Meta: Why a list of the senses of a word is not an encyclopedia article Sunday, June 10, 3:55 PM -- There is, I maintain, something wrong with an Unarchived historical pages Meta: Why I am suspicious of subpages Tuesday, June 12, 1:03 PM -- I am suspicious of subpages. Often, I don't much like them. Archives Categorization Essays related to Wikis Meta: Accidental linking and hard-wired category schemes Thursday, June 14, 10:18 AM -- Jimbo Wales wrote recently on Wikipedia-L: Categorization Discussions Meta: Disambiguating parentheses Friday, June 15, 3:40 PM -- Soon, we will be able to disambiguate topics by using parentheses. It's worth starting to think about some general principles about when to use parentheses, and what to put in the parentheses. Archives Meta: Peer review and the Wikipedia process Monday, June 25, 11:17 AM -- It must by now be a commonplace observation that the nature of peer review can change, in some cases has changed, and no doubt will change even further as a result of modes of interaction that only the Internet has made possible. Today I want to discuss a few questions about peer review that Nupedia and Wikipedia raise. Public Health Warning Required Meta: Estimating article numbers ---- Archives Wikimedia history Meta: The Perfect Stub Article Monday, July 2, 2001, 11:05 AM -- Part of what makes Wikipedia work is that we do not require perfection, and I strongly believe we should continue adding as much imperfect stuff to Wikipedia as we possibly can. There is some value, however, in describing what sort of thing we're aiming at, namely, The Perfect Article. See also Meta: Case against subpages This essay applies to subpages in wikipedia, not other wikis where they may be more applicable (wikibooks) Essays related to Wikis Meta: List-o-links Thursday, July 5, 12:41 PM -- Today I'm going to expostulate (a fancy word for "spew") at you a bit on another one of my pet peeves. I hope you won't get the idea that I am trying to bury Wikipedia in negativism. 2001 Archives Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Faith vs science with regard to the Wikipedia Faith based arguments vs scientific reasoning. Disputes about the evidence Disputes about linguistics and semantics Disputes based on principles of faith Is Science faith based? Meta: Introducing the Nupedia Chalkboard Thursday, July 19, 2001, 4:33 PM -- As you probably know, Wikipedia's peer-reviewed cousin, Nupedia, has been producing articles much more slowly than Wikipedia. The Nupedia project is very proud of its carefully-developed peer-review system, but it has become clear to many Nupedians that it poses so many roadblocks to progress, that some change is necessary if Nupedia is to become useful anytime soon--some change, but without sacrificing quality. 2001 Wikipedia history Meta: Wikipedia Anti-rules Warning: You are not logged in. Your IP address will be recorded in this page's edit history. Disorganize disorganization disorganizedly 100 and down cosh(pi) - 2 Kioways Over 10 Under 21 need not apply ← 59 - 50 → Rules in the range of e23 1 to 3, H to O (H2O) Not affiliated with the above Rule 80 to rule 89 Mostly numeric Rules loitering around i Meta: An impending scalability problem This page was previously called "An impending scalability problem", dates from late 2001 and is an early example of the concern for reviewing edits to articles. It is retained as part of the history of the project. Wikimedia history Meta: Some standards of excellence August 28, 12:10 AM -- I will have to flesh this out later, but I felt compelled to outline, for now, a number of basic standards for excellent articles in general: Quality Meta: Wikipedia as a first home for other wiki projects Friday, August 31, 2001, 4:02 PM -- Community Meta: Should Wikipedia use profanity? Category:Discussions Scopes Pros and Cons Pros Cons From the Information Hound: Possibilities New discussion My two cents Meta: What is an encyclopedia? Saturday, September 1, 2001, 12:00 PM -- Some recent events on Wikipedia have raised a question that has been idly bothering me for well over a year now: what is an encyclopedia, anyway? I'm not so much interested in historical definitions; I'm interested in a sort of prescriptive, revisionist definition that Nupedia and Wikipedia can actually use (after some debate, perhaps) in conceiving of their projects. Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: What Talk pages are not for Monday, September 10, 2001, 12:38 PM -- One of my hopes for Wikipedia is that it never devolves into [ Everything2 might be amusing for some, but we're after something much grander. People from outside the Everything2 community will hardly ever go to Everything2 to do any research or to learn anything of significance. Essays related to Wikis Meta: How to revise the policy pages Monday, September 17, 2001, 5:08 PM -- I want to work through a few issues (perhaps relatively trivial issues) that are associated with revising the Wikipedia policy pages. This is something that I think would be valuable to do before the New York Times article appears--having a relatively clear, unified statement of policy seems like a good idea. Archives How to Meta: Making Wikipedia profitable The Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit organization, so "Making Wikipedia Profitable" Tried, Tested and Tired Methods Exciting new 21st Century Methods How about an Experts for Hire page? WikiMobile See also Meta: The epistemology of Wikipedia I'm not actually going to start writing this yet. It just struck me as a great idea for a column--assimilating some issues that were raised in a recent thread in sci. 2001 Archives Meta: The art of Wikipedia weeding Wednesday, September 26, 2001, 11:38 AM -- The most meaningful and important thing anyone can do to contribute to Wikipedia is to write a long, accurate, well-referenced, meaty article. 2001 Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Cutting each other a bit of slack Thursday, October 18, 2001, 11:44 PM -- Golly, we seem to be at each other's throats constantly lately. 2001 Archives Historical essays Meta: Is Wikipedia an experiment in anarchy Is Wikipedia an experiment in anarchy? Responses from others Meta: Moving commentary out of Wikipedia Category:Discussions 2001 Discussions Historical essays Meta: Machine translation [purpose of the Wiki(pedia) Machine Translation Project is to develop ideas, methods and tools that can help translate Wikipedia articles (and Wikimedia] pages) from one language to another, particularly out of English and into languages with small numbers of fluent speakers. Motivation Approaches Interlingua approach Translating between closely related languages Suggested statistical approach Evaluating with Wikipedias Guidelines How to translate Existing free software Attempts Resources General Dictionaries Corpora Bibliography See also Generic English Wikipedia articles Meta: Internet Authority Disease As the Internet became a sort of frontier for civilization, it was noticed that there was not some new egalitarian democratic playing field emerging. Rather, petty bureaucracies formed around those who had control of the various "territories" of the internet. Community Conflicts Essays on general topics Meta: Proposal for an Encyclopedian Recycling Endeavor Today, August 26th (2001, apparently), marks the completion of a distributed endeavor to copy into Wikipedia, Archives Meta: Sep11wiki The In Memoriam wiki is a former Wikimedia project on the [11, 2001 attacks|September 11, 2001 attacks]. It was made read-only in September 2006[//lists. What can you do? Build the memorial pages Build the historical pages Meta: Wikisource [is a Wikimedia project to build a library of free texts. Initially called "Project Sourceberg" when it began in 2003 (a play on the already existing non-Wikimedia project with similar goals, Project Gutenberg]), it branched into subdivisions for individual languages by 2005. Name, Slogan, Logo List of Wikisources Alemannic, North Frisian, Bavarian and Rhine Franconian Wikisources Historical discussion See also Meta: MetaWikipedia Is it "MetaWikipedia", "Metawikipedia", "Meta Wikipedia" or "Meta-Wikipedia"? Unarchived historical pages Wikimedia history Meta: The elements of an encyclopedia project Suppose we wanted to categorize encyclopedia projects, e.g. Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Breadth and depth I don't know if anyone wants to discuss this topic of breadth vs. depth. Discussions Meta: Modular content creation One is really taking advantage of the software by covering a topic, not with one big article, but with a network of smaller articles. For example, one could write a long 10,000 word essay on some famous person like Ben Franklin, which is no different from a traditional print article. Archives Meta: Wikipedia is not paper Subtitled: Wikipedia Unbound No size limits Organization Style and functionality Timeliness and ease of editing Environment See also Meta: Kill the Stub Pages You know, I'm noticing that if I start from the homepage and just randomly follow links, I often end up at stub pages. I personally usually am paying attention to the RecentChanges page, where the bulk of the links are of course longer, more frequently edited pages; however, I can see how someone new to the project and not aware of RecentChanges might browse around, get frustrated at the stub pages, and justifiably conclude it is all just stub pages. Archived proposals Archives Meta: Improving Portal Pages In my commentary on Kill the Stub Pages it was mentioned that just improving the second tier pages alone would go a long way towards resolving the issue. I've been thinking on this for a while and figured I'd toss out my ideas. 2001 Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Get rid of subpages entirely Magnus Manske, hopefully with the help of others, is writing a new PHP version of the WikiWiki software that runs Wikipedia. Comments to this discussion Meta: Log:Uploads *On 2002-10-06 16:04:15, uploaded file Ikwilhakkuh.jpg Archives Meta: Wikipedia drop-outs The following people have left the project. The purpose of this page is to try to understand what can make people (especially good wikipedians) leave and what we can do to prevent it. Archives Users Meta: Wikipedia Virtual Mind Wikipedia sentences are of 3 kinds: Closed project proposals - data Meta: Species names (to be specific) In the world of the biological sciences (english-speaking and not), the standard for referring to a species is the Linnean species name, a phrase in Latin containing both a generic and specific part. This name can be equated with many differing local names. Archives Discussions Wikipedia proposals Meta: Wikipedia commentary Let's start moving this stuff to http://meta.wikipedia. Meta: Larry's Big Reply This originally appeared on Creationism/Talk. I thought it deserved to be broken out onto its own page, so I did so. Essays on general topics Meta: The value of encyclopedic knowledge 13Nov01. What is the value of encyclopedic knowledge? Archives Meta: GFDL Workshop The goal of this page (which is open to redefinition, since all are encouraged to edit) is not to supplant any debate on Wikipedia-L but to complement it by directly analyzing the nuances of the GFDL as they may apply to Wikipedia. Required copyright and license notice Copyright License notice Secondary Sections Other Sections Acknowledgments Dedications Title Page History Endorsements Entities Title Authors Publisher Mechanism for Granting Optional Permissions Questions Q. What exactly is being released under the GFDL? How do translations of English Wikipedia articles for other language Wikipedias need to be handled? Is there anything on Wikipedia which can't fall directly within the overall subject of Wikipedia? Meta: Be bold Wikis don't work if people aren't BOLD. Essays related to Wikis Patterns Meta: Why OpenCourseWare matters Although the first major milestone is a year away, it's beginning to sink in for me how significant the MIT OpenCourseWare project is, and how it will affect Wikipedia. I'm including a comment from John Lienhard and some comments from students as background. Archives Meta: Wikipedia Yearbook Software An initial version of my experimental Wikipedia Yearbook is now on wikipedia.sourceforge. MediaWiki archives Meta: Logo suggestions }} Candidates 1 2, 3, 4 5 6, 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19, 20, 21 22 23 24 Meta: Is Metawikipedia a good thing The availability of MetaWikipedia has certainly had an intersting effect, and one that I would not have predicted a month ago. 2001 2002 Archives Conflicts Discussions Essays related to Meta-Wiki Meta: Almanac-type information November 21, 2001, 11:30 AM -- There've been a lot of interesting lists of information added to Wikipedia over the months, and we've had a few more than usual added in recent weeks, it seems. These include lists of political parties, lists of popular names, lists of shoguns, lists of popes, lists of famous actors, etc. 2001 Archives Historical essays Meta: Wikidictionary Before continuing, let me say that I firmly agree with the policy on Wikipedia NOT being a dictionary. However, one of my favourite sites is Infoplease which includes a dictionary. Wiktionary Meta: Format issues under the PHP script This page is largely obsolete, and describes the 'phase II' version of the wiki software, which ran on the English wiki from January to July 2002 and on the Meta wiki until October 2002. For more current info, see [script] and elsewhere. New and intentionally changed features Automatic heading numbering Link extension Paragraph justify International wiki links Interwiki links Variables Variables that are replaced upon saving Variables that are replaced upon display Removed or altered features CamelCase is gone Subpages are gone Missing parser functions Meta: The future of Wikipedia I think that we have grown a Wikipedia community. [is a w:volunteer] Scalability -- do we need distributed solutions? Multimedia Internal data format Software Commercial and organizational issues Moving beyond the web Ensuring/Maintaining Article Quality Wikiversial and DORS Wikidebate Reliability Editorial process Caution: peer review can slow progress to a crawl Evidence against self-healing theory? Having "Stable" and "Development" versions Letting local experts "freeze"/"unfreeze" an article Reputation systems to attract serious contributors from academia Reputation system: Must be simple (kudos based?) Suggestions Back To Basics Meta: Policy discussion/Articles on commercial enterprises Talk for an entry put in by someone about their own site (see [Wikipedia pages%2FTalk%2FGamefoolz]) which broadened into a discussion of the appropriateness of the class of such entries. An Explanation of the "purpose" of Gamefoolz Meta: Wikipedia metadata management These are just notes and random thoughts on their way to becoming a formal article about metadata management at Wikipedia. I'd be grateful if for the moment, you could add comments in the /Talk page and leave this disorganised mess alone until I get it in shape. Archives Wikimedia history Meta: Logo suggestions/Leading candidates }} 1 3, 4 6, 7 10 18 24 Meta: Wikipedia vandalism This is not an official policy page (yet). Rather, this is a community-editable page in an attempt to define what we consider to be vandalism. I know it when I see it What may be considered Wikipedia vandalism Vandalism through anonymous websites Policy pages which refer to vandalism See also Meta: The Role of Larry Sanger in Wikipedia (Disclaimer: By the below I do not mean to attack Larry Sanger personally; I'm just commenting on what he has said.) Archives Meta: Axe grinding So, one recent issue we've had in Wikipedia is of a user with an axe to grind. He comes to Wikipedia, and attempts to begin writing NPOV articles about a topic which has been argued about for the past 150 years, generating numerous books and articles, and extensive discussion in every book on the history and philosophy of science. Archived discussions Meta: WikipediAhimsa This is a proposal that Wikipedia policy should follow the spirit of [or 'ahinsa', rather than that of violence. Rules When in doubt, don't delete When in doubt, don't ascribe bad motives to people Remember that NPOV (neutral point of view) is a collective goal, not individually achievable Adherence to ahimsa According to capacity Unavoidable himsa Wikipedia as household? Goals of Wikipedia Satya False attachment Longer notes which probably belong in Wikipedia See also Meta: Logo suggestions/Humorous logos }} 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 Meta: How I became a Wikipedian Enter your personal stories of how you became a Wikipedian below. If you contribute to meta, or a non-English version, tell us something about that too. Community Meta: Wikipedia Client See also: Dedicated Wikipedia editor, Machine-friendly wiki interface Wikipedia clients WINOR WWW-Mediawiki-Client Comments In Defense of XML-RPC (SOAP) Modularisation of MediaWiki into Services Initial efforts at a wkp-mode to view Wikipedia from Emacs Reuse what OS has to offer Modifying Existing Browsers? Access via WebServices Meta: Appropriate content and plump waterfowl Slapped wholesale from [May be edited with goal of inclusion in w:Wikipedia FAQ] (or not!) Archives Meta: Avoid copyright paranoia ==Trend== Trend What about the lyrics? Beware reproduction fees Copyright question re Beasts of England from Animal Farm Nobody leaves this universe alive Copyright violation notifications License contamination Fair Use dies on the vine I'm glad I'm not the only one nice going Possible compromise For restrictions of Images of living people Wikipedia "Copyright paranoia" does not exist at Wikimedia projects "Copyright paranoia" does exist at Wikimedia projects Banknotes How to diagnose copyright paranoia Author users have been deleted See also Meta: Browser issues with MediaWiki Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Folklore, myth and religion,_myth_and_religion This page is for discussion of [w:religion], and [Use of the words 'Myth', 'Mythology', etc. === Use of the words 'Myth', 'Mythology', etc.,_myth_and_religion#Use_of_the_words_.27Myth.27.2C_.27Mythology.27.2C_etc. Option 1,_myth_and_religion#Option_1 Option 2,_myth_and_religion#Option_2 Option 3,_myth_and_religion#Option_3 Option 4,_myth_and_religion#Option_4 Option 5,_myth_and_religion#Option_5 Option 6,_myth_and_religion#Option_6 Option 7,_myth_and_religion#Option_7 Discussion,_myth_and_religion#Discussion Meta: International Wikipedia question Hey, I saw on Larry Sanger's to do list at Larry Sanger/To do that he planned to form a philosophy about the international wikipedia question. Could someone enlighten me as to what that question is? 2001 Multilingualism Meta: Neutral point of view/draft This is an old page--the draft has been developed into an article, which can be edited [ Executive summary Fairness and sympathetic tone Characterizing opinions of people's artistic and other work A consequence: writing for the enemy An example Objections and clarifications I have some other objection. Where should I ask it? Meta: Send this article to a friend == 2001 == 2001 2006 Meta: Deferring to the experts January 3, 2002, 1:26 PM -- A very quick column here. I am curious about your opinion, and whether my attitude on an issue is generally shared. 2002 Archives Essays related to Wikimedia Meta: Wikipedia haiku This is a collection of [and senryu]s related to Wikipedia. Haikus Senryus See also Meta: Wikimedia merchandise Less talk more shop? https://shop. Goal What is this page for? Call for designs FAQ Where is the Wikimedia Shop located? Do you ship outside the U.S.? What about the old CafePress store? I see a decent selection of products now, but is there more to come? Who profits from this shop? Is the store secure? Are you working with any third parties ? Are purchases tax deductible? Can I make a donation on the store? Where are your products sourced from? Will my order be delivered without any issues? Why isn't my currency accepted? Are there plans to translate the content on the Shop in other languages? We're Wikimedia - Why can't we have our own designs on the store? Announcement: What's the plan for 2014? Old store pages and information Meta: Final international solution I was reading through the archives of the Wikipedia-L and saw an excellent suggestion to interlinking that was probably forgotten. I'm going to update it a bit to make what I think is more feasible. Archives Historical essays Multilingualism Meta: Should talk pages be used for debating? Moved from I want to respond to the point you have made on a couple of talk pages that Wikipedia is not a discussion group. I appreciate your point, and I also admit that some of these discussions have gotten a bit excessive and perhaps not very fruitful. Wiki-Debate Meta: Wikipedia's first press release--draft for comment == The press release is out! == The press release is out! Meta: Listing deleted titles I think this page gives its topic rather more attention than it deserves. It's just not that important. Archives Meta: Why there will always be debate in this project Larry,<BR> debate sites Meta: Wikipedia and copyright issues We have attemped to find the proper place to bring up this issue. Not finding that place, we are listing it here. Discussion was started on Larry Sanger/Talk Can copyrighted text stay in the history? Wikipedia is a derivative work International copyright issues The USA has not honored the rule of the shorter term yet US copyright law? Non-signatories Meta: Wikipedia cloning project The purpose of the Wikipedia cloning project is to define strategies and develop tools so that the distribution of wikipedia's content all over the internet be subject to the interests of the wikipedia community and to the GNU-FDL license. And to use a Wikipedia fork or mirror wiki during the Wikimedia/Wikipedia maintenance tasks, so one able to save one´s edits in the [fork|Wikipedia fork]. Closed project proposals - Wikimedia Wikipedia Wishes Meta: Wikipedia and why it matters The following talk, titled "What Wikipedia is and why it matters," was delivered to the Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory What Wikipedia is. Why Wikipedia matters. Meta: 27 languages Ĉi tiu paĝo en Esperanto Edit the text of this page Edit this page Be bold in updating pages! Meta: Statistics for International Wikipedias These stats were gathered from the Wikipedians and Vikipediistoj pages on January 31, 2002. Archives Wikipedia statistics Meta: Proposed Wikipedia policy on foreign characters The last substantial edit to this page was made on or before 5 Februrary 2002 and as such this page contains numerous inaccuracies. Article Titles Article Content Meta: Announcement about my involvement in Wikipedia and Nupedia--Larry Sanger The following message has been superseded by this one: My resignation--Larry Sanger 2002 Wikimedia history Meta: Discussion on business models and organizational charters applicable to large free wikis Why plan? Chaos is great, I browse and contribute when and where I please, within the editorial guidelines already drafted and posted by somebody, somewhere. Free wikis Meta: Controversy from unclear or conflicting goals of contributing wikipediasts Some examples of controversy potentially damaging to wikipedia that clear goals may help alleviate: Archives Conflicts Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: A new wikipediast grumpy at the FAQ Some questions originating at the wikipedia FAQ/talk page. Discussions Meta: Brainstorming for revenue sources Please post links to relevant previous work here at the top Discussions Meta: Product development activities at meta wikipedia Links and discussion regarding Product Development Marketing Meta: Uploads being abused ==== Uploads seemingly being abused? ==== Uploads seemingly being abused? Meta: Science Hypertextbook project I'm working on developing a science hypertextbook online, called (for a working title) Science!... in Simple Steps. Archives Meta: My resignation--Larry Sanger March 1, 2002 2002 Wikimedia history Meta: Consensus and Wikipedia Work in progress What is Consensus? Consensus and Wikipedia Meta: Proposed revision of the NPOV policy This page contains proposed revisions to the NPOV policy article. As far as I, [Merkel|Robert Merkel] am concerned, the spirit of the NPOV policy and Larry's (bless his contributions) expansions should stay. Archives Meta: Natural point of view Is there a natural point of view that is even less biased than the neutral point of view? Some argue that there is, and that over time the neutral view tends to the natural view, as empirical evidence displaces dogma and long-held beliefs. What's "natural"? The "old neutral"? An alternate take The "new natural"? Criticism Ongoing controversy and editing wars Enthusiast vs. expert knowledge Resolution Sensitivity to other views Objectivity Perspective See also External links Meta: Systemic bias of Wikipedia For a related up-to-date topic, see :en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias Archives Meta: Response to 24 The best way to deal with trolls in a free Internet environment (like Usenet--or wiki) is to ignore them. Please -- do -- not -- respond -- to -- trolls -- just undo his changes, if necessary. Archives Meta: Value system What is Wikipedia's value system? Please enter your opinions below. Archives Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Three billionth user The three billionth user of wikipedia represents roughly the median user who we should be considering in understanding what is [point of view|neutral point of view]. Why the three billionth user, and not a floating number halfway down the list of all people on Earth (by whatever criteria you insist upon using)? Meta: Threats This page describes only anticipated threats to the wikipedia. Threats are extreme hypothetical too-bad-to-be-true cases with high impact but no measurable probability - because they havent happened yet. Archives Meta: Visions This page describes only your unrealistic visions for the wikipedia. Visions are extreme hallucinatory daydreaming, too-good-to-be-true ideals with high impact but no measurable probability - because they can't happen. The History of Wikipedia Meta: Best cases Best cases are probably scaled-down visions or the opposite of your most-dreaded threats. They may, also, really be your own best vision of where The future of Wikipedia might lead. Short term Dedicated admins Full representation Sensitivity to other points of view Long term Lasting success Virtue as its own reward Extended future Holism See also Meta: Vocabulary Ideally, constant effort keeps vocabulary manageable for the casual user, and under 4000-5000 words for introductory articles - those with the shortest names. The three billionth user comes to the wiki in 2007 with English as a second language, very little time and a low bandwidth connection, and walks away with the most useful description of an ecologically-sensitive garden they could possibly have got in that time... Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Worst cases La traduction de cette page en français est en cours – this page is being translated into French : Visions d'horreur Internal Tunnel vision The encyclopedia that Slashdot built Two worlds Permanent mediocrity Majority rule Original research Hostile newbies Tyranny of the majority Minority rule Elitist goons Use of force against demonstrators Overspecialization Catering to sifters Western imperialism Wiki community size inherently limited Synopsis Foundation or local chapters Editorial policy driven by Foundation or local chapter External Copyright Internet worm Inability to gain donation when telling the truth See also Meta: Status quo The status quo is a report on how far, right now, we have slid towards the worst cases. It incidentally makes note of progress towards best cases, and may use terminology or commentary from threats or visions. Essays related to Wikimedia Wikimedia history Meta: NPOV as description, not prescription,_not_prescription This file contains an elaborated discussion of NPOV as prescription. It was not originally raised as an issue by 24, nor is it "dead wrong" as Jimbo Wales suggests. Discussions Unarchived historical pages Meta: Value systems Category:Discussions Discussions Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Governance Governance is not "government" (there's no implied authority, necessarily) but is mostly patient persuasion of contributors to work within a consensus. Original vision discussion GOVERNANCE most common meta concerns sharing your assessment of the status quo See also Meta: Governing Operational distinction Classes of Governing Operational distinction proposed, to date, as existing in the Wikipedia project: Essays related to Wikis Meta: The Wikipedia Community The name Wikipedia applies to three things (and possibly more): Who is the community? Attempt at a definition Community's role Discussion Gathering After Work Pros and cons of personal relationships See also External Links Meta: How to build Wikipedia === Be in Charge and Be Humble === Be in Charge and Be Humble Understand Bias Appreciate Idiosyncracy Totally Redesign the Wikipedia Software, and Implement it as a Community Or, Act Like Perl Make big plans on Wikipedia Avoid Cabals Follow the Spirit and Letter of the GFDL Be Respectful but Firm Is There Reason to Worry? Meta: Wikipedia Governance (2002 essay) (This is an essay written in 2002 by the co-founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales) Essays Essays related to Wikipedia Wikimedia governance Meta: Electoral reform jargon list Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Estimating operating expenses of large free wikis Initial startup: MediaWiki Development Meta: Positive tone A suggested extension to neutral point of view. Things should be presented in terms of facts rather than opinion, but an article can still radiate an implied stance through either selection of which facts to present, or more subtly their organization - refuting everything as one goes makes things look a lot worse than collecting them in an opinions-of-opponents section. Discussions Meta: What is a wiki? Wiki is in original description by Ward: Community Meta: Standard email texts Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Consolidating vs breaking up I was reading cunctators response to the suggestion of deletion of orange juice in Editors' point of view Readers' point of view Technical issues Questions Meta: Simplified table syntax 10 revisions exported. —Anonymous DissidentTalk 01:12, 6 January 2010 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: NamingConventions This page is solely of historical interest. Current English Wikipedia naming conventions are described in [conventions]. Unarchived historical pages Meta: Wikipedia camaraderie I am prodded to begin this page by a few things I've seen during my short time here. Community Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: A Better Wikipedia A better Wikipedia Content freezing Content attribution Reader interface Branches Wikidebate In-line expansion of links Killing non-functioning wikis Meta: Wikipedia commentary Save the subpages I looked through LMS' arguments against subpages, and as far as I can tell these are all based on the idea that a fixed hierarchial arrangement of material is a bad thing. I tend to agree that such a fixed hierarchy is unhelpfull. Archives Wikipedia Wikipedia proposals Meta: Link madness This page is a warning against link madness. Patterns Meta: Credibility Category:Article validation Are we already credible? Made up terms? Verified Articles Repository Meta: Making Wikipedia more accessible to the blind Category:Discussions Archives Discussions Usability Meta: U.S. vs. US Larry, I know you disapprove of US without the periods, but I think it should be written without the periods anyway -- today all newly coined abbreviations have no full stops -- only ones which go back decades or centuries do. We don't write U. Archives Conflicts Meta: Mysterious wikipedia user subpages On the English Wikipedia [page, there are tons of unlinked user subpages. Maybe I'm just a bit obsessive about the Orphans page, but they don't need to be there. Discussions Userspace Wikipedia Meta: ParseWiki Not ready for the big time yet! MediaWiki Development Meta: Edit lock *database locks Disambiguation Meta: Slotipedia by [would like to propose a new project, related by separate to Wikipedia—Slotipedia. Both would aim to be encyclopedias, of sorts; but they would differ as follows: Wikipedia articles are free-form; Slotipedia articles are restricted to a precise framework, a set of slots to be fit in. by SJK Meta: Wiki markup tables This feature has been implemented in MediaWiki. Info on how to use it is in the user's guide. Half-HTML proposal Simple example Simple example with border More complex example Advantages List-style proposal Extended PikiePikie syntax Basic principles Allowed Arguments FAQ Comparison to the first proposal MoinMoin Syntax Wookee syntax PikiePikie syntax Alternative to Tables: Data view objects Key-Value markup Abbi-Syntax Abbi's birthday syntax Meta: Mathematics *Help:Displaying a formula for help on writing mathematical formulae Disambiguation Meta: Regarding URLs We have as much responsibility to usability as we do to political correctness. Unarchived historical pages Meta: Historical wikipedia pages - Non-English Wikipedias/Old Text To Translate This page is incomplete, so be aware. Archives Meta: Wikipedia - by Mark Jeays, 2002,_2002 This will appear in [Canadian Writer's Guide], 13th Edition. Since traditional publishing processes are a little slower than a wiki, some of the information is out of date. Wikipedia: An Online Collaborative Encyclopedia,_2002#Wikipedia:_An_Online_Collaborative_Encyclopedia Meta: Database queries on MediaWiki Soft redirects Meta: There is also an English Wikipedia available If you make publicity for your own Wikipedia in your own language it would be useful to include a sentence to inform readers of English that there is also an English Wikipedia. Multilingualism Wikipedia Meta: Advertising on Wikipedia __TOC__ Donations Estimate of Revenue from Text Advertising Option to suppress adverts to paid subscribers See also Meta: The Free Universal Encyclopedia and Learning Resource This is a set of notes and quotes from [Stallman]'s essay "The Free Universal Encyclopedia and Learning Resource". The full text of the speech is at: http://www. Permit mirror sites. Permit translation into other languages. Encourage peer review and endorsements. Making links to other pages. Uphold the freedom to contribute. Meta: Technical categories in Wikipedia (old discussion) Categorization Wikidata Meta: Dealing with September 11 pages Category:Wikimedia Foundation Sept 11 Wikipedia - appropriate use of name? (removed from [pump (policy)|en:wikipedia]) Meta: Wikipedia timeline == Timeline == Timeline Meta: Hoofdpagina Nederlands __NOTOC__ Main page/nl Meta: Evolutie van een Wikipedia Hoofdpagina Archives Meta: Ĉefpaĝo __NOTOC__ Main page/eo Meta: Responding to the Critics The lastest Kuro5hin article about Wikipedia prompted quite a few negative comments. Some of these comments were constructive and useful, while others were off the mark. Archives Meta: Antiwikipedic Wikipedia is a written compendium of human knowledge. Humor Meta: Wikipedic Wikipedia is a written compendium of human knowledge. Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Open letter to the Enciclopedia Libre group This letter is a work in progress. It needs to be expanded and translated. Wikimedia history Meta: Open letter to the Enciclopedia Libre group/Notes Some useful notes from the mailing list. Wikimedia history Meta: Various Wikipedian essays == Ethics, philosophy, objectivity, religion, education, etc. == Ethics, philosophy, objectivity, religion, education, etc. The world and where it's going Meta: Forside __NOTOC__ Main page/da Meta: What to do with See also Wikipedia and corporate structure ... what? Cookie Proposition1 Use Browser's Preferred Language Simple Design Mav's proposal Neil's proposal Fonzy's idea: Kowey's synthesis Provisional Provisional is Best, Sort by Population Provisional is Ugly Automatic Redirect Summary Voting Meta: Traduction de la lettre d'Edgar Accueil Categories/fr Meta: MediaWiki math markup ---- Statement of the Situation (March, 2008) texvc: Taw's proposal ASCIIMath Sage Old stuff from FAQ talk Vilage pump, Sept 2002 Meta: Wikipedia and corporate structure See:Wikimedia for current news regarding a Wikipedia associated organization. Protecting Wikipedia's Principles Where do we incorporate? Directors Trustees Officers Fiscal Stability Meta: NPOV is an ideal Wikipedia's NPOV policy is flawed as stated ([neutral point of view is an ideal, and should be recognized such. True neutrality is impossible to achieve. Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Hauptseite __NOTOC__ Main page/de Meta: Wikipedia software upgrade status All Wikipedias have now been moved over to the MediaWiki software. Archives Meta: Kiel Metavikipedio malsamas je Vikipedio == Cele == Cele Teknike Notoj kaj konsiletoj Meta: Quelle utilisation pour ? Note : cette discussion n'est plus active. La page www. Categories/fr Wikimedia history Meta: Thoughts on Wikipedia interlanguage priorities Some thoughts from The Cunctator on making decisions. Multilingualism Wikimedia projects Meta: Strona główna __NOTOC__ Main page/pl Meta: Thoughts on language integration Below are some thoughts on what we would like to see in WikiMedia's language intergration. See proposal on language integration for a concrete proposal on how to bring this about in the software. Linking Common user space Combined recentchanges and other interface issues Common upload space? Alternative URLs Comments Old comments, resolves issues Meta: Sous-page Accueil Références Meta: Selige linguam Wikipediae maestro literaturae [//de.wikipedia. Categories/la Meta: technical issues I'm not sure about Lynx. Is it "UTF-8 safe" ? Archived discussions Meta: Wikiatlas Magnus has suggested that we add an interface, to some sort of map generator, so that instead of cobbling together and separately uploading gazillions of maps of every little thing we can just specify coordinates and *poof* are provided with a map suitable for most basic uses. Pros Cons Things it must do Things it should be able to do Things that would be cool Not only geographical atlas Related projects Related projects on wikimedia sites Related projects externally See also Meta: Portada/es __NOTOC__ Main page/es Meta: Trophée du Libre (2003) === Article 1 - Les organisateurs === Article 1 - Les organisateurs Article 2 - Objet du concours Article 3 - Informations Article 4 - Inscription/Clôture des inscriptions Article 5 -Renseignements demandés lors d'une inscription au concours : Article 6 - Conditions de remise des prix Article 7 - Les catégories de logicie ls: Article 8 - Licence logicielle Article 9 - Le jury Article 10 - Les critères Article 11 - Clause d'annulation du concours. Article 12 - Clause exclusive de responsabilité Article 13 - CNIL Article 14 - Loi applicable Article 15 - Clause attributive de compétences Meta: Empty page page 17 revisions exported. —Anonymous DissidentTalk 14:05, 13 September 2009 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Syndication feeds __TOC__ Feeds Available from MediaWiki Recent changes New Pages History of a page Scraped feeds Watchlist feeds Existing Conversation Ideas and hacks Article Feeds Wishlist Considerations Privacy Performance Applications Visualization See Also Meta: Uploadable Bots The following is a way to implement [policy]. See [talk:Bot policy] for further dicussion and comparison. Uploadable Bot-Scripts Meta: Dedicated Wikipedia editor Moved to MediaWiki Meta: United Wikipedias Forum This page is also available in French. / Cette page est aussi disponible en Français. The idea Rationale Implementation Technical solutions Name proposals Editorial solutions Subjects, areas for inclusion Cons See also Meta: The ideal Wikimedia board of trustees = Revisiting in early 2012 = Revisiting in early 2012 Discussion from 2002-2003 Issues Names Unlikely to accept, or to be accepted Meta: Wiki markup syntax See also Wikitext syntax, Wiki syntax, Wikitax. Pages whose requests to be exported to were rejected Wikitext standard Meta: Dates in Wikipedia I've been finding that adding Wiki links for any dates mentioned in articles is tedious and unrewarding. Dates are expected to be Wikified in the form September 3, 1939. Time Meta: How to become a MediaWiki hacker Moved to MediaWiki Meta: TMC's sysop request November 14, 2002 the issues what we shouldn't say, and what we should an aside on forced agreements of good behavior why, oh TMC, why? however, the slippery slope snatching victory from the jaws of defeat Meta: Wikimedia News This page is for the announcement of milestones on the Wikimedia projects. If you want to make such an announcement, please post it here and translate it if you can. November 2017 October 2017 September 2017 August 2017 July 2017 June 2017 May 2017 April 2017 March 2017 February 2017 January 2017 Older news Projects by number of content pages Wikipedia === Wiktionary === Wikiquote === Wikibooks Wikisource === Wikinews Wikiversity === Wikivoyage === Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies Wikidata See also Meta: Discuter:la ligne du temps Salut Proxy (ou Rouen), Archives Categories/fr Meta: Discuter:histoire Comment appel ton la periode entre la fin de la renaissance et le debut de la revoltion industrielle ??? Meta: Date formats in various languages == Years == Years Decade Century Millennium Months/days January 1 February 2 March 3 April 4 May 5 June 6 July 10 August 20 September 21 October 22 November 23 December 24 Notes 中文 (Chinese) French Cymraeg (Welsh) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) Greek ISO 8601 Meta: Queer Wikimedians gay], [[[w:transgender|transgendered], and [[[Wikimedians] ((en)) English-speaking ((fr)) French-speaking ((pt)) Portuguese-speaking ((es)) Spanish-speaking ((nl)) Dutch-speaking ((de)) German-speaking ((it)) Italian-speaking ((ro)) Romanian-speaking ((vi)) Vietnamese ((sr)) Serbian-speaking ((sv)) Swedish-speaking ((bg)) Bulgarian-speaking ((uk)) Ukrainian-speaking ((ru)) Russian-speaking ((tr)) Turkish-speaking [IL] Israel [IN] India, [BD] Bengladesh [TH] Thailand [ID] Indonesia ((ja)) Japanese-speaking ((ko)) Japanese-speaking ((zh)) Chinese-speaking See also Meta: Linux user Wikimedians cf Mac user Wikipedians, BSD user Wikipedians ArkLinux Debian Gentoo Linspire Linux From Scratch Mandrakelinux/Mandriva Redhat Slackware SUSE Ubuntu Yellow Dog Linux IRIX Other homebrew Distribution not specified See also Meta: Wikimedians who don't like to be categorised ==Wikipedians who don't like to be categorised== Wikipedians who don't like to be categorised Uncategorized Don’t mind the following pages (if you’re not Mav, that is) Meta: Vegetarian Wikimedians The following Wikipedians are Adam Williamson] See also Meta: Mac user Wikimedians This is a list of Wikimedians who use [Any self-aware Macintosh computers who edit any Wikimedia project are also invited to list themselves here. Lists of Wikimedians Meta: Wiccapedians or other neopagan Wikimedians Wikipedians] See also Meta: Wikiteer NOTE: What should the Wikiteer contain? License Maps Size Area Projection Entities to include Labels Links Geographic entities Map projections Formats Data See also Meta: Wiktionary Wiktionary (a [of “wiki]” and “[is a project to create open content dictionaries in every language. User Group and discussions Recent changes for all Wiktionaries List of Wiktionaries Case sensitivity Active Wiktionaries See also Meta: Huvudsida __NOTOC__ Main page/sv Meta: Recent Changes redesign This is a suggestion for a new design of the recent changes list which makes use of tables and JavaScript, but should still work in older browsers. MediaWiki Development Meta: Integrating Two Integrative Sites ==Integrating Two Integrative Sites== Integrating Two Integrative Sites Meta: Unscientific The following is a very interesting essay, but it is not encyclopedic. If its anonymous author would like help turning it into a Wikipedia article s/he need only ask. Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: WIKIng Remember, if you add yourself to this list, please add yourself to the main list of [also! Major goals WIKIngs See also Meta: Wikipedia (Everything2) This is a copy of an [node. The original is [http://everything2. Wikipedia Meta: Gmane ---- Communication External contacts Meta: Wikitax (proposal) See also Wikitext syntax, Wiki markup syntax. Archived proposals MediaWiki archives Pages whose requests to be exported to were rejected Meta: Machine-friendly wiki interface 35 revisions exported. —Anonymous DissidentTalk 23:42, 2 December 2009 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: XML syntax == Why would you output XML == Why would you output XML Other side effects/benefits include Portability Other Wikis with XML formats See also Meta: Richtlijnen voor systeembeheerders Hoofdpagina Dit is een oude versie, de nieuwste versie staat op [voor moderators] Bevoegdheid en wenselijk gedrag van een systeembeheerder Het gebruiken van uw macht Meta: The importance of being Wikipedia == Importance of having a free encyclopedia == Importance of having a free encyclopedia The brand name free encyclopedia Responsibility to consumers Outline content Meta: Texvc Warning: This page is largely out of date. texvc has been implemented for some time now; see TeX. Description by the author [Bartels|Toby]'s critique My principles Applications of the principles to texvc My alternative proposal What now? Meta: Niepożądane zachowania Co jakiś czas moje zakłopotanie wzbudza obserwacja, że Archives Categories/pl Meta: Music markup Music is an important aspect of any digital encyclopedia, and [files are surely the right choice[[[:en:MP3|citation needed when it is important to hear the original recording, speeches, singer voices and other effects. But sometimes, it is better to host not the audio file, but the sheet music itself. Background Present State of Affairs at Wikipedia The open possibilities of music markup in wikipedia Open questions Different technologies Lilypond Using Lilypond Security Lilypond links ABC Notation ABC Notation Formatting A Proposed Backend for ABC Other proposed and experimental implementations See also External links Meta: Language.php Category:Localisation Localisation Meta: SVG image support [of embedded SVG image with rendering] Possible kinds of SVG support How it works Rasterizing Concerns Online editing Browser notes Support via plugins Unsupported Implementation Current implementation Sources of SVG images and icons Discussion in other locations Mailing list Village Pump Other See also Meta: Wikipedia .svg| Language versions Texts about Wikipedia See also Meta: Protected pages considered harmful How protected pages are used: Does protecting a page indicate a lack of trust? See also Meta: Consensus Wikimedia only works by building consensus, as everyone has equal powers (except for blocking, deletion, and page protection, functions limited to administrators) and therefore can undo any change. Editors build consensus through polite discussion and negotiation. See also Meta: Copyright bot This page deals with a proposed semi-automatic solution to the copyright issues Wikipedia is suffering from: Bots Copyright Meta: One billionth user Who is the one billionth user of Wikipedia? And why do we care? See also Meta: Copyright The actual legal issues regarding copyright in Wikipedia should be discussed in depth, before starting any major project like a copyright bot. Basics Fair use Copyright Paranoia Moral rights Non-acceptance of the Rule of the shorter term See also Meta: Defining vocabulary A [vocabulary|defining vocabulary] for the simplified Wikipedia and/or Wiktionary is a very major project. It has special copyright issues since the very few (three or four) publishers of [dictionary] and [dictionary|translation dictionary] products from/to English are very protective of their word lists and usage-of-word lists. Proposed projects - language Wiktionary Meta: Five hundred millionth user The five hundred millionth user is the worst user of English on Earth. The basis for this assumption is that about 500,000,000 people speak English, or say that what they speak is English. Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Hundred millionth user Wikipedia passed one million main page views early on January 10, 2003 (UTC). A reasonable interpretation of this number is that one million people have seen at least one wikipedia article (adding in many who may have seen printed or emailed articles or viewed only one page online, and subtracting those who go to the main page over and over again). insert anything statistically reasonable to say about the hundred millionth user here Meta: Liens externes Dite moi ce que vous pensez du lien ... Personnellement ça me semble un site comment dire .... Archives Categories/fr Meta: Wikipedia nieuws Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Consensus decision making Read the article on [decision making]. Decision-making processes Essays on general topics Meta: False community False community is the illusion of [without taking shared risks] and so being subject to the same constraints, and pressures to agree. Some claim that the risk has to be physical, to the body, not just reputations or ideals. Community Wikipedia philosophy Meta: Wikipoetry Wikipoetry is stuff that doesn't make any sense, but is fun to read. Like META-PHILSOPHY (Saprtacus) for instance. Example Wiki Poetry Translation In Practice Meta: What to do with What to do with www.wikipedia. <H3>Welcome to Wikipedia Meta: What to do with's Prop What to do with www.wikipedia. portal Meta: Burn All GIFs The GIF patent issues expired in 2004, and GIFs are currently allowed uploads on Wikipedia. Pros: Cons: Comments? Meta: Sandbox/copy from wikipédia [da:Biologi] [[[en:Biology] [[[eo:Biologio] [[[pl:Biologia] [biologie peut recouvrir de nombreuses définitions. Principales disciplines Thèmes liés à la biologie Meta: What to do with ok same prob as What to do with www.wikipedia. Archives Meta: Wikipedia sobrepasa los 100,000 articulos,000_articulos Wikipedia es un proyecto para crear enciclopedias libres, con licencia GNU FDL, Categories/es Wikimedia history Meta: Wikipedia DTD Moved to MediaWiki Meta: How to write non-American names German names sometimes include 'Umlaute' like ü ö ä, How to Meta: Sprawy związane z przejściem na PHP Otwarte kwestie: Do Dyskusji Meta: Polska Wikipedia - Phase III Wszystkim biorącym udział w tej dyskusji polecam też lekturę strony Sprawy związane z przejściem na PHP. Archives Categories/pl Meta: Paper Wikipedia __NEWSECTIONLINK__ Untitled Alphabetical tag Distinguish "good" redirects Format of a paper Wikipedia Hub and spoke model Mechanism Question: [paper]? Suggestion: Printing separate articles Proposal Binding [value|"Free of added cost" method of paperback distribution] Related Projects PediaPress proposal It's already being done Offline releases Meta: Vision The vision statement of the Wikimedia Foundation describes our dreams, hopes and ambitions; our most radical conception of our organization and community — 20, 50, 100 years from today. It stands in contrast to the mission statement, which aims to be a more realistic description of the status quo. Vision Wikimedia Foundation Meta: Meetup Meetups are important occasions when Wikimedians (users of Wikipedia and the sister projects) come together face-to-face generally in an informal basis. These have been going on for several years and in a wide range of places across the world. Upcoming events Lists How to manage a Wikimedia meetup Setup The meetup After If the meetup is regular Templates Meta: Cabal Most Wikipedia detractors, and a few regular contributors, believe that there is a [that makes decisions at Wikipedia. Discussion of the role of a "cabal" has been limited to the English Wikipedia. Factors leading to charges of Cabalism Effect of departures See also Meta: Wiktionary/Split into thesaurus and dictionary Ok i this makes sence: Archives Wiktionary Meta: MediaWiki MediaWiki is wiki software, released under the GPL, that is used by Wikimedia projects and [using MediaWiki|others]. It is an implementation of a wiki, a content pool that anyone can freely edit. About Miscellaneous Technical Versions Database dump See also Meta: Talk Archive From English-edition wikipedia. Serious bugs diff won't work #REDIRECTs that end in an eternal edit conflict Volunteers wanted Mask minor edits on Recent Changes Fix the Recent Changes "(# changes)" counter Fixing some parser bugs Brainstorming Resolved issues Pages with "wiki.phtml" subpages bug Change password does not work Meta: Consensus editing Consensus editing is the process that wikipedia articles go through. It is presumed to result in something called "neutral point of view", which some consider an ideal rather than a realistic goal of the process. Community Consensus Patterns Meta: Etiquette Etiquette is an old and vague code of conduct. Many attempts have been made to write down some general guidelines of etiquette, but the resulting codes vary widely. Basic principles on wikis See also Meta: Patent nonsense Patent nonsense refers simultaneously to unique and wonderful claims that occur only in this Wikipedia article and perhaps some pet web sites affiliated with the author, and to the view that scientific or historical peer review of the material would take. Examples of patent nonsense include: Essays on general topics Meta: Neutral point of view | next = The original formulation of NPOV See also Meta: UseModWiki UseModWiki is a Perl-based [clone. Originally the English Wikipedia] and other first Wikipedias were run on UseModWiki. External links Meta: Meta-Wikipedia Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Simple ideology of Wikitax You may read I have no idea which is more representative of current developer team opinion. Archives Meta: Wikitext 29 revisions exported. —Anonymous DissidentTalk 14:47, 11 October 2009 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Funding Funding is a very important aspect of the survival and growth of the Wikimedia infrastructure and mission. History of yearly fundraising Business sponsors See also Meta: Ontology Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and sister projects do not have any explicit [(computer science)|ontology]—yet. They do not even have a defining vocabulary—yet. Essays related to Wikimedia Meta: Accueil __NOTOC__ Main page/fr Meta: What Wikipedia is Article cluster: Cleanup Meta: Pour certains, pour d'autres...ou comment etre neutre contre vents et marees,_pour_d%27autres...ou_comment_etre_neutre_contre_vents_et_marees Ah!!! les palettes... Categories/fr Essays on general topics Meta: Time, issue, position, argument, evidence, source, authority,_issue,_position,_argument,_evidence,_source,_authority --2607:FB90:6648:2EBA:0:47:5B81:9701 14:11, 12 November 2017 (UTC)Italic textItalic text'Time/issue/position/argument/evidence/source/authority (or TIPAESA) is an all-purpose way to organize arguments. It is generally followed in Talk pages, abbreviated and informal. IPA,_issue,_position,_argument,_evidence,_source,_authority#IPA Meta: Sifter project The Sifter project is an idea that has a long history in Wikipedian terms. It was apparently originally an idea of Larry Sanger in 2002. See also Meta: Benadering van het sysop zijn op Wikipedia NL < Hoofdpagina De Engelstalige Wikipedia Bij de andere Wikipedia's Alternatieve mogelijkheden Meta: Trolling Trolling is a value judgment referring to behavior that the user of the word considers to be deliberately provocative. So, a troll is a deliberately provocative, attention-seeking, person inhabiting Wikiland who seeks to cause disharmony and Wikistress in the community. Common trolling phenomena Common behavior often confused with trolling Related articles Meta: What wikipedia thinks it is Article cluster: Unarchived historical pages Wikipedia Meta: What Wikipedia claims to be If you were redirected here from Wikipedia this link can be useful: [it thinks it is - go to redirect page itself]. Self-references on Wikipedia Guidelines on adding self-references Examples of Wikipedia self-claims How can I help Wikipedia think about itself? Meta: Cost benefit analysis of various possible technical changes to Wikipedia There seem to be no consistent process currently used to evaluate Moving everything to UTF-8 SVG autogenerating maps go/chess diagrams markup music markup support new table syntax Meta: Logic and Wikipedia [would like responses to this: Article validation Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Wikipedia mascot [has the penguin]. [has the dolphin. No mascot, please! Mascot, please! Alphabetical order Amorphous blob Anglerfish beaver Centipede Chick coming out of a Wikipedia Jigsaw Egg [Clavin|Clifford Clavin] Coyote Honey bees Leaf-cutter ants (and Miwiki project) Meerkat Mice monkey behind a typewriter Octopus Otter Owl Platypus Puzzle piece Pythia Sand Puppy La Serpiente Mustard tree Comments slime mold Tardigrade / Tardígrado Termites Weasel Whale, Killer Wikipe-tan Yo mum Meta: Minor Minor edits are those for which the editor clicked a little check box that says "this is a minor edit". Essays related to Wikis Unarchived historical pages Meta: What Wikipedia is not Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Wikipedia Peace Process The Wikipedia Peace Process is the almost-certainly-futile attempt to de-escalate and possibly even find rules to end the Wikipedia Vicious Cycle and possibly reduce other threats and avoid some of the worst worst cases. Archives Essays related to Wikipedia Wikipedia proposals Meta: History of Wikipedia/Articles by and about Larry Sanger Larry Sanger was (with Jimbo Wales) a cofounder of Wikipedia. Archives Meta: Metalingo Metalingo is a proposal for a way of representing relational data within Wikipedia which: Data model Internationalization Parser Meta: What to do with entries related to September 11 casualties The [//sep11.wikipedia. Archives Sep11wiki Meta: Wikipedia on CD/DVD Almost all of the content of the Wikimedia projects is published under licenses which allow anybody to download the content and publish it any way they like. This has allowed various projects to republish our content, for example from the German, Polish, Portuguese and English Wikipedias. Overview Kiwix Past implemented projects other goings-on Wiki2CD See also Meta: Wikipedia mascot/name ===Mavy=== Mavy Wikipede Wiki Miwiki Pedi Pede Pythia Wykee or Wyki Wicked a centipede name wikipede Meta: Japanese Testy, test, test, test. Can we use Japanese characters? Categories/ja Wikimedia history Meta: 日本語のリンク 問題なく日本語が使える様子ですね。 Categories/ja Wikimedia history Meta: Wikipedia4 (proposal) The project to separate the Wikipedia3 code from the Wikipedia project and servers and sysops is incomplete. Therefore it is premature to discuss any details of Wikipedia4 - but necessary to outline what it should achieve. Suggestions Meta: Person DTD Person DTD should eventually be included in Wikipedia DTD to allow unambiguous tagging of references to persons, to compile all references to such persons. Generally it would not be authored by article authors directly, but would be added by tools doing a rough read of the article and adding tags where words like 'he', 'they', etc. Archived proposals Archives Meta: Spacetime DTD The simple ideology of Wikitax suggests standard tags are required for names and for spacetime coordinates on [- what a spacetime DTD solves. Useful links Meta: Wikipedia board manual This is an old (2003) proposal about the English Wikipedia; there's no such a thing as a Wikipedia board, but you may be looking for the Arbitration Committee. Archives Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Twelve leverage points [Meadows]' [Meadows' twelve leverage points to intervene in a system|twelve places to intervene in a system] applied to Wikipedia: Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Recruiting editors The ideal Wikipedia board would also ideally be involved in recruiting editors who could at least settle questions of ethics in reporting, etc.. Issues Pages that need updating Participation Meta: Contributor A contributor is anyone who directly leaves a positive mark on the Wikimedia movement. See also Meta: Wikipedia Vicious Cycle The Wikipedia Vicious Cycle is as follows: Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Vandal A Vandal is someone reducing the generally perceived quality of articles, usually for fun, or inserting outright nonsense into discussions, erasing articles wholesale, or otherwise disrespecting more effective . This sparks the Wikipedia Vicious Cycle which drives those contributors out. Overlap with other classifications See also Meta: Wikipedia4 timeline (proposal) A Wikipedia4 timeline should include the following considerations and options. If you have an alternative approach, create a new top level item to represent the choice and the time it should be made, making the existing option and your own option two subitems under that choice. Archives Time Wikipedia proposals Meta: WINOR NOTE: WINOR is discontinued, permanently. Dead. DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD AND USE ARTICLES PREPARE INDEXING CREATING HTML FILES BROWSE ARTICLES See also Meta: Mention of wiki in articles The Mention of wiki in articles is especially important to take seriously. Wiki Meta: Article count reform This page dates from 2003 and is obsolete in the sense that the reform discussed below has now been implemented. It is preserved (along with the vote) for historical purposes. Comments Additional Stats Meta: Wikimedia cache strategy evolution during 2003 Note: the content here is pretty much out of date, see Wikimedia servers for more up-to-date information on the status quo. -- Gwicke 18:06, 9 Mar 2004 (UTC) Client-side caching Server-side caching Stop showing red links for anonymous people Meta: Upgrade to MySQL 4.0 Wikipedia server used to be running MySQL 3.somethingorother. MediaWiki archives Meta: Separate database and web servers This is an archived history discussion from March and May 2003, when there was a single server hosting the site. Also see Wikimedia cache strategy evolution during 2003 for coverage of that topic during March through December 2003. Status as of 2003-05-18 Meta: One-pass parser Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Wiki stats other than the article count Maintaining additional statistics is a distinct issue from article count, though often serves the same purpose (inter-language comparison, comparison with commercial encyclopaedia, marking milestones). Statistics Meta: Automatic transformation of hyphens and dashes The following has been moved from [and British English Differences]: Archived proposals Multilingualism Meta: PHP caching and optimization Wikimedia currently uses APC. APC PHPA or Zend Optimizer eAccelerator (formerly Turck MMCache) HOWTO install eAccelerator: Meta: Kernel upgrade Supposedly the Linux 2.6 kernel has a much improved process scheduler, and the 2. Discussions Wikimedia servers administration Meta: Wikimedia Foundation == About the Foundation == About the Foundation Board of Trustees Organization Channels of discussion What do we spend money on Where does the money come from Wikimedia affiliates Movement partners National or Sub-national chapters Thematic organizations User groups Wikimedia coordination and projects Project coordination Main Wikimedia projects Some project history History Other links References Meta: Article count reform vote See Article count reform Proposed solutions Article size Further restrictions Meta: Compiler optimizations I know it is time-consuming and often error prone, but have we considered compiling Apache, PHP and MySQL, and the Linux kernel with the appropriate gcc optimizations? Or do we want to stick with the vendor provided software? MediaWiki archives Meta: メインページ Category:Categories/ja Categories/ja Main page/ja Meta: Surrealist Wikimedians Pilin kule ala jelo li lape utala. Lukin kin BLorG! Meta: Go (See also Help:The Go button) sgf2tex code from Sensei's Library our own solution A new extension Meta: Wikipedia Motto Ok how about a wikipedia/wiktionary motto? suggestions: Archives Wikipedia Wikipedia proposals Meta: Wikipedia is not Wiki Sometimes newcomers to the wiki world become a little confused about the word "wiki", especially when their only wiki experience is through Wikipedia. This is understandable, given the various differing-but-related meanings of the word. See also Meta: User details special page Proposal: a special page, perhaps Special:Userdetails for manipulating user accounts. 2003 Archived feature requests Discussions MediaWiki archives User management Meta: T1wiki T1wiki is a codename for some ideas of how a much better wiki software could look like and code that presents these ideas. It's not specifically aimed at Wikipedia, and in particular it doesn't have aim to become Phase IV software (but who really knows). Parsing Version system atomic version replacement algorithm Log consistency Problems temporary inconsistency of log file RecentChanges Broken links data Problems with this approach to RC and BL Speed requirements priorities Meta: Image pages I think this is resolved now with the new Image markup! :) Historical Auto captions Positioning Link to larger version Display what alt text is used on image description page Larger version on image description page display Image maps Generalizations Vector Graphics A modest proposal Meta: Image pages/Data syntax Proposals for syntax for the data to be stored on Image pages Old proposal Old proposal with added ALT Brackets and keywords Heading markup & #LARGER Caption goes here Caption Alternate caption Image map Technical notes Localization Meta: Wiki Supreme Court One of the historical Wikipedia pages... Wikimedia history Meta: Be bold in updating pages Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Wikipediatlas/map coordinates From: "Magnus Manske" Archives Wikimaps history Meta: Douze points de levier Les douze points de levier pour faire evoluer un systeme de [Meadows]' ([Meadows' twelve leverage points to intervene in a system|twelve places to intervene in a system]) appliques a Wikipedia: Categories/fr Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: GNE Architecture This is part of the Historical Wikipedia pages collection. OVERVIEW THE BACK END ARTICLE REPOSITORY THE CLASSIFIERS CONVERTERS/CLIENTS DIAGRAM SOFTWARE BY GNE CONCLUSION Meta: GNE Project Design This is part of the Historical Wikipedia pages collection. Editing Article Repository Classifiers Software Conclusion Meta: GNU Encyclopedia Tech FAQ This is part of the Historical Wikipedia pages collection. Wikimedia history Meta: GNU Encyclopedia Project Name This is part of the Historical Wikipedia pages collection. Wikimedia history Meta: GNE Preliminary DTD This is part of the Historical Wikipedia pages collection. MediaWiki archives Meta: Proposed GNU Moderation System This is part of the Historical Wikipedia pages collection. Archived policy proposals Pages with broken file links Meta: Permission grant extent See also: Wikipedia and copyright issues, Do fair use images violate the GFDL?, sample image copyright case Global grant Partial grant Meta: Bans See also: bans and blocks, WikipediAhimsa, power structure, RainCloud Harm reduction techniques Troll talk In five words or less Rainclouding troublesome users See also Meta: Move Text to Filesystem Another approach that might improve Wikipedia performance MediaWiki Development Unarchived historical pages Meta: Bans and blocks/old proposed policy for bans and blocks for the en:wikipedia. To be improved and moved to en: when it becomes a bit more polished. Education and peer pressure Bans Soft bans aka Rainclouds Hard ban Historical bans Newly created articles Reincarnations IP ranges Discussion Meta: Wikimedia language code {| Facts Existing language codes and coverage Language codes that look like country codes Arguing 2 letter language codes are too similiar to ISO 3166-1 country codes Small languages RFC 3066 Implementation Details about aliases /redirects Where to use the codes Informal Poll Uncontroversial Keep 2 letter codes (RFC) Switch to 3 letter codes Don't care See also Meta: Talk media This page is brought up in response to the email thread from a japanese wikipedian who revealed that many japanese are using offsite methods to conduct talks: It is essential that we try out all talk media in order to discuss talk media itself. It is advised that you mainly add ideas here, and try to keep this concise, issue based (not talk based SO do disputes elsewhere), and do good summaries of these issues So What needs to be done to make wikipedia's talk media viable for the entire community: What could also be done: Corollary issues: Meta: Interlingual coordination In other languages: Projects What can I do to help? Statistics Links relevant to coordination Translation and cross-fertilization Standards, formats, character sets International community and forks Language integration ideas Historical pages See also Meta: Censorship old discussion archived on the [page] The censorship problem The filtering problem The user preferences problem The ethics problems Meta: Association of Wikimedians There is a discussion found in various places about the Wikimedia forming a non-profit Foundation. There is another view, that an informal Association of Wikimedians is already a voluntary unincorporated association that has a fairly well defined structure. Tax effects of a Wikimedian corporate structure in the USA See also Meta: Deletion management redesign Please see also Sysop management. Page of deletion itself Deletion log Undelete page Other options taking a leaf from meatball Conflicts Suggestion for reform 2004 - 'deletion credits' Further suggestion: extra content flags See also Meta: MediaWiki lexer Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Ban *Bans Disambiguation Meta: GodKing In general, a GodKing is an absolute dictator who usurps god-like powers for him/herself, and is able to abuse them. If he doesn't, the term Benevolent dictator is preferable. English Wikipedia User groups Meta: American Indigene Wikimedians KJ_Sam - Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (absentee - resident of Arizona). Lists of Wikimedians Meta: List of WikiWomen 350 px|thumb|Wikichix meeting at Wikimania 2007 Community Gender gap Lists of Wikimedians Meta: Wikimedia charter See Foundation wiki for pdf version: discussion== (pre)Historical discussion Meta: IP address Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: List of Wikimedians by favorite color == Amber [(color)|(w)] == Amber [(color)|(w)] == Black (w) == Blue (w) == Powder blue [blue|(w)] === Pink (w) === Cerulean (w) === The colour of CoyboyNeal's skin == Gray [(color)|(w)] == Green (w) == Blue. No, yel... Aiiiggghhh!!! [Python and the Holy Grail|(w)] === Infrablack Octarine [Discworld concepts#Octarine|(w)] Orange [(color)|(w)] == Purple (w) == Red (w) == Ultraviolet White (w) == Dark white Yellow (w) == Zero Chrominance/Saturation (w) == Clear Multicolor == Other colors and combinations Color blind [blindness|(w)] Unimpressed No preference Meta: List of Wikimedians by race and/or ethnicity Wikipedia has users from all over the world, so naturally there are many races represented by those users. African USA American (Native) American (Indian) Android [superhuman is OK] Asian Bangladeshi Chinese Indian Japanese Korean Malay Pakistani Sri Lankan Uzbek [American|Asian American] Bovine (this really ought to be MOOOOved to the meta) Canine (likes to pant and howl) Cathartidae Cyborgs Divine (omnipresent and therefore transparent race) Dwarf Elf European [American|European American], [American|White American], or [American|Caucasian American] Extradimensional (all-swirly-and-spectral race) Extraterrestrial (green race) Feline (pink under all that fur race) Halfding Latino / Hispanic Hobbit Hooloovoo (superintelligent shades of the colour blue) Human (on a pogo stick) Human (approximately, without pogo stick) Human (plain normal, thanks) Infernal (Muahahaha! Mortals tremble before me!) Katine Klingon Lupine (would werewolves identify here?) Marathon Melungeon Microbe Octomaroon (eight-legged and brick-red) Orc [Wheels] Porcine (likes to root around in the mud) Smurf [Dictator for Life] Timopian Troll Ursine (I can't BEAR this much longer) Vogon (like to hear my poetry?) Vulcan (live long and prosper) Vulpine (a real foxy bunch) White (just White) Zergling (yeah, those little guys in StarCraft) 'Multiracial' Undeclared Don't know All of the Above Meta: List of Wikimedians by religion Wikipedia has users from all over the world, so naturally there are many religions represented by those users. Ásatrú Ayyavazhi [Faith|Bahá'í Faith] Buddhism Christianity Anglicanism [Church|Episcopal Church in the United States] Anglo-Catholicism Catholicism [Catholicism|Roman Catholicism] [Catholics|Lapsed Catholic] Christadelphian [Church (Disciples of Christ)|Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)] [of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] [Orthodoxy|Eastern Orthodoxy] [Witnesses|Jehovah's Witnesses] Protestant Pentecostal Baptist [Baptist|Independent Baptist] [Baptist|Southern Baptist] w:en:Collegiants Lutheran Methodist [of the Nazarene|Nazarene] Presbyterian [Adventist|Seventh-day Adventist] Evangelicalist [Society of Friends|Quakerism] [Church of Christ|United Church of Christ] United Reformed Methodist Bapticostal Assemblies Deism Discordianism Epicureanism Hinduism [theory (philosophy)|Integral theories] Islam Jainism Judaism Agnostic [Jew|Atheist Jews] [teshuva|Baal teshuva] [Judaism|Conservative] [Judaism|Orthodox] [Judaism|Haredi] [Judaism|Reform] Mysticism Sininaniinaninaan Nietzscheanism Paganism Panentheism Pantheism Polytheism Religious atheism [pluralism|Religious Pluralism] Satanism Secular Shamanism Shintoism/Shinto Sikhism Stoicism Taoism [Universalism|Unitarian Universalism] [Life Church|Universal Life Church] Zoroastrianism Non-religions Agnosticism [agnosticism|Weak agnosticism] Antireligious Atheism Strong atheism Ultra-strong atheism EAC (Evil Atheist Conspiracy) Directors, Agents and Operatives [Spaghetti Monsterism|Flying Spaghetti Monsterism] or en:Pastafarianism [Pink Unicorn|Invisible Pink Unicorn] Materialism Nonunicornian Rationalism [humanism|Secular humanism] [singularity|Singularitarianism] Unclassified Cults/Other Jedi [Jedi] Light Jedi Katology Kibology [point|Omega point] [(animated series)|Robotology] Percentages, world versus Wikimedians. Meta. English Wikipedia Meta: Systemic bias Systemic bias is any (generally) unintentional bias arising from constraints. Experimental Bias Diagnostic Bias Personal Bias Meta: Azala {| cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 Meta hainbat hizkuntzatan Meta tresnak Eskaerak Beste tresna batzuk Laguntza Meta: Content disclaimer parody WIKIPEDIA CONTAINS CONTENT THAT MAY BE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY APPALLING Humor Meta: Dynamic dates Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Accessibility This meta page is intended for discussion about the accessibility of Wikipedia. The concept encompasses not only Making Wikipedia more accessible to the blind, but to any user that is not browsing Wikipedia using their eyes, or is not using a graphical browser on a desktop computer. People and organizations actively working on accessibility Issues Not just for the blind Examples Proposed items to do Colour-blind-friendly images See also External links Meta: Wikiquotionary a proposed idea: Wikiquotionary an Enyclopeadia of Quotes. The temp page can be found here: - fonzy Wikimedia history Wikiquote Meta: Accessibility/Table example This is an example page related to Wikipedia accessibility A possibly better solution General Atomic Properties Physical Properties Miscellaneous Most Stable Isotopes Notable Characteristics Applications History Occurrence Another example Meta: Using domains Thanks to VIBBER that showed me the right pages, what I called domains seem to already exists (or at least, seems to be already in progress) under the name categories. So no more need for this page. Goals Requirement Reflexion What is a domain ? How to associate a domain to a page ? Proposal Comments Meta: Targets of trolls This page is an attempt to catalogue those [on Wikipedia] who have been the target(s) of malicious attacks by [[trolls. One can never know the reasons that trolls have for their bizarre fixations. See also Meta: Wikinoia Wikinoia is the unsubstantiated belief that other Wikipedia users are maliciously damaging one's contributions. It most commonly takes the forms of believing that a reasonable edit by someone else of your work is vandalism or believing that a user who annoys you is a previously banned user who annoyed you and who has returned under an alias to annoy you again. See also Meta: Wikipedia Weekly News This is a dated page. The [Signpost] and Wikizine are mostly-humor-free implementation of this idea. Sample Discussion and Motivation RSS feeds Meta: WWN sample This is a sample of what a Wikipedia Weekly News issue could look like. Welcome aboard, Britannica! Jimbo Wales honoured by MIT Theme song flops Spanish reunification efforts continue Another new edition of Wikipedia! Hardware and software status Housekeeping?/Operation?/Wikipedian Activity? Interesting new articles Meta: Development policy Imported with full page histories. --Roosa (Talk) 22:57, 26 July 2007 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Malaspina Great Books: GFDL infringement Please archive evidenceOnline Resources Archives Meta: Development tasks/Archive A number of things that really should get done. Somewhere between bugs and feature requests; these are things that work, but not quite right, or not quite well. Tasks listed by type (beware, possibly outdated stuff) Optimization Watchlist Search Rendering Profiling Special pages Reliability Usability Code quality Documentation quality Request throttling Feature requests Recent list of tasks, unsorted Meta: Wiadomości Wikipedii Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Paddington skin Paddington is one of several proposed new WikiMedia layout skins being worked on by Tarquin. Current version Experimental live version Meta: International logo contest Category:Historical events Overview Content guidelines Format guidelines Prizes Inspiration Background, History, and Reasons for Update Meta: International logo contest/Logos 1-25 Remember, you may only vote on ten logos! (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (12a) (12b) (13) (14) (15 - FINAL) (15a) (15b) (16) (17) (18) (18a) (18b) (19) (20) (20a) (20b) (21) (22) Withdrawn by entrant (23) (24) (24a) (24b-v4) (24b-v6) (25) (25a) (25b) Meta: Concours international de logo Category:Historical subpages Contraintes Contraintes de format Prix Inspiration Meta: 国际图标竞赛 Category:Historical subpages 内容指导 格式指导 奖品 灵感 本底 而 来历 Meta: Internationaler Logo-Wettbewerb Category:Historical subpages Inhaltliche Richtlinien Formatrichtlinien Preise Inspiration, Beispiele Meta: International logo contest/Vote instructions __NOTOC__ The third, final stage ends today, September 25, 20:00 UTC. Voting is closed Voting rules for final stage Voting deadlines Voting rules for first stage Where are the logos? What to look for in a logo Voting for yourself Questions, comments, decisions Meta: Layout vote The purpose of the following votes is to determine whether or not to change certain aspects of the Wikipedia default skin. Most of the changes can be seen on [//test. Archives Discussions Meta: Statistics script It's recommended not to generate live at the server but to use SQL dumps or a local database and to put the statistic into wikipedia afterwards. Localisation German Wishlist Meta: Experimental new database schema Moved to MediaWiki Meta: International logo contest/Logos 26-50 Remember, you may only vote on ten logos! (26) (26a) (26b-v2) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (35a) (35b) (36) (37) Withdrawn by entrant (38) (39) (40) (41) (42) (43) (44) (45) (46) (47) (48) (49) (50) Meta: Wikipedia usage statistics == Data about articles == Data about articles Data about users Access to usage logs Logs in 2003 (not accesible anymore) Meta: Phonetic schema After thread Mofophonics on wikipediabeginning [//lists.wikimedia. Archives Discussions Pages with unknown historical context Meta: is more popular than... This page compares Wikipedia's traffic with that of other websites as recorded by [ Note on Alexa rankings Alexa Toolbar Current position Wikipedia's Alexa ranking milestones (3 month average) Selected ranking jumps Sites in the Alexa top 500 Sites consistently ahead of Wikipedia Other top sites See also Meta: Wikimedia press releases/500,000 Wikipedia articles,000_Wikipedia_articles This is not the English Wikipedia version of the press release. That version is [releases/February 2004|here]. Wikipedia: 50 languages, 1/2 million articles,000_Wikipedia_articles#Wikipedia:_50_languages.2C_1.2F2_million_articles Additional information,000_Wikipedia_articles#Additional_information Meta: International logo contest/Logos 51-75 Remember, you may only vote on ten logos! (51) (52) (53) (54) (55) (56) (57) (58) (59) (60) (61) (62) (63) (64) (65) (66) (67) (68) (69) (70) (71) (72) (73) (74) (75) Meta: Wikimedia press releases Here are past and current Wikimedia press releases. Particularly important ones, or releases made in coordination with partners, can also be found at the Foundation press room. 2016 2009 2008 2007 Published and requested for translation Published but NOT requested for translation Project press releases Useful Tools Updates/ToDo Useful information Guides Useful Links Calendar of Events Meta: Wikimedia Foundation board manual |left|right}}}} General information Vision Projects Impact Technology Finances Legal environment Getting news Additional background Board information Composition Roles and responsibilities Meetings and operations Resolutions and voting Expectations of trustees Time commitment Confidentiality Conflicts of interest Fiduciary duties Other expectations Board committees Audit Committee Human Resource Committee Board Governance Committee How the trustees communicate Email and mailing lists Wikis Blogs IRC Foundation organization The Staff Staff committees Communications Committee Research Committee Grant Advisory Committee Advisory Board Community Wikimedia local chapters Active Community Committees Affiliations Committee Language Committee Elections Committee Ombudsman Commission Annual conference Meetups and events Meta: Personal Information Wiki Personal Information Wiki is the name of principle for an original way to gather, maintain and retrieve mainly human-only information, which can only be mirrored and copied by a computer, but not intelligently processed and used, in contrast to most statistical data, program data, etc. Names and Namespaces Browsing the PIWiki Converting the PIWiki Intended Usage Benefits of the PIWiki Meta: Wiki Theory WikiTheory involves thoughts about wikis and their common characteristics, especially featurewise. WikiAxioms A Wiki can automatically interpret a special language of gestures or codes A Wiki generates a browsable hypertext web by interpreting its contributor's gestures. A Wiki is an un-ordered and un-typed collection of pages The content of individual pages is also un-ordered and un-typed Tentative links in a wiki are not "broken" and pages with no links to them are not "orphaned". A Wiki operates in terms of multiples A Wiki is fast to operate. No existing information is inaccessible: A Wiki automatically builds several kinds of systems that allow navigation among its pages A Wiki is a "flat" information space, rather than the hierarchical spaces represented by file systems or databases. A Wiki always includes a mixture of non-wiki elements WikiAnatomy Namespaces The Spinal Tree Fire Brigade Meta: Regime change There are various ways Wikipedia could undergo regime change (see also threats and How to Destroy Wikipedia). Peaceful regime change Meta: Sites using MediaWiki The page on was created on the 5th November 2005, based on (but not a direct copy of) the content on this site. Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Main causes of lag Wikipedia is a server which suffers from a periodic severe lag problem. Essays related to Wikimedia Meta: Interlingva tradukado per Esperanto Ŝajnas al mi, ke la Esperanto estus perfekta lingvo pertraduki artikolojn en kaj el multaj aliaj versioj. Jam estas Vikipedio en facila angla lingvaĵo por tiu ĉi uzo. Vidu ankaux Meta: Redirects in search results - proposed software changes Lots of people have suggested ways to improve the interaction of searches and redirect pages. Some of these follow: what to do with standard redirects Should some redirects never show up in the search? Meta: MediaWiki file usage Moved with full histories using Special:Import. -- Titoxd(?!? Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Memcached Moved to MediaWiki Meta: PHP config Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Apache config Imported with full history. iAlex 13:02, 8 November 2007 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: PHP config/Iconv hack <- MediaWiki architecture < PHP config MediaWiki archives Meta: File cache Full page history moved (although a lot of it was vandalism/reversion) --HappyDog 19:56, 2 December 2006 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: MySQL config Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Ugly MySQL hacks <- MediaWiki architecture Alpha sorting Search Charsets Meta: MD5 MediaWiki uses MD5 hashes in a few places to break up large directories into subdirectories based on the MD5 hashes of titles. See also Meta: Name of Wikipedia ==Name of Wikipedia== Name of Wikipedia Meta: Country codes/en Translate this page! Multilingualism/en Meta: Voting procedure Note: This is a proposal abandoned. Not applyed to meta voting. Proposed policy on voting Meta: Use another search engine <- MediaWiki architecture < Ugly MySQL hacks Google ht://Dig Jakarta Lucene Sphider OmniFind Yahoo Edition ? Meta: More heat than light On the Wikipedia power structure Reality of the Present Structure Tenacity Scope of Conflict Sucker Punch Status quo Compromise Outcomes of the Present Structure Existing Methods without Teeth An Alternative Benefits of the Alternative Discussion Meta: Two Russian WPs (moved from [pump]) Discussions Wikimedia history Wikipedia Meta: Freedom to defraud Various polemics have been written advocating a freedom to defraud. Conflicts Open content license issues Meta: International logo contest/Logos 76-100 Remember, you may only vote on ten logos! (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88) (89) (90) (91) (92) (93) (94) (95) (96) (97) (98) (99) (100) Meta: Maps = Map images = Map images Sample map images Sources of map images Copyright Results Using the "Generic Mapping Tools" project Using XPlanet Dynamap Mediawiki Extension Google Map Extensions Using WMS-Services - QuickWMS-Extension Using a georeferenced image for point display - Point-Mapping Extension Description Features Samples and Code Screenshot Meta: Why Wikipedia does not top the blogdex Discussion invited on why Wikipedia does not top the blogdex. It would seem, on first blush, that given its depth and breadth, it should be the number one place anyone would go for [feed|RSS feed] news. Discussions Meta: Skins 1 revision exported. —[Dissident|Anonymous Dissident]Talk 08:06, 17 April 2009 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Request throttling <- Development tasks Delay system 503 Service Not Available Triggering the throttle Some links Meta: Wikibooks extension Linkage proposal for wikibooks, by Magnus Manske See also Meta: International logo contest/Logos 101-125 Remember, you may only vote on ten logos! (101) (102) (103) (104) (105) (106) (107) (108) (109) (110) (111) (112) (113) (114) (115) (116) (117) (118) (119) (120) (121) (122) (123) (124) (125) Meta: Map generator The maps generator works in roughly 2 phases: Details Algorithms Placing labels C script Code for projections Code for positioning labels Dynamap Mediawiki Extension Using WMS-Services - QuickWMS-Extension Using a georeferenzed image for point display - Point-Mapping Extension Description Features Samples and Code Screenshot Potentially useful software Useful Links Meta: Unua gazetara komuniko =Ne jam preta por komuniko= Ne jam preta por komuniko nur tre etaj redaktoj permesitaj por ĉi-versio Tradukistoj kaj ambasadoroj bezonataj 360 000 ARTIKOLOJ ĈE VIKIPEDIO Kromaj informoj Por pliaj informoj pri Vikipedio : Meta: Placetime markup It would be useful to specify the locations and times of events in a manner that could be automatically harvested, searched, queried, compared, etc. What is needed Time Space Usage Display Syntax See also What the XML world is up to on this Meta: Wikimedians who use PDAs This list is for Wikipedians who have and use [Digital Assistant|PDAs] that run [OS|Palm OS], Windows CE], [PC|Pocket PC], [OS|Symbian OS], etc. Lists of Wikimedians Meta: Robots.txt Imported with full history. iAlex 13:01, 8 November 2007 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Administrators' reading list *Administrators See also Meta: Cross language interface issues Cross language interface issues Archives Discussions Meta: Standards issues As noted in Cross language interface issues there are different software versions being used in different language Wikipedias. Essays related to MediaWiki Meta: Video policy See also: [an open content] encyclopedia, using patent encumbered codecs violates the "free access" tenet on which Wikimedia projects are based. Freeness Cost Serving from offsite Accessibility Legalities Priorities for video coverage Contests See also Meta: What is a user? What is a user? Discussions Meta: Wikipedia宣告 Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Neutral point of view/fr | next = The original formulation of NPOV See also Meta: Pedianary Pedianary-feature for enhanced Wikipedia and Wiktionary interaction Feature requests Wiktionary Meta: MediaWiki code layout Moved to MediaWiki Meta: International logo contest/Logos 126-150 Remember, you may only vote on ten logos! (126) (127) (128) (129) (130) (131) (132) (133) (134) (135) (136) (137) Meta: Internationale Logo-Wahl Category:Historical subpages Regeln für die letzte Wahlrunde Anonyme Stimmabgabe Eigene Vorschläge bewerten? Was sollte man bei einem Logo bewerten? Ende der Abstimmung Fragen, Kommentare, Entscheidungen Meta: RK * RK/notes - from Wikipedia:Community case RK Latest events CJ Reconciliation page Threatening NetEsq with a ban Context References Martin's question RK's response to this incident Discussion Meta: RK/notes This page was formerly on Wikipedia:Community case RK User talk:RK/ban Archive The anthere/ban incident User talk:RK/ban Archive2 from Zionism is racism discussion Text removed from this /ban page by RK RK's response EofT alleges "provable lies" The restoration that wasn't Sick violent hatred Ban threats Martin vs RK and it goes on... from user talk:MyRedDice from user talk:Jimbo Wales from user talk:RK from talk:Creationism from user talk:Ed Poor back to edit war mode Meta: RK/notes 2 RK, RK/notes from Talk:Community case:RK location, location, location Votes for deletion Meta: 国际图标投票 Category:Historical subpages 投票规则 最后阶段投票方法 图标位置 不同的图标 你的投票 匿名投票 投票期限 Meta: WikiEN-L Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: 首页 __NOTOC__ Main page/zh-hans Meta: Global variables Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Internacia Logobaloto Category:Historical subpages Balotreguloj por la lasta stadio Voĉdoni por si mem Sennoma voĉdono Balotdatlimo Meta: Cur table Moved with full histories using Special:Import by Tito --HappyDog 02:56, 8 January 2007 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Brokenlinks table Moved with full histories using Special:Import. -- Titoxd(?!? Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Links table Moved with full histories using Special:Import. -- Titoxd(?!? Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Darwikinism Darwikinism (/ˌdarˈwɪkiˈnɪzəm/) is a [that describes the socially Darwinian] process to which [pages are allegedly subject. One might say that Wikipedia is an [[w:ecology|ecology] of ideas or [undergoing constant [[w:evolution|evolution]. Other views See also Meta: Vote pour un logo international Category:Historical subpages Où sont les logos ? Ce que vous devriez chercher dans un logo A propos des variantes ? Voter pour soi Vote anonyme Date limite Meta: Campaña contra espanglés (Spanglish) y anglicismos Yo, un usuario anónimo, animo a los Wikipedistas que trabajan para eliminar el vandalismo a que hagan los cambios siguientes en las páginas de Wikipedia para extinguir el «espanglés» o, en inglés, Spanglish. Categories/es Multilingualism Proposed projects - language Wikipedia Meta: Votación para un logo internacional Category:Historical subpages Votarse a uno mismo Voto anónimo Fecha límite para la votación Meta: Politics As [becomes better known and more widely read, and as people begin to see it as a service that is influential in the formation of people's beliefs, it will more and more be the case that politics and [[en:religion|religion] motivate [war|edit war] participants and cause [war|troll war] situations. This really can't be avoided. Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Redirected user pages considered harmful Some people have set their user pages on some wiki, particularly here on Meta-Wiki, to redirect to their user pages on another wiki, such as their home language Wikipedia. See also Meta: Maps/Markup Language ==Some thoughts about a possible markup language for Tomasz's Maps== Some thoughts about a possible markup language for Tomasz's Maps Options Area Appearance Examples Problems with this syntax What can be edited online Especific locations - Highlights Meta: Wikitext syntax Moved to MediaWiki Meta: International logo contest/Finalists This is the list of finalists in the international logo contest. From September 15, 2003, 20:00 UTC until September 25, 2003, 20:00 UTC it will be possible to vote on these finalists (using the voting method chosen here), [voting|average voting]. 1: The puzzle sphere by Paullusmagnus 1a: Puzzle sphere 1b: Puzzle sphere with Miwiki 2: Ncwiki by Neolux 2a: Information 2b: Globe 2c: Embracing 2d: Psi 2e: Coloured Globe 3: "Squaring the Circle" by Stygian 3a: Lamp 3b: Pen 4: Wiki ways by Jurgen 4a: W as labyrinth 4b: Wiki as network 4c: Wiki as center of dynamic information 4d: Wiki as center of even more dynamic information 5: Books under construction by Gobidul 5a: Large variant 5b: Smaller variant 5c: Large blue 5d: Small blue 5e: Small blue, text in logo 6: Sunflowers by Peterhill 6a: Blue 6b: Green 6c: Yellow 7: Book+ant by Anthere, Liad and user:Oliezekat 7a: Miwiki on stylized book 7b: Ant on book with brackets 7c: Blue Miwiki on book with brackets 7d: Red Miwiki on book with brackets 7e: Ant on blue book with brackets 8: Fibonacci spiral by Gutza 9: Miwiki by a workgroup represented by Oliezekat 9a: Miwiki carrying letter (Bright blue) 9b: Miwiki carrying letter (Strumph blue) 9c: Miwiki see curiously (Bright blue) 9d: Miwiki see curiously (Strumph blue) 9e: Miwiki push letter (Strumph Blue) 10: Hyperflower by Eloquence (flower photo by Anthere) 11: Wikidove by Abi 0: Our current logo English version (also used by many non-English wikis) Esperanto version Danish version Dutch version Arabic logo French logo Spanish version German variant Italian logo Polish version (AKA "the egg") Romanian version Swedish version Interlingua version Japanese version Latin version: Nupedia logo (used by most wikis running the old UseMod software) Meta: The polygon map Look at: The polygon map/New color scheme Wikimaps history Meta: Copyright discussion Wikipedia-L Archives Copyright question thread Summary Selected quotations Meta: Case insensitivity of page names Note to Authors: Please consider merging with Case_sensitivity ? Comment Language Ambiguity Proposal Possible Solutions Transitioning Meta: SVG whiteboard SVG stands for [Vector Graphics|Scalable Vector Graphics] and a "whiteboard" is a blank slate used to draw or write on. An implementation of a whiteboard on a webpage requires a format, and this is generally a vector-based format (Flash, SVG) as opposed to a raster format. AJAX SVG editor Projects that would benefit from SVG whiteboards Meta: International logo contest/Vote on voting method This vote is now closed. The winner is [voting|average voting] with 21 votes. Picking a voting system for Stage 2 Average voting Condorcet method Playoff voting Approval voting Instant-runoff voting First past the post Pro/con conversion Implementation Condorcet cycle resolution Condorcet "vote" on voting method Discussion of complexity of Condorcet Discussion of Condorcet vote on voting method More on average voting Dont understand average system Proposition for vote table Meta: SVG [Vector Graphics|Scalable Vector Graphics] (SVG) usage by MediaWiki on the backend and web browsers on the frontend faces a couple obstacles, but things are looking better. Native browser support Plugin issues See also External links Meta: Wikipede Image:wikipedemedium.jpg See also Meta: Geographical data Links: Maps, The first useful map, The polygon map Most Wanted Done Already used BlueMarble CIA World DataBank II and derivates Boundaries and coastlines data Rivers Investigated and rejected Data distributed with GMT ESRI data Needs investigation City coordinates - non-US City coordinates - USA US Census ADDS Elevation data UNEP/GRID data USGS More links, not even classified Changes in data Post Maps! Meta: RTL RTL or "right to left" ([refers to the writing direction of scripts. The RTL scripts are Arabic], [alphabet|Hebrew] and [alphabet|Syriac]. Wikipedias using RTL Meta: The polygon map/New color scheme = 2-level color system = 2-level color system The globe Comments to old versions Meta: Test Page This is a test page which is part of the MediaWiki User's Guide. This page is not the same as Test page. Editor handbook Meta: The polygon map/Han support Let's try some non-Latin scripts ... Wikimaps history Meta: Academic standards disease Academic standards disease is a metaphor used on Wikipedia as a pejorative characterisation of a perceived excess of zeal among those who call for "higher academic standards." Its an unspoken but similar metaphor for rejection of the British/anti-Democratic influence. Diseases Patterns Quality Wikipedia Meta: Wikipedia logo in each language PLEASE NOTE: The images on this page are trademarked by the Wikimedia foundation because they are official logos of the Wikimedia foundation or one of its projects. Notwithstanding any other statement on this page these images have been licensed under CC-BY-SA-3. Needing attention Need to be checked Need translations A Afar / (aa:) (missing) Abkhaz / (ab:) Acehnese / (ace:) Afrikaans / (af:) Akan / (ak:) Alemannic / (als:) Amharic / (am:) Aragonese / (an:) Anglo-Saxon / (ang:) Arabic / (ar:) Aramaic / (arc:) Egyptian Arabic / (arz:) Assamese / (as:) American sign language / (ase:) Asturian / (ast:) Avar / (av:) Aymara / (ay:) Azeri / (az:) B Bashkir / (ba:) Bavarian / (bar:) Samogitian / (bat-smg:) Central Bikol / (bcl:) Belarusian / (be:) Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography) / (be-x-old:) Bulgarian / (bg:) Bihari / (bh:) Bislama / (bi:) Bambara / (bm:) Bengali / (bn:) Tibetan / (bo:) Bishnupriya Manipuri / (bpy:) Breton / (br:) Bosnian / (bs:) Buginese / (bug:) (check) Buryat / (bxr:) (missing) C Catalan / (ca:) Zamboangueño Chavacano / (cbk-zam:) Min Dong / (cdo:) Chechen / (ce:) (check) Cebuano (Sinugboanon) (ceb:) Chamorro / (ch:) Choctaw / (cho:) (missing) Cherokee / (chr:) Cheyenne / (chy:) (missing) Central Kurdish / (ckb:) Corsican / (co:) Cree / (cr:) Czech / (cs:) Kashubian / (csb:) Old Church Slavonic / (cu:) Chuvash / (cv:) Welsh / (cy:) D Danish / (da:) German / (de:) Dimli / (diq:) Lower Sorbian / (dsb:) Dhivehi / (dv:) Dzongkha / (dz:) (missing) E Ewe / (ee:) (missing) Greek / (el:) Emiliano-Romagnolo / (eml:) English / (en:) (en:en:) Esperanto / (eo:) Spanish / (es:) Estonian / (et:) Basque / (eu:) Extremaduran / (ext:) F Persian / (fa:) Finnish / (fi:) Võro / (fiu-vro:) Fula / (ff:) Fijian / (fj:) Faroese / (fo:) French / (fr:) Franco-Provençal / (frp:) North Frisian / (frr:) Friulian / (fur:) Frisian / (fy:) G Irish / (ga:) Gan / (gan:) Galician / (gl:) Gilaki / (glk:) Paraguayan Guaraní / (gn:) Gothic / (got:) Gujarati / (gu:) Manx / (gv:) H Hausa / (ha:) (missing) Hakka Chinese / (hak:) Hawaiian / (haw:) Hebrew / (he:) Hindi / (hi:) Fiji Hindi / (hif:) (missing) Hiri Motu / (ho:) (missing) Croatian / (hr:) Upper Sorbian / (hsb:) Haitian Creole / (ht:) Hungarian / (hu:) Armenian / (hy:) I Interlingua / (ia:) Ilokano / (ilo:) Indonesian / (id:) Interlingue (Occidental) / (ie:) Igbo / (ig:) Nuosu (Yi) / (ii:) (missing) Inupiaq / (ik:) (missing) Ido / (io:) Icelandic / (is:) Italian / (it:) Inuktitut / (iu:) J Japanese / (ja:) Lojban / (jbo:) viet don gian / (jf:) (missing) Javanese / (jv:) K Georgian / (ka:) Karakalpak / (kaa:) Kabyle / (kab:) Kongo / (kg:) (missing) Gikuyu / (ki:) (missing) Kwanyama / (kj:) (missing) Kazakh / (kk:) (check) Greenlandic / (kl:) Khmer / (km:) Kannada / (kn:) Korean / (ko:) Kanuri / (kr:) (missing) Karachay-Balkar / (krc:) Kashmiri / (ks:) (missing) Ripuarian / Kölsch / (ksh:) Kurdish / (ku:) Komi / (kv:) (check) Cornish / (kw:) Kirghiz / (ky:) L Latin / (la:) Judaeo-Spanish / (lad:) Luxembourgish / (lb:) Lak / (lbe:) Luganda / (lg:) (missing) Limburgish / (li:) Lingurian / (lij:) Lombard / (lmo:) Lingala / (ln:) Lao / (lo:) (check) Luri / (lor:) (check) Lithuanian / (lt:) Latvian / (lv:) M Banyumasan / (map-bms:) Moksha / (mdf:) Malagasy / (mg:) Marshallese / (mh:) (missing) Mari / (mhr:) Māori / (mi:) Macedonian / (mk:) Malayalam / (ml:) Mongolian / (mn:) Marathi / (mr:) Malay (ملاي) / (ms:) Maltese / (mt:) Creek / (mus:) (check) Mirandese / (mwl:) Myanmar / (my:) Erzya / (myv:) Mazandarani / (mzn:) (check) N Nauruan / (na:) Nahuatl / (nah:) Neapolitan / (nap:) Low Saxon / (nds:) Low Saxon (Dutch) / (nds-nl:) Nepali / (ne:) Nepal Bhasa / (new:) Ndonga / (ng:) (missing) Dutch / (nl:) Nynorsk / (nn:) Norwegian / (no:) Novial / (nov:) Narom / (nrm:) Northern Sotho / (nso:) Navajo / (nv:) Chewa / (ny:) (missing) O Occitan / (oc:) Oromo / (om:) Oriya / (or:) Ossetian / (os:) P Punjabi / (pa:) Pangasinan / (pag:) Kapampangan / (pam:) Papiamento / (pap:) Picard / (pcd:) Pennsylvania German / (pdc:) Pali / (pi:) (missing) Norfuk (Pitkern) (pih:) Polish / (pl:) Piedmontese / (pms:) Western Panjabi / (pnb:) (missing) Pontic Greek / (pnt:) Pashto / (ps:) (missing) Portuguese / (pt:) Q Quechua (Runa Simi) (qu:) R Romansh / (rm:) Vlax Romani / (rmy:) Rundi / (rn:) (missing) Romanian / (ro:) Aromanian / (roa-rup:) Tarantino / (roa-tara:) Russian / (ru:) Rwanda / (rw:) (missing) S Sanskrit / (sa:) Sakha / (sah:) Sardinian / (sc:) Sicilian / (scn:) Scots / (sco:) Sindhi / (sd:) Northern Sami / (se:) Sango / (sg:) Serbo-Croatian / (sh:) (check) Sinhala / (si:) Slovak / (sk:) Slovenian / (sl:) Samoan / (sm:) Shona / (sn:) (missing) Somali / (so:) Albanian / (sq:) Serbian / (sr:) (check) Sranan Tongo / (srn:) Swati / (ss:) (missing) Sotho / (st:) (missing) Saterland Frisian / (stq:) Sundanese / (su:) Swedish / (sv:) Swahili / (sw:) Silesian / (szl:) T Tamil / (ta:) Telugu / (te:) Tetum / (tet:) Tajik / (tg:) Thai / (th:) Tigrinya / (ti:) (check) Turkmen / (tk:) Tagalog / (tl:) Tswana / (tn:) Tongan / (to:) Tok Pisin / (tpi:) (missing) Turkish / (tr:) Tsonga / (ts:) (check) Tatar / (tt:) Tumbuka / (tum:) (missing) Twi / (tw:) (missing) Tahitian / (ty:) U Udmurt / (udm:) Uyghur / (ug:) (check) Ukrainian / (uk:) Urdu / (ur:) Uzbek / (uz:) V Venda / (ve:) (check) Venetian / (vec:) Vietnamese / (vi:) West Flemish / (vls:) Volapük / (vo:) W Walloon / (wa:) Waray-Waray / (war:) Wolof / (wo:) Wu Chinese / (wuu:) X Kalmyk / (xal:) Xhosa / (xh:) (missing) Y Yiddish / (yi:) Yoruba / (yo:) Cantonese / (yue:) Z Zhuang / (za:) (missing) Zeelandic / (zea:) Chinese / (zh:) Classical Chinese / (zh-classical:) Southern Min / (zh-min-nan:) Zulu / (zu:) (missing) Other Wikimedia Projects Meta: Wikimedians who are students or alumni of McGill University The vast majority of Wikipedians are fine, upstanding individuals with one fatal flaw: they did not attend [University|McGill University]. If you wish it to be known that you are a cut above the common ruck of humanity (particularly those who attended [University|Concordia University]) then this is the page for you. McGill students McGill alumni Meta: Deaf Wikimedians Wikimedia Deaf is a Wikimedia user group and proposed thematic organization. The Wikimedia Deaf User Group was by the Affiliations Committee . Lists of Wikimedians Meta: Why Wikipedia ran slow in late 2003 This is an archived discussion of performance issues which affected the Wikipedia site in 2003 and the first month of 2004. They were solved by a fund raising effort, new hardware purchase and use of Squid for caching about 70% of hits. Previous discussion Where to discuss Wikipedia really slow Wikipedia really slow Reverse proxy servers (Squid?) Meta: Wikimaps/Maps' clickability It would be extremely boring and un-wiki if maps were just plain images. Archives Wikimaps history Meta: Toc hide option hack Toc hide option hack is a [for the TOC] (automatic table of contents) scheme to allow an option in preferences for a closed TOC as default. Mediawiki Hacks Meta: The polygon map/Map of Korea === Polygon map === Polygon map BlueMarble map Meta: Pinyin Pinyin [is a Roman alphabet-based phonetic rendering of Chinese word pronunciations. It requires the use of four special macrons over the vowels, representing four tones (in addition to the nominal "5th" tone) which distinguish word meaning. MediaWiki Development Pages with unknown historical context Meta: Azimuthal projection The code for azimuthal projections isn't complete, but in many cases they are a lot nicer than cylindrical ones. Archives Wikimaps history Meta: Pronunciations in the English projects This page is for discussion of how to handle pronunciations on Wikipedia. See also Wikisound. Archives Discussions IPA Wikipedia Meta: Intranet adaptation In adapting Phase III Wikipedia to act as an intranet, here's a list of things I had to change to make the code less encyclopedia-centric. Note that I'm not worried about stressing the database too badly, and that some of these changes could have performance effects on a heavily used system (which ours won't be, relatively speaking). MediaWiki Development Meta: Pronunciation * Pronunciations in the English projects Disambiguation Meta: Rendering library for maps Possible solutions: ImageMagick Gimp Libart + Pango FreeType2 RSVG Own lib GD OpenGL + DevIL Mapnik Meta: Proposal on language integration This is a proposal to further integrate multiple language in MediaWiki. It is influenced for a large part by thoughts on language integration, but tries to distill the thoughts into a coherent proposal on how to change the software to get there. Current shortcomings Background on the current situation What could we improve Make user language interface configurable Merge language and Wiktionary databases into one Move interlanguage links to Wiktionary Changes to the database Current situation Meta: International logo contest/Ballot __NOTOC__ Results Eloquence 20:04, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC) User:The Anome bdesham 20:21, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC): User:DaB. direct:DaB. 22:27, 15 Sep 2003 (MESZ): Maveric149 20:33, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC) Sansculotte 20:44, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC): Fonzy Alex Anlicker 21:14, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC) Dgrant TwoOneTwo 21:26, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC) Angela 21:57, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC) I am Jack's username 2003-09-15t22:17z Jwrosenzweig 22:20, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC) Ap 22:38, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC): Robert Merkel 23:11, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC) Usedbook 00:42, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Jdforrester 00:52, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Shizhao 01:20, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) NuclearWinner 01:18, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Formulax Jake 01:58, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) JeLuF 04:33, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) 04:45, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Vincent Ramos Schneelocke 05:13, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Stevertigo 05:16, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Dysprosia 05:53, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Tali 06:45, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Magnus Manske 07:23, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Menchi 08:16, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Alex.Tan 08:30, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Fantasy 08:45, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) lcer 08:54, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Coma 09:14, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Pedant17 Pontauxchats 09:30, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Gaurav 09:39, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Andre Engels 10:11, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Traroth 10:27, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Zenogantner 10:48, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Phido 11:12, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) GrahamN 11:52, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) CyberMaus 13:16, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Stefan Kühn 21:12, 24 Sep 2003 (UTC) Nanobug 14:25, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC): CGS 15:24, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Ryan_Cable 15:45, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Luna 16:41, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Fruggo Tarquin Lagroue 18:43, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Nommonomanac 18:50, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Dhum Dhum 19:05, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Sebastian Wallroth 19:44, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Randyc 19:56, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Tomos 20:43, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Koxinga 21:11, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Jrincayc 21:57, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Camembert 23:12, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Stewacide 01:07, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Robert Lee 01:24, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Ryoho 01:43, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) User:Wshun Hemmer 06:03, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Cordyph 07:38, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Minesweeper 08:22, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) AndrewKepert 08:31, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Kurt Jansson 09:15, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) G. Akrivas Caramdir SanderSpek Rmhermen 13:20, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) KRS 15:39, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Cyp 15:45, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) fab 16:40, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Ellisllk 17:06, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) P3d0 19:16, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) { MB | マイカル } 19:19, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) LittleDan 19:27, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) KS Arwel 20:34, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Taku 20:51, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Ffx 21:27, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Anthere 21:56, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) AGiss 22:18, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Crusadeonilliteracy 22:31, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Vancouverguy 01:49, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) Lorenzarius 02:53, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) Buxul 06:06, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) Hoshie 08:39, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) User:Erik Zachte User:Nick B. Basswulf 14:04, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) Denkfabrikant Slawojar Uwe 18:04, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) Uriber 19:34, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) Rob Hooft 20:01, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) Yann Lugrin Aoineko Stephen Gilbert Hémant Sabbut 22:47, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) CabalamatReally 23:17, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) Basil Fawlty 23:52, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC) Imran 00:06, 19 Sep 2003 (UTC) JamesDay 03:16, 19 Sep 2003 (UTC) User:Buzz AndrewvdE 09.30, 19 Sep 2003 (UTC) Seav 08:31, 19 Sep 2003 (UTC) Ebricca 09:47, 19 Sep 2003 (UTC) tux 15:20, 19 Sep 2003 Guppy 15:12, 19 Sep 2003 (UTC) Hirschi 19:37, 19 Sep 2003 (UTC) Stephane Simard 01:16, 20 Sep 2003 (UTC) Morn 09:38, 20 Sep 2003 (UTC) Kwekubo 12:01, 20 Sep 2003 (UTC) Taw Kalki 14:23, 20 Sep 2003 (UTC) Wapcaplet 18:10, 20 Sep 2003 (UTC) Looxix 20:17, 20 Sep 2003 (UTC) Jloriaux 20:36, 20 Sep 2003 (UTC) Jiang 21:39, 20 Sep 2003 (UTC) Kris Kaiser 23:36, 20 Sep 2003 (UTC) Alex S 15:30, 21 Sep 2003 (UTC) Arvindn whkoh Karukera 14:50, 21 Sep 2003 (UTC) Matthewmayer Jeffdelonge 15:06, 21 Sep 2003 (UTC) AxelBoldt 18:03, 21 Sep 2003 (UTC) MagicTom 19:56, 21 Sep 2003 (UTC) Giskart Walter 20:58, 21 Sep 2003 (UTC) User:Tex User:BL User:AaronSw Didier 13:45, 22 Sep 2003 (UTC) OZ Jose Ramos 22:08, 22 Sep 2003 (UTC) Dante Alighieri 23:00, 22 Sep 2003 (UTC) User:Ed Cormany Yanyang1985 00:39, 23 Sep 2003 (UTC) User:Lukobe Bisho 08:39, 23 Sep 2003 (UTC) User:Nichtich User:Pregl Shaihulud FvdP User:INyar User:Nohat Stygian User:Malene User:Lorax AstroNomer Didup Neolux User:Guaka User:DanKeshet User:Ellywa User:Kosebamse Greatpatton 08:34, 25 Sep 2003 (UTC) User:Mtcv Schewek 13:17, 25 Sep 2003 (UTC) User:Marshman User:Logotu User:axlrosen User:Wilinckx User:Smack User:Paullusmagnus Jeroenvrp 15:29, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC) Eclecticology 03:10, 21 Sep 2003 (UTC) Template for voting Meta: Internationale Logo-Wahl/Stimmzettel Category:Historical subpages Wahl ist zum Schluß ! Head User:TomK32 or directly: de:Benutzer:TomK32 O. Krumnow Nerd 20:16, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) Epo Bo 23:58, 16 Sep 2003 (UTC) El Epic Beyer nyxos Gandi SoniC, de:Benutzer:SoniC User:plasmagunman WeißNix Diftong (de) User:Wiesel Meta: Internacia Logobaloto/Balotilo Category:Historical subpages Baloto estas ŝlosita ! ArnoLagrange 14:24, 19 Sep 2003 (UTC): Ŝablono por voĉdoni Meta: Israeli statistics Are Israeli statistics accurate and NPOV? Discussion will follow. Discussions Meta: Vote pour un logo international/Bulletin de vote Category:Historical subpages Le vote est clos! Modèle de bulletin Meta: Deletionism Deletionism is a term used to describe the idea of editing that has the idea that removal of material is a productive mode of editing, and that doing such regularly, primarily, or solely, rather than adding material, is sufficient to call oneself an editor. The main claim is that the wiki mode of editing is '[quick],' and that there are too many of them (contributors, of some nominal spectrum of skill), and that culling is therefore an art. Beliefs Rationale for deletion Arguments against deletion See also References External links Meta: Wikifaith Wikifaith is a faith in the [model of Web development]—itself simply a [based on a faith and trust in the positive balance of [[en:human|human nature]. Those who tend to be exclusionist and demand hard controls and limits to wiki do so because their wikifaith is weak, or they are in fact unbelievers in wiki—a [contradiction considering that many such people are active [[w:Wikipedian|Wikipedians]. See also Meta: Anti-wiki Anti-wiki philosophy is one which is against intrinsic wiki principles—i.e. On the other hand See also Meta: Factionalism Factionalism is an aspect of life itself. Each living cell is part of a faction - a liver cell is part of a liver, which is part of an endocrine system which is part of an organism. Patterns Wikipedia philosophy Meta: Antifactionalism Antifactionalism is an aspect of community and is built upon the principles that people share and intermingle. Antifactionalism specifies a transitional period in which the editors would form a Inclusionism community. Patterns Wikipedia philosophy Meta: International logo contest/Results The international logo contest is (almost) over - thanks for participating! Historical subpages Meta: Lock response times Re: [//lists.wikimedia. Patch First run, no locking Locked to 10 Locked to 5 Locked to 2 Locked to 1 Plain, second run Meta: Inclusionism Inclusionism is the view that information should be liberally added and retained on Wikipedia. It is espoused by users called inclusionists who favor keeping and amending problematic articles over deleting them. Rationale Arguments against deletion Quotation See also External links Meta: Search emergency on English Wikipedia Wikipedia English has swtiched to en.wikipedia. 2003 Archives Meta: Eventualism Eventualism is a tendency amongst Wikipedians that focuses on the eventual value of Wikipedia in the long-term rather than the immediate value. Contrast immediatism, the opposite viewpoint (see ). Eventualism's limitations Barriers to eventualism See also Essays Groups References Meta: International logo contest/Invalid ballots ==Kpjas 22:02, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC)== Kpjas 22:02, 15 Sep 2003 (UTC) MJanich Sep 16 2003 bluenote 05:06, 16 Sep 2003 (GMT) User:Pacific1982 05:18, 16 Sep 2003 (GMT) Juky User:RodrigoB 16/09/03 F. P. Laussy Wed Sep 17 11:44:16 CEST 2003 Eliott JDG 01:31, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC): Heymarcel 06:51, 19 Sep 2003 (UTC) PierreC ˜˜˜˜ GillianAnderson Saturday, 20 September 2003 User:Tempshill User:Richa B de:Benutzer:korny78 de:Benutzer:Hafenbar de:Benutzer:Wst Skrrytch Dishayloo bzwische Ralph Gaucho 09:10, 19 Sep 2003 (UTC) Meta: International logo contest/Ratification Image:Paullusmagnus-logo (small).png Arabic Wikipedia Chinese Wikipedia Dansk Wikipedia Deutsche Wikipedia Dutch Wikipedia English Wikipedia Esperanto Vikipedio [// French Wikipedia] [// Hebrew Wikipedia] [// Hungarian Wikipedia] Interlingua ([// ia.Wikipedia]) Inuktitut Wikipedia Japanese Wikipedia (ウィキペディア日本語版) Korean Wikipedia (?? ????) Latin [// Vicipædia] Polish Wikipedia Romanian Wikipedia Russian Wikipedia - Русская Википедия Simple Wikipedia Slovene Wikipedia Spanish Wikipedia Swedish Wikipedia Suomen Wikipedia Welsh Wikipedia Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants This final logo variants is to formalize the process of selecting user-created variants of the winning PM logo, for use on all language Wikipedias. Separate development of rasterized text for each language should be done at Wikipedia raster name. design concepts Revisions of original Third-party variants Dgrant's variant Gutza's variant Nohat's variant Stevertigo subvariants Robert Lee's variant Matthewmayer's variant Sansculotte's variant Jamesday's variant KRS's variant K's variant Stephane's variant Elian's variant Guillôme's variant Guillôme-KRS variant Nonlogo addons External References A linking idea Some thoughts Why was the english wikipedia logo changed to Nohat's variant?! Meta: Wikipedia raster name This page is for developing rasterized images that depict the name Wikipedia, in capital letters, translated into multiple languages. These images are intended to be used in logos, as described at Final logo variants. Archives Wikipedia proposals Meta: Linguistic democracy in a multilingual project == La demando / La question / Die Frage / The question / La pregunta / 倏㙳 == La demando / La question / Die Frage / The question / La pregunta / 倏㙳 Cerbumado de Brion Resumo ? / Résumé ? Esperanto Ĉu provoko ? / Provocation ? fr - Autre méthode potentielle Vidu ankaǔ / Voir aussi / See also Meta: Non-free content == Exemption Doctrine Policy == Exemption Doctrine Policy Lists of exemption doctrine policies and other information by Wikimedia project Description of fields Wikipedia Wiktionary Wikisource Wikibooks Wikiquote Wikinews Wikiversity Wikivoyage Other projects See also Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants/Nohat ==Nohat's variant== Nohat's variant Original version (I) Updated version (II) Yet another revision (III) Revision IV Revision V Nohat revision VI Revision VII Revisions VIII-c and VIII-bw Version X Newest version (XI) Stevertigo's variant Jake's variant Color logo, with subtitle text. Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants/Matthewmayer Image:Matthewmayerpuzzlepiece.jpg No Way!!! Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants/Gutza ==Gutza's variant== Gutza's variant Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants/Sansculotte === Sansculotte's variant === Sansculotte's variant Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants/Robert lee === Robert Lee's variant === Robert Lee's variant Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants/Jamesday === Jamesday's variant === Jamesday's variant Meta: Wikitime Wikitime is a long-running proposal to have Wikipedia adopt a standard [time], allowing for easier cross timezone coordination among editors. In addition, proceedures can be reduced to the days fractions, instead of on a daily cycle. Archived proposals Archives Time Meta: Möller's Law Möller's law is an that deals with issues of conversations on and . The text of the law is as follows: Conflicts Essays on general topics Laws Meta: Wiki syntax Wiki syntax is MediaWiki's simple text formatting used in writing wiki pages. See also Wikitext syntax. Syntax Components Wiki Section List Blockquote Links Meta: Deletionist This page has been nominated for speedy deletion because it is out of scope, [and see NOT], [and [[w:WP:NEITHER|NEITHER]. Humor Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants/Elian other versions: Historical subpages Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants/Stephane White-background, framed version Historical subpages Meta: WikiRecipes I found this discussion in looking up where my own site is in google. I've just started the site about 3 months ago, but it already has some great recipes. and its problems Wikirecipes CookiWiki: a Wiki for Food, Recipes, and Cooking Where from here? A bit on reality of food Meta: Reviewers Mode This is a feature request! Archived feature requests Archives Meta: Simultan Java-Chat This is a feature request! Archives Meta: Reviewer watchlist A reviewer watchlist can be created simply by creating a page with all articles to be reviewed, and only those articles, linked to it. Then "related changes" lets you see changes made to them. Archives Meta: Faction A Wikipedia faction is a group of users committed to some view of the project. Those who are less committed are said to have a tendency. Community Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants/Stevertigo Below are colorizations of the Pallusmagnus Nohat logo. Historical subpages Meta: Configurable Sidebar Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Semantic link Meta discussions relevant to semantic link or typed link or link type considerations. Some think Wikipedia needs typed-link database functions. External links Meta: Role account A role account is an account that is not associated with a particular person, but with an office, position, or task. Those doing the task use the account only to do the task. global: Commons: en: es: fr: Current status Historical notes hu: pt: meta: Meta: Wiki HTML parser See also: alternative parsers MediaWiki tools Pages whose requests to be exported to were rejected Meta: Wikitext standard Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Wikitext DTD The Wikitext DTD would express the Wikitext standard in XML. This would be supported by a wide variety of wiki software including our own mediawiki. MediaWiki archives Meta: The first useful person profiler The first useful person profiler is to the person DTD as the first useful map is to the spacetime DTD. related links Wikimania 2005 papers proposals for new projects emerging standards Meta: Mobilisation de fonds Autres langues: English | Deutsch <H2> Méthodes </H2> <H2> Objectifs d'utilisation à moyen terme </H2> <H2> Objectifs d'utilisation à court terme </H2> <H2>Voir aussi</H2> Meta: Geldbeschaffung Andere Sprachen: English | Français <H2>Erster Schritt der Spendensammlung erreicht</H2> Meta: International logo contest/Final logo variants/Dgrant This logo just uses white instead of grey on the uncoloured pieces. Many have complained that the logo is too dark. Historical subpages Meta: Predicted effects Wikipedia is not a prediction market or futurist club, but some articles regarding an important event must deal with its predicted effects as of some date. Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Logo feedback See final logo variants to formally express your opinion on any of the variants of Paullusmagnus' logo. See also the Logo history page. Archives Logos Meta: Portable open content Portable open content is that which can move between software suites (e.g. MediaWiki Development Proposals Meta: Wikitext Metasyntax Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Semi-deletion ==En version== En version Background Aim General strategy Details Key changes Code changes needed Policy, guideline changes needed See also Meta: Link style vote This vote is now closed. The underlined link style / browser default will remain the default on all Wikipedias. Comparison Which style do you prefer? Non-underlined Underlined / browser default Arguments Underlined What about a compromise? Meta: Logo/History == MediaWiki == MediaWiki Meta-Wiki / Wikimedia community Wikibooks Wikidata Wikimania Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Foundation Wikimedia Incubator Wikimedia Cloud Services Wikimedia movement Wikinews Wikipedia Progression of logos 2001 logo contest Relevant pages 2002-2003 occurrences 2003 international logo contest 2010 revamp Variations marking special occasions 2010 french Christmas logo Wikiquote Wikisource Wikispecies WikiTech Wikiversity Wikivoyage Wiktionary See also Meta: Cologne Blue skin problems == Fixes ready to be applied == Fixes ready to be applied Visited links have the same color as unvisited ones Proposal for new color scheme Known problems without fixes Missing links on user pages Screen cluttered Navigation bar items need to be rearranged Internet Explorer 6 indentation problem Subscript text inside tables Missing links on edit screen Meta: URL Linking Bug If multiple URLs follow one another, seperated only by spaces, every other URL is not linked. Example of bug follows: Archives Meta: BSD user Wikimedians * [Gray|Vincent Gray] Brion VIBBER] Lists of Wikimedians Meta: English Wikipedia Quality Survey Quality Research Meta: Wikimédia France __NOTOC__ Wikimédia France Meta: Wikipédia CD Rom Voir [Rom] et archives de la ML (octobre) Categories/fr Meta: MediaWiki flexer Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Watchlist privacy Hypothetically "opt-in" shared watchlists are a possibility, but pages of links (and if the feature is ever completed, categories) can already do this more flexibly. Archived discussions Meta: Wikimedia's first press release/status I think that one too will be old news, why not take things on the chin and go for 400 000 and the new monster Database server? -- Cimon Avaro on a pogostick Press Wikimedia history Meta: Free content Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: WikiTrivia WikiTrivia is a proposed offshoot of Wikipedia. WikiTrivia pages will be made up of lists of trivia items collected regarding any and all topics. WikiTrivia needs a home Proposed by Alternative names Related projects/proposals Domain names Mailing list links Demos Original proposal Meta: Sharing images across projects WARNING: Very Old Conversation followsIf this page wasn't in a digital form, it would be considered an ancient artifact. This page discusses ideas from long, long ago and the situation has since been dramatically changed. The Problem Possible synthesis (by Tim) Advantages Problems (and Solutions) Examples (to understand the proposal) A Plea for Simplicity Storage in the DB vs. Network Filesystem Sounds great, but... Embedding Another solution(?) Meta: Wikipedia DTD/Overview This is a comparitive overview of Wikipedia DTD and Wikitax. Subsection Meta: Wikipedia needs editors == Wikipedia needs editors == Wikipedia needs editors Discussion Meta: portal/version of ArnoLagrange Wikipedia, A Wikimedia project Multilingual Wikipedia Meta: portal/version of ArnoLagrange2 Wikipedia, A Wikimedia project Multilingual Wikipedia Meta: WikiParty A WikiParty, apparently, is a faction that declares itself as having a certain common position on the Wikipedia power structure. Some deplore these as evidence of factionalism. Conflicts Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Referees This is a proposal for a system of refereeing for Wikipedia articles without in any way restricting the current practice or culture. Please feel free to edit it like any other Wikipedia page. What this proposal addresses What this proposal does not address Appearance Behind all this Triggering reviews Baselining Wikipedia 1.0 Other uses of the baselining software A G-rated Wikipedia Specialist encyclopedias Collegiate approval Edit wars Comments welcome Quality standards? Separate Namespace Comment by Comments not on the subpage Meta: portal/version of Aliter Wikipedia, A Wikimedia project Multilingual Wikipedia Meta: Battlefield of ideas The battlefield of ideas is a way to represent Wikipedia's nature that contrasts with, and denies, the ideal and stated purpose that Wikipedia is a community devoted to creating a free, internet encyclopedia. A bad metaphor ? Reactions Related ideas Meta: Wikipedia 1.0 There have long been plans to develop a print edition of Wikipedia, and to distribute it to parts of the world with poor internet connectivity. There have also been various plans to implement content review, to produce a filtered snapshot of the encyclopedia. Feature suggestions Printing Participants External Links Meta: Strengths and weaknesses of the current deletion system ==Strengths and weaknesses of the current deletion system== Strengths and weaknesses of the current deletion system Strengths Weaknesses See also Meta: MediaWiki development Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Anti-Anti-anything users * Optim] See also Meta: Wikimedians by favorite text editor List yourself under your favorite text editor here. BBEdit ed edlin editplus emacs/xemacs EmEditor Epsilon FTE Gedit and forks Pluma HomeSite jedit Joe Jove Kate Metapad nedit Notepad Notepad++ NoteTab OpenOffice Perl pico & clones nano pico SimpleText syn Terminal emulator/command prompt-related "" > cat TeXShop TextEdit TextMate TextPad UltraEdit vi & clones elvis nvi vi (the original) Vim WinEdt Word (Microsoft) Wordpad Wordperfect Wordstar Xyzzy Other Meta: Wikipedia DTD/Examples Here are some examples of XML coded Wikipedia articles. Short example Files Meta: Wikipedia.DTD This is a first version of Wikipedia DTD. See also Wikipedia DTD/Examples. Archives Wikipedia proposals Meta: Noticias Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Interwiki bot This is a place to discuss updating interwiki links with a bot. Wikidata (In Progress) Introduction Interwiki Bot FAQ Stats Operators Interwiki warnfiles See also Meta: Referees/1 This is a continuation of Referees, which was getting too big to edit further. Baselining Wikipedia 1.0 Other uses of the baselining software A G-rated Wikipedia Specialist encyclopedias Collegiate approval Edit wars Comments welcome Quality standards? Seperate Namespace Comment by Meta: portal/Very plain version Català ~ Multilingual Wikipedia Meta: Hovedside __NOTOC__ Main page/nb Meta: Wikimedian Wikimedians are users of any Wikimedia project and members of the Wikimedia movement. Characters and contributors Associations Wikimedians by sub-cultural affiliation Biological affiliations Ethnicity Gender and sexuality Colors/Colours Computer-related Internet connection Operating system preference Culinary affiliations Cultural affiliations Education Employment Leisure Lifestyle Music National affiliations Numbers Philosophy Politics Possessions Wikimedia See also Meta: Wikimedia principles The Wikimedia principles emerged from many debates about wiki ideology. Growing Wikimedia was eventually written to summarize some of the principles elaborated as below: Neutral point of view Core issues: etiquette, consensus, permission, vandals, ethics, morals Power structure Copyright English usage Meta: Wikimedia content in italic, historical pages, outdated Editing, counting, naming Publication, distribution, certification Language files and logos Copyright issues Form of Wikipedia English usage Logo Wikipedia humor Others Meta: Marketing Marketing includes such topics as materials for promoting the projects, and guidelines for layout, design, and production of new materials, including how to use the project logos and suggest useful materials for translation. Marketing subcommittee Membership Current tasks Brochures, Flyers & Postcards Posters (outdated) Advertisements Merchandise Meta: Collaborative work of art It has not been stated explicitly by the founders of Wikipedia, but it is implicit within the whole policy behind Wikipedia that Wikipedia is a collaborative work of art. External Links Incidentalist Manifestos Incidentalism Articulating The New Beyond Preconception Art and Residue On Originality Freedom of Resonance Terms Doctrines Meta: Wikindex I propose to add a special index system to Wikipedia, called Wikindex+. When working through Wikindex+ any wikipedian could add hidden links to the text, that don't necessarily link the user to more encyclopedia values. Related topics Meta: Nachrichten des Tages Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: WikiJardiner Semi philosophical rantings on what a WikiGardener is. Essays related to Wikipedia Participation Meta: Wikipedia sociology This page is devoted to the sociology of Wikipedia -- how it works as a community, and as a brave new world. Structure Ruling [metaphor|metaphors] among contributors Patterns and processes at work Types or tendencies Individual psychology External Links Meta: Gothic Wikimedians This is a list of gothic wikipedians. List of gothic wikipedians 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐍂𐌰𐌶𐌳𐌹𐍃 𐌼𐌰𐌸𐌻𐌾𐌸𐍃𐌹𐍃 𐍅𐌹𐌺𐌹𐍀𐌴𐌳𐌹𐌰𐌽𐌹𐍃 𐌻𐌴𐌹𐍃𐍄𐌰 Meta: Edit war The term edit war is a misnomer, but a catchy misnomer that is not likely to be replaced by a more apt term. In reality, edit wars on Wikipedia are reversion wars involving two Wikipedians, or sometimes two factions of Wikipedians. Which version would be protected? The alternative view See also Meta: Actualités Category:Categories/fr Categories/fr Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Non-American Wikimedians Remember, if you add yourself to this list, please add yourself to the main list of [too! See also Meta: Fannish Wikimedians *[avaro|Cimon Avaro on a pogostick] Lists of Wikimedians Meta: Twin Wikimedians List of Wikipedians who had the (un?)fortune of sharing their mother's belly with somebody else, that is, who have a twin. Lists of Wikimedians Meta: Pagina principală Category:Categories/ro Categories/ro Main page/ro Meta: Ştiri __NOTOC__ 13 octombrie 2005 7 februarie 2005 18 decembrie 13 decembrie 20 noiembrie 12 noiembrie 25 septembrie 17 septembrie 14 septembrie 3 iulie 22 aprilie 2004 14 aprilie 2004 13 aprilie 2004 7 aprilie 2004 3 aprilie 2004 24 februarie 2004 7 februarie 2004 18 ianuarie 2004 15 ianuarie 2004 31 decembrie 2003 20 decembrie 2003 6 decembrie 2003 26 octombrie 2003 Meta: Wikipediholics See also [definition on English Wiki. Lists of Wikimedians Meta: Mémorial 9/11 == A propos du Memorial == A propos du Memorial Meta: Pages à restaurer Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: À propos de Méta Retour à Accueil Categories/fr Meta: List of Wikimedians by favorite ice cream flavor Part of Wikipedians categorized by sub-cultural affiliation Classic flavors Chocolate [Chip|Chocolate Chip] [ice cream|Neapolitan] [(ice cream)|Stracciatella] Strawberry Vanilla Miscellaneous flavors Butter Pecan Cappuccino Caramel Nut Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chocolate Mint [de Leche|Dulce de Leche] Green Tea Hokey Pokey ketracel-white Lúcuma Maple Walnut Mint 'n Chip/Mint Choc Chip Peanut Butter Cup Peppermint Stick Pistachio [Road|Rocky Road] Pumpkin Rum and Raisin Spumoni Stem Ginger Tiramisu [& Jerry's|Ben & Jerry's] [Garcia|Cherry Garcia] [Hubby (Ben & Jerry's flavor)|Chubby Hubby] [Food|Phish Food] Non-dairy Ice Cream Soy Peanut Butter Zigzag Sorbet Mango Yoghurt Non-commercial flavors Various homemade Ice-cream flavour External links, other silliness Meta: Past, current and projected breadth and depth of Wikipedia's coverage of all human knowledge,_current_and_projected_breadth_and_depth_of_Wikipedia%27s_coverage_of_all_human_knowledge There are still many huge gaps, even if we take the current Wikipedia to be a gross coverage of all human knowledge. How soon will this problem be rectified? Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Wikistress 160px|right|thumb|This user is obviously suffering from severe Wikistress Dealing with wikistress See also Other languages Meta: GNU Free Documentation License The GNU Free Documentation license is a copyleft content license. Wikimedia is a project that makes use of this license, and thus its documentation is relevant. 0. PREAMBLE 1. APPLICABILITY AND DEFINITIONS 2. VERBATIM COPYING 3. COPYING IN QUANTITY 4. MODIFICATIONS 5. COMBINING DOCUMENTS 6. COLLECTIONS OF DOCUMENTS 7. AGGREGATION WITH INDEPENDENT WORKS 8. TRANSLATION 9. TERMINATION 10. FUTURE REVISIONS OF THIS LICENSE External links Meta: Lorraine This article is a sample to show how browsers not supporting UTF-8 encoding transform an otherwise very good article Géographie D�mographie Relief Sous-sol Climat Hydrologie Cours d'eau Plans d'eau Eaux min�rales V�g�tation Histoire Protohistoire Antiquit� Moyen �ge �poque moderne �poque contemporaine Souverains de Lorraine �conomie Industrie Tourisme Lorrains c�l�bres Langues Culture Architecture Th��tre Musique Art nouveau Gastronomie Plats Meta: Installer ideas Here are some ideas for what the MediaWiki installer should be like. If you have ideas, please add them below. Short term Long term Alternative True Path Meta: Egyptopedia Egyptopedia is the international Egyptology project of Wikipedia encyclopedia. This project's main goal is to coordinate local Egyptology projects of all Wikipedia. How to help List of local projects Participants Coordination Pictures Hieroglyphs editor Gods' names Translation Create local project International Coordination Project Main parts Progress report Convention Resources Meta: Richtlijnen voor systeembeheerders/werk1 Hoofdpagina Ontwerp, bewerk het vrij en gebruik de overlegpagina Het gebruiken van uw macht Een IP-adres blokkeren Een geregistreerde gebruiker blokkeren Een pagina beveiligen Een pagina of media definitief verwijderen Een pagina direct verwijderen Bureaucraatschap Vertrouwelijkheid Meta: Română:Wikews Wikews este un proiect în dezvoltare care are ţelul de a fi un portal de ştiri, cu punct de vedere neutru şi imparţial, similar cu [//www.wikipedia. Categories/ro Pages that need updating Wikinews Meta: Documentation: Introduction This is PART 1: Introduction - General Information and Architecture of the MediaWiki documentation. Overview Some Basic Terminology: MediaWiki, WikiMedia, and Wikipedia What is MediaWiki? What else can MediaWiki do? Architecture System Requirements Software Hardware Networking Licensing Feature list Look and feel Multimedia and extensions Keeping track of edits Structure and syntax Editing Discussions Multilanguage support Backend Permissions Search and Queries Misc. Structure: Orientation on the Web Site(s) Project Communication - Getting in contact and keeping in touch Revision History (Changelog) Where to go from here Meta: Documentation: Developer's Guide Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Borderline case Category:NPOV NPOV Meta: Documentation:Configuration == General Considerations == General Considerations Beautifying the URL: Enabling the Apache httpd's Rewrite Engine Further Information Securing your MediaWiki Troubleshooting Where to go from here Meta: Egyptopedia/Pictures list (link only) Pictures to from the Egyptopedia project of Wikipedia Aoineko Photos Drawings Hajor Meta: Egyptopedia/ro Egyptopedia este proiectul internaţional de egiptologie pentru Wikipedia. Ţelul proiectului este să coordoneze toate proiectele locale de egiptologie Wikipedia. Cum puteţi ajuta Meta: SourceWatch The Disinfopedia is a project of the [for Media and Democracy|Center for Media and Democracy]. See also Meta: Consumerium Consumerium is a not-for-profit project, being designed under GFDL license, to develop free software and infrastructure for storage, transport and display of varying levels of product information to consumers at the point of purchase. Archives Non-Wikimedia projects Meta: Symbolwiki Symbolwiki is a proposed Wikimedia project for the documentation of symbol-glyphs in the open-license wiki-editable medium. Proposed projects - culture Meta: Logo Project logos are trademarks that serve as the identifying mark for that project and its components. They serve to unify work on those projects, and help contributors identify with that project, across subprojects and language versions; online and offline, in banners and on sweet gear (stickers, ear tunnels, &c. Current logos Logo guidelines Proposing new logos Logo checklist Temporary logo variants Setting a temporary logo as a sysop Wikimedia movement affiliates logos Great version suitable for use in printed publications Localisation See also Meta: MediaWiki testing As with any other piece of software, MediaWiki needs testing by humans and by automated scripts to ensure quality. Automated testing Parser tests Unit tests Unicode tests Manual testing See also Meta: MediaWiki test script This page is a test script for the MediaWiki software. About this page Sections Test format MediaWiki Installation Documentation Wikitext rendering Navigation links Log in Login form appearance Authorized login Invalid user name Invalid password Successful account creation Create account, existing user Create account, mismatched passwords User preferences Protecting pages Deleting pages Uploading files Blocking users Recent changes Page history New messages indicator Bugs Meta: GFDL FAQ Update: There seems to be something on the move with GFDL / Creative Commons for Wikipedia contents. Look here to see what Jimbo Wales said: Why not just use the Creative Commons? Why not switch to license XYZ? What about invariant sections? Everyone says those are trouble. I heard there's something about citing five primary authors. What's up with that? Title page?? Other opinions and info on the GFDL Meta: Series of articles This is about enhancement of the wikipedia navigation through series of articles. what is a series of articles? How it shows Suggested Methods of Automation Transclusion (current method) Special tag Database layer Relations table Potential uses Meta: Microransom Microransom is a proposed strategy for comissioning talented artists to General idea Free viewing Voting with pennies Pledging The cut Implementation Micropayments Chicken and Egg? Benefits Criticism Meta: Slavic Wikipedias Slavic Wikipedias are branches of the Wikipedia project in [languages|Slavic languages]. Slavopedia/Славопедиа Wikipedia Meta: Mediation Dispute resolution > Mediation > Arbitration Scope and Purpose of Mediation List of people involved The remit of the mediation process Disputants Mediator Silent overseer Dispute escalation Process Meta: Wikimedia Constitution This is a proposition of en:wikipedia, not a structure recognised wikimedia wide Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Meta: Benevolent dictator Jimbo Wales is, in some people's eyes, the benevolent dictator of the English Wikipedia. Possible alternatives for calling Jimbo benevolent dictator or BDFL: Constitutional Monarch TMTP or "The Most Trusted Party" Eminence grise Deus ex machina Benefactor See also: Meta: Wikimorial Wikimorial: The Wikimedia memorial to the dead, a proposal Notes Name suggestions Discussion Jimbo's thoughts on this idea Combinational suggestion Beta version Merge proposed Meta: What to do with kowey WIKIPEDIA portal Meta: MediaWiki feature requests and bug reports/Archive1 See also: Development tasks, Meta-Wikimedia:Contact us The Random Page bug "could not select database" The Logout Bug Multiline emphasis Removed as fixed, no longer a problem or not in the right place Pronounciation of words Article type suggestion Automatic subject inventor Article title bug? who's "Proxy blocker"? Meta: Mediation oversight procedure These are suggestions regarding a possible oversight procedure for mediators: Proposal One: Proposal Two: Meta: 404 handler caching We have a good server-side file caching system already, but there are some possibilities for enhancing it. Rationale Design Advantages Disadvantages Implementations Issues to consider Using Cascading Style Sheets Advantage Disadvantage Meta: Field-value pairs This is a proposal to allow field-value pairs in MediaWiki articles. Rationale Design Markup Database Rendering Configuration Functions Advantages Disadvantages Semantic web Alternative syntax References Antecedents Meta: Meta namespace cleanup The meta namespace here on meta is now "Meta:" instead of "Wikipedia:" Archives Meta-Wiki archives Meta: Categorization with field-value pairs One prominent application of field-value pairs is for automatically categorizing articles in Wikipedia or other MediaWiki sites. This proposal outlines how to make this happen. Acknowledgements Rationale Design Markup Article rendering Category rendering Advantages Disadvantages References Meta: Logo putsch __NOEDITSECTION__ December 10th Meta: Target page *** Humor Meta: Anonymous users should not be allowed to edit articles ==New proposal== New proposal Users who support this proposal: Users who Oppose this proposal: Middle ground proposal Older proposal Alternate proposals Meta: Categorization There are several proposals for how to do categorization in Wikimedia sites (and, by extension, for other MediaWiki sites). This page discusses some possible implementations. Ideas on improvements Intersection By hand "Category:" pseudo-namespace Categorization with field-value pairs Required categories IEG proposal on category systems in WMF wikis See also Meta: Wikimedia News/2002 ==December 2002== December 2002 November 2002 Meta: SJKs Wikipedia-Specific License proposal I just posted the following to the Wikipedia-L mailing list, on the topic of the GNU Free Documentation License. I am posting it here, so that people who don't subscribe to Wikipedia-L, or would rather discuss it in Wiki format, can do so. Archived proposals Archives Meta: Responses to How to Destroy Wikipedia, Screw with the GFDL,_Screw_with_the_GFDL Responses to How to Destroy Wikipedia: Screw with the GFDL Screw with the GFDL,_Screw_with_the_GFDL#Screw_with_the_GFDL Meta: Responses to How to Destroy Wikipedia Responses to How to Destroy Wikipedia: Insist that you are right, especially when you are not Opponents of the Cabal Sell Wiki to Britannica Meta: Responses to How to Build Wikipedia, Understand Bias,_Understand_Bias === Understand Bias === Understand Bias,_Understand_Bias#Understand_Bias Meta: Responses to How to Build Wikipedia, Redesign the Wikipedia Software as Community,_Redesign_the_Wikipedia_Software_as_Community === Totally Redesign the Wikipedia Software, and Implement it as a Community === Totally Redesign the Wikipedia Software, and Implement it as a Community,_Redesign_the_Wikipedia_Software_as_Community#Totally_Redesign_the_Wikipedia_Software.2C_and_Implement_it_as_a_Community Or, Act Like Perl,_Redesign_the_Wikipedia_Software_as_Community#Or.2C_Act_Like_Perl Meta: Responses to How to Build Wikipedia, Follow the Spirit of the GFDL,_Follow_the_Spirit_of_the_GFDL === Follow the Spirit and Letter of the GFDL === Follow the Spirit and Letter of the GFDL,_Follow_the_Spirit_of_the_GFDL#Follow_the_Spirit_and_Letter_of_the_GFDL Meta: Responses to How to Build Wikipedia, Be in Charge and Be Humble,_Be_in_Charge_and_Be_Humble === Be in Charge and Be Humble === Be in Charge and Be Humble,_Be_in_Charge_and_Be_Humble#Be_in_Charge_and_Be_Humble Meta: Responses to How to Build Wikipedia, Be Respectful but Firm,_Be_Respectful_but_Firm === Be Respectful but Firm === Be Respectful but Firm,_Be_Respectful_but_Firm#Be_Respectful_but_Firm Meta: Responses to How to Build Wikipedia, Avoid Cabals,_Avoid_Cabals === Avoid Cabals === Avoid Cabals,_Avoid_Cabals#Avoid_Cabals Meta: Responses to How to Build Wikipedia, Appreciate Idiosyncracy,_Appreciate_Idiosyncracy === Appreciate Idiosyncracy === Appreciate Idiosyncracy,_Appreciate_Idiosyncracy#Appreciate_Idiosyncracy Meta: Responses to How to Build Wikipedia ---- See also Meta: PV of a Science of Nature editor Some Wikipedians think that scientific articles on Wikipedia should be written according to "Point of View of a Science or Nature editor", and not strict "Neutral Point Of View". Both these points of view are biased. Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Best debates Wikipedia holds the principle of neutrality very firmly. This is not to say that the writers are a bunch of "middle-of-the-road" opinionless [Debates often take place here. Essays related to Wikipedia Meta: Responses to How to Build Wikipedia, Make Big Plans on Wikipedia,_Make_Big_Plans_on_Wikipedia === Make Big Plans on Wikipedia === Make Big Plans on Wikipedia,_Make_Big_Plans_on_Wikipedia#Make_Big_Plans_on_Wikipedia Meta: Why persistent connections are bad ==Why persistent connections are bad== Why persistent connections are bad Benchmarks Non-persistent connections with query Timings Non-persistent connections without query Persistent connections without query Meta: Interwiki link problem __TOC__ interlanguage links Interwiki-Link-Checker Ambiguity might hurt: Keep optional? Walon Wikipedia Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia Taxonomy Templates as Interwiki? A proposal for Interwiki linking See also Meta: Wikitravel Does anyone have a clue as to whether [is related to Wikimedia in any way, and if so whether it was permitted to use the [ Community Meta: Esperantaj kunprojektoj Estas multaj versioj de nomoj por la plej novaj Vikipediaj Esperantaj Kunprojektoj. Ni certigu pri la nomoj. Archives Categories/eo Meta: ==The Problem== The Problem Itemized Solution alternative solutions Evaluation Criteria Transparent Saves Time Brainstorming Tim's proposal Advantages Disadvantages Fantasy/Mav proposal Fantasy's proposal (w.r.t. Mav's) Jimbo's proposal (with LDan's modification) External Links Meta: Wikipedia is not Soft redirects/Permanent (interwiki) Meta: Message substitution Following is a discussion of possible enhancements to the MediaWiki namespace feature. Macro, argument functionality "What links here" solution Meta: DocBook XML export Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Page metadata This page might be obsolete. Documentation Meta: Thoughts on Multilingualism One valuable thing to do in support of making Wikipedia a truly multilingual enterprise is to include (or at least provide references to) the original-language version of titles, names, etc., whenever possible. Multilingualism Meta: Editor legal rights I would like a couple of things to be noted about legal rights of contributors. Essays related to legal issues Meta: Categorization requirements These are some abstract requirements for any proposal to introduce categorization into MediaWiki. The idea here is to have some kind of metric to measure implementation proposals against. Goals (or, "Why Implement Categories?") High Priority Requirements Nice Things to Have Conceptual Problems Which Ought to be Addressed by Any Implementation Theoretical Basis Ease or Possibility of Implementation See also Meta: Good stub This is a proposal under discussion Example Meta: Documentation:Security Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Wikiquote right|180px| The beginning Development Challenge Statistics Milestones 2015 2013 2012 2010 2009 New Wikiquote Project-wide communications Related pages Wikiquote coordination History Essays Meta: Wikibooks right|150px</>|Original Wikibooks logo Linking Current work Important pages Discussions News Media Interlanguage cooperation List of Wikibooks External links Meta: Proposal for dead links A proposal from: Jeroenvrp 16:29, 20 Dec 2003 (UTC) Pros and Cons Red links Pros Cons ?-Links +-links Discussion Meta: Edits as patches This proposal describes a method of treating MediaWiki edits as patches. It's got very limited scope, would be difficult to implement, would be error-prone, and would probably cause damage to data until it was completely bug-free. Rationale Design Meta: Language codes/Conflicts Below is a list of conflicts between ISO 639-1 codes (for languages) and country code TLDs. A conflict occurs when a country uses the same code as a language it does not actively use. Multilingualism Meta: UTF-8 UTF-8 (8-bit Unicode Transformation Format) is a variable-length character encoding that is used to represent Unicode-encoded text using a stream of bytes. ([de:UTF-8], [[[ja:UTF-8], [ Unicode utilities Meta: Proposed Database Schema Changes Moved with full history by User:Brion VIBBER at 11:12, 12 November 2006 --HappyDog 18:54, 28 November 2006 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Namespace This page summarises the current usage of the namespaces across the different Wikimedia projects. For an explanation of what the namespaces are, see Help:Namespace. Main, project and help Additional namespaces See also Meta: Cy.wikipedia localisation has gone missing Over the last 3 weeks or so I've been editing most of the MediaWiki strings on Welsh Wikipedia, cy.wikipedia. Discussions Meta: Layout design document Design document for Wikipedia layout skins. Broad aims General design principles The look of the thing The nuts and bolts of it DOM tree and hooks Stylesheet architecture Print stylesheet Global stylesheet A element Prototype Skins Related topics Discussion Hiding the article title Drop down menus DIV attribute Meta: Layout architecture of MediaWiki pages Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Giza skin Giza is one of several proposed new WikiMedia layout skins being worked on by Tarquin. Design Current version Poll Meta: Wiki database design == What data do we have == What data do we have Read operations Write operations Acceleration of RecentChanges sane insane Acceleration of Watchlist insane 1 insane 2 Acceleration of Search sane 1 sane 2 sane 3 Acceleration of link tables Meta: Opera Arabic bug << Browser issues with MediaWiki Archives Meta: Cologne skin Cologne is one of several proposed new WikiMedia layout skins being worked on by Tarquin. Current version Notes Re-use Meta: Stonehenge skin Stonehenge is one of several proposed new WikiMedia layout skins being worked on by Tarquin. Current version Meta: A mechanism to reduce the wikistress caused by controversial articles There has been problems with some users strongly pushing POV on articles in their area of interest. In the process, they wear out sysops and other users, eventually resulting in a POV article that no-one bothers to try to fix. Discussion Meta: WikiHealthShoppe This site would be a place where patients could get together and share experience and medical knowledge. Alternate name: WikiMedicalAdvice. Overlapping Wikibooks? Meta: Single login/Hard way Here is a possible strategy for transitioning to single login without casuing too much chaos. I'll bet the algorithm isn't the hard part, so this isn't really helping anyone, but hey it was worth a shot! Initialisation Performing a Merge Before Merging Merge_Logins Identify_User Rename_User Meta: Talk page proposal We should have the following sections on all article talk pages: Archives Meta: Single login/Messages This page contains user messages and announcements we would probably need to make in order to merge user databases. Prediction We know you Why we think we know you We think we know you Fait Accompli Temporary Login Page Meta: Configurable user interface Some thoughts on the configuring the user interface. Default Behaviour Configurability Enable Languages Default Language Simple English MediaWiki namespace Meta: Histoire de Wikipédia Category:Categories/fr Les premiers jours...semaines...mois Printemps 2002 Automne 2002 Passage en phase II - octobre 2002 Meta: Tables at start England ist das größte und am dichtesten besiedelte Land des Vereinigten Königreichs von Großbritannien und Nordirland. Zahlen und Fakten geografische Lage Politik Geschichte Religion Kunst und Kultur Die 39 historischen Grafschaften (engl. Counties) Grossstädte Meta: Guide to the dual-license Note: The English Wikipedia [page contains more information on multiple licensing schemes. It is meant to replace this page, as this page already consists of lists of those who are in dual-licensing schemes other than the Creative Commons licenses (such as public domain). Why dual licenses Why not dual license How to dual license I want to be a dual-licensor too List of dual licensors CC-BY-SA to 3.0 CC-BY-SA 2.5 CC-BY-SA 2.0 CC-BY-SA 1.0 CC-BY-SA (only) for photographs General licensing Public domain Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/December <TABLE FRAME=VOID CELLSPACING=0 COLS=14 RULES=GROUPS BORDER=1> <H1>Sheet 2: <EM>British Pound donations</EM></H1> <H1>Sheet 3: <EM>Canadian Dollar donations</EM></H1> <H1>Sheet 4: <EM>European Euro donations</EM></H1> <H1>Sheet 5: <EM>Japanese Yen donations</EM></H1> <H1>Sheet 6: <EM>United States Dollar donations</EM></H1> Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/December detail for GBP <H1><EM>British Pound donations for December 2003</EM></H1> <H1><EM>British Pound donations for December 2003</EM></H1> Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/December detail for CAD <H1><EM>Canadian Dollar donations for December 2003</EM></H1> <H1><EM>Canadian Dollar donations for December 2003</EM></H1> Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/December detail for EUR <H1><EM>European Euro donations for December 2003</EM></H1> <H1><EM>European Euro donations for December 2003</EM></H1> Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/December detail for USD <H1><EM>United States Dollar donations for December 2003</EM></H1> <H1><EM>United States Dollar donations for December 2003</EM></H1> Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/November detail <H1><EM>November detail</EM></H1> <H1><EM>November detail</EM></H1> Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/September detail <H1><EM>September detail</EM></H1> <H1><EM>September detail</EM></H1> Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003 2003 - 2004 December summary November summary October summary September summary August summary Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/August detail <H1><EM>August detail</EM></H1> <H1><EM>August detail</EM></H1> Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/October detail <TABLE CELLSPACING=0 BORDER="1"> Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/December detail for JPY <H1><EM>Japanese Yen donations for December 2003</EM></H1> <H1><EM>Japanese Yen donations for December 2003</EM></H1> Meta: Dispute resolution (essay) This page was essentially the rant of one person and may not fit the view of the community. If it becomes listed on vfd for being a personal page, please rather move it to a user:anthere sub page. Steps in dispute resolution Stopping the fighting Settling the issues Resolving the underlying reasons that generated those issues Forgiveness Reconciliation A check list for the mediator Meta: Wikimedia servers Other languages: System architecture Network topology Software Hosting Status and problems See also More hardware info Admin logs Offsite traffic pages Long-term planning Out of date information Energy consumption Useful information about other sites Meta: Incivility Incivility is behavior that creates an atmosphere of animosity and disrespect. Incivility is a source of conflict and a cause of wikistress. The problem Examples When and why does it happen? Why is it bad? General suggestions Preventing incivility within Wikipedia Reducing the impact Removing uncivil comments Management of incivility during the mediation process Explain incivility Rephrasing disputants’ comments Rephrasing flames publicly exchanged before or during the mediation process Suggest apologizing If all else fails... See also References Meta: EnWikipedia:Turkish alphabet small characters: abcçdefgğhıijklmnoöprsştuüvyz Turkish language Wikipedia Meta: Egyptopedia/Table of gods * [list] (in Simplified Chinese and common Latin transcription) Egyptopedia Meta: Do fair use images violate the GFDL? The question of whether [use] images violate the [arose on the English Wikipedia when discussing portions of en:Al Gore] article. See also [[Avoid Copyright Paranoia, permission grant extent, sample image copyright case Later discussions A summary attempt Do non-fair-use GFDL-incompatible free images violate the GFDL? Meta: Troll war A troll war is a situation that has escalated beyond flame war and edit war, both of which are tactics within it. It typically indicates a serious lack of judgement by more than one party, which renders it difficult to assign any blame or even determine the origins of falsehoods or any intent to lie - many assertions of various level of validity will fly around. Conflicts Meta: Proposals for new projects/Wickedpedia Wickedpedia: The rotten encyclopedia, a proposal Intended Audience Name suggestions Discussion Meta: Not Gothic Wikimedians This is a list of Wikipedians who have been wrongly accused of being Gothic. Lists of Wikimedians Meta: Κύρια Σελίδα Main page/el Meta: Source of conflict This page was essentially the rant of one person and may not fit the view of the community. If it becomes listed on vfd for being a personal page, please rather move it to a user:anthere sub page. Conflicts for domination Disputes over accuracy Disputes over style Poorly informed newbies Meta: WYSIWYG editor Moved to MediaWiki Meta: IRS tax issues and information This page is to provide information about various taxation and not-for-profit issues that might affect Wikimedia Foundation Inc.. IRS information brochures IRS Publications Application for exemption forms and instructions Annual tax returnForms and Instructions Meta: Southeastern European Wikimedians You can list your self here if you are a resident of the following countries: Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Greece Republic of Macedonia Romania Serbia and Montenegro (Kosovo included) Slovenia Meta: Title length It may be possible to speed up the database by using fixed-width fields for titles. Tim Starling was wondering what length we should use. Graphs Data Meta: The Wrong Version thumb|right|300px|A helpful label for affixing to any articles you find locked at the Wrong Version. But you can't affix anything because it's locked. Where to complain How to complain Boilerplate complaints Terminology Involving Jimbo Invoking the Cabal Meta: History of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees manage the nonprofit and supervise the disposition and solicitation of nonprofit donations. The Board of Trustees are the ultimate corporate authority in the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. Current board History Original Board: 2003 Board #1: June 2004 – June 2005 Board #2: July 2005 – September 2006 Board #3: September 2006 – November 2006 Board #4: December 2006 – July 2007 Board #5: July 2007 – February 2008 Board #6: February 2008 – June 2008 Board #7: July 2008 – September 2008 Board #8: October 2008 – July 2009 Board #9: August 2009 – March 2010 Board #10: March 2010 – July 2010 Board #11: July 2010 – July 2012 Board #12: July 2012 – July 2013 August 2013 August 2014 January 2015 April 2015 July 2015 January 2016 February 2016 April 2016 July 2016 January 2017 Chart See also Meta: History compression Various methods for history compression Concatenation and compression Timing on pliny Timing on unloaded 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 Consecutive forward diffs Scripts used get_revisions dodiffs Sizes Meta: Votes for merge 2004, January 22: I officially propose a new Wikipedia Utility Page: the Vfm (Votes for merge). Some people vote pages to delete, when a merge is the solution. Archived proposals Archives Meta: Windows user Wikimedians This is a list of Wikimedians who use the [Windows|Microsoft Windows] [system|operating system]. Lists of Wikimedians Meta: Wikimedians who use laptops ==Apple== Apple CTX Sony Toshiba Gateway Hewlett Packard Compaq IBM MESH Dell Ahtec (Spanish brand based on SiS motherboard like many others out there) Fujitsu-Siemens Acer Asus Panasonic Samsung Meta: Multilingual Wikimedians List yourself under all languages you know. Tell us how well you know each language. Albanian Alemannic American Sign Language Afrikaans Arabic Bangla (Bengali) Basque Brezhoneg Bulgarian Catalan Croatian Czech/Slovak Chinese (Mandarin ) Danish Dutch Egyptian (Ancient ) Elvish (Tolkien) Quenya Sindarin Emiliàn e rumagnòl English Esperanto Fiji Hindi Finnish French Frisian (Westerlauwers) Frisian (Saterlandic) Frisian (North) German Greek Greek (Ancient) Guarani Hausa Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Inuktitut Italian Japanese Javanese Nihongo Korean Klingon Kurdish Latin Limburgish Lithuanian Lower Sorbian Luxembourgish Malayalam Marathi Navajo Norwegian Pashto Persian Polish Português Prekmurian Punjabi Romanian Romansh Russian Ryukyuan languages Sanskrit Sardinian Serbian Spanish Slovenian Swahili Swedish Tamil Turkish Ukrainian Upper Sorbian Urdu Vietnamese Võro Welsh Yiddish Commments Meta: Unemployed Wikimedians ==with Experience== with Experience without Experience with Ambiguous Level of Experience Meta: Wikimedians with slow Internet connections ==less than 14kbit== less than 14kbit 14kbit 28.8kbit 33.6kbit 45.3kbit GPRS 48kbit 56kbit V90/V92 ISDN 64kbit ISDN 128kbit Wireless 200kbit Cable 512kbit ADSL 1024/128 ADSL 1 mb 2x 1gigabit optic fibre Meta: Order versus Chaos Order versus Chaos: The two methodologies. Chaos Order Synthesis Discussion Meta: Eliminating index.php from the url Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Wikimedia Project Governing Committees This proposal made in early 2004 is not a current policy of Wikimedia Foundation Open structure of each Governing Committee Other channels for policy creation Recommendations to the Board regarding member disputes Reports of Governing Committees Limited Power of Board to Overturn Governing Committee Decisions Role of the Chair Meta: Advisory Opinion of the Chair In the beginning there was the God King and that God King came forth and created Wikipedia, and it was good. Humor Meta: Footnotes *Note: Footnotes have been implemented and are in use in various Wikipedias. See the mediawiki extension Cite/Cite. Existing implementations Discussion Code External link Referencing and the Drawbacks of Footnotes Footnote/reference solution Meta: An open letter to Jimmy Wales This place is hell. When a person recently contributed to an article, a system administrator immediately began complaining to everyone watching the page, except to the person attempting to contribute to Wikipedia. English Wikipedia Essays related to Wikipedia Historical essays Jimbo Wales Meta: Sysop management i would ask you to protect only against bad things that actually have happened. Administrators Archives Meta: Anti-vandalism ideas Currently there are three possible technical states of page: Unprotected, Semi-protected and [page|Protected]. To deal with vandalism, having additional, fine-grained policies for individual pages would be beneficial. AOL suggestion A smart policy in the edit process? Spam button on history list Temporary automatic blocks Expose IP addresses of autoblocked users Patrolling new images Sharing blocks from Wikipedia to Wiktionary Leveraging versions Mild policy: additional link to 'stable version' Advantages Disadvantages Tough policy: show last stable version and link to 'HEAD' version Timed release of edits Background color of previously blocked IPs? Consensus Networks Hate vandalism Unique Word Count as a filter Semi-protect the complete database New users can edit only 3 or 4 times Vandal Wall Take an idea from the Linux community Vandal IP block See also External links Discussion Meta: Tipping Point Moved from [pump] Discussions Meta: Friends of gays should not be allowed to edit articles One of the biggest problems on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects is vandalism. By this, we mean the introduction of non-sequiturs into articles and pages. Types of vandals Editing process Phase II Meta: Reading level ==Reading level?== Reading level? Variable reading level Blandness and Mediocrity? Wiki External links See also Meta: 1776 parodies A parody of "Piddle, Twiddle, and Resolve" from the musical 1776, begun on IRC. Humor songs and poems Meta: Wikiwork This is a rap for Wikiwork. Humor songs and poems Meta: Posting by newcomers should be limited, but not banned,_but_not_banned The following proposal is a modified proposal, based in part on "Anonymous users should not be allowed to edit articles": Proposals Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2004 2003 - 2004 Notes Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2004/January detail <H1><EM>Detail for January</EM></H1> <H1><EM>Detail for January</EM></H1> Meta: Effects of large blobs on InnoDB speed See also: Title length MediaWiki Development Meta: International Logos/Japanese Image:Ja-logo-kaku-mincho.png Categories/ja Meta: Cache bugs This is an archived page covering the Mediawiki software and its use at Wikimedia. It covers the time of first use and issues with the initial use of Squid for caching of content served by MediaWiki. Open issues Does Squid cached Accept-Language? Solved issues Have I been squidded? Printable pages not up-to-date (solved 6 Feb '04) Bizarre occurrence with Wikipedia cookies? VP text not appearing Bugs? Server change to http handling? Deleted pages reappearing (solved) Page moves Zero Sized Reply Current problems Meta: Wikimedia UK v1.0/Wikimedia and UK charity law This is not to say that Wikipedia/Wikimedia is covered by UK charity law as it stands. However with the talk of setting up national chapters the following may be useful/interesting. Can charities be set up to support an organisation outside the United Kingdom? Other useful documents The following may also be interesting Meta: Bureaucrat Within Wikimedia projects, a bureaucrat is a user who has the technical ability to: Promoting users and bots Renaming users Removing access Meta: Silesia [is a geographical and historical region in central, or possibly eastern, Europe. Little more is known about this area, due to a unique paranormal phenomenon. Humor Silesia Meta: Edit throttling Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Wikimedia project prefixes to show only ), Interwiki map, and rebuildInterwiki.php. Archives Multilingualism Wikimedia projects Meta: Useless Perl scripts I was asked to post the Perl scripts I wrote to do Wikipedia stuff somewhere, so here they are. I hereby place these in the public domain. required.pl whoami.pl global_replace.pl converttables.pl import.pl See also Links Meta: Vandalbot == What is a vandalbot? == What is a vandalbot? Spambots Response from administrators Steward response Tools See also Meta: MediaWiki/ja MediaWiki is wiki software, released under the GPL, that is used by Wikimedia projects and [using MediaWiki|others]. It is an implementation of a wiki, a content pool that anyone can freely edit. About その他 Technical バージョン Database dump 関連項目 Meta: GFDL and CC-BY-SA enforcement Wikipedia is licensed under the GFDL (with the exception of CC-BY-SA only content) and the CC-BY-SA. Many people reuse its content. Documentation Open content license issues Meta: Favourite quotes Wikipedia:Favourite quotes is for listing comments by Wikipedians, in talking about issues on the Wikipedia in general, and on specific articles. They are meant to be a fun sort of index for the many heated and witty debates that take place here, that people coming here can navigate some of Wikipedia's increasingly deep discussion history. Humor Meta: Squid performance tuning sbin/squid -v Old httperf results (17.2.04, ~22:00 UTC) Meta: Sample image copyright case Alice writes a fantastic article on frogs, complete with a not-very-good photo of a frog she took herself. She makes it available online, calling it "Alice's guide to Frogs", and licenses it under the GFDL. Subversion of freedom So why the GFDL? A contrary view Meta: Range blocks Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Wikipedia meetup/Archive This page is a repository for records of Wikimedia meetups. See Also Past events Reports from previous meetups 2010 22th August, TRA Western Line, Taiwan 13th June, Taipei, Taiwan 2009 14th August, Ramat Hasharon, Israel 2008 26th December, Tel Aviv, Israel October, 18—19, Moscow 27-28 September, Poznań 5th September, Haifa Israel 14 June, Frankfurt a. M. 2nd May, Tel Aviv, Israel 2007 20 & 21 October, Macau 5th October, Ramat Gan , Israel 14 Jul, Hong Kong 25th May, Jerusalem, Israel 1 Apr, Hong Kong 30th March, Tel Aviv, Israel 18th March, Tokyo, Japan 26th January, Jerusalem, Israel 2006 23 & 24 Dec, Hong Kong 16 & 17th December, Belgrade, Serbia 15 Dec. Herzliya, Israel 09 Dec. Taipei, Taiwan 23 Sep. Taipei, Taiwan 22-23 July. Taiwan Railway Western Line, Taiwan 24 Jun. Taipei, Taiwan 10 Jun. Hong Kong 17 April, Jerusalem, Israel 9 April Taipei, Taiwan 29 April - 1 May 2006, Wrocław, Poland 19 March, Taipei, Taiwan 3 Feb, Tainan, Taiwan 22 Jan, Hong Kong 2005 12-13 December 2005, Chorzów, Poland 10 December, Taipei, Taiwan Brussels, Belgium, 10 December 2005 Melbourne, Australia, 22, 24, & 29 November 2005 Sydney, Australia, 20 & 21 November 2005 18 Sept. Hong Kong 3 Sep. Hsinchu, Taiwan 13-14 August, 2005, Kraków, Poland zh WP and SBF, 2 July 2005 25 June 2005 Taipei in Taiwan, Dragør in Denmark, 11th June 2005 Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, May 14, 2005 Petoria 20th April, 2005 5 March, Taipei, Taiwan 2004 27th to 29th December 2004 in Berlin 4 December, Taipei, Taiwan 27 November 2004, Rotterdam 18th September in Florence (Firenze) 3rd - 7th September in Linz cyberarts festival 2004 4 Sep, Taipei, Taiwan 31st August 2004 in London (BBC) 28th August 2004 in Utrecht 4th July 2004 in Paris 27th June 2004 Genoa (Genova) 19th June 2004 Munich (München) 10th-12th June 2004 Berlin 5th June 2004 London 4th April, 2004, Warsaw, Poland 2003 28th. October in Munich Europe United States Meta: GetWiki diff ==Article.php== Article.php Block.php CacheManager.php DatabaseFunctions.php DateFormatter.php DefaultSettings.php DifferenceEngine.php EditPage.php FulltextStoplist.php GlobalFunctions.php ImagePage.php Language.php LanguageEn.php LinkCache.php LinksUpdate.php LogPage.php MagicWord.php Math.php MemCachedClient.in MemcachedSessions.php Namespace.php OutputPage.php Profiling.php QueryPage.php redirect.phtml SearchEngine.php SearchUpdate.php Setup.php SiteStatsUpdate.php Skin.php SkinCologneBlue.php SkinNostalgia.php SkinStandard.php SpecialAllpages.php SpecialAncientpages.php SpecialAsksql.php SpecialBlockip.php SpecialBooksources.php SpecialCategories.php SpecialContributions.php SpecialDeadendpages.php SpecialDebug.php SpecialEmailuser.php SpecialExport.php SpecialImagelist.php SpecialIpblocklist.php SpecialListusers.php SpecialLockdb.php SpecialLonelypages.php SpecialLongpages.php SpecialMaintenance.php SpecialMovepage.php SpecialNeglectedpages.php SpecialNewpages.php SpecialPopularpages.php SpecialPreferences.php SpecialRandompage.php SpecialRecentchanges.php SpecialRecentchangeslinked.php SpecialShortpages.php SpecialSpecialpages.php SpecialStatistics.php SpecialUndelete.php SpecialUnlockdb.php SpecialUnusedimages.php SpecialUpload.php SpecialUserlogin.php SpecialUserlogout.php SpecialVote.php SpecialWantedpages.php SpecialWatchlist.php SpecialWhatlinkshere.php Title.php UpdateClasses.php User.php UserTalkUpdate.php UserUpdate.php Utf8Case.php Version.php ViewCountUpdate.php WatchedItem.php wiki.phtml Meta: WikiCatalog A catalog which collects any specifications of products in the world. Proposed by Alternative names Related projects/proposals Domain names Mailing list links Demos People interested Meta: The last page =This is the last page of the Wikipedia= This is the last page of the Wikipedia Several questions surround the documenting and capture of human knowledge. Link Meta: MediaWiki code layout/ja Not actually imported or moved, but the previous version of this page was out of date (2004). πr2] ([[User talk:PiRSquared17|t • c) 17:11, 10 March 2013 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Wikimedia News/2003 ==December 2003== December 2003 November 2003 October 2003 September 2003 August 2003 July 2003 June 2003 May 2003 April 2003 March 2003 February 2003 January 2003 Meta: Requests for logos | shortcut = Archives Localisation Logos Meta-Wiki requests Meta: Fixing transparent PNGs A large percentage of Internet users use Internet Explorer for Windows as their primary web browser. Among other problems, this browser doesn't properly support [Network Graphics|PNG] images with alpha channel transparency. Fixing PNGs with the Gimp Smooth edges Fixing PNGs with Paint Shop Pro Optimizing download size Fixing PNGs in Photoshop Nasty Edges Meta: Reverse diff version control Some (most?) version control systems use a reverse diff storage MediaWiki Development Meta: International names for Village Pump == Wikipedia Discussion page == Wikipedia Discussion page Sister projects Meta: German TV coverage of Wikipedia On 2004-02-25, 22:50 CET, Wikipedia was featured on [a late news program on ARD], Germany's first state TV station. About 2. RTL2 report Meta: How to become a MediaWiki hacker/ja Imported with full page histories. --Roosa (Talk) 05:59, 27 July 2007 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Thumbnailed images You know the image box of the new image syntax? No? Design contest Voting Voting on voting system clarification 1 vote maximum per design up to 3 votes Designs Current Votes (18 votes, 10 unique) Melkom Votes (3 votes, 3 unique) James F. Votes (4 votes, 4 unique) Fabiform Votes (0) RadicalBender Votes (1 vote, 1 unique) Sansculotte Votes for Type A (17 votes, 13 unique) Votes for Type B (1) Elian Votes for Type A (0 vote) Votes for Type B (8 votes, 6 unique) doublep Votes (31 votes, 21 unique) Michael Votes (13 votes, 7 unique) TOC colours Votes (65 votes, 39 unique) Magnifing Glass Example Votes Caption The way of displaying a photo Meta: Advice needed on LanguageXX.php files Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Linguistic merging == Motivation == Motivation Issues Language Names Domain Name Scripts Page names Spellings Vocabularly Interwiki Links Candidates See also Meta: WholeEarthWiki A WholeEarthWiki mediated by asynchronously networked user-producers offers an opportunity to develop Elements Content Database List key Navigation Technology Administration Related topics Outside resources Meta: Der Spiegel article Technik - INTERNET Press Wikimedia history Meta: MediaWiki feature requests and bug report discussion Annoyance: MediaWiki archives Meta: Pages from English Wikipedia with more than 1000 hits in Feb 2004 The number next to each page name is the number of pageviews. Statistics Meta: Pages from English Wikipedia with more than 1000 hits in Feb 2004/Wikipedia namespace On the English Wikipedia, 75 pages in the Wikipedia namespace received 1000 hits or more in February 2004. See the first version in the page history for an uncategorised list, sorted by number of hits. Help and policies Community Information about Wikipedia Directories Other Meta: WikiReader Athens This page is for coordination between the various translators of the upcoming WikiReader on Athens. translations content photos Meta: Wikipedia in schools Q: Is Wikipedia accurate and reliable? Q: What keeps somebody from contributing false information? Q: What does Wiki mean? Q: Can students cite Wikipedia in assignments? Q: Is it a safe environment for young people? Q: If I put a drawing or picture on Wikipedia, can somebody steal it and use it? Q: What is open-source media? Q: Why do people contribute to the public domain? Q: Why haven't I heard of this before? Q: Beyond information from the encyclopedia, what can students learn from Wikipedia? Q. Can a school group set up its own Wiki? Q. Where can I learn more about Wikipedia? Meta: Modest replies Our more modest replies to common objections Letting arbitrary Internet users edit any article at will is absurd! My prose Cranks Trolls and flamers Amateurs Partisans Advertisers Bots Systemic bias Many Wikipedia articles are of poor quality, and there isn't a peer-review process; no self-respecting intellectual would be associated with it Good quality requires peer review and expertise, which Wikipedia doesn't have. Wikipedia's extrapolation to continued growth is dubious Miscellaneous concerns Redundancy Markup and Display Meta: WikiReader (book) {| Guidelines for early WikiReaders How to create a WikiReader Printing WikiReaders Languages Distribution Other publications See also Meta: Create page after search not found ==Step by step reproduction of current problem (without enhancement)== Step by step reproduction of current problem (without enhancement) Work around Solution Discussion See also Meta: Gnutella A discussion page has been created. See P2P. About this article Who wrote this article? Why does this article even exist? Justifications Why Gnutella? What are the justifications for enabling Gnutella access? Some more reasons? That is evil. Implementation Who will implement this? Can you program? How can this be implemented? Really? What about images? What needs to be done? Meta: Layout development ==Aims== Aims Current projects Developers and Designers Related topics Meta: Wikifiction Wikifiction is a proposal to create a Wikimedia project consisting of a repository of free open-source collaboratively-written fiction content (stories, poems, novels, plays, etc.) that anyone can edit, modify (e. See Also Wikithought Fiction Types of fiction suited to wiki development Fan Fiction Ideas/algorithms/theories/problems People interested Support Oppose Meta: Enhancing talk pages The wiki system is not that great as a discussion forum, a solution would be to redirect talk pages to another system like phpBB or vBulletin. But the best choice for our project is to implement our own board system in the mediawiki software, this way we will not relate on other projects. Colour Meta: Administrators of Wikimedia projects/Wikipedias Below is the list of various language Wikipedias with the number of administrators or bureaucrats and the link to the page used to nominate/request/vote for adminship on each language version. See technical notes at the bottom of this page for further details. 50+ active admins 10–49 active admins 5–9 active admins 1–4 active admins no active admins Technical notes References Meta: Stewards/elections 2004 Please note that these "developer access" people will have this power Wikimedia wide, and not only on the English Wikipedia Mailing list post - Developers should mind their own business Naming Rules Discussion Target number of developers Nominations and votes Angela (38/3) Anthere (40/7) Maveric149 (27/3) Martin (21/7) Anome (2/6) Hephaestos (9/11) Fred Bauder (1/10) JohnOwens (3/6) Tarquin (11/4) Dysprosia (2/5) Sewing (1/4) Morwen (8/4) Looxix (23/0) User:Shaihulud (8/5) Wikibooks:User:Karl Wick (12/1) Ed Poor (4/7) André Engels(32/0) Arno Lagrange (14/1) Fantasy (13/0) Perl Stewards created Meta: Multiple titles The problem described here has been fixed by a unique index in the database in MediaWiki version 1.4. How they are created How to find them Lists of duplicates How to get rid of them Meta: Thumbnailed images/Feature Poll ==Voting== Voting Border around picture area Border around text area Background color of text Linking to the image description Linking to a larger version Display of caption text Meta: Maps 2 The current state of mapping efforts. BlueMarble projections Other problems Meta: Uploading files WARNING: The information on this page is partially incorrect, outdated, and/or unmaintained. The canonical reference page for file uploads is: Frequently Asked Questions Safe Mode Restrictions Images Not Working Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted "Sorry, not logged in" when uploading files How to Upload Non Image Files? Template for showing links to files with appropriate icons Is it possible to let only some users upload Images? The file is corrupt or has an incorrect extension. Please check the file and upload again. Ubuntu quirks I get a Blank Screen (IE) and a Blank Upload Form (FireFox) after uploading an image Error loading file under XP SP2 "Could not find file "/var/tmp/php31aWnF" or similar errors Cannot upload files (though they are allowed to be uploaded) Meta: Statistics There are many statistics available about various Wikimedia projects. Please link to any you know of from this page. Statistics about all language projects Editing Search and discovery Traffic reporting Server and site performance Other resources MediaWiki Local statistics pages Wikipedia English Wikipedia Japanese Wikipedia German Wikipedia Ukrainian Wikipedia Wiktionaries Outdated or discontinued See also Meta: Apology This page was essentially the thoughts of one person and may not fit the view of the community. If it becomes listed on vfd for being a personal page, please rather move it to a user:anthere sub page. What is an apology Request for an apology Why do people request apologies? Key factors to consider Which elements should be included in an apology A specific statement of what was done Recognition of responsibility Acknowledgment of the pain or embarrassment Acknowledging the wrongdoing Regret Future intentions How may mediators help ? Request of an apology from one disputant The mediator suggests disputants to apologise to one another References See also Meta: PHPTal Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Edit summary prefill poll This poll is closed. The winning option is: Add it in, no user preference The greatest poll ever Add it in, no user preference Add it in, but allow user preference Add it in, without a user preference at first, but allow user preference later Keep current behavior (no default summary) Alternate plans kowey's 3 case approach make it dependant on OS (or not) Some example summaries Darn, I missed this poll! Meta: Pagina principale __NOTOC__ Main page/it Meta: Sharing Taxonomic information in a mulitlingual environment ===Making Taxoboxes multilingual=== Making Taxoboxes multilingual Follow up Taxonomic lists ready for multilingual use Standards Discussion Meta: WikiHiero Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Thumbnailed images archive ==Design contest== Design contest Voting Has Ended Voting on voting system clarification 1 vote maximum per design up to 3 votes Designs Current Votes (18 votes, 10 unique) Melkom Votes (3 votes, 3 unique) James F. Votes (4 votes, 4 unique) Fabiform Votes (0) RadicalBender Votes (1 vote, 1 unique) Sansculotte Votes for Type A (17 votes, 13 unique) Votes for Type B (1) Elian Votes for Type A (0 vote) Votes for Type B (8 votes, 6 unique) doublep Votes (31 votes, 21 unique) Michael Votes (13 votes, 7 unique) TOC colours Votes (65 votes, 39 unique) Magnifing Glass Example Votes Caption The way of displaying a photo Meta: Sidebar behavior poll == Issue == Issue Arguments for default on Arguments for default off Voting Sidebar should default on, as it currently is Sidebar should default off; links should be moved to top of page This poll doesn't present options appropriately Meta: Goings-on/March 2004 Welcome to Wikipedia's goings-on, a central point for community-wide members to collect information about the community-wide project and to report on recent goings-on. This page is not for discussion; only to inform the various sub-communities of community-wide issues. Goings-on in March 2004 Featured content Wikimedia in the Media On the mailing lists this week Checked in code Archived goings-on Other goings-on Meta: Mailing lists [списък|bg] | General information Archives Using digests Specific lists Wikimedia mailing list Wikimedia Announcements mailing list List administration Advanced questions and tips Splitting up the Daily Digests Removing emails from archives Translating Mailman Create a new list Meta: Aktuelt DA:Denne side er for nyheder der angår de skandinaviske wikipediaer. Aktuelt Fra epostlisterne Andre Meta: EasyTimeline Moved with full edit history — 195.146. Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Foundation-L Proposal This poll is now closed. Result: [//lists. Rationale Arguments against Voting Yes, we should create foundation-l No, we should not create foundation-l Other Wikilegal-l Meta: Intellectual Wikimedians [expresses disgust at the shortage of "upstanding intellectuals". But how many intellectuals do we actually have? List below: Recognizes intellectual when sees one Recognizes intellectuals by smell See also Meta: User groups The following is a list of user groups in the Wikimedia Foundation projects. It is organized in approximate descending order of permissions. Local groups Global user groups Global bot Global rollback Global sysop OTRS members Staff Background Assignment Permissions Steward Notes See also Meta: Extension Syntax Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Automatic edit war squashing Here's an idea for a replacement/addition for protection as an ameliorating factor in edit/revert wars: Proposal Heuristics Benefits Drawbacks Comments Meta: What Mediation is not Mediation is the activity in which a neutral third party (the mediator) assists two or more parties (the editors in dispute) in order to help [resolution|resolve their dispute], with concrete effects, on a matter of common interest. What Mediation is not What Mediators are not Possible measures if these guidelines are not being followed See also: External links People and roles Behaviors and actions Attitudes and approaches to conflict Meta: Wikiresearch Wikiresearch is meant to be scientific research with [and inside of Wikimedia]. Several ideas and aspects have been proposed under several names. See also Meta: Complete list of Wikimedia projects This is a list of all current Wikimedia Foundation projects. Please note that this is not a [using MediaWiki|list of sites using the MediaWiki software]. Wikimedia coordination and other projects Core free-knowledge projects Meta: Goings-on/April 2004 Welcome to Wikipedia's goings-on, a central point for community-wide members to collect information about the community-wide project and to report on recent goings-on. This page is not for discussion; only to inform the various sub-communities of community-wide issues. Goings-on in April 2004 Goings-on on the projects Goings-on on meta itself On the mailing lists this month Featured content on Wikipedias Checked in code Archived goings-on Meta: Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003/December detail Wikimedia PayPal donations in December 2003 in: Wikimedia finances Meta: Donations Donations to the [// Wikimedia Foundation] can be made on the official donation page. Related pages Meta: WikiMen After all there's a WikiWomen. Lists of Wikimedians Meta: Extension Syntax/Example Moved to MediaWiki Meta: MediaWiki roadmap Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Extension Syntax/Voting Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Soft security Soft security as implemented by various wikimedia projects. See Meatball:SoftSecurity. Rubber room Security through obscurity and Prickly Hedge Front lawn Audit trails and reversible changes Meta: WikiHiero/Test text Moved to MediaWiki Meta: WikiHiero/Interface translation <?php Moved to MediaWiki Meta: MediaWiki Credits copied from :en:Wikipedia:Village pump in response to the final question --Phil 13:24, 7 Apr 2004 (UTC) Who are the coders? Meta: List of Wikipedias }} Notes All Wikipedias ordered by number of articles Deprecated, moved and other Redirect: Deprecated Moved and deleted Never been an official Wikipedia Nonstandard language codes Test Wikipedias See also Additional resources and statistics Additional projects Meta: RDF metadata So, I just checked in code to add [Description Framework|RDF] metadata to MediaWiki. I figured What But Why How Also Future Feedback creator ! Examples? Just the beginning? Creative Commons Meta: Wikipedia releases * Paper Wikipedia - and underlying Wikipedia DTD CD and paper Meta: Update from an earlier version * There is the possibility to export Wikipedia articles in an XML wrapper. It is meant to be a cleaner way to transfer whole pages from one (MediaWiki-based) wiki to another. Stubs Meta: Stewards policy | next = Policies Don't override consensus Corollary Don't promote users on projects with existing bureaucrats Avoid conflicts of interest Transparency Check local policies Processes Elections Loss of steward access Inactivity Poll after a year See also Meta: Upgrade discussion April 2004 This is an archived page preserved as part of Wikipedia's technical history. Observed performance Squid Web servers Database NFS upload space Network Proposals Replacement for Geoffrin discussion Disks Squid discussion Order details Jamesday proposes NFS/Zwinger Other storage Mid May update Purchased machines Meta: Renaming Wikisource and Wikibooks modules I find that the titles of articles at [//www.wikibooks. Wikibooks Wikisource Meta: MediaWiki history Moved to MediaWiki Meta: MediaWiki feature list Moved with full history --HappyDog 18:23, 27 July 2007 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Growing Wikimedia See also Wikimedia principles Community Wikipedia and where it should go Where it actually is Growing and managing the community What might damage it (hazards, things that must be done right) Wikipedia history New avenues for expansion Meta: Single login/Kowey Here is a possible strategy for transitioning to single login without casuing too much chaos. By single login, I mean having the same account across all language wikipedias: meta, en, fr, etc. Why bother? Summary Outline Details or Enhancements cases User name reservations Migration Erumuda Erumuda:. Migratable info Non-migratable info Screens and messages Login screen Post log-in screens Automigration performed Manual migration (old account) Manual migration (new account) The hard way Meta: Lexical alternates This page proposes a mechanism for identifying spelling differences across two languages or dialects. It could be used to automatically change a wikipedia article's spelling depending on a user preference or geographical location. Motivation Syntax Todo Meta: Page inclusion Page inclusion is a cross between page redirection and message inclusion. The idea is to introduce a special syntax to indicate that a page's contents should be those of some other page, meaning that the two pages are about the same exact thing. Where would this be useful? Syntax User interface Meta: Hardware ordered January 2004 thumb|right|200px|The servers installed in their rack Multipurpose machines As ordered Vendor hardware highlights Vendor hardware details Database server mailing list post announcing this order Meta: Accueil/Fourre-tout En cours de construction Categories/fr Meta: Accueil/Projets francophones En cours de construction Projets multilingues Projets non Wikimedia Meta: Accueil/International En cours de construction Categories/fr Meta: Accueil/Réfléchir En cours de construction Categories/fr Meta: Accueil/Promouvoir La diffusion du projet nécessite contributions et préparation de matériel spécifique. État des lieux : Marketing Meta: Accueil/Utile Les liens utilitaires sont regroupés ici : Categories/fr Meta: Discuter En cours de construction Categories/fr Meta: Заглавная страница __NOTOC__ Main page/ru Meta: Fourre-tout/Alternative Fourre-tout/Alternative2 : prise en compte des remarques. Apprentissage et adaptation Situation actuelle Débats sur une décision de blocage ou de bannissement Blocage Proposition Vote Relèvement Bannissement Statut de l'utilisateur banni Recours Vote pour la proposition ci-dessus Meta: Fourre-tout/Alternative2 Last version (04/04/15, 3:00 pm) is : Fourre-tout/Alternative3 (+)relèvement automatique)(-)(exclusion douce) Apprentissage et adaptation Situation actuelle Débats sur une décision de refus d'édition ou d'exclusion Refus d'édition Proposition Vote Relèvement Exclusion douce Exclusion Statut de l'utilisateur exclu Recours Vote pour la proposition ci-dessus Meta: Fourre-tout/Alternative3 Future version de travail sur Fourre-tout/Alternative4 Apprentissage et adaptation Situation actuelle Débats sur une décision de refus d'édition ou d'exclusion Refus d'édition Proposition Vote Relèvement Exclusion Statut de l'utilisateur exclu Recours Vote pour la proposition ci-dessus Meta: Fourre-tout/Alternative1 This page is a starting version Situation actuelle Blocage ou banissement Proposition de système de vote pour banissement Vote pour la proposition indiquée ci dessus Meta: Fourre-tout/Alternative4 Nota [Dates à changer] Apprentissage et adaptation Situation actuelle Quand les sanctions et exclusions peuvent elles être appliquées ? Les bots Les utilisateurs Les sysops Débats sur une décision de refus d'édition ou d'exclusion Refus d'édition Proposition Vote Relèvement Exclusion Statut de l'utilisateur exclu Recours Vote pour la proposition ci-dessus Meta: Modèle1 Jusqu'au 25 avril, merci de discuster les propositions. Problématique Mise en place de la page de vote Déroulement du vote Application Propositions Proposition 0 (0/4) Proposition 1 (4/5) Proposition 2 (3/4) Proposition 3 (2/4) Proposition 4 (1/5) Résultats du vote Discussion Meta: Archive table Moved with full histories using Special:Import. -- Titoxd(?!? Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Image table Moved with full histories using Special:Import. -- Titoxd(?!? Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Old table Moved with full histories using Special:Import. -- Titoxd(?!? Moved to MediaWiki Meta: User table Moved with full histories using Special:Import. -- Titoxd(?!? Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Determining reversion This is a short article to discuss a proposed algorithm for determining that the likelihood of any particular edit constitutes a "reversion" (or revert). Description of the diff function What consitutes a reversion Meta: Developers Developers are Wikimedia contributors who work to improve and maintain the MediaWiki software that runs the Wikimedia wikis. Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Profiling * /APD April 2004 MediaWiki Development Pages to be exported to MediaWiki.org Statistics Meta: Association of Inclusionist Wikipedians — Check out the WikiProject Inclusion page! — Goals How to join and list of members List of members Arguments against article deletion More Association of Inclusionists pages Logo See also In languages other than English Essays Other Wikipedian associations External links References Meta: Aspergian Wikimedians List of Wikimedians who have [syndrome|Asperger Syndrome]. See also Meta: WikiResearch WikiResearch is intended to serve as an authoritative repository of information and research sources. Illustration Name Meta: IRC/Channels This page attempts to track and identify the numerous Wikimedia [channels (most of which are on the freenode] network); see also a [[IRC|general overview of IRC. Channel policies Wikimedia General Wikimedia Affiliates Cross-wiki access coordination Wikimedia project coordination Project wikis Project wiki channels Wikipedia Other projects Specific projects de.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org es.wikipedia.org fr.wikipedia.org it.wikipedia.org zh.wikipedia.org sd.wikipedia.org Others MediaWiki and technical MediaWiki General development and technical discussion Ad hoc Non-Wikimedia Tools Inactive channels Unsorted channels Recent changes Raw feeds Filtered rc Abuse monitoring channels Meta: Steward requests/Permissions/2005 ==2005== 2005 February January July June May April March sesotho wikipedia sysop huwiki checkuser status kazakh(kk) admin status Neapolitan Wikipedia admin status Kapampangan Wikipedia (pam) sysop Cebuano Wikipedia (ceb) sysop Interlingue Wikipedia (ie) sysop Ilokano Wikipedia (ilo) sysop ja:User:Skylab Unukorno Wikinews:pt:User:E2m he:user:Eranb fr kk et ta na it ro Georgian Wikipedia (ka) sysop pt:user:Juntas sq w:en:User:Zwobot Waray-Waray Wikipedia (war) sysop cs nl:Gebruiker:WillBot fr:Fabbot fr:AlphaBot Turkish Wikipedia (tr) bureaucrat Lingala Wikipedia (ln) sysop Bureaucrat for Malayalam Wikipedia ar sinhalese wikipedia sysop ka:User:MalafayaBot September sk WarXboT ちーぼっと KocjoBot Twidrobot LeonardoRob0t H-Bot MMBot zh en:wikisource:User:CSNbot el Limburgish Wikipedia bureaucrat Wikispecies: Benedikt and UtherSRG hr French Wikipedia Urdu Wikipedia Chobot en ja sv Urdu wikipedia bureaucrat lv CyeZBot AgentSpartiBot UcuchaBot Zwobot KnightRider Daniel B.(de) August December Interlingue Wikipedia Interlingue Wiktionary Interlingue Wikibooks arabic wikipedia - checkuser Aragonese Wiktionary Stanislav@bgwiki Turkish Wiktionary Desysop Moribunt@nl-WP Urdu Wikiquote Slovak Wikiquote ar Wiktionary SWAdair@en-WP Ed Poor@enwiki Selena von Eichendorf, pl:wiki Schusch@de-WP Galician Wikiquote Gothic Wikipedia Mzopw@plwiki Coma@dewiki 5ko@bgwiki b:hy:User:Ruben n:fr:Utilisateur:Korg Pabix@ladwiki n:he:משתמש:Avichai WikiSpecies:User:Titoxd Icelandic Wikiquote Slovak Wiktionary Simple English Wiktionary Urdu Wiktionary Simple English Wikibooks Indonesian Wikibooks Lombard Wikipedia [stránka|Czech Wikipedia] [Page|Arabic Wikinews] Multiple Wiktionary projects bot flag for wrong account Galician Wikibooks Venetian Wikipedia Indonesian Wikipedia Inactive admins on Commons Azeri Wikipedia Russian Wikinews Turkmen Wikipedia November Removal of access Indonesian Wikiquote Bosnian Wikiquote Ladino Wikipedia Interlingua Wikipedia checkuser rights requests on polish wikipedia John Doe@hewiki Angela@aawiki is. User:Spacebirdy Bureaucrat on fr.wikibooks English Wikipedia (desysop) Czech Wikipedia (desysop) Afrikaans Wiktionary (sysop) Italian Wikinews (desysop) Indonesian Wikisource (sysop) Buginese Wikipedia (sysop) Afrikaanse Wikipedia (sysop) Indonesian wiktionary ( Bahasa Melayu wiktionary ( Esperanto-vikipedio (Sysop) Napulitano Wikipedia (Sysops) English wikipedia (checkuser) Other(lost) Buginese Wikipedia Norfuk Wikipedia (sysop) Cree Wikipedia Greek Wikiquote Romihaitza@rowikinews Maori Wikibooks Meta: Wiki personality type Wiki personality type (or WPT) refers to the editing and behavioural characteristics of [including more specifically wikipedia], contributors. A person can have one or more following character types. Types Conflicts See also Meta: Wikimedians by geekiness < Wikipedians categorized by sub-cultural affiliation Liars Dysfunctional Geek Geek God Extreme Geek Super Geek Major Geek Total Geek Geek Other Meta: Coffeehouse setup This is a fake page so that the piped links documentation will look okay. Documentation Meta: Meta namespace == What is the Namespace == What is the Namespace Meta: Wikipedia milestones The following table is a place to record milestones of any sort. Historically "number of articles" has been a popular measure. Wikipedia history Meta: XHTML MediaWiki 1.3 attempts to generate output compliant to XHTML 1. Why produce XHTML What's wrong with our support Compatibility issues Meta: Ipblocks table Moved with full histories using Special:Import. -- Titoxd(?!? Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Listă de discuţii Aceasta este o listă de discuţii, referitoare la Discuţii Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/B FR-B Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/A FR-A Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en FR Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/C FR-C "Co" "Cr" Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/D FR-D Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/E FR-E Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/F FR-F Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/G FR-G Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/H FR-H Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/I FR-I Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/J FR-J Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/K FR-K Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/L FR-L Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/M FR-M Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/N FR-N Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/O FR-O Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/P *[productions] Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/Q FR-Q Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/R FR-R Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/S FR-S Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/T FR-T Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/U FR-U Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/V FR-V Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/W FR-W Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/X FR-X Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/Y FR-Y Missing interwiki links Meta: Articles on fr with no interwiki link to en/Z FR-Z Missing interwiki links Meta: Wikimedians who use a regular computer eeh? As opposed to an irregular computer? Apple Dell Gateway Hewlett-Packard IBM SGI Sun Microsystems Custom Shop assembled Other brands (please specify) N/A Meta: Should we promote Wikimedia? See also: Wikimedia promotion, MeatBall:LimitGrowth, Promoting Wikimedia at events Opposition to press coverage Meta: Wikimedians by foot length This is a list of Wikipedians by [length. See also Meta: List of Wikimedians by birthday This list is a part of Wikipedians categorized by sub-cultural affiliation. See also Wikimedians by age and Wikimedians by astrological sign. January February March April May June July August September October November December See also Meta: Registered user A registered user is a user who has signed up for an account and has logged in to a Wikimedia project. In addition to what an unregistered user can do, a registered user can: Community User groups Meta: Wikipedia policies This page is meant to define the similarities and differences between the different Wikipedias, regarding their power structure, procedures and rules. Power structure Conflict resolution Sanction/Banning Interwiki Wikipedia policy pages Meta: Refus d'édition et exclusions ==Historique== Historique La politique actuelle Voir aussi Meta: Community point of view ---- See also Meta: Refus d'édition et exclusions/Cadrage1 En vrac pour le moment et à épaissir Archives Meta: Delete: this page does not belong on Meta Some participants list some pages on Requests for deletion, and claim they do not belong to Meta, so should be deleted. Other participants strongly object to these deletions and claim they do belong to Meta. What is Meta Which pages are more likely to be a victim of deletionists? Suggestion for thoughts Copyright, fair use and co Banned users Encyclopedic pages User pages Meta: LocalSettings.php Moved with full histories using Special:Import. -- Titoxd(?!? Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Meta policy This is a proposed guideline and discussion for meta policy. It is definitely not straightened out yet, but that is the spirit that I propose. What is meta Who are Meta editors ? Meta content Policy pages and other official documents Interactive pages Other pages Meta: Articles on gl with no interwiki link GL Missing interwiki links Meta: New messages in 1.3 2 revisions exported. —Anonymous DissidentTalk 12:48, 19 July 2009 (UTC) Moved to MediaWiki Meta: Bot A bot is a automated software program used to perform certain repetitive tasks on a wiki. Bots typically require approval to operate, and are occasionally used by vandals to cause extensive damage a wiki's content in a short period of time. Running your own bot Current and proposed bots Miscellaneous bot pages Frameworks and interfaces for bot development See also Meta: Founding principles projects have certain founding principles in common. These principles may evolve or be refined over time, but they are considered ideals essential to the founding of the Wikimedia projects – not to be confused with the (which also arose from the Wikimedia projects). Exceptions See also Meta: MediaWiki release cycle == Version numbers == Version numbers Release cycle Release management CVS Tarballs Announcements Meta: MediaWiki feature requests and bug reports/Archive See: MediaWiki archives Meta: MediaWiki feature requests and bug reports/Archive1.3 Archive 1.3 includes features and bugs that will no longer be relevant once MediaWiki 1. Copy this page Quickbar alternatives Diffs page: alleviating colorblind discrimination Left side bar Color vision problems with stub links (brown links w/o underlining) Make upper and lower navigation bars identical the Protection/Unprotection button Edit summary on diff page Hide links in article(s) option for wikipedia Diff page Links to stubs not underlined Meta: Goings-on/May 2004 Welcome to Wikipedia's goings-on, a central point for community-wide members to collect information about the community-wide project and to report on recent goings-on. This page is not for discussion; only to inform the various sub-communities of community-wide issues. Goings-on in May 2004 Goings-on on the projects Goings-on on meta itself Goings-on on wikimedia topics Software On the mailing lists this month Featured content on Wikipedias Archived goings-on Meta: Wikimedia hardware status This page is no longer updated; please see https://wikitech.wikimedia. June 2005 March 2005 February 2005 February 12 January 2005 January 9 December 2004 22 December 10 December November 2004 3 November October 2004 27 October 7 October September 2004 10 September August 2004 20 August 4 August July 2004 15 July 2004 11 July 2004 June 2004 25 June 2004 23 June 2004 June 22 2004 June 21 2004 June 12 2004 June 11 2004 June 10 2004 May 2004 May 27 2004 May 26 2004 May 12 2004 May 4 2004 May 3 2004 Older news See also Real-time monitoring Meta: Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons ([Page|English main page]) is an online repository of [scope</>|free-use] images, sound, spoken texts and other media files. It was launched on 7 September 2004. What is Wikimedia Commons? Central media repository Direct links to project Meta: Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2004/Candidates In this space, candidates for election to the Wikimedia Board of Trustees can present themselves. If you wish to be a candidate, please copy the template and fill in the following information. Quick list of candidates Candidates: Angela (Confirmed) Anthere (Confirm) Arno Lagrange (Confirmed) Christopher Mahan (Confirmed) Cimon Avaro (Confirmed) Delirium (Confirmed) Eloquence (Confirmed) Maveric149 (Confirmed) Michael Snow (Confirmed) TomK32 (Confirmed) Shizhao (Confirmed) Meta: Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2004/Notice translation It is very important for us to have the Wikimedia election notice translated into all languages in which there are Wikiprojects and posted on all the respective Wikiprojects, including WikiBooks, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, and WikiSource. If you have translated and posted the election notice appearing on the English-language Recent Changes page, please notify us here. Board Election 2004 Meta: Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2004/FAQ https://meta.wik