Analytics Datasets: Pageviews

Statistics compiled using the current Pageview Definition are available to download here, since May 2015. Technical documentation of this dataset is available on Wikitech, where documentation for all Analytics datasets lives. They are also available in a highly compressed format that preserves all data: pagecounts-ez. The pagecounts-ez format is ideal for anyone looking to download lots of pageview data, whereas the pageviews data is easier to use if you only want to look at a few hours.

The definition of a Page View linked above is stable, but may change slightly if we encounter problems with over or under counting. In summary, a Page View is a response from our servers with a status of 200 or 304 (OK or Not Modified), and rendering content under the /wiki/ path or a language variant such as /zh-hant/. Many other details factor into this count, and the logic is slightly different for our mobile apps and the mobile and desktop sites. All that is explained in the definition.

Download Pageviews Data

Other ways to access the data are detailed in the definition. For example, we have a Pageview API that allows programatic access to smaller amounts of data. And tools to explore the data.

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All Analytics datasets are available under the Creative Commons CC0 dedication.