Music videos References External links Wikipedia: Aitona | coor_pinpoint = References External links Wikipedia: Rave (board game) Rave is a board game that was created by WOW Enterprises in 1991. The game is based on the subcultural dance movement of the early 1990s. See also External links Wikipedia: Spiny pipehorse The spiny pipehorse, Solegnathus spinosissimus, is a pipefish of the family Syngnathidae, found in the southwest Pacific Ocean on rocky or coral reefs to depths of 230 m. Length is up to 50 cm. References Wikipedia: Herbert Wesley Cummings | death_date = Sources Wikipedia: Albert Sturgess | birth_place = Etruria, England Club career International career Career statistics Honours References Wikipedia: Tulppio Tulppio is a village in the municipality of Savukoski, Lapland, Finland. It is located about northwest of the main village of Savukoski, south of the Urho Kekkonen national park and west of the Russian border. External links Wikipedia: Rioja District | subdivision_type1 = Region See also Wikipedia: Šariš Brewery Šariš Brewery () is the largest brewery in Slovakia, located in Veľký Šariš near Prešov. The brewery has been part of global brewing giant SABMiller (since 1997). Products Gallery External links Wikipedia: Eliott baronets The Eliott Baronetcy, of Stobs in the County of Roxburgh, is a title in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia. It was created on 3 December 1666 for Gilbert Eliott. Eliott baronets, of Stobs (1666) See also References Wikipedia: Heverlee Heverlee () is a town in Belgium. It is a deelgemeente of the city of Leuven. Gallery See also References Wikipedia: North Carolina Highway 55 in Durham Route description History North Carolina Highway 117 North Carolina Highway 302 Major intersections Special routes Holly Springs bypass Bridgeton alternate spur See also References External links Wikipedia: The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society,_Metals_%26_Materials_Society }} Technical divisions,_Metals_%26_Materials_Society#Technical_divisions Publications,_Metals_%26_Materials_Society#Publications Journals,_Metals_%26_Materials_Society#Journals Studies,_Metals_%26_Materials_Society#Studies References,_Metals_%26_Materials_Society#References External links,_Metals_%26_Materials_Society#External_links Wikipedia: Medical terminology Medical terminology is language used to precisely describe the human body including its components, processes, conditions affecting it, and procedures performed upon it. Medical terminology is used in the field of medicine. Discussion Medical terminology Morphology See also External links Wikipedia: Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act | acronym = History Legal applications Registration requirements Effects Influence on visa process See also References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Lott Lott as a surname or given name may refer to: Surname Given name See also Wikipedia: Bedrock (disambiguation) Bedrock is a type of rock underlying the Earth's surface. It may also refer to: Geography Military Music Technology Wikipedia: Triple harp The triple harp, often referred to as the Welsh triple harp (Welsh: telyn deires), is a type of harp employing three rows of strings instead of the more common single row. The Welsh triple harp today is found mainly among players of traditional Welsh folk music. History Playing techniques Modern players See also References Sources External links Wikipedia: Those Were the Days (1997 film) | director = Dick Cho Cast References External links Wikipedia: Wildscreen | tax_id = Wildscreen Film Festival Other Initiatives Management Patrons References External links Wikipedia: Lei Muk Shue Lei Muk Shue (Chinese: 梨木樹), formerly Lai Muk Shu, is an area in Kwai Chung of Hong Kong. It includes the area surrounding Lei Muk Shue Estate on a hill slope near Wo Yee Hop. Name Wikipedia: Albert Friedlander |birth_place = Early life and education Career Personal life Death Selected bibliography References External links Wikipedia: Infitec | parent = Background History Previous history Foundation Cooperation with Barco N.V. Cooperation with Dolby Inc. New filter generation Operating establishments Business activity References External links Wikipedia: Journal of Electronic Materials The Journal of Electronic Materials is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes studies, research, developments, and applications of materials that produce electronics. The editor-in-chief is Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik, SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Abstracting and indexing External links References Wikipedia: Fritz Löhner-Beda | birth_place = Wildenschwert, Bohemia Life Famous songs Literature references References External links Wikipedia: Test money Test money (or test notes, test bills, funny money, Monopoly money) are a part of the test apparatus that are often used with currency handling equipment, such as automatic teller machines. Use in television and movies References External links Wikipedia: Tasmania Berlin Tasmania Berlin could refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Warrens Bakery Warrens Bakery is a company based in Cornwall in the United Kingdom, which claims to be Britain's oldest Cornish pasty maker, having been established in St Just in 1860. Previously a family-owned business, in 2012 it became a limited company having attracted outside investors including current chairman Mark Sullivan, following a period in which "competition from rival companies had affected the business". See also References External links Wikipedia: Evening Post Industries Evening Post Industries is a privately held American media company, based in Charleston, South Carolina, United States. Evening Post Industries Properties Newspapers Television Formerly-owned television stations References External links Wikipedia: Nayakas of Chitradurga Nayakas of Chitradurga (1588–1779 CE) ruled parts of eastern Karnataka during the post-Vijayanagara period. During the rule of Hoysala Empire and Vijayanagara Empire, they served as a feudatory chiefdom. Origin The Nayaka clan Notes References Wikipedia: World Wushu Championships The World Wushu Championships (WWC) are held every two years and are organised by the International Wushu Federation (IWUF). This official international Wushu competition sees many countries from around the world participating. Locations of the World Wushu championships History Total medal count World Traditional Wushu Championships World Taijiquan Championships Footnotes Wikipedia: Lovelady Lovelady and Love Lady may refer to: People with the surname Places References Wikipedia: Leuthard II of Paris Leuthard II (c.806 – 858 or 869) was the seventh Count of Paris. 806 births 9th-century people from West Francia All articles lacking sources All stub articles Articles lacking sources from December 2009 Date of death unknown French nobility stubs House of Girard Medieval French nobility Wikipedia: Negombo Tamil Negombo Tamil may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Hydroxybenzotriazole | ChemSpiderID = 68282 Use in peptide synthesis Safety References Wikipedia: Micheline Coulibaly Micheline Coulibaly (1950 – 19 March 2003) was a writer from Côte d'Ivoire. She was born in Vietnam but went to school in Côte d'Ivoire. Bibliography External links Wikipedia: Combat (newspaper) | based = Paris See also References External links Wikipedia: The Pink Panther: Passport to Peril Simon & Schuster Inc. Anglia Interactive (UK) Ravensburger Interactive (Germany) Plot References Wikipedia: Nancy Drew: Danger by Design |genre = Adventure Plot Development Characters Cast References Wikipedia: Lowden Lowden is a name that originates in Scotland, where it is a Scottish variant of the geographic name Lothian. Lowden may refer to: People Places See also Wikipedia: ARKive | current status = History Recognition See also References External links Wikipedia: Mohammad Bahrami | death_place = References Wikipedia: Negombo Tamil dialect Negombo Tamil dialect or Negombo Fishermen’s Tamil is a Sri Lankan Tamil language dialect used by the fishers of Negombo, Sri Lanka. This is just one of the many dialects used by the remnant population of formerly Tamil speaking people of the western Puttalam District and Gampaha District of Sri Lanka. Morphology Unique dialect References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Adalard of Paris Adalard (or Adalhard) of Paris (c. 830 – 890) was the eighth Count of Paris and a Count palatine. References Wikipedia: Charlotte Szlovak Charlotte Szlovak is a Jewish, Moroccan-born, French filmmaker. Biography Career References External links Wikipedia: Atlas beetle The Atlas beetle or Chalcosoma atlas (Thai : ด้วงกว่างสามเขาเขาใหญ่) is a species of beetle belonging to the Scarabaeidae family. Description Larvae Distribution Parasitoids Subspecies Gallery References External links Wikipedia: John Jowitt John Jowitt is a bass guitarist known for his work with several UK progressive bands, such us Ark, IQ, Arena,|title=Biography: Arena|last=Orens|first=Geoff |publisher=Allmusic|accessdate=14 April 2010}} Jadis and Frost*. He has been awarded the British Classic Rock Society's award for best bass player seventeen times, each year between 1993 and 1998 and again between 2002 and 2011, but has now specifically asked to sponsor the award in 2013 and not be considered. References Wikipedia: Little Paris Little Paris may refer to: See also Wikipedia: Green Wheel ==Peterborough Green Wheel== Peterborough Green Wheel Bedford Green Wheel See also References Wikipedia: Don Edwards (ice hockey) | birth_place = Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Playing career International play Retirement Awards and achievements Career statistics Regular season and playoffs International References External links Wikipedia: Hypno-Hustler The Hypno-Hustler is a fictional character, a comic book supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. Created by Bill Mantlo and Frank Springer, the character first appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man #24. Publication history Fictional character biography Powers and abilities Other versions House of M Spider-Man: Reign In other media Television Video games Reception References External links Wikipedia: Walter Burkemo | birth_place = Detroit, Michigan PGA Tour wins (2) Other wins (6) Major championships Wins (1) Results timeline Summary See also References External links Wikipedia: Geosteering }} History Description See also References Wikipedia: Steady state (electronics) In electronics, steady state is an equilibrium condition of a circuit or network that occurs as the effects of transients are no longer important. Calculation methods Time domain methods See also Further reading Wikipedia: 2005 Úrvalsdeild The 2005 season of Landsbankadeildin was the 94th season of league football in Iceland. FH defended their title. Final league position Top goalscorers References Wikipedia: John Mitchell (musician) | occupation = Music producer, Songwriter Discography With The Urbane With Arena With Kino With Frost* With Blind Ego With It Bites With Gandalf's Fist With Lonely Robot Solo Equipment References External links Wikipedia: Jiantan Station | line = Tamsui–Xinyi Line (R15) Station overview History Station layout Exits Around the station References Wikipedia: Whaling-foreman The whaling foreman is in Faroese known as a grindaformaður. He is a central figure in the Faroese pilot whale hunt. See also External links Wikipedia: Tokarev Tokarev (or Tokaryev) (Russian: Токарев), or Tokareva (Токарева), is a Russian surname, derived from the word "токарь" (turner). Notable people with the surname include: Other Wikipedia: Milton the Monster | last_aired = Overview Other features Episode list DVD release See also Notes References Wikipedia: Vulnerable (Tricky album) | Recorded = Title significance Album production Track listing Track notes Limited Edition DVD References Wikipedia: Shqiponjat (police unit) Shqiponjat (English: "The Eagles") or Skuadra Shqiponjat ("Eagle Team") is a quick intervention group of the Albanian state police (unofficial info: equipped and trained by Italian police). They are the most specialized quick intervention unit after F. See also References Wikipedia: Hello Bastards [ AllMusic review] Genre Track listing Limited colored vinyl editions Jade Tree Records No Idea Records February 20, 2010 Personnel Lifetime Production References External links Wikipedia: A, A Novel,_A_Novel a, A Novel is a 1968 book by the American artist Andy Warhol published by Grove Press. It is a nearly word-for-word transcription of tapes recorded by Warhol and Ondine over a two-year period in 1965–67. The Novel,_A_Novel#The_Novel The title,_A_Novel#The_title Cast,_A_Novel#Cast References,_A_Novel#References Bibliography,_A_Novel#Bibliography Wikipedia: Robert Jordan (disambiguation) Robert Jordan (1948–2007) was the American author of The Wheel of Time fantasy series. See also Wikipedia: Tennis no Ōjisama – Futari no Samurai | runtime = 60 minutes Plot Characters Ryoga Echizen References External links Wikipedia: Noam Friedlander | birth_place = London, England Selected bibliography External links References Wikipedia: Pchela |subdivision_type1 = Province(Oblast) External links References and notes Wikipedia: Hugo Cóccaro Hugo Omar Cóccaro (born in 1954) is an Argentine Justicialist Party (PJ) politician, former governor of Tierra del Fuego Province (formally Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, and South Atlantic Islands). External links References Wikipedia: Galician People's Front |logo = FPG logo.png|image_size=100px History Elections to the Galician ParliamentIn 2012 the organization supported the Galician Left Alternative Local Elections Gallery References External links Wikipedia: Shqiponjat (folk group) Shqiponjat () is a popular Italo-Albanian folk music group based in Santa Sofia d'Epiro, Calabria, Italy. History Music repertoire Exhibitions Photo gallery External links References Wikipedia: Those Were the Days (1996 film) Those Were the Days (4 個 32A 和一個香蕉少年) is a 1996 Hong Kong film directed by Eric Tsang. It is a coming-of-age story about four friends who went to an all-girls secondary school together. Cast External links Wikipedia: Kyōko Tongū , usually credited as , is a Japanese voice actress who retired for a time in 1992, when her husband was transferred to Milan, Italy. External links Wikipedia: Act Noir | current_members = Sergio CalzoniStefano NieriMichele GozziClaudio PilatiGaetano Notarnicola History Band members Discography References External links Wikipedia: Environmental communication Environmental communication refers to the study and practice of how individuals, institutions, societies, and cultures craft, distribute, receive, understand, and use messages about the environment and human interactions with the environment. This includes a wide range of possible interactions, from interpersonal communication to virtual communities, participatory decision making, and environmental media coverage. Academic field Symbolic action Areas of study and practice Related journals Books See also References External links Wikipedia: Do You Remember Laurie Zimmer? | runtime = 54 minutes Synopsis External links Wikipedia: Shelley Preston |birth_place =Hillingdon, England Career Discography Singles Albums References External links Wikipedia: Miles and Misra method The Miles and Misra Method (or surface viable count) is a technique used in Microbiology to determine the number of colony forming units in a bacterial suspension or homogenate. See also References Wikipedia: Health literacy Health literacy is the ability to obtain, read, understand, and use healthcare information in order to make appropriate health decisions and follow instructions for treatment. There are multiple definitions of health literacy, in part, because health literacy involves both the context (or setting) in which health literacy demands are made (e. Characteristics Plain language Factors History Biomedical approach Patient safety and outcomes Risk identification Intervention Health illiterate-related diabetes prevalence in Vietnamese-American populations eHealth literacy Improvement Incorporate information through the university level Framework and potential intervention points Development of a health literacy program Libraries See also Citations Sources External links Wikipedia: Dongping National Forest Park Dongping National Forest Park () is a forest located on the north side of Chongming Island in Shanghai, China. History Wikipedia: Josef Kadraba | birth_place = Řevničov, Czechoslovakia External links Wikipedia: Religion in Cuba Cuba's prevailing religion is Christianity, primarily Roman Catholicism, although in some instances it is profoundly modified and influenced through syncretism. A common syncretic religion is Santería, which combined the Yoruba religion of the African slaves with Catholicism and some Native American strands; it shows similarities to Brazilian Umbanda and has been receiving a degree of official support. History Santeria in Cuba Jehovah's Witnesses See also References External links Wikipedia: Basile Boli |birth_place=Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire Career Personal life Career statistics Club International Honours Individual References External links Wikipedia: Eugène Diomi Ndongala Eugène Diomi Ndongala (born 1960) was a candidate in the 2006 election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 1960 births All stub articles Candidates for President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Central Africa politician stubs Christian Democrat Party (Democratic Republic of the Congo) politicians Democratic Republic of the Congo people stubs Living people People from Kongo Central Wikipedia: Gawand baug }} Information related to Gawand Baug See also External links Wikipedia: Almost Acoustic }} Track listing Personnel Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band Production References Wikipedia: Nzanga Mobutu |birth_place = Background 2006 election Government minister References External links Wikipedia: Hands Open }} Track listings Official versions Charts References External links Wikipedia: SS Mongolia (1903) SS Mongolia was a 13,369-ton passenger-and-cargo liner originally built for Pacific Mail Steamship Company in 1904. She later sailed as USS Mongolia (ID-1615) for the U. History References Further reading External links Wikipedia: Camp du Ban-Saint-Jean The Camp du Ban-Saint-Jean is a former military camp near Boulay-Moselle in France. Totally abandoned today, it was used during World War II as a stalag (German POW camp). External links Wikipedia: Amoeiro |subdivision_type = Country Places of Amoeiro See also References Wikipedia: Kiss Me, Guido,_Guido | country = United States Synopsis,_Guido#Synopsis Soundtrack,_Guido#Soundtrack Television,_Guido#Television External links,_Guido#External_links Wikipedia: Kemundel | subdivision_type = Country References Wikipedia: Morses Creek | etymology = Location and features See also References Wikipedia: Asadabad District Asadabad district is one of 15 districts in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan. It includes the city of Asadabad - the district center, close the Kunar River. Borders Demographics Water Commerce Agriculture Crops Livestock Human rights De-mining Localities References External links Wikipedia: Texas Military College Texas Military College was a military school located in the city of Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas, United States. History Notable graduates/students External links Wikipedia: The Original Lo-Fi The Original Lo-Fi is a CD box set compiling five albums of home-made recordings released by Stephen Jones under the name Baby Bird between 1995 and 1997, plus a sixth CD (entitled The Black Album), consisting of additional material recorded during the 1990s. Critical reception Track listing Disc one (I Was Born a Man) Disc two (Bad Shave) Disc three (Fatherhood) Disc four (The Happiest Man Alive) Disc five (Dying Happy) Disc six (The Black Album) References Wikipedia: Stephan Grundy Stephan Scott Grundy (born 1967), in New York, United States), commonly known as Stephan Grundy, and also known by the pen-name Kveldulf Gundarsson, is an American author, scholar, goði and proponent of Asatru. Grundy grew up in Dallas in the U. Novels Rhinegold Attila’s Treasure Gilgamesh Falcon Dreams Series Non-fiction works as Kveldulf Gundarsson and influence in Germanic neopaganism Bibliography Books Articles References External links Wikipedia: Frank Field (cricketer, born 1874),_born_1874) Frank Field (also Frank Ernest Field or Ernest Frank Field; 23 September 1874, Weethley, Warwickshire, England – 25 August 1934, Droitwich, Worcestershire, England) was a Warwickshire fast bowler who is best remembered for sharing with Frank Foster the bowling honours in Warwickshire's flukish County Championship triumph in the abnormally dry summer of 1911 - the only time any county outside the "Big Six" (Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Middlesex, Kent and Surrey) won between 1890 and 1935. External links,_born_1874)#External_links Wikipedia: Ferrari 625 Ferrari created three different cars to use the Tipo 625 four-cylinder engine: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Ferrari vehicles Wikipedia: Operation Black Sea Harmony Black Sea Harmony is a naval operation initiated by Turkey in March 2004 in accordance with UN Security Council Resolutions 1373, 1540 and 1566 aimed at deterring terrorism and asymmetric threats in the Black Sea. It is similar to the NATO-led Operation Active Endeavour in the Mediterranean, and also aims at ensuring the security of the Turkish Straits. See also References External links Wikipedia: Baa Bahoo Aur Baby Baa Bahoo Aur BabyBaa Bahoo Aur Baby (Season-I & Season-II)-Series-Light hearted Drama-Hindi-Star Content Syndication (colloquially known as BBB or B3) is an Indian television dramedy series that aired in prime time on Star Plus between 2005 and 2010. The series was produced by Hats Off Productions and centered on a fictitious Thakkar family, living in Parla East, Mumbai. Title Broadcasting Plot summary Cast Special appearances Changes and quitting of long-standing cast members Further use Success Views on a new season References External links Wikipedia: Gérard Kamanda wa Kamanda Gerard Kaman wa Kaman (December 1940 – 21 January 2016) was a Congolese politician who stood for President in the 2006 election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He was born in Kikwit. References Wikipedia: Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls is a 2005 young adult mystery novel written by Bennett Madison. It introduces the reluctant girl-sleuth of Halo City, Lulu Dark. Plot summary Reception References Wikipedia: Welcome Home (Brian Littrell album) | Recorded = 2005–2006 Recording Critical reception Track listing Charts References Wikipedia: Secret Love (Bee Gees song) "Secret Love" is a song by the Bee Gees. It was the lead single of their album High Civilization, released in March 1991. Track listing Chart performance External links Wikipedia: Cajamarca (disambiguation) Cajamarca may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Place name disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Roger Lumbala Roger Lumbala (born 1958) is an MP in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, representing the Rally of Congolese Democrats and Nationalists. He is a former rebel leader who was backed by Uganda during the 1998-2002 Congolese civil war. References Wikipedia: Czech conjugation Czech conjugation is a term denoting Czech language verb conjugation, or system of grammatically-determined modifications, in verbs in the Czech language. Infinitive Participles Past participle Passive participle Agreement between subject and predicate Transgressives Aspect Tenses Present tense Past tense Future tense Tenses in subordinate clauses Imperative Conditionals Passive voice Reflexive verbs Negation Verb classes Class I Class II Class III Class IV Class V Irregular verbs See also External links Wikipedia: East L.A. Breeze | genre = Indie Pop, Bossa nova, Indie Rock International availability Packaging Track listing Original Russian edition International release Personnel References Wikipedia: Caramel shortbread Caramel shortbread, also known as caramel shortcake, caramel squares, caramel slice, millionaires' shortbread, and millionaires' slice, is a biscuit confectionery item composed of a rectangular shortbread biscuit base topped with a very soft caramel filling and a milk chocolate topping.Millionaires' shortbread See also References Wikipedia: Kūčios Kūčios () or Kūtės (Samogitian Dialect) is the traditional Christmas Eve dinner in Lithuania, held on the twenty fourth of December. The meal is a family occasion which includes many traditions of both pagan and Christian origin. Importance Preparation Dinner Apples Number of Dishes Food Rituals Afterwards Traditions Weddings Animals See also References Wikipedia: Cross Creek, Florida,_Florida Cross Creek is an unincorporated community in Alachua County, Florida, United States. It is located on Cross Creek, a short stream connecting Orange and Lochloosa lakes. Geography,_Florida#Geography History,_Florida#History Education,_Florida#Education References,_Florida#References Wikipedia: Johannes of Jerusalem }} References External links Wikipedia: Transport in Lethbridge There are many forms of transport in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, including highways and public transit. Lethbridge's airport is Lethbridge County Airport (YQL), which is a short drive south of the city boundary. Commuting Public transit Coal Banks Trail system Rail service Airport Highways Major roads Major infrastructure projects Notes Wikipedia: Do Not Disturb (Bananarama song) | Format = 7" single, 12" single Music video Track Listings Charts References External links Wikipedia: Hydrogen technologies Hydrogen technologies are technologies that relate to the production and use of hydrogen. Hydrogen technologies are applicable for many uses. Fuel cells Hydrogen infrastructure Hydrogen storage Hydrogen vehicles Historic hydrogen filled airships Hydrogen powered cars Hydrogen powered planes Hydrogen powered rockets Related technologies Environmental Nuclear Organic chemistry Miscellaneous See also References Wikipedia: Bexwell thumb|right|Bexwell St Mary. External links Wikipedia: Abasy The Abaasy (Abaahy or Abasy, , Abaası [abaːsɯ]; Dolgan: Абааһы, Abaahı; ; ; ; , Abaasi; , Abasy; cognate of the Turkic word Abası) are demons in the mythology of the Sakha (also known as the Yakuts). Yakut Shamanism divides the universe into upper and lower layers, with the earth being "a kind of indeterminate space or matter" in between. Description Cultural significance References External links Wikipedia: West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service | subdivision_type1 = Country Fire stations/appliances Duty system information Fire appliance glossary/callsigns Ranks See also Other West Sussex emergency services External links Wikipedia: SaskEnergy C$1.21 billion (2009) | References External links Wikipedia: Navaly church bombing | location = Navaly, Sri Lanka Background Incident Initial reports Aftermath Government investigation References Wikipedia: Grodziec castle Grodziec Castle (German: Gröditzburg or Gröditzberg) has a history dating back to 1155 and is located in the Silesia region of Poland. History See also References Wikipedia: Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences The Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences (WCAS or Weinberg College) is the largest of the twelve schools comprising Northwestern University, located in Evanston, Illinois and downtown Chicago, Illinois. Degree Requirements Areas of Study Notable alumni References External links Wikipedia: Field Music Field Music are an English rock band from Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England, that formed in 2004, particularly active in the Wearside region. The band's core consists of brothers David Brewis and Peter Brewis, with Andrew Moore occasionally featured as keyboardist. Origins History Discography Albums Compilations Field Music Productions Albums by David Brewis as School of Language Albums by Peter Brewis Other Singles References External links Wikipedia: Ventanilla Ventanilla (Spanish for "little window") may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Monitored short pages Place name disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Law and literature }} History of the movement Law in literature Law as literature Law and Literature in Europe Significant contributions to the movement Jack Balkin Robert F. Barsky Daniela Carpi Adam Gearey Eric Heinze Allan Hutchinson Ian Ward Robin West Melanie Williams Carmelo Delgado Cintrón Criticisms of law and literature References Bibliography External links and resources Wikipedia: Kästner Kästner (transliterated Kaestner) is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include: Other See also Wikipedia: Kestner Kestner is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include: See also References Wikipedia: Selangor Turf Club The Selangor Turf Club is the major horse racing course in Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia. The main race course is located at Sungai Besi, 17 km from Kuala Lumpur city centre. Horse racing Cricket References External links Wikipedia: Christian Blackwood | birth_place = Partial filmography External links Wikipedia: Penang Turf Club Penang Turf Club is a major horse racing course in Penang, Malaysia which was established in 1864. In addition to racing, the club also provides equestrian facilities and a golf course. See also External links Wikipedia: Big Mountain 2000 |composer = Kinuyo Yamashita Gameplay Development Reception References Wikipedia: Thomas Welsh (general) |death_date= Early life and career Mexican War Political career and return to civilian life Civil War Namesake See also References Wikipedia: George Johnston (naturalist) George Johnston (1797 – 1855) was a Scottish physician and naturalist. Life Works Notes Wikipedia: Guadalupe Hill | coordinates = Etymology Geology History Hermitage and statue Tourism Gallery See also References Bibliography Further reading External links Wikipedia: Saarrthi Saarrthi is a Hindi television drama broadcast on STAR Plus and produced by Neela Tele Films Private Limited. It aired from 9 November 2004 to 15 February 2008 and contained 708 episodes. History Plot Cast References External links Wikipedia: Perak Turf Club Perak Turf Club is the major Thoroughbred horse racing facility in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The Club is a part of the Malayan Racing Association. References Wikipedia: Evinston, Florida,_Florida thumb|right|250px|Evinston Community Store and Post Office, a/k/a the Wood & Swink Geography,_Florida#Geography History,_Florida#History References,_Florida#References External links,_Florida#External_links Wikipedia: Will H. Chandlee }} Career Wikipedia: Rural school districts in Washington Rural school districts in Washington are administrative districts that provide educational services in rural areas of Washington state. Adna School District Almira School District Asotin-Anatone School District Benge School District Bickleton School District Boistfort School District Brewster School District Bridgeport School District Brinnon School District Cape Flattery School District Carbonado School District Centerville School District Colfax School District College Place School District Colton School District Coulee-Hartline School District Creston School District Damman School District Index School District Northport School District Stehekin School District Onion Creek School District Orient School District Palisades School District Wahkiakum School District See also References Wikipedia: Swan Shopping Centre | address = In-store Events Current Stores References External links Wikipedia: Welcome Home (You) }} Music video Awards Charts References External links Wikipedia: More Than Physical | Format = 7" single, 12" single Music video Formats and track listings Charts References External links Wikipedia: Minyak Beku Minyak Beku is a mukim in Batu Pahat District, Johor, Malaysia. Transportation Neighbouring towns See also References Wikipedia: A Mouthful of Birds | original language = Synopsis References Wikipedia: Quest of Persia Quest of Persia is a Persian action-adventure video game series. The first Game of the series “The End of Innocence” has been released in September 2005. Quest of Persia: The End of Innocence Quest of Persia: Lotfali Khan Zand Quest of Persia: Nader's Blade Awards See also References External links Wikipedia: Farmersville, Pennsylvania,_Pennsylvania | subdivision_type = Country Notable people,_Pennsylvania#Notable_people References,_Pennsylvania#References Wikipedia: Bottom of the 9th Saturn Nintendo 64 Gameplay Reception References External links Wikipedia: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance }} Rules Winners (1992–2008) Winners and nominations (2009–2013) References External links Wikipedia: The Martian (du Maurier novel) The Martian, by George du Maurier, published in 1898 (UK edition) is a long (471 pages), largely autobiographical, novel that describes the lives of two bosom friends, Barty Josselin and Robert Maurice, starting from their school days in Paris in the 1850s. Written in long descriptive passages with very little dialogue and many digressions, the book had considerably less success in its time than its predecessor, the popular Trilby. Literary significance and criticism Wikipedia: NHS-wide Clearing Service }} References Wikipedia: Shin Sawbu | image = Shwedagon Crown.JPG Early life Residence at Ava Reign at Pegu Reign at Dagon Stone inscriptions Mon folk traditions Dispute over duration of reign Palace and burial locations Historiography Notes References Bibliography External links Wikipedia: List of conservative parties This article gives information on conservatism in diverse countries around the world. It is an overview of parties that adhere more or less (explicitly) to the ideas of political conservatism and is therefore a list of conservative parties by United Nations geoscheme. Introduction International organizations of parties List of parties by region Africa The Americas Asia Europe Oceania See also Wikipedia: Salmo obtusirostris | regnum = Animalia Distribution and subspecies Appearance and anatomy Conservation References Wikipedia: Govindadasa College Govindadasa College (established in 1967) is affiliated to Mangalore University in Mangalore, India. It offers bachelor's degree courses in Science (Bsc), Commerce (Bcom), Arts (BA) and Management (BBM). Infrastructure available Govindadasa Pre University College External links Wikipedia: Marco Rizi | birth_place = Montreal, Quebec Club career International career References External links Wikipedia: Patrimonio Nacional right|180px|thumbnail|The [[Spanish Royal Crown, symbol of the Patrimonio Nacional]] Royal Places Royal Palaces Royal convents and monasteries Residences of the President of the Government The Board External links Wikipedia: WHFR WHFR is a low power radio station at 270 watts in Dearborn, Michigan which is operated by Henry Ford Community College. Its frequency is 89. References External links Wikipedia: 2006 Úrvalsdeild The 2006 season of Úrvalsdeild was the 95th season of league football in Iceland. FH defended their title making them the fifth club in Icelandic football history to win the championship three years running. Final league positions Top goal scorers Promoted teams Relegated teams Wikipedia: Karl Ristikivi | birth_place = Saulepi Parish, Estonia, Russian Empire Early life and education in Estonia Later life in Swedish exile The trilogies, novels, and short-stories – synopses and descriptions Bibliography Novels in chronological order Collections of short prose Other publications Biographies and reference works about Karl Ristikivi (in Estonian) References Wikipedia: Ohrid trout Ohrid troutCrivelli, A.J. Taxonomy Subdivision of the Ohrid trout Fisheries and gastronomy Introduction outside of their natural range Vlasina Lake Introduction to Americas References Notes External links Wikipedia: Field Music (album) [ link] Track listing Personnel Wikipedia: Sourav Sourav is a common Indian male first name. It means fragrance, generally that of flowers. All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows Disambiguation pages Indian masculine given names Wikipedia: Evinston Community Store and Post Office | locmapin = Florida#USA See also References External links Wikipedia: Ontario Highway 537 in Wanup Route description History Major intersections References External links Wikipedia: British Horological Institute The British Horological Institute (also known as the BHI) is the representative body of the horological industry in the United Kingdom. History The BHI today Membership The BHI Museum and Library BHI Gold Medal See also References External links Wikipedia: A Trick of the Night "A Trick of the Night" is a ballad recorded by English girl group Bananarama. It was written and produced by Steve Jolley and Tony Swain and released as the final single from Bananarama's album True Confessions. Music video Track Listings Personnel Charts B-sides References External links Wikipedia: BHI BHI may refer to All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Arianrhod RPG Arianrhod RPG is a Japanese fantasy role-playing game released in 2004. At present, Arianrhod RPG is one of the most popular traditional RPG in Japan like as Sword World 2. Game Mechanics Success rolls Classes References External links Wikipedia: Summer (1930 film) | layout artist = References External links Wikipedia: OCM OCM may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Impediment (canon law) In the canon law of the Catholic Church, an impediment is a legal obstacle that prevents a sacrament from being performed validly and/or licitly. The term is used most frequently in relationship to the sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders. Impediments to marriage List of diriment impediments to marriage Other factors which invalidate marriage Impediments to ordination to the priesthood Irregularities Simple impediments to ordination Irregularities to the exercise of the priesthood Simple impediments to the exercise of the priesthood See also References Bibliography Footnotes Wikipedia: The Adventures of Robin Hood (video game) |genre=RPG, Adventure Plot summary Gameplay Reception References External links Wikipedia: Joseph Kastein | birth_place = Bremen, Germany Works References External links Wikipedia: Jorge Obeid |birth_place = Diamante, Entre Ríos Biography References Wikipedia: Alexandru Candiano-Popescu Alexandru Candiano-Popescu (; January 27, 1841 – June 25, 1901) was a Romanian army general, lawyer, journalist, and poet, best known for his role in the Republic of Ploieşti conspiracy. Biography References Wikipedia: Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling PlayStationNintendo 64}} Gameplay Reception Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2 See also References External links Wikipedia: Ontario Highway 532 |established = 1974 Route description History Major intersections References Wikipedia: Control car Control cab}} Control method North America Converted locomotives Europe Austria Belgium Finland France Germany Ireland Italy The Netherlands Poland Switzerland United Kingdom Oceania New Zealand Asia India Sri Lanka Israel See also References Wikipedia: Kick (soft drink) Kick was a citrus soda product by Royal Crown Company, Inc. developed in 1965. See also References External links Wikipedia: Pular language Pular is a Fula language spoken primarily by the Fula people of Fouta Djallon, Guinea. It is also spoken in parts of Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, and Senegal. Linguistic features Writing Grammar References External links Wikipedia: Whatchamacallit (candy) Whatchamacallit is a candy bar marketed in the United States by The Hershey Company. History Ingredient changes to reduce production costs Thingamajig References Wikipedia: Johnny Cash Sun Records discography The Johnny Cash Sun Records discography details the music recorded by country music legend Johnny Cash and released on Sun Records. From late 1954 to July, 1958, Cash recorded for Sun Records, a label founded by Sam Phillips and located at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. LPs Singles Sun recording history Demo session, September 1, 1954 Demo session, March 22, 1955 Studio session, September 1, 1954 Studio sessions, April 26, 1955 Studio session, July 30, 1955 Demo session for KWEM, November 2, 1955 – KWEM Radio Studio, West Memphis, Arkansas Studio session, April 2, 1956 Studio session, August 8, 1956 Studio session, October 1, 1956 Studio session, December 13, 1956 Studio session, April 4, 1957 Studio session, July 1, 1957 Studio session, July 13, 1957 Demo session, August 2, 1957 Studio session, August 4, 1957 Studio session, November 12, 1957 Overdub session, November 22, 1957 Studio session, December 3, 1957 Studio session, April 9, 1958 Overdub session, May 1, 1958 Studio session, May 15, 1958 Studio session, May 28, 1958 Studio session, July 10, 1958 Studio session, July 17, 1958 References External links Wikipedia: Fred Stanley Fred or Frederick Stanley may refer to: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages Human name disambiguation pages Wikipedia: Pinch (drummer) Pinch (born Andrew Pinching on 5 September 1965 in Grantham, Lincolnshire) is the current drummer in punk band the Damned. He has been with the band since 1999. References External links Wikipedia: California Speed (video game) Nintendo 64 Gameplay Reception See also References Wikipedia: Rift Valley Railways Consortium thumb History Original shareholding Current shareholding Partnerships New financing Future investments New developments Termination of contract with Kenya Termination of contract with Uganda See also References External links Wikipedia: East Carolina University College of Health and Human Performance ==History== History Departments Laboratories and Centers Undergraduate Graduate and Doctoral Wikipedia: World Irish Dance Association The World Irish Dance Association (WIDA) is an Irish dance organisation founded in 2004. It is based primarily in Europe and the United Kingdom, and offers "open platform" competitions that are open to competitors from all Irish dance organisations. History References External links Wikipedia: Tired of Toein' the Line "Tired of Toein' the Line" is a song by Rocky Burnette, who co-wrote it with Ron Coleman, former bass player of the Brothers Grim and The Everly Brothers. It was performed by Burnette, and contains lyrics detailing an imminent breakup. Chart performance Weekly singles charts Year-end charts See also References External links Wikipedia: Francis Dodd (artist) | birth_place = Holyhead, Wales Biography References External links Wikipedia: Bernhard (disambiguation) Bernhard is a given name and family name. Places Other See also Wikipedia: Dance in Singapore }} Traditional styles Post-War history (in search of identity) 1959–1969 (the pre-professional dance years) National Theatre built in 1963 1970s Singapore Festival of Dance Traditional dance (1980s)& setup of National Arts Council Ballet (government initiated company) Structured formal dance training (1990s) Creative contemporary dance identity in Singapore References External links Wikipedia: Police 2020 Police 2020 is a one-off television pilot, first broadcast in 1997, that was set to be the first episode of an ongoing British crime drama series. Set in the near future, the pilot starred Liam Cunningham as DCI Billy O'Connell,https://theiapolis. Cast References External links Wikipedia: Ruth Gledhill }} References External links Wikipedia: Avis Favaro Avis Favaro (born February, 1960) is Canada's longest serving on air medical correspondent - now with CTV National News since 1992. She has won numerous awards including a Gemini Award. External links Wikipedia: The Port, Cambridge,_Cambridge thumb|right|250px|Clement G. Morgan Park History and name,_Cambridge#History_and_name Candy industry,_Cambridge#Candy_industry Notable people and places,_Cambridge#Notable_people_and_places Demographics,_Cambridge#Demographics References,_Cambridge#References External links,_Cambridge#External_links Wikipedia: Upton Hall | groundbreaking_date = History Owners See also External links References Wikipedia: Durris transmitting station |height = Services listed by frequency Analogue radio (FM VHF) Digital radio (DAB) Analogue television Digital television 15 June 2011 - present 15 September 2010 - 15 June 2011 Before switchover (until 15 September 2010) See also References External links Wikipedia: Mix network thumb|Simple decryption mix net. Messages are encrypted under a sequence of public keys. How it works Message format Return Addresses Vulnerabilities Threat Model Active Attack Artificial Gap Artificial Bursts Other Time Analysis Attacks Sleeper Attack References Wikipedia: Savage Reign is a futuristic-themed competitive fighting game released by SNK for their Neo Geo arcade and home platform. It was ported to the Neo Geo CD, as well as for the PlayStation 2 along with its sequel Kizuna Encounter in Japan only (as part of the Fūun Super Combo). Plot Gameplay Characters Reception See also References External links Wikipedia: Set on You "Set on You" is a song recorded by English girl group Bananarama. The song is a non-album track that was released as the B-side to the group's previous single "A Trick of the Night". Remixes References External links Wikipedia: Ujjwala Raut |birth_place = India Career Personal life References External links Wikipedia: Centre Court Tennis | released = References Wikipedia: Hal Reniff |death_place=Ontario, California Pitching stats Fast facts References External links Wikipedia: The Complete Reprise Sessions |ref=Allmusic}} Track listing Disc one Disc two Disc three Personnel References External links Wikipedia: 1st Foreign Regiment |allegiance=French Foreign Legion Creation and different nominations Royal Foreign Legion 1st Foreign Regiment Pionniers 1st Regiment of the 1st Foreign Legion 1st Foreign Regiment of 1885 1st Foreign Regiment of 1856 1st Foreign Regiment of 1955 Missions of the 1st Foreign Regiment History of the garrisons, campaigns and battles 1841 to 1852 Second Empire 1871 to 1914 First World War Interwar period Second World War Indochina War Algerian War Since 1962 Organisation Tradition Insignia Regimental colors Regimental Song Decorations Honors Battle honours Foreign Legion and Regimental Commanders Tenure (1841-1955) Tenure (1955-present) Notable personalities having served in the 1st Foreign Regiment Gallery See also References External links Wikipedia: Felicia Sanders Felicia Sanders (c. 1922 – February 7, 1975) was a singer of traditional pop music. Death External links Wikipedia: Mounteagle transmitting station |location = Fortrose, Highland Coverage History Channels listed by frequency Analogue radio (VHF FM) Digital radio (DAB) Analogue television 30 September 1961 - 3 January 1985 30 March 1997 - 20 October 2010 See also References External links Wikipedia: Artists' Quarter The Artists' Quarter (a.k. Notable performances See also References External links Wikipedia: Grease: The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture | Recorded = Background Reception Track listing Side one Side two Side three Side four CD release Personnel Vocalists Musicians Production Charts Weekly charts Singles Sales and certifications See also References Wikipedia: Illinois Fighting Illini football The Illinois Fighting Illini is a college football program, representing the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. They compete in NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision and the Big Ten Conference. History Early History (1890–1912) Robert Zuppke era (1913–1941) Ray Eliot era (1942–1959) Pete Elliott era (1960–1966) Jim Valek era (1967–1970) Bob Blackman era (1971–1976) Gary Moeller era (1977–1979) Mike White era (1980–1987) John Mackovic era (1988–1991) Lou Tepper era (1992–1996) Ron Turner era (1997–2004) Ron Zook era (2005–2011) Tim Beckman era (2012–2014) Bill Cubit era (2015) Lovie Smith era (2016–present) Current staff Head coaches All-time win/loss/tie record Head-to-head Big Ten records National championships Big Ten championships Bowl games Rivalries All-time statistical leaders Career leaders Season leaders Game leaders Recruiting Individual honors Retired numbers Consensus All-Americans College Football Hall of Famers Pro Football Hall of Famers Current NFL players Other notable players Media Future opponents Big Ten West-division opponents Big Ten East-division opponents Future non-conference opponents Referenceshttps://en.wik